Just a quick sketch

by Rayna
(mesa arizona)

Quick sketch!

Quick sketch!

This was a quick sketch I did on Sunday when I got bored of Gmail. I hope you like it! Ha ha


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May 21, 2015
Great horses!
by: Anonymous

Awesome blog! How much time did you spend to make so wonderful site? Why U have chosen HORSE CRAZY GIRLS name?) lol)

p.s. I am a new blogger yet, and only going to develop my site!

Nov 29, 2011
Great work
by: Kiani

I love how you have done the head. looks very wild.

Aug 09, 2010
by: immy

I dont think it is a quick sketch! Its more like a piece of artwork!

May 31, 2010
your sketch
by: Sydneys Mom


Your sketch is great! When you post images online, google will add them to google images. The URL below the photo tells you where they have appeared. If it's showing up with the horsecrazygirls.com URL then no worries, it's just showing that's where it is posted. But if it's showing up on other sites, then that means they have posted your sketch to their site. (They may or may not be taking credit as the artist - you'll have to look at their site to make sure.)

What you might want to start doing is uploading your pictures first to http://www.picnik.com/ You can then do some cool things, like add a frame or effects. But you can also add a "Watermark" which would essentially be your name. I wouldn't recommend you add your first and last name for safety reasons, but you could add your first name and perhaps a last initial (ask your parents what they think.) That way when you put that picture online and google images picks it up it will always have your name on it.

I hope that makes sense. And thanks for continuing to share your pictures. Very nice!

Dec 13, 2010
by: Anonymousrayna

I'm sorry. My friend actally drew this, so I don't think it was right for me to claim that I drew it. But somebody is posting her stuff on Google. So if you would delete this drawing, that would be great...

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