Lovely Horse Drawings

Here are lovely horse drawings shared by horse crazy girls like you! After you look through these drawings and leave a comment or two you can see even more horse drawings or share your own. 

drawings by morgan

A pencil drawing of a carousel unicorn. The carousel unicorn is wearing a saddle, saddle pad, and a girth. Along with a bridle with no reins and a breast collar and accessories behind the saddle.

I love these fantastic horse drawings by Morgan. The detail on this carousel unicorn is just breathtaking. 

art collection

A pencil outline of a horse's head.

Check out this collection of artwork from amazing horse crazy girls across the globe. You won't be disappointed. 


A pencil drawing of a horse standing still with its mane and tail blowing in the wind. The horse has a white star marking.

This Arabian horse drawing is super cute and I love the name Fancy for this majestic horse!

big gray draft horse

A drawing of a gray draft horse standing still. The horse's head is lowered towards the ground as if it is looking at something.

This draft horse drawing is so good. The artist really made sure to think of everything when creating this drawing.

mare and foal

A painting of a mare and foal. The horses are palominos and are in a field.

This beautiful mare and foal painting was done by Anna. She did a great job adding depth to the painting with her color usage not to mention how realistic it looks. I would be super proud of myself if I were able to make something so pretty. 

computer drawings

A computer drawing of a black horse trotting. The horse has flames for its mane, tail, and hooves.

Morgan submitted four incredible horse drawings that were all done on the computer. I love the unique take shown with this horse.


A drawing of a brown cartoon horse smiling with big teeth showing. The horse is also wearing sunglasses and has a yellow mane and tail. The background is green and there is text that says 'Coolness'.

This cartoon horse from Ruby is hilarious. It just goes to show, not every horse drawing has to be serious.

morgan mare

A pencil drawing of a horse's head.

Shelby made this awesome Morgan Mare drawing. 

dream horse

A pencil drawing of a white horse cantering.

Check out this drawing of one horse crazy girl's dream horse. I want a horse that looks like this one too.


A pencil drawing of a paint horse standing still. The horse has a white blaze and white stockings on the front right and hind left leg. The artists signature is near the bottom right hand corner.

Morgan did a great job with this drawing of her horse Dexter. I only wish there was color as I am very curious as to what colors make up Dexter's coat.

older drawings

A pencil drawing of a horse rearing.

We love to see horse drawings from artists' different stages of their journey so we can see their progress. Although it is hard to imagine is gets much better than these drawings.


A pencil drawing of a horse's head. There are snowflakes in the background.

This horse head drawing is really cute and the snowflakes are really well done. I only wish the picture of the drawing was a little more zoomed in so we could better see all the details.


A pencil drawing of a horse's head wearing a rope halter there is a line of a stain going through the middle of the drawing.

I love it when horse crazy girls share drawings, like this one, of their own horses or horses they dream of owning one day.

sky's limit

A drawing of a bay horse jumping an invisible jump. The horse has a white stocking on its left front and right hind leg along with a white sock on its left hind leg.

This cartoon horse looks like it belongs on an animated TV show like Horseland! I can't believe what a great artist this individual is.


A drawing of a buckskin horse trying to stand.

Horsewhisperergirl submitted so many great horse drawings. You will not want to miss seeing these.

my art

A drawing of a chestnut horse stand still. The horse has a white star and a snip.

To be able to draw a horse this well when you are only nine years old is incredible! Plus on top of the horse being beautifully drawn it also has incredible color.

fun horse drawings

A pencil drawing of a horse's head.

I'm glad Cassandra decided to share these three fun horse drawings with us. They are very cute and you can tell time and care was put into each one.

Wind in its hair

A drawing done in blue pen of the upper portion of a horse's head. You can see the horse's ears, eyes, forelock, and a little bit of the neck, mane, and face. Artists signature is in the left corner.

Aspen did a great job showing us all that you can make a lovely horse drawing with just a piece of paper and a pen.

let's race

A computer drawing of a buckskin and chestnut horse racing. There is green grass on the ground and mountains and trees in the background. The chestnut horse is ahead of the other horse.

This artist is super talented; her artwork Let's Race looks professional. I can't get over the precision and detail in the drawing.

ranger the horse

A drawing of a gray horse's head. The horse has blue eyes and has blue stripes on its face under its eyes, on the middle of its face and on its ears.

Not a lot of people can draw cartoon horses this well and with so much personality. I love this Ranger The Horse drawing.

jump for the moon

A drawing of a chestnut horse jumping a wide jump with a wood base and shrubs on top. Rider and horse are dressed for a hunter competition. Background is grey and 'Jump For The Moon' is on the image.

The level of detail in this drawing is astounding. I can't wait to see other work from this amazing horse crazy girl.

portrait of sundance

A pencil drawing of a horse's head turned towards the observer.

Rebecca submitted this great drawing of her cousin's horse Sundance. I only wish it had some color in it to really make it come to life.

thoroughbred horse eye

A pencil drawing of a horse's eye. You can see a little bit of the horse's face, neck, mane, and forelock as well. The horse has a star marking.

Thoroughbred Horse Eye is a wonderful and lovely horse drawing. It really captures that special light horse's have in their eyes.


A pencil drawing of an Appaloosa horse wearing a western headstall, cinch, western saddle, saddle pad, breast collar, and boots.

Not many horse drawings have all the detail this one has. You can tell this artist has been around horses a while.

sophia's horse painting

A watercolor painting of a blue horse on a purple and pink colored background.

Sophia's parent submitted her cute watercolor painting on her behalf. The colors used in this painting are very pretty.


A pencil drawing of a Pegasus in the sky with its right front leg pulled up. You can't see the Pegasus' back legs or tail and the background is heavily shaded.

What a beautiful Pegasus drawing. It must have taken Rayden a ton of time to make this drawing considering all the detail and shading it has.

morgan's horse drawings

A pencil drawing of a paint horse standing still and looking back over its shoulder towards the observer.

The three horse drawings submitted by Morgan are truly excellent. I particularly like this one as something about it reminds me of my own horse.


A picture of a brown and white paint horse cantering pasted on a blue background with the text 'Pull The Trigger To Fame' at the bottom of the art piece.

While this is not exactly a horse drawing it is still a nice piece of artwork and goes to show that mixed media can create beautiful images.

just a drawing

A pencil drawing of a horse standing still.

It might be called Just A Drawing, but it is very sweet. With a little practice this artist will be creating incredible drawings in no time.

I love horses

A digital drawing of a bay horse trotting. The horse has a blue eye, a white stripe, and no leg markings. There is dirt and grass under the horse's hooves.

Lily made this cute drawing of a horse trotting on Microsoft Paint. That program can be really be tricky to figure out, but she did a great job.

pencil drawing of a cute anime pony

A pencil drawing of a horse's head. The horse is wearing a braided rope halter.

A horse crazy girl submitted this drawing of a cute anime pony. It is always fun to see horses drawn in different styles.


A brown horse with a yellowish mane looking backwards with an exasperated expression.

How this artist can capture such a great expression on a digitally drawn horse is beyond me, but you feel like you can tell exactly what this horse is thinking.

some horse drawings

A pencil drawing of a horse standing still with its face pointed slightly upwards wearing only a bridle.

Savannah was kind enough to submit four of her great horse drawings. I can't wait to see more of her artwork. 

more Drawings

A pencil drawing of a horse. The horse is standing facing away from the observer and is looking up and to its left.

Four incredibly lovely horse drawings were submitted by Morgan. Each one is incredibly beautiful and unique.

rearing face

A pencil and blue pen drawing of a horse's head. The horse has a fierce expression and its mouth is slightly open. The words 'by Hailey Horse @ clubponypals' appears in the bottom right corner.

Brittany did a great job of creating a fierce horse drawing. Not many people draw horses is a fierce manner even though they can be dangerous animals.

fyre in the desert

A digital drawing of a chestnut horse cantering through the desert There is sand and rocks on the ground along with canyons and cacti in the background.

What a great horse drawing, I can't believe it was done on the computer! I am looking forward to seeing more of these digital drawings. 

cartoon horse drawings

A drawing of a horse head. The horse is black and has pink streaks in its mane.

These cartoon horse drawings are so fun. No a horse with pink streaks in its mane is not very realistic, but it does make for a cute drawing.

seaside mare

A digital drawing of a buckskin horse standing on a beach with the ocean on the viewers left side.

I am getting Horse Isle feels from this horse drawing. I definitely think this artist could create artwork for horse games.

man o' war racehorse

A drawing of the Thoroughbred racehorse Man O' War standing still. The drawing captures Man O' War from the chest up.

After reading the incredible book about the racehorse Man O' War by Walter Farley this horse crazy girl made this wonderful drawing of the horse.


A pencil drawing of a horse trotting. There are fun facts about the horse written out to the right hand side. And the word 'Ellie' appears above the horse.

Unlike some horse drawings that just have a picture this artist also included fun facts with her horse drawing.

happy birthday lakota

A pinto horse that is a buckskin with white spots and black markings leaping into the air in front of three balloons that are three different colors. The horse is wearing a birthday hat.

Colleen drew this picture for her horse's birthday. I love the yellow, purple, and pink balloons along with the birthday hat the horse is wearing it is so cute.

a sunny day

A drawing of a bay horse with a black and white mane and tail standing in a field of grass with the sun and mountains in the background. The horse is holding up its front left leg.

Incredible is the perfect word to describe this animated looking horse drawing. It really is amazing how realistic this animated horse looks.

show jumping

A pencil drawing of a horse and rider jumping a big jump with pine trees on the sides. Both horse and rider are appropriately attired for a show jumping competition.

Show jumping is truly captured in this lovely drawing. I only wish the lines were a little bit darker so we could better see some of the details.

prance Away

A pencil drawing of a horse prancing away from the observer. The horse's mane and tail are flowing towards the left.

Unique horse drawings, like this one, are always a great addition to the horse crazy girls. I can't wait to see more drawings from this artist.

just some old horse drawings

A pencil drawing of a horse's head and its neck.

These cute horse drawings were sent in by Rebecca. Seeing old and new drawings together is so fun because you can see how much progress the artist has made.

friso's chocolate chip

A drawing of a bay Arabian horse's head. There are yellow flowers, chicken wire, a wood fence, and a purple flower in the background. There is green grass on the ground and a blue sky.

How cute is this Arabian Friesian horse cross! I love that this artist based the drawing off an actual horse she takes care of too.


A collage where someone made a blue wave gradient background (darkest blue on bottom lightest blue on top) and pasted a cutout of a chestnut horse's head on it. The cut picture is below.

While this is more of a collage than a drawing of a thoroughbred, it is still cute. I also like the fact that the artist showed how she made this art piece.

Gypsy Vanner

A charcoal drawing of a black and white Gypsy Vanner horse walking. There is writing on the paper around the horse along with 'To Alyssa' at the top.

What an amazing charcoal drawing of a Gypsy Vanner horse. This drawing could be in a book about the breed.

Spirit as a foal

A digital drawing of the horse Spirit from the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron as a foal in the green grass with his head lowered. The sun, clouds, and blue sky are above.

Whether this is a digital drawing or a computer painting of Spirit as a foal I love this artwork. It is just so cute.