Pencil Horse Drawings

Here are wonderful pencil horse drawings shared by horse crazy girls like you! In case you are looking for more horse drawings we put the links below. There is also a link you can use to share any horse drawings you have drawn in case you wish to share your artwork. 

Andalusian perspective

A pencil drawing of an Andalusian horse looking back over its shoulder at the observer.

The artist really captures the Andalusian horse well in this drawing. Not only is the horse very realistic but it also has a lovely expression on its face.

king of horses

A pencil drawing of a horse galloping through the forrest.

I am very impressed with how well drawn this galloping horse is. You can almost feel the power of the horse.


A pencil drawing of a horse's head. The horse is wearing a halter and facing away from the observer. There is writing on the page that can't be read.

This pencil horse drawing from Hannah is very cute. The horse's head is drawn well and there was even a halter added to the drawing for some extra detail.

art project

A pencil drawing of a horse wearing a western saddle, saddle pad, polo wraps, a bridle, a martingale, and a breast collar.

I would have been super proud of myself if I was able to draw something this good in 3rd grade! Feel free to look at the drawing and leave a comment for the artist! 

a horse I drew

A pencil drawing of a horse's head. The horse is wearing a western headstall.

Danielle did a great job with this drawing. The detail that was put into the bridle is very good, my only complaint is that because it is so light it is a little hard to see.


A colored drawing of a white Arabian horse rearing. The horse appears to have a blue eye although it is hard to see.

I love this drawing of an Arabian horse rearing. Having the horse's mane and tail moving in the wind, along with the beautifully drawn horse, creates a lovely picture.


A pencil drawing of a Dartmoor ponies head. The pony is wearing a bridle without reins attached and is facing the observer.

Breanna did a great job with this pencil drawing of a Dartmoor pony. The thick forelock and mane along with the larger face just screams Dartmoor pony.

night runner

A pencil drawing of a horse galloping at night with the outline of a mountain range behind it.

This Night Runner drawing featuring a galloping horse is very well drawn. While the horse may appear on the simpler side at first glance it doesn't take long to realize what the horse lacks in embellishments is made up for in its correct proportions. 

rock hard ten

A pencil drawing of the racehorse Rock Hard Ten in a race. He is in full race gear with a jockey riding him the words 'Rock Hard Ten' are at the bottom of the page. There are palm trees in the back.

What an amazing drawing of the famous Thoroughbred racehorse Rock Hard Ten. Everything from the smile on the jockey's face to the palm trees in the background have been included. Overall, this is a fabulous drawing.

call boy

A pencil drawing of a horse's head. The horse is looking away from the observer and the horse is shaded in.

Each of the four drawings submitted are so pretty. While this pencil drawing may not have a ton of detail it is still very beautiful.


A black and white drawing of a unicorn's head, although the horn is gold and black. There is a yellow and red glare on the image along with the edges of two pictures on the right side.

While this drawing is a little hard to see, you can still tell the artist put a lot of work into the drawing.


A pencil drawing of a horse sticking its head over the stall door. There is a name plate on the stall that can't be read. The horse has a white blaze on its face.

These four Thoroughbred horse drawings are very sweet. I would encourage the artist to expand their drawings and try some in a different style rather than all of them just being a horse reaching its head over the stall door.


A pencil drawing of an Arabian horse standing still facing the observer. The horse has a star marking on its head.

Anali did a good job drawing the famous Arabian horse Marhaabah. I will be honest I hadn't heard of Marhaabah before I saw this drawing, but I will definitely be doing some research into this incredible horse now.

i love to draw horses

A horse with a paint brush attached to its hoof standing in front of an easel. Another horse is on the other side, indicating the horse is painting a portrait of the other horse.

This pencil horse drawing is super cute. What a creative idea to have one horse painting a portrait of another.


A drawing of a black horse walking across grass at night. There are stars and the moon in the background.

This horse drawing is wonderful and I love the story the artist came up with. The only thing that this artist might want to think about in the future is creating a little more contrast in the horse, because the dark color and lines just blur together a little at a distance.

nosying around

A black horse standing beside a fence. There is grass on the ground and a blue sky and clouds above.

There are so many great details in this drawing. The background is very cheerful and the horse is very cute which together create a sweet drawing.

appaloosa pony

A pencil drawing of an Appaloosa horse grazing.

The artist did a great job of capturing this Appaloosa pony in just a simple pencil drawing. I like the fact that the picture the drawing is based on was also included.


A black horse eating hay off the ground. The horse is wearing a blue sheet and a halter. The horse has a white face stripe and four white pastern markings. The image says 'Dodger done by Kristy'

I love this animated looking horse drawing. It just shows how many different ways there are to create horse drawings.


A pencil drawing of a horse standing still.

Melody submitted this awesome pencil horse sketch. The horse, while well done, reminds me of one you would see in a cartoon.

grazing grace

A pencil drawing of an Appaloosa horse grazing.

Grazing Grace is a beautiful pencil drawing of an Appaloosa horse grazing. The horse is incredibly realistic. 

computer drawings

A pink unicorn with yellow paisley decorations, an orange mane and tail, and blue butterfly wings rearing between two palm trees in a tropical oasis. There is a waterfall in the background.

Besides the amazing drawing skills in these three computer drawings. I am also super impressed by all the colors and the work done to the backgrounds. Not it is not technically a pencil horse drawing, but it is so pretty how could I resist adding it.

stepping horse

A pencil drawing of a horse trotting.

Brianna did a great job with this pencil horse drawing. I can't wait to see what other drawings Brianna submits in the future.

my pencil horse head

A pencil drawing of a horse head. The horse is looking at the observer and is wearing a halter.

Wow! This pencil horse head drawing is so good. All the shading and attention to detail really make it look realistic.


A pencil outline of a horse's head. The horse has a stripe on its face and is wearing a western headstall and bit.

This pencil outline of a horse head is hard to see, but there is actually a lot of detail on it. You can see that the horse has a stripe down its face and is wearing a western style headstall. 

long rest

A pencil drawing of a foal laying down. The foal has a white stripe on its face.

Silver did a great job capturing this foal laying down in the drawing Long Rest. The amount of shading and detail that is in this drawing is remarkable. Everything from the shadow under the foal to the closed eyes and little mane is there.


A pencil drawing of a horse standing slightly stretched out. The horse's mane and tail are flying upwards in the wind.

Not every horse drawing has to be realistic to be great as one can see with this pencil horse drawing.


A painting of three horses walking together. The horses are all bays and are walking on grass.

Brooke created this sweet horse painting. It is cute to see all the horses walking together like they are in a herd.

horse art: Art show drawings

A close up drawing of a zebra with other zebra stripes in the background. The zebra is black and white and has blue eyes. It is facing the observer.

Check out these four horse drawings one of our fellow horse crazy girls submitted to her high school art show! She even won an award for one of them.