Yawning Horse

by Keely
(Around Seattle WA USA)

My yawning horse drawing

My yawning horse drawing

Here is a drawing of a yawning horse (and yes I drew it)

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Mar 25, 2012
by: Cassandra

It's so cute! A horse at my riding barn does that when you tighten the girth, so funny! I love your drawing.

May 03, 2011
your drawing on FB
by: Sydney from Horsecrazygirls.com

Hi Keeley, I posted a link of your drawing on the Horsecrazygirls.com Facebook page! :)

May 24, 2010
by: Larklover!

My horse always does that face! (Especially when I put her bit in!)

Jan 09, 2010
thats good as
by: Anonymous

that's heaps good you should be really proud of your self lol i wish i could draw as good as that!

Dec 02, 2009
by: liz the horse lover

how do u draw like that i wish i could!!!!!

Nov 28, 2009
Nice job!
by: Sydney

Nice job Keeley! It could be a laughing horse too. The teeth look hard to draw...you did a good job with them. Thanks for posting it!

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