Pretty Horse Drawings

Here are pretty horse drawings shared by horse crazy girls like you! Remember to check out the other great artwork on this website and to share your own.

hunt seat star

A drawing of a bay horse trotting while wearing a saddle, saddle pad, bridle, and breast collar. The words 'Hunt Seat Star' are on the drawing.

Hunt Seat Star is a cute horse drawing submitted by Jillian. You can tell by all the tack on the horse she has seen a few competitive hunt seat horses before.


A line art drawing of a Fjord horse.

This Fjord drawing by Kristen is wonderful. This line art drawing is so precise it could be turned into a horse coloring page. 

my horse art

A black and white drawing of two Ponies of the Americas standing next to one another one facing away and another towards the viewer. At the bottom of the drawing it says 'POA'.

You have to see this great drawing of two Pony of the Americas ponies. I love that each pony has a different coat pattern and that they are standing like they might in a herd setting.

red flam

A pencil drawing of a horse bowing. The horse is wearing a bridle and has a ribbon on its bridle. The horse's mane is braided as well.

I am super impressed by these three horse drawings. I can't imagine how hard it would be to draw a horse bowing, but this artist did it extremely well.


A pencil drawing of a horse's head. The horse's mane has red streaks in it and the words Mintie appear on the drawing along side a drawing of a mint and some other text that can't be read.

This horse drawing called Mintie was drawn by Raen. Even though it was just a quick sketch it turned out nicely. I especially like the red highlights that were added to the horse's mane to create a sort of mint candy look.


A painting/drawing of a horse and rider jumping a jump. The horse is a paint and the rider is in show clothes.

I can't tell if the artist did this piece of art with watercolor paints or colored pencils, but either way she did a fantastic job. 

my painting

A painting of a unicorn. Blue, purple, and white appear to be the colors used throughout the painting. The background is just a mixture of these colors.

This unicorn painting is so pretty. I love all calming colors used along with the design of the painting. I feel like if this painting was converted into a poster it would become a super popular room decoration. 


A drawing of a grey and white horse with a blue eye and a black and white mane and tail. The horse is cantering through a field.

I love all the color in this horse drawing. The horse's looks and coloring reminds me of a horse you would expect to see in Horseland, the TV show.

some horse drawings

A pencil drawing of a horse in motion.

Dariya submitted several amazing horse drawings, you will have to check to them out. I love how all of the pencil drawings feature a different horse with their own unique features, it really shows the artist's range of talent.


A pencil drawing of a horse galloping in a paddock wearing a blanket.

Annie did a great job with this drawing of her favorite mare Lullabye. You can tell that the horse is galloping through its paddock and having a wonderful time.

Spartan the jumping horse

A pencil drawing of a horse's head. The horse is wearing a bridle and has its mane braided.

While Spartan may not be jumping in this drawing you can tell there is a competition going on, since Spartan has a braided mane.

irish cob

A pencil drawing of a black and white paint Irish Cob horse. The horse is wearing a halter and above the horse are the words 'Irish Cob' in all different colors.

Aspen submitted three great horse drawings and gave each horse their own story. Aspen clearly put a lot of effort into each drawing.


A white horse rearing in a field at night with a tree off to the left side in the drawing. The words 'Silver' also appear on the drawing.

This wonderful computer drawn horse is called Silver. The imagination and creativity that went into this drawing is incredible.

trotting horse

A pencil drawing of a horse trotting.

Morgan did a great job with this Trotting Horse drawing. The drawing is beautifully shaded and the horse is extremely realistic.

baby girl

A bay horse with a white stripe on its face eating hay from a metal hay rack over a trough. The horse is in a paddock at night with a moon with a smiling face above.

There are lots of different, sweet elements in this drawing. The moon having a face and smiling down at the horse below is very cute. The horse also has a very kind look in its eye making the image feel like one you would find in a children's book.

young one looking at bunny

A pencil drawing of a foal looking down at a baby bunny in the grass.

Young One Looking At Bunny is the name of the drawing submitted by ikeandme. The foal is very well drawn and the way the grass was drawn is very effective.

winter wonderland

A picture of a horse cantering in front of Santa's workshop. The horse is wearing a blue saddle pad, a saddle, a halter, along with other accessories.

Aspen drew the pretty horse drawing called Winter Wonderland Herself. All the different, colorful elements in this drawing really make it feel like a fun holiday scene you would see at Santa's workshop. 

a drawing

A horse head drawing. The horse is an orange and white paint with a yellow mane. The horse's mane has a feather in it.

This horse head drawing is so well drawn and I love all the colors that the artist used. While it may not be the most realistic drawing you can still easily see it is a horse.

horse art

A drawing of a bay Morgan horse standing still. The horse does have white pastern markings on its back legs along with a snip.

Morgan did a great job with this drawing of a Morgan horse. This drawing honestly looks like it belongs in a book about Morgan horses.

my drawings

A black and white drawing of a horse's head. The horse's ears are pinned and its mouth is open as if it is about to bite something.

I can't believe how great each of these four drawings by Claudia are. This drawing is particularly good. While most artists just draw horses in a happy state she really shows the fierce side of horses with this drawing.

yuri's horse drawings

A pencil drawing of a horse walking.

Check out these drawings titled Yuri's Horse Drawings. While there isn't a ton of detail in the drawings they are still really good.

speedy, misty, and fiesta

A drawing of two horses facing each other. Both are paints with white coats and light brown patches.

Talk about a pretty horse drawing. Each image is so well drawn and I love the colors in each of them.


An animated drawing of a Palomino horse with white patches. The horse is standing still.

You have to look at this animated horse drawing. Not only is the horse very cute and well drawn but the fact that the creator made up facts about the horse is so fun. 

jumping horses

An animated looking drawing of two horses jumping over a creek in a field. One horse is white the other is a chestnut color. The chestnut one has a white half stocking on both front legs.

What a fun horse drawing by Angelica. She knows it isn't perfect and points that out herself, but what a first great drawing. I'm sure with a few tweaks it will be absolutely perfect.

bay horse

A drawing of a bay horse walking.

This bay horse drawing is very cute. With some more work and practice I'm sure this horse crazy girl will be creating incredible horse art in no time. 

wild running stallion

A pencil drawing of a horse cantering.

Even without any color these three drawings are amazing. I like how the horse's motion is throughout its body and through the tail, not just in its legs.

spice of life

A chestnut horse free jumping a red jump with blue flowers at the base. The horse is wearing only a bridle.

You can tell that this artist is doing a great job. Not many people can draw a horse jumping

a saddlebred

A painting of a bay Saddlebred cantering down a dirt lane in a field. Hills and trees in the background and the horse has two white socks on its back legs. There is also a JNS Fine Art watermark.

A professional artist was kind enough to share one of her own drawings. This lovely drawing of a Saddlebred is incredible. Everything from the colors in the background to the shimmer of the horse's coat has been well thought out and well executed. 


A pencil drawing of a paint horse walking.

We all have a dream horse (or maybe a few), but we don't always draw them like Janelle did. Check out her dream horse Dreamfinder.

horse drawing

A pencil drawing of a horse walking.

I really like this horse drawing. It is rather simplistic, but the lines are clear enough that the drawing works and you can see that it is clearly a horse walking.

a quick sketch

A black and white drawing of a horse galloping.

I would be super proud of myself if my quick sketches of horses looked like this.

my horse drawing

A pencil drawing of a horse trotting in its paddock with a fence behind it and the sun and some clouds above.

Zion submitted this great horse drawing that is based off a picture in a horse calendar. The only thing I would recommend in the future is taking a picture of drawings in better lighting so we can see them better.

the sea horse

A pencil drawing of a horse underwater blowing bubbles from its nostrils. The horse's mane is sticking up and its wearing some accessories.

What a creative take on the sea horse. I definitely think this is something you would have seen on the Bella Sara game.

light chestnut mare in pasture

A drawing of a light chestnut horse who is wearing a halter in a paddock. The fence is behind the horse who appears to be walking on grass.

Amy made this cute drawing. I love how she really paid attention to the horse and made sure to add lines for muscles and joints, it really helps the picture seem more realistic. 

horse standing tall

A pencil sketch of a horse standing still.

What a great first attempt at drawing a horse from the side. It can always be hard drawing from a new perspective but this horse drawing turned out very well for a first attempt.

running free

A bay horse trotting in a field with flowers. There are mountains in the back and the sun and clouds are above.

A story and a pretty horse drawing are both in this submission. It is great to see such pretty scenery along with a cute horse.

horse in a field

A painting of a bay horse in a grassy field with a blue sky and clouds above.

I love all the colors and detail this artist put into her painting. A horse standing in a field with a blue sky always make for a pretty picture.


A drawing of a horse's head. The horse and the background both have a tie-die look. There is a line with a leaf at the end coming off of the horse's head. There is also a watermark on the image.

This drawing is so cute. I love the tie-die look of this piece of art and how it is just a fun take on the typical horse head image.

chine bleue

Digital drawing of a reddish horse with a yellowish mane and tail and four white socks.The horse has on blue polo wraps,blue saddle pad,a bridle and saddle.Words'Chine Bleue' on the image.

I don't know if anyone remembers the computer game My Horse Farm, but the horse in this drawing reminds me of the horses on that game. Overall, the drawing is very cute and definitely brings back some memories.

jewel, sebastian, and a friend

A watercolor drawing of a brown horse with a cream colored mane.

Looking for pretty watercolor paintings? Check out these ones by Laura. Her paintings are truly exquisite, I want one done of my horse.

horse head

A pencil drawing of a horse's head.

I think this horse head drawing is very cute. The drawing is unfortunately a little hard to see because it is so light, but you can still see the outline of the horse's face is well drawn and that the horse has a kind eye.

mare with a foal

A pencil drawing of a paint horse's head reaching down to a paint foal that is laying on the ground in the grass.

There are two beautiful drawings of mares with their foals in this submission. I love how the mare is encouraging her foal in this drawing.

drawings by reina

A painting of a bay foal with a black horse standing behind it. Both horses are in a field filled with grass and mountains and a blue sky behind them.

From paintings to pencil drawings these four art pieces show off so many different mediums. I love this painting of a cute foal with its mother in a beautiful field. 

unicorn drawings

A drawing of a half unicorn half mermaid creature that has wings. The upper half is a horse the bottom half is a mermaid tail. The creature is blue and has a gold unicorn horn.

If you love whimsical drawings of unicorns you are going to love these drawings. This unicorn could easily be a Bella Sara or PonyIsland character.

horse eye

A drawing of a chestnut horse's eye. You can see the reflection of sand, grass, sky, and clouds in the horse's eye.

Wow! This drawing of a horse's eye is incredible. I can't believe how much detail the artist was able to fit into the reflection in the horse's eye.


A pencil drawing of the racehorse Seabiscuit galloping in all his racing gear. The only thing missing is a rider, saddle, and a bridle.

Based off the famous Thoroughbred racehorse Seabiscuit this drawing does a really good job capturing him racing.