Misty And Me

by Kaleigh

Misty And Me

Misty And Me

Ever since I was little I've loved horses, and drawing too! This is me when i was eight, now I'm sixteen :) I drew it because I love the bond we shared.

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Dec 28, 2011
by: Francis

Do you still have Misty?
That is so cool.
You have Talent!

May 10, 2009
by: horse<3WoWplayer

that is so good! i wish i could draw like you. the only thing i can draw is stick figures and lolly pops :P

Apr 29, 2009
by: Anonymous

Is your horse dead? If he is,God make him rest in peace. Im sorry if he is now...

I always say:

Dont worry, be happy!

Apr 28, 2009
by: Barrel Luvr

Your an ARTIST! OMG i couldn't amagine how u draw now!

Apr 28, 2009
by: Kara_Bou

that is gorgeous!!!!

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