by ellie

mystical horse

mystical horse

i luv horses and i think there one of the most beautiful things you can draw. im twelve years old and i luv art soooo much. the one thing i cant work out is why left handed drawers are better at drawing (no offense to any horse lovers here) like kirsten o'brian.

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Jul 09, 2010
by: VmeghanV

adorable! and, was it displayed? (it looks as if there is a little card next to it, like its on a wall) :) oh i'm lefthanded and draw horses...:D

Feb 21, 2010
great job!
by: hailey

great job! it's really cute!

Oct 22, 2009
by: Anonymous

Neat drawing,
Kendall I live in WA

Sep 20, 2009
by: Kendall

I love your drawing, but is everyone on this website from England? I live in Washington!!!

Aug 14, 2009
by: Claire

That is VERY good! How did yooh make it? Pastels?

P.S. I am from england too.

Aug 10, 2009
I was born In england! Great Pic!
by: Anonymous

Good Job! I was born In Cambridge Shire. Your picture is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good! You talented!

Jun 30, 2009
by: Anonymous

How on earth did you do that!? That would have taken me hours and it still wouldn't have been as good! Love Horselover!

Jun 03, 2009
by: Sydney

Very pretty...how did you do it?

Jul 15, 2009
by: Rubysoweet

Study a pic of a real horse. look at how his gracful head thins and how his beautiful neck arches. His horn should be much longer and thinner. Keep up the good work! *I am a pro artist

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