More Horse Drawings

Here are even more horse drawings shared by horse crazy girls like you! If you like any of the artwork be sure to leave a comment. If you want to see more horse drawings or share your own follow the links below.


A pencil drawing of a horse stretching his neck forward with his mouth open. The horse's wing is also stretching forward but is behind his head.

Zoe shared this drawing of a Pegasus stallion. It is always fun to see drawings with unique horses or in this case a Pegasus.

hoofbeat quests ginger

Two horses looking at each other, while facing the observer. One is a chestnut with a white blaze and another is a bay with a white star.

I mean how good is this horse drawing from Hundreds Of Horses. Yes, the horses are modeled off of horses from the movie Spirit, but they are still excellent.

magical foal

A white Pegasus rearing in the sky. The tail is white the mane is brown. The horse is wearing green accessories. The background is a mixture of white, orange, and purple swirling together.

Sophie submitted this beautiful animated horse drawing she calls Magical Foal. I am not sure what program was used to make the drawing but it is incredible.

i was framed

A pencil drawing of a paint Thoroughbred horse. The horse is standing still, facing the observer, and wearing a halter with a lead rope attached.

Aspen submitted this drawing based off the thoroughbred stallion I Was Framed. The drawing and horse's name are both great. I know she didn't come up with the horse's name, but I think it is so funny. 

jockey's pencil horse drawings

A pencil drawing of a horse reaching its head out and down.

Jockey Girl shared four great horse drawings that you won't want to miss. This one, with the horse reaching its head down reminds me of the quintessential horse drawing. 

baby blue

A drawing of a horse trotting. The horse is a Palomino and white paint horse with a blue eye. The horse is on grass with a blue sky behind.

Piebaldwonder had the great idea to put their horse drawing on a computer designed background. The effect makes her art Baby Blue very unique. 

galloping horse

A pencil drawing of a horse galloping and kicking up dust. The horse is wearing a turnout blankets and a halter. The horse has a star, white pastern on front left leg and a white sock on right hind.

The detail in this drawing is stunning. From the horse, to the blanket the horse is wearing, to the dust the horse is kicking up everything is there.

jumping horse

A pencil drawing of a horse jumping over a table style jump. The horse doesn't have a rider or any equipment on.

The jumping horse drawing is only one of the many great drawings this artist submitted. I can't wait to see what else this artist does in the future.

practiced horse drawing

A pencil drawing of a horse's head.

You can see that this artist's practice is paying off in this drawing. With some shading and maybe even some color I think this drawing could really pop.

pegasus foal

A pencil drawing of a Pegasus foal standing on top of clouds.

This horse drawing called, Pegasus Foal, is just amazing. If there were real Pegasus foals out there I would expect them to look like this. 


A pencil drawing of two horses galloping. The horses have a geometric, boxy look to them.

I love the unique take Krista took when drawing Snowfall. The horses are not realistic in their design, but it still works and you can clearly see that they are galloping horses.

wild horses

A painting of a herd of horses galloping at sunset. One horse is standing on a rock looking down at the others. All the horses are black silhouettes. There are trees behind the horse on the rock.

Check out this awesome horse painting. I love all the beautiful pinks, oranges, and yellows used in the sunset and of course the galloping horses.

symbolic horses

A pencil drawing of a horse jumping over an invisible jump. The horse is wearing a clock with a long chain attached wrapped around its body. The horse has no eyes or nostrils.

Jazz submitted four great symbolic horse drawings. I really like this one although I wish that some of the features such as the horse's eye and nostril was included.


A slightly blurry painting of three horses and a foal. The horses are a bay, a white horse, and a chestnut, the foal is also a chestnut. They are in front of mountains and rocks and are on grass.

This horse painting is beautiful. I only wish the image was less blurry so we could see the painting better.

brown beauty

A drawing on a bay horse standing still.

I love this drawing of a cute bay horse and of course the creative title Brown Beauty. I can't wait to see what other artwork this horse crazy girl submits. 

wild in the wind

A pencil drawing of a horse cantering through a field. There is a bunch of different trees in the background.

This horse drawing won second place and I can see why! The artist not only did a good job drawing the horse and making it look realistic, but also put attention into the background.

my horse drawings

A pencil drawing of a cartoon looking horse walking in a field. There are mountains and shrubs in the background. There is also a shadow under the horse.

Debbie has a real talent for drawing cartoon horses, just look at her horse drawing. I definitely think that this artwork could be used in a children's book.

friesian show horse

A drawing of a grey Friesian horse trotting in front of people watching from the stands. The people are blurry and don't have distinguishable features.

I am very impressed by this drawing by Dev.  All the color in the drawing makes it very fun and lively.

happy horse

A pencil drawing of a horse rearing in a field or grass. The sun is up above.

It is not easy to draw a horse rearing, but this artist managed to do it. The grass and the sun also add that extra tough to this pencil drawing making it perfect.

in memory of barbaro

A pencil drawing of the racehorse Barbaro racing in the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs. Barbaro has all his racing tack on and there is a jockey. There is a sign for the event and location.

Somehow this artist managed to capture Barbaro midrace. I am impressed with all the incredible detail in this drawing and I love that this drawing is based on such a momentous day in the horse racing world.

when we ride a horse, we borrow freedom

A drawing of a little head head girl wearing a yellow dress hugging a buckskin horse's face that is reaching down towards her. The drawing is from a side angle and you can see on of the horse's eyes.

While the whole drawing is absolutely incredible, the horse's eye is what really draws me in. The horse's eye looks so sad it just really makes the moment between the girl and horse seem very poignant. 

rw ranch horse drawings

A drawing of an Appaloosa horse trotting in a field with a bay foal by their side. There is grass in the field and a blue sky above. The Appaloosa horse is wearing a blue halter.

There are three drawings from this artist and each one is very cute. It is always good to see new drawings and styles being tried out.


A pencil drawing of a black and white paint draft horse standing in a field of grass. The horse is wearing a halter and there are mountains in the background.

I want a horse as pretty as this one drawn by Katy. The accuracy and attention to detail throughout this horse drawing is incredible.

black beauty

A pencil drawing of a horse rearing. It appears to be day on the left with a sun and night on the right with a moon. There are dots in the background rocks in front of the horse.

Not only is the horse really well drawn but there is also a complete background in this drawing. Some of the elements are a little hard to distinguish in the drawing, so some color next time might make it easier to understand.

horse art: spirit

A pencil drawing of the horse Spirit's head from the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron.

Honestly, this drawing of Spirit looks like it could have been used to animate the movie. If this horse drawing had color it would probably look like a picture from the film.

bay arabian 

A bay horse with a white stripe standing between two fruit trees. There is a fence in the back ground, there is grass on the ground, and the sun and clouds are out above. There is writing as well.

Not many people can create artwork on Microsoft Paint let alone an Arabian horse. I love all the extra elements like the fruits trees and multi-colored clouds. My only other note is that it is hard to read what the artist wrote on the drawing, so maybe type out the text next time.

dappled buckskin

A pencil drawing of a rearing buckskin horse.

The artist created such a cool dappled effect in this drawing. I can't wait to see more drawings from this horse crazy girl.


A digital drawing of a blue unicorn with wings swimming under water. The unicorn has fins for its wings, mane, and tail and webbed hooves. The unicorn is completely blue except the gold horn.

This artist made three Unicorn drawings for her Neopets account and then decided to share her drawings here too. I can't believe how incredible this drawing is.

Pictures and tips

A drawing of a palomino horse jumping. There is no jump and the horse is not wearing any tack. The horse has a white stocking on its left front and a white pastern on hind left.

Not only were two beautiful horse drawings submitted, but the artist also wrote some tips for learning to draw horses.

small clydesdale 

A pencil drawing of a Clydesdale horse catering away and kicking up dust.

This Clydesdale Julia drew is wonderful. Horse drawings featuring these incredible animals in action are always so fun to look at.

pony drawing

A drawing of a cartoon pony. The pony's body is pink and the mane and tail are yellow. There is green grass on the ground and a blue sky behind and above the pony.

I am getting major My Little Pony vibes from this drawing. This drawing is just so cute and sweet I love everything about it.

A pretty drawing

A drawing of a grey horse standing with its front left leg pulled up. The horse has purple streaks in its mane and tail along with an upside down purple T on its forehead.

Here is another drawing where the horse has a magical element. The color combination of purple and grey is really pretty in this drawing.


A pencil drawing of the racehorse Giacomo racing. The horse is in full race gear and is being ridden by a jockey. There is writing on the drawing that says 'Giacomo 2005 Kentucky Derby'.

Annie made this wonderful drawing of Giacomo mid race. Giacomo is the horse that won the 2005 Kentucky Derby.

cantering arabian

A pencil drawing of an Arabian horse cantering. The artist's signature appears under the horse's belly.

What a beautiful horse drawing. This horse crazy girl was kind enough to also include what materials she used to make this drawing.

missouri fox trotter

A pencil drawing of a Missouri Fox Trotter horse trotting.

The Missouri Fox Trotter horse is brilliantly captured in this drawing. I could easily see this drawing being a part of a coloring book.

halloween horse drawings

A drawing of a horse rearing in front of a full moon. The horse is being ridden by a person without a head holding a pumpkin with a face carved in it in their left hand.

Talk about amazing horse drawings. This drawing is incredible and even more than that it is filled with fun, spooky elements making it perfect for Halloween.

me and my horse

A pencil drawing of a girl jumping her horse over a stack of logs. The horse is wearing a saddle, bridle, saddle pad, girth, and leg protection. The rider has on a helmet and riding clothes.

I love this drawing a horse crazy girl did of her and her horse out jumping cross country. Maybe it is not the most realistic horse drawing, but you can still clearly see what is going on.

rearing horse

A pencil outline of a horse rearing.

Rearing Horse is a great horse drawing by Ella. With some more detail and maybe some color this drawing will be spectacular. 

horse drawings

A pencil drawing of a girl standing with her horse. The horse is wearing a bridle and has some grass in its mouth. The girl is on the horse's side away from the observer and is wearing a helmet.

All the horse drawings is this submission are incredible. However this one is my favorite as it just perfectly captures an everyday moment between a girl and her horse.


A pencil drawing of a Clydesdale horse standing still.

If I could draw a Clydesdale horse this well I would be super proud of myself. Honestly this drawing could be made into a great horse coloring page.

texas rose and more

A drawing of a bay horse with a white stripe and the words 'Texas Rose' appear on the drawing.

Wow! All these horse drawings from Hoofbeats are great. It is great to see an artist try so many different techniques and draw horses in so many different ways.

grand champion and first place

A colored drawing of a Clydesdale horse cantering. The drawing is framed and hanging up with a purple ribbon and a yellow star under it.

Check out these award winning horse drawings one of our horse crazy girls was kind enough to share with us.

see how all the horses come dancing

A pencil drawing of four horses galloping side by side as a goose flies above them. One horse is not shaded in all the others are. There is writing that can't be read in the top left corner.

It is hard enough to draw one horse in motion let alone four, but this horse crazy girl has managed it in this horse drawing called See How All The Horses Come Dancing

purple piaffe

A pencil drawing of a horse doing a piaffe on green grass.

You can definitely tell that this artist has drawn horses before. Purple Piaffe is the artist's first horse drawing after a two year break, but you can definitely tell they have had some experience in the past.

my very own horse drawings

A drawing of a horse standing still. The horse is wearing a bridle, a saddle, and a saddle pad.

I love these cute horse drawings. I can't wait to see how this artist progresses with a little extra practice.


A drawing of a pinto Arabian horse. The horse is a chestnut and white pinto with a black muzzle. The horse is standing still and the word 'Chili" appears above the horse.

Check out this great drawing of a Pinto Arabian horse named Chili. The color in this drawing is spectacular. 

hanoverian foal

A pencil drawing of a Hanoverian foal walking.

Rayna submitted this cute drawing of a Hanoverian foal. While the drawing is cute I wished it had some color.


Two drawings of Barbaro the racehorse. The main drawing is Barbaro's head the other drawing is in the upper right hand corner and is of Barbaro racing. The word 'Barbaro' is at the bottom.

I loved this drawing of the famous Thoroughbred racehorse Barbaro. It is very cool that the artist thought to put a drawing of Barbaro's profile as the main picture and then a drawing of Barbaro racing in the upper corner.

my little arab

A pencil drawing of an Arabian horse cantering. The horse is white but has a yellow mane and tail. The artists signature is in the bottom right hand corner.

Miki drew this picture based on her own Arabian mare. If the drawing is anything to go by Miki's horse is very pretty.

horse drawings

A drawing of a bay horse with a white stripe and white pastern on the hind right cantering The artist's signature is in the right bottom corner.

All the horse drawings in this submission are so beautiful. I love how the horse seems to shimmer as it is cantering.

morgan's horse drawings

A pencil drawing of a horse and rider jumping a tree branch. The horse is wearing full tack and the rider is in riding attire and wearing a helmet.

The horse drawings in this set are very pretty. I can't believe how realistic these drawings are especially given how difficult they must have been to draw.

eight belles

A pencil drawing of a horse's head. The horse is eating grass in the drawing and there is indistinguishable writing on the right hand side. The horse has a white stripe.

This sweet horse drawing was made by a horse crazy girl in memory of Eight Belles, the famous racehorse. 

more pencil horse drawings

A pencil drawing of a horse's head and neck.

Jockey Girl submitted these cute pencil horse drawings. I only wish some of the details like the horse's mane were a little darker so we could see them easier.