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Thunder Dust "Oil Painting" 
It's been such a LONG time since I've posted here! This is my newest Equine Painting! This just might be the best Painting I've ever done!? I …

Horse and cart drawing 
I draw lots of horses realistic and cartoon this is my favorite!

Horsing Around Horse Sketches by Elizabeth 
A few sketches I drew that I think are cool. Hope you like them!

Mare with foal painting 
This is from a step by number. I really like how it looks!

HI Again!  
Hi everyone- It's Been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG-what has everyone been up to???... I have honestly not checked this Website in over 6 months …

Horsey Sketch 
A quick sketch of a beautiful horse. I drew this just for me because I was bored. I have a habit of sketching, and horses like this appear all over the …

Horse head drawing 
This horse head drawing was drawn as a logo. I drew it for a facebook site called model horses and friends. Its mine and I post about things I do with …

Jewel, Sebastian, and a Friend 
Here are a few watercolor paintings I did the other day. Enjoy!

Horse art from all over the world! 
Hi! I have posted a few other drawings too, so make sure too check them out! This one is of a pretty horse that I call "Prince". I hope you like this horse …

Hoofbeat Quests (Horse Art by Aspen) 
Alright here she is...… Ginger...…. from what I've heard she is a beautiful Chestnut mare, same color as Chester, but I didn't want to do the same color …

Hoofbeat Quests Ginger 
After seeing how much attention Aspen's Hoofbeat Quests art has been getting, I decided to post some of my own that I've made on Google Canvas. I've always …

Drawings, Not horses but drawings  
So for a few weeks everyone's been posting there work, I unfortunately have not, I've been busy and I've been holding back posting these two because they …

Okay so, here we go... This is the first traditionally done drawing I've shared with you guys in a while... In that time, I feel like I have notable improved. …

This is just a drawing I did when me and my friend were drawing while talking. I did this drawing in about 15 minutes so it’s ok for the time I did it …

So I have been away from horsecrazygirls for a while (highschool stinks) but in my absence, I feel like I have improved a lot with my art. I have even …

Hoofbeat quest anyone? Dreamer and Storm Cloud 
We have Dreamer a beautiful Palomino stallion and a Very Suspicious Grey named Storm cloud, I do wish storm cloud had more of an evil look but I am happy …

More Horse Drawings by Aspen 
Howdy people ;) I've been working tiredly on these two pieces. I finished them a while ago and thought I would finally post them. I have for you girls …

Horses, of course! Artwork by Aspen 
Hi everyone, it's me again! These 4 pictures are so important to me. I entered my drawings in my local fair a while back (ending of July) and I am so …

Horse Drawings by Spiritgirl 
Drawing horses is becoming a real hobby. :) The jumping horse is not as good as the galloping horse, and nor is the rider, but I think its still good. …

Horse Drawings by horsewhisperergirl 
My latest few pictures... I hope you like them and I am drawing more right now... Will post them when I get a few really good ones! I hope you enjoy these! …

Horse Art by hoofbeats 
Here is a drawing of a strawberry roan filly who I call Texas Rose. Please tell me if you like my drawings because I put many hours and effort into …

Some horse drawings by Dariya 
I have this really fun game called horse haven, and I screenshot this horse and drew it (obviously) ;) and it turned out surprisingly well! Enjoy 😉! …

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Horse Drawings by NCKat 
Hey Teddylover06! Please don't be too disappointed, if you look at the art I have already posted you will see that there are no horse bodies. I'm out of …

Horse Art by Drawingrockinghorse  
It's about time I showed you guys another drawing! This is my horse original character, Ranger. He's a fantasy American paint horse, and really friendly. …

Aspen's Horse Art 
This drawing, I call "rodeo Christmas," it's of a Bronc bucking of course. Okay, I'm like 3 months early! LOL! I guess I'm excited for Christmas!!!

Amazing Horse Drawings by Aspen 
I think it's a powerful drawing. I actually drew it from a real breyer model. My friends and I call him Cousin Grey. He's a Kigger mustang dapple grey …

Aspen's Pencil Horse Art 
Here are some of my newest drawings I've done over the month of August. I'll tell you a little about them. 1 - This ain't a horse but it's one of my …

King of horses 
The horse is the king of all horses so that is why I picked "king of horses" to be the name of the picture.

Andalusian Perspective 
Andalusian, drawn in pencil. The muzzle isn't the best, but I like the look in the horse's eye. Comments? I tried to fix the muzzle, but it didn't exactly …

More Drawings by Devotion 
Some more drawings! I've been experimenting with some colored pencils, but I found that I LOVE the black sharpie horse head, the second picture. The …

I just love to draw horses! 
It may not be very good but I'm still learning. :)

Just a quick doodle...

Jockey's Pencil Horse Drawings 
I saw a cute pic of a Halflinger and drew one sorta like it. Please tell me if you like it! It took me like 10 minutes so I think it's not that great. …

More Of My Pencil Horse Drawings 
Another batch of my sketches. Please comment, thanks!

Gypsy Vanner 
This is a Gypsy Vanner horse I drew for the teacher of a horse class last year. All the class signed it! I used charcoal. Sorry for the lousy picture. …

Man o' War race horse 
I read this book about Man o' War race horse by Walter Farley and I LOVED IT! So now I'm a big fan of Man o' War! :)

Light chestnut mare in pasture 
It was supposed to be a chestnut but I didn't have the right reddish brown color but I hope u like it!

Mare with a Foal 
The first one I love it's so cute the mare is a paint and the baby is a peach and white filly. The 2nd one is vary cute too she's a haflinger mare and …

I was Framed 
I Was Framed is one of only two coloured TB stallions in Europe. He is the first coloured TB horse officially registered by Weatherbys and the sire of …

Appaloosa pony 
This is an Appaloosa pony stallion. I drew this from a picture of a horse form the internet. I'm a big fan of Appaloosa horses and ponies.

Red flam and others 
The first one is Red Flam, he's a dressage stallion. I think I've done better drawings but this one is really good. I drew this with a 4b sketching daler …

My Painting  
hi this is a painting I made. I thought it was pretty. I painted this with acrylic paints. The back I kind of just slapped the paint on. It turned out …

An Arabian Mare 
From Aspen: Hi! This is 1 of my 2013 horse drawings. 1 of my favorites. She's an Arabian. I was going to go with black but the (burnt coffee) color popped …

Wind in its hair  
This is wind in its hair. I drew this with a plan pin, I thought it was cool. I hope you like it!

Winter Wonderland herself 
This is Winter Wonderland the horse and Santa's workshop behind her with her blue satin saddle blanket, and her candy cane halter. Also, she lives in the …

Speedy, Misty and Fiesta 
Hi! The one on the left is Speedy she's two years old and the one on the right is Misty, she's six years old. Misty is a Chincoteague pony and Speedy …

Fancy Ancy 
First, this is Fancy Ancy she is a young Arabian. The second one is an older Arabian.

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My practiced horse drawing (Please comment) 
Here's my picture! Please no rude comments, just give some feedback to me.

The sea horse 
I randomly decided to draw a sea horse and this is what I got

Call Boy 
All inspired by and of Call Boy

Big gray draft horse 
This is a gray draft horse he's 5 years old hes broke and can be rode by children. I draw at least 7 pictures in a day this. This is my first big breed …

Marhaabah: The Great Arabian Stallion 
This drawing is of a horse name Marhaabah. He is known to be the world's greatest Arabian. He is my "Idol" I love drawing him!

The Irish Cob and More 
The Irish cob is a vary heavy breed this is a 4 year old stallion I colored him with colored pencils. The night mare only comes out at night she is a …

Sage's Horses 
I'm six years old. My sister aspen, sky and cousin Michaela love to draw horses and so do I.

Sky's Horse Dreams 
I'm six and just learning to draw but I enjoy it. My sister Aspen, Sage and cousin Michaela love to draw also.

I love horses. This is a stallion. I love your website! My cousin Aspen has lots of her drawings on here.

This is Angel wing and Cupcake her baby. They live on the RW Ranch with other horses. The next horse is named buddy he is a knabstrup stallion who also …

Big Chex to Cash + War Horse 
The first horse is a barrel racer. It is a quarter horse stallion. I love drawing horses! I think they are beautiful animals. I have been drawing horse …

Spartan the Jumping Horse 
I love drawing Horse I'm horse crazy. I draw horses all winter long when I cant go outside because it to cold and snowing. It keep me busy I love it. It …

My drawings at 14 and 13 yrs old 
These are some drawings I did when I was 13. I did the tribal horse when I was 14. I know I'm not the best drawer out there, but I enjoy it and I'm proud …

Horse drawings by Reina 
Here are a few drawings I did over the summer, the watercolor I did last month.

Morgan's Horse Drawings 3 
Some of my recent drawings for people. Hope you enjoy, Thank you c:

Morgan's Horse Drawings 2 
These are a few of my drawings drawn for someone of one of her horses. Hope you enjoy, Thank you c:

Morgan's Horse Drawings - 1 
Some of my newer drawings. First one is of my horse Dexter. The other two are of my friends riding teacher riding her Tennessee Walking Horse, drawn …

Grazing Grace 
I was just in the mood of drawing, and came upon a picture of a grazing horse, and decided to draw it.. :) What do you think?

Horse Art: Art Show drawings 
These are a few of the drawings I had entered in an art show in high school. First is a Black and White vs. Color. Second is a Different Point of …

Horse Pictures: Thoroughbreds 
Sorry they're a if bit blurred and are all leaning to the side! And that's my arm to the left xD xxx Feel free to comment, criticise (Constructive, …

Horse Art: Happy Horse 
This is just a horse half rearing and looking happy.

Horse Art: Spirit 
Here's my horse art... I love Spirit!

I used to get in trouble in class for drawing too many horses! This is the sketch I used for the cover of my 6th book. It's Torque and Dakotaroo galloping …

Sofia's horse painting 
Sofia is 3 years old and she is from Whittier, CA She loves horses and rides a pony every weekend. She wishes to have a white horse, just loving this …

Dappled Buckskin 
Here is a picture of a dappled buckskin that I drew. It was supposed to be a dapple gray, but then people mentioned that it looked like a dappled buckskin, …

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My horse painting is about a horse named Dodger. The horse looks like he's eating hay.

Fun Horse Drawings 
The first one is just a random doodle I did that only took me about 10 minutes, but an extra 5 just to do the shading. I don't usually do it that detailed! …

Tristan is a horse that I have been wanting for some time now. He is up for adoption, and he's gorgeous, a thoroughbred , and 16 hands high. I sketched …

Saddle (Horse Art) 
Its of a saddle I know, not a horse... I don't really have any drawings of horses... Anymore at least.. I quit drawing about a year ago.. I don't really …

Magical Foal (horse art) 
I think this is soooo pretty!

Rearing Stallions 
I drew this 2 stallions to make it look like they were fighting, it's actually the same horse! I have been drawing for over 40 yrs and am a self …

More Drawings 
Some of my more recent drawings: 1st is a random drawing of a horse head 2nd is a drawing of a snow horse, since its getting around that time haha …

Symbolic Horses  
Nevah (first horse) represents Time. Her quote is 'Some people Say I never die, I say I have forever to live.' Story (second horse) represents Judging …

Spirit as a foal 
I was bored the other night so I decided to draw spirit using windows paint, it is from one of my favourite scenes :P

Rearing Face 
No Kidding... I made this drawing... Note from Sydney: Just to clarify, are you Haily Horse from clubponypals? It says so in the drawing...

I just did a quick doodle of my cartoon horse wings. He's angry at the two-legs for stealing his mare. Sorry, its kinda lame.

Horse head study 
This is absolutely the best horse head I have EVER drawn ^ and also one of my quickest! I was surprised that it only took me about 7-10 minutes! In case …

Drawings (by Morgan) 
First is a Carousel Unicorn I drew for a friend. The Second is a Head drawing drawn for a fair.

Yuri's Horse Drawings 
Some of the horses I drew...

Running Free 
I'm Miya, and I'm mad about horses. I also love drawing them too. This Arabian called Chocolate Dream is cruelly treated by his owners and he's just …

A Drawing That I Think is Pretty Nice 
This is not a real type horse. It is a horse I made up named Boreal.

Cartoon Horse Drawings 
Here are some more of my drawings. Lately I've been drawing cartoons and Manga (Japanese cartooning style) horses and people. The Manga Horse I drew …

When we ride a horse, we borrow freedom! 
My newest drawing, inspired by a picture of a little girl with an amazing horse, it reminds me of my lusitano stallion that i love very much and of our …

Some of my drawings 
Sorry these look bad. But hope you like them!

this horse's name is Silver....

Yup it's me, Kristen! I'm back after a few years, and I'm now 13 years old. You may have seen a few of my other drawings on here, but I have improved a …

Nosying around 
I drew this picture when I got bored :) It didn't turn out right though :(

Computer Drawings 
The first drawing is a Fire Horse. The second is of my horse Dexter. The third and fourth's lines were Not drawn by me, just colored ;) The signature's …

Pic and Tips 
I just have a few tips if you like to draw. 1. Don't be afraid to erase! I have that problem a lot-I think, for example, the eye looks so-so, but I'm …

I made this pic of my Horse Trigger.

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Seaside Mare 
It took me about an hour to draw this.. it is my best computer drawing of a horse yet! :D

Animated Drawing 
My second ever animated drawing xD I decided to check out how to animate a drawing and happened to like it. So I made this one of one galloping. It's not …

Young one looking at bunny <3 
I very much love this drawing! It is my Fave! I draw and draw. I never stop! :D

More Unis 
Some more of my digital Uni drawings for Neopets. First is of a Maraquan(Underwater-like) Uni Second is of a Ghost Uni. And third is of a Design for …

Clydesdale Ring 
This is a picture of a Clydesdale I drew in 2011.

Runing free 
Running Free! Run My beauty Run!

Night Runner 
This was a drawing for a good friend of mine!

More Computer Drawings 
A few more of my latest computer drawings for neopets. First one is of my Uni Tukell Second is another one of Tukell and the third one is of a zombie …

Uni Drawings 
These are drawings I did for a game called Neopets for Beauty Contests x) I've just started drawing on gimp so it explains why they look bad :P

Just a drawing of my pony. He's a 17-year old paint named Jiggers :) I drew the picture with pencil and then I colored it with MS Paint on the computer …

Baby Blue 
This is a picture of a mare I drew during class and edited the background on an online program called Avairy.

Cartoon Mare 
This is my drawing of the pinto mare off of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron (I love that movie)! I really had fun drawing it.

More Drawings 
Here are more of my drawings. The first one is of my horse Dexter, sorry that it's so dark I couldn't get the light right when I took the picture. …

Tennessee Walker and More 
These are some of the recent drawings that I have done. Two of them, the dartmoor (the one with a lot of mane looking at you) and the Morgan (the one that …

Scratch 'n' Sniff 
Here's drawing of a stallion I made during a class, took about 15 minutes.

Halloween Horse Drawings 
My Halloween Drawings The Headless Horseman - Sorry, I just realized when I took the picture that the horse's head is real small. Witch's Broom Horse …

Wild in the Wind 
I drew this picture for a contest, and got 2nd! I'm quite proud of it, but if you see ANYTHING for me to work on, PLEASE tell me! Thanks!

Portrait of Sundance 
Here's a sketch of my cousin's horse, Sundance. I drew this when I went to her stables, a long time ago. Hope you like it!

My Drawings 
These are just a few drawings that I recently created. I have gotten into the habit of drawing more cartoonish! (Sadly,) I really want to draw realistic. …

Stallion Head 
An ink drawing of a stallion's head. I use it as my online avatar with my most often used username.

Galloping Steed 
A pencil sketch of a galloping horse, created for my virtual horse farms.

2nd & Better Picture of Tiffany's Trigger 
Here is a much better head shot of trigger. Ignore my writing all over it. I hope you like it Tiffany!

See How All the Horses Come Dancing 
One of my newest drawings of a song. x) The song is See How all the Horses come Dancing. I just drew the horses in the song; Black Horses - Lightning …

Dartmoor Horse 
I copied without tracing this picture out of a book. DO NOT COPY.

Pegasus Foal 
A Pegasus foal, based on the features of a 6-month old palomino.

Horse x) 
Rough drawing done in about ten minutes. Yes, the eye is there xD I can't stand colouring so I didn't bother, but used grays for some scribbly shading. …

Dressage Stallion Portrait 
One of my most latest, at 14 years old. Think I've gone off colored pencils.. just sticking to pencil atm..

Horse Drawings by Spirit (Part 2) 
Here's my drawing of a thoroughbred stallion cantering. I like the legs and hooves of this one.. and the shadow beneath.. Please rate! Thanks! When …

Horse Drawings by Spirit (Part 1) 
The bay yearling is my first attempt at a colored young horse. Whe I drew it I was only used to drawing proportioned adult horses. LOL! I drew the black …

Big Work Horse Head 
The nostril is a little big but otherwise I think it's really good. I created this in about 45 minutes.

Horse's Eye 
I just browse around on the internet looking for pictures to draw. I found this one and I thought that it was a pretty nice picture to draw. So I got out …

This is a drawing that I did on Paint of my Arabian mare Lacey! I love Lacey SOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!!

Long rest 
the baby has grown tired of playing and with a happy heart lies down for a rest.

Shaded Horse Drawings 
It took me about an hour average for each. I drew them at seperate times... I don't know if they're good! I have other riding friends but they don't draw. …

3rd Gr. Art Project 
This is my art project for 3rd grade when we brought something we loved in and drew it. I drew one of my arabian beyer models with its tack on. Its not …

Horse Drawings 
Here are more of my horse drawings.

Older Drawings 
These are some of my older drawings. Sorry if some don't look that great. :)

Horse Drawing 
Just a random drawing of a horse i felt like drawing. C:

Quick Horse Drawing 
This is a quick drawing that took around 15 minutes to do. It is a drawing of Ranger, a horse i used to ride for riding lessons. Sorry if it isn't …

Sketchy Horse 
Yaay, a horse 8D Took about half an hour to do... and it's not even that good xD Ah well. it's the first time in ages that i've done a horse, like …

It's just a basic outline that took over 2 hours to do. It still has a good few hours - a day or two to complete :) It's a study of my friend's mare that …

Lusa's Noriker Mare 
Just a quick nori I drew up :)

A quick doodle of 2 of my horsies! 
the arab is star runner and the AQHA is the last red rose. this is a bad drawing so i dont mind if you don't favor it. so ya. these are 2 of my real horses. …

Just a Doodle 
i doodled this in the car when we were driving to utah. its basically indian horses grazing its pretty bad so i really dont mind if you say its not that …

Check Out My Horse Painting! 
This is a painting of my dream horse Milo. I don't own a horse so i just made it like that. I think it's sort of cute. I'm sorry if it looks like a cow. …

My Very Own Horse Drawings 
I hope you like my works of art and my horse wall! Thanks!

American Horses 
These are my horse drawings. I hope you like them! My mom used to live in Japan, hence the symbols. :)

A painting of my Horse 
I am sharing my brother's painting of my horse. I hope you like it!

Just some old drawings..... 
Some pretty awful drawing I drew -ages- ago that I found... they are pretty awful :) I can do so much better than that now :P Please, no stealing.

Hanoverian Foal 
Well..I'm getting a lot better at drawing horses so yeah! I used a book to help me A LOT but I PROMISE! I did not trace. I vowed to myself never to trace! …

Bay Horse (Arabian?) 
This is a picture I randomly drew. I finished on the date on the picture (4/30). It's not the best, but I think it's okay. :) Haha, I think it looks cute. …

Another horse drawing 
Another horse picture I drew when I got extremely bored (like when I was 7yrs old) so it kind of sucks compared to what I do now. :P

Horse Drawing 
I picture I drew years ago when I was bored once. Only took me about 5 mins.

Morgan mare 
It took me about 30 min to draw it,im really proud of it. So yea its a morgan mare.I hop you liked it :)

Just a quick sketch 
This was a quick sketch I did on Sunday when I got bored of Gmail. I hope you like it! Ha ha ATTENTION!: SOMEBODY KEEPS STEALING MY ARTWORK AND POSTING …

Bay Arabian Painting 
So I used Microsoft Paint which you should have to create this lovely picture. Trust me I made it myself without any help. Took about 1 hour. I hope you …

wild horses 
this is a painting i made in my 8th grade art class that was also entered in a spring art show.

Chili - A Chestnut Pinto Arabian 
Compared to my older horse drawings, I think this is my best one. So I was scrolling through my Breyer horse magazine earlier when I found a picture …

Fresian Stallion 
This is another recent drawing of mine that I absolutely LOVE!I love his long forelock that looks like its been crimped! And also his sweet-looking nature …

Welsh Cob Pony 
This is one of my recent horse drawings that I have done.It's not the best drawing of a horse but it's pretty good!My friends see my horse drawings and …

My Horse Drawing 
This is a horse that I drew in about 30 minutes. All I did was look at my calender that had a similar horse on it! Enjoy! :) I have no idea of what breed …

Jumping Horses 
Well this is something I drew when I was bored, but I did it quick, so the foal's head is huge! The mare was going to be a Lippizan, but I changed her …

Throughbred Horse Eye 
This is a horse eye that i worked about and hour on. I love the quality of horse eyes. This is a picture that i got out of a 30 YEAR OLD stud book. The …

Me and My Horse 
This is me and my horse jumping cross country.

My horse drawing: The Friesian Jacob 
This is a Fresian I did. His name is Jacob. I love freisains. I am 14. The medium is colored pencils. It took me about 3 hours. I love drawing. If you …

Friso's Chocolate Chip  
This is a horse I take care of sometimes. He is an Arab-Friesian cross with a lot of personality and style. I love him so much. Hope you enjoy the art. …

My Horse Drawing: Sleepy Arabian 
This is a arabian i drew named Valentino. He is a great arab stud. It took me about a hour to do this. I have done better than this. This is probably the …

Valentino By Noah 
I Drew this horse his name is Valentino, I'm 11 and I love Hores!!

A Sunny Day 
this horse is a bay with a black and white.

Purple Piaffe 
I used to draw horses all the time, but when I was eleven I just stopped drawing them. Last year I got into anime and started drawing that I got quite …

A Mare 
I didn't name her if any one has any ideas go ahead and post it :) I drew this one a couple of months ago and its stapled in my room I love it!

Missouri Fox Trotter 
This is a picture of a Missouri Fox Trotter. This was a relatively quick picture; about 10 or 15 minutes to draw. I am 11 and I have been drawing since …

Cantering Arabian 
This is something I decided to draw one day.. it used a normal 2B pencil and a sketchbook (A4). So I didn't use anything " special " to get this level …

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Yawning Horse 
Here is a drawing of a yawning horse (and yes I drew it)

My Friend's Horsey; Flash 
This is a close-up picture of my friends horse named Flash. He is a quarter Horse gelding and my friend wanted me to make a picture of Flash. I hope you …

Show Jumping 
This is a drawing of someone show jumping!!! I love horses and to draw them!!! The horse and rider aren't very good (this isn't one of my best drawings) …

This is a drawing of a horse I rode he's a flea bitten gray. Hope you enjoy!

Khalid Fire Fouad 
This is a picture I made of my arabian horse, Wildfire. His show name is Khalid Fire Fouad. Which means Eternal Fire Heart.

A saddlebred to share with you! 
I enjoy looking at all the youthful talant here...good job! Many of my pieces looked a lot like your when I was young. I've been drawing and painting …

Did on Paint. Looks ridiculous i do water colors, charcol and canvas. i am an AWSOME horse artist. Not gloating though.

Pencil drawing 
>.< I did this a few months ago. I was going to enter it in a competition, but I lost it. So yeah, I just found it in a book o.0

I'm really proud of this one. It took me days to get the pose just right! I drew it on MS Paint with a Tablet. Here is Haloh's Stats; Name: Haloh Age: …

Horse Head Drawing 
I drew this in the car on my way to work last summer.

Pencil drawing of a cute anime pony 
I really like this picture. I just turned 11 recently. I normally draw cats all the time, but I'm ok at horses, too.

Albino Arabian 
A rearing albino Arab I drew. Took me only a couple of hours

Arabian Horse 
This is a drawing of my pony. His name is Trigger happy(as you see on the painting) Its done in airbrush and pen. Hope you like it! You should comment! …

i love horses 
somthing i coulerd on paint

A drawing I hope will come out >.> 
This better work. xD

no art 
sorry i coudlet draw so this is that girls art i really like she rockes so ill just talk about horses i can ride very well and everyone can draw good

my drawing of barbaro 
This is my drawing of my favorite Race horse Barbaro. R.I.P Barbaro

The Black Stallion from Walter Farley's books of the same name. The Black's original name was Shiatan.

Prance Away 
I wanted to do a pose I don't usually do. I think it turned out quite well.

Another horse I used to have at Horseland.

Another one of the horses I used to have on Horseland.

I'm Mysterious 
I used to play on the Horseland site and this was one of my horses I had there.

Yay, more stylization!

Another stylized horse I drew

One of my older horse pix, a bit stylized.

Fire Horse 
I love horses. i am a pro artist.This art was done on Microsoft Art so it really is horrible looking. My other peices of art are very pretty

Horse standing still drawing :) 
this is a sketch i drew of a horse when you are lookng at it from the front! i love drawing horses and i just really got ok at drawing them!! ok hope you …

I was bored today day at my friends house so we decided to draw. Hope you enjoy.

Just a drawing! 
i don't draw so this was something i drew off a how to video... NOT TRACED!!! its ok i'm kinda proud of it!! Maddie

Free Horse Lineart  
This is free for anyone to use. Just be sure to leave the Copyright on it, or else it means you're stealing it! I have posted a lot of pictures so you …

Arabian head study 
This is a rose-grey arabian I drew on MS paint and It only took me about half an hour, I really need a tablet though, the lines could've been …

Charm and me  
This is a watercolor painting I did of me and charm :)

Fresian Horse 
DO NOT COPY! I am so proud of this one! It took me 3 hours to get it just right. I'm 11 and I love drawing horses. My favorite breed is the Thoroughbred, …

Hackney Pony 
Believe it or not, this picture of mine only took about 30-45 minutes to take. I'm 11 years old and I have been drawing since I was in Pre-school. I proud …

Sky's Limit 
This picture is one of many. I'll post some more in the future, so keep your eye out for my art!

Welsh Headstudy (a little something I drew the other day) 
This is a horse of course. I freehanded it. No Tracing. Nothing. Just natural talent. (not trying to brag...seriously)I LOVE to draw and this is something …

Horse standing tall {First Attempt} 
This was my first attempt at drawing a horse side ways tell me what yooh think ..And any tips I will upload some more of my attempts

i luv horses and i think there one of the most beautiful things you can draw. im twelve years old and i luv art soooo much. the one thing i cant work out …

Grazing Horse by Anna 
I luv this pic so much! i can make many replica's of this one! this one is definitely going in a frame! sorry everyone it took me so long to put up another …

My horse drawings. 
I so love drawing horses ponies there the best.

Gorgeous horse head 
This is the best head ive drawn in colour. i was 11 when i drew i. i dont no if ive already submitted it. . . .anyways, enjoy

Friesian Show Horse 
um... I am kinda proud of this (though the shading and highlights are the... XD)

Horse In A Field 
Its Sprinkles again. Here is an acrylic painting I did of a horse.

Misty And Me 
Ever since I was little I've loved horses, and drawing too! This is me when i was eight, now I'm sixteen :) I drew it because I love the bond we shared. …

The Misso Migos (c) 
Hi again! I started drawing characters from my own TV show creation (I don't have a real TV show I'm only 11!) I hope you like Candy!

Galloping Horse  
I drew this when i was eight. HORSES RULE! I called this horse Whisper.

My pencil Horse Head  
i drew this pony during school class! i was 10 when i drew it.

I can draw AMAZING pictures of horses 
It's me, old_Horse from Mystable! I can draw stunning pics, especialy of horses. I will post my art here. Comment and rate my pics from a 0 to 5 star …

Something I did for fun, no reference used.

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Something I did on GIMP 
This drawing I did took me about 3 hours I think. I'm still pretty new to GIMP though :P I'm 12 years old though so I still have a lot of time to learn …

Baby Girl 
I don't know why I drew this Pic I guess I was bored. Free hand M S paint.

Spirit guide 
A random photoshop project for school of a wild Mustang stallion that I've been dreaming about. I call him "Alo."

My Art (I Love Horses!) 
Believe it or not, this was my first coloured pencil horse at 9 years old. The Bay Morgan Picture was my second!

My Horse Art 
I drew this when I was 9!

my pony drawing  
One day I saw a pony and took care of it and loved her and 2 weeks later she grew up and 6 weeks later she goes to heaven and we all loved her and I had …

Horse Head 
Its Sprinkles again! My scanner doesn't work the best so my picture looks faded.

Evan from the Heaven 
This horse is based on my favorite wrestler Evan Bourne. The horse loves to jump and Evan Bourne loves to fly(not air plane flying)

Spirit Stallion of the cimarron 
Spirit drawn by me !

Spice Of Life 
I drew this today (February 1) and it is a chestnut Hanoverian stallion free jumping. His name is Spice Of Life. Hope you like it 8)

This was supposed to be a day of tempting history for Jones and Eight Belles.They were taking on 19 colts and trying to make Eight Belles the fourth filly, …

I was inspired i saw a pic on the computer and got my pencil and paper and started drawing!

the reason this one is not as good as my others is cuz this is a cartoon horse! spirit from the movie spirit!

Horse on MS Paint 
Drawn on MS Paint (: Artwork (c) Nicole Carchietta 2009

Let's Race These are my OC's (Original Characters) Karshia and Phantom! No, Phantom was NOT inspired/copied off of Spirit. Karshia, …

Hunt Seat Star 
i made this today. it only took about 15 minutes. it is supposed to be my mare, electra. she is a hunt seat star. hehe. please comment

Jump For The Moon 
Hi. My name is Jillian. I drew this today(January 2). I hope you like it. Please comment. ~Jillian~

Another Mare 'n Foal 
this one took me three weeks and alot of patience! but it was definitely worth it!!!! :) im 13 yr. old

um... i drew this at school so... yeah... not exiting

Stepping horse 
I got the idea of the stepping horse when I was thinking about dressage. I started thinking that maybe I could draw a picture of a horse stepping and …

In Memory Of Barbaro 2(in case you couldn't clearly see the first) 
Hi!! I know I already posted this, but I just wanted to be sure everyone could read it. Enjoy And Please rate and comment freely=)

Rock Hard Ten 
Hi!!! Annie... AGAIN=) I drew the In Memory Of Barbaro 03-07 And Giacomo-2005 KD Winner. Oh! And Lullabye(My favorite horse EVER) I don't know why my scanner …

Mare and Foal 
This one took me only three days to do! i accidentally messed up on the foal once... the green got on my sweater and i didn't know and i leaned on the …

Lullabye( My Favorite Mare EVER) 
Hi! Annie again! I made the drawings' In Memory Of Barbaro 03-07' and 'Giacomo- 2005 KD Winner.' This is my mare, Lullabye, who I use to ride before she …

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Fyre in the desert (By Zoey) 
This is another picture I drew of my red dun colt Wild Fyre 'dancing' in the desert. In my last picture, i spelled his name wrong. I keep forgetting it's …

Giacomo 2005 KD Winner 
I draw a lot and, not to brag, buy I think I have some talent. Id LOVE for my art to be shown to viewers all over the country!!! If you like my drawing, …

Small Clydesdale 
This is a horse I drew when I was.. very bored. I made it small, that way I wouldn't have to shade in a big horse :P If you would like to see more of my …

My little Arab 
Just a little Arab of mine I drew. She's bloody fast XD

Stunning Friesian 
A bloody stunning picture I drew when I got bored. It's my friend's RP charrie I call Nyx. I think it's a little piece of rubbish, but, yer, me being the …

Annie Drawing 
I found a picture of a horse and I just drew! And yes this is free hand drawing!

My horse drawing 
I really wasn't a drawing kind of person! but now i cant stop drawing and now im making progress in my drawings!

Wild Fire 
I drew this free hand on MS paint on my computer. It's my horse Wild Fire!

This is a drawing of the horse that I want. Gorgeous!

My dream horse, Chine Bleue 
Well, this was drawn in MS paint. I also used my tablet. This piece is of a new character of mine named Chine Bleue. Its the first time I've drawn …

My 2nd dream horse 
My 2nd Dream horse is all white and with a black muzzle. Her name would be Dovell. For dove and beutifule. I have dreamed of this kind of horse ever …

I made this cool Arabian horse art on Paint! Do you like it?

A Horse I drew 
This is a picture I drew of a horse. What do you think?

Brooke's Horse Painting 
I was happy when I painted this one, I was 11 years old!!!

I painted this, I'm 10, I'm going to get horseback riding lessons, and i hope I get a horse soon!!!

I painted this when i was bored, I'm 12, I'm going to get horseback riding lessons, and I'm getting a palomino horse soon!!!

My horse art 
This is what i drew.

I've always drawn horses ever since I could use a pencil and since then I've gotten A LOT better! =D

Happy Birthday Lakota! 
This is a cartoon I did a while back for my horse's birthday on May 12th. He's a HUGE buckskin paint gelding named Lakota Sun Dancer, and I love him to …

Dreamfinder, My Dream Horse 
My dream horse is a Pintabain Gelding named Dreamfinder. I free drew this picture of what I want him to look like. The Pintabian is a rare breed. It …

Horse Art: Brown Beauty 
Please do not steal my work. I worked very hard on it, thanks.

My Thoroughbred 
This is a picture of my horse... my love, my number 1!

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