Galloping Horse

by Rosanna



I drew this when i was eight. HORSES RULE!
I called this horse Whisper.

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Aug 04, 2020
So talented
by: Horse crazy girl

Wow! That's amazing! How long did it take you? Can you give me any tips on shading?

Aug 19, 2018
by: Anonymous

So realistic!

Dec 17, 2017
by: Dream

Gorgeous! Great job! I love the detail and the shading. All and all I give you an A+

(Sorry if I sound like an art teacher)

Mar 09, 2012
by: hannah

wow... that was great and i think i might draw that myself.

Dec 28, 2011
by: Francis

It's really good. You said you drew it when you were 8 so I guess I believe you but. If you did draw that when you were 8 YOU GO GIRL!

Oct 02, 2010
by: Lex

Hey I Have A Horse Named Whisper

Aug 13, 2010
by: alexa

you are such an amazing artist i cant believe you did this when you were 8

May 04, 2010
by: Alyssa

I am 13 and I draw as good as that if not better but for an eight year old that is great!!!!!!!

Aug 19, 2009
Good Job !!!
by: Anonymous

I love it ypu did a really good job. I love horses and I love the picture. From.Haylen

Aug 15, 2009
Breath taking!!!!
by: A different Kenzie

This is a different Kenzie than the one that first commented.. Funny how she has the same title name on here as me. I think your drawing is amazing!!! You are so talented!!! Please post more of your drawings. It just takes my breath away to see such wonderful drawings!!
Kenzie Vitelli

Aug 11, 2009
by: Mari

OMG, I have never drawn a picture as good as that in my life. i just turned 11 recently!

Aug 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

You were eight! I am eleven and I cant even get close to that! Good job!

Jul 06, 2009
Very Realistic!
by: HorseCrazyKenzie

this is so realistic! u have talent!
a.k.a. K;-)

Jun 27, 2009
by: Taraa

OMYGOSH I LOVE IT!! keep up the good work its great!

May 29, 2009
by: AlyZ

OMG I can't believe you drew that at eight!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 12 and can't draw half as good and I'm always trying to draw horses! You are so grat and I'm a big fan!!!!!!!

May 13, 2009
by: Anonymous

wow you drew that at eight I can bareley draw a body can you give me some tips?

May 08, 2009
by: Anonymous

Hey i love it to! and its a great drawing..

but i dont believe an 8 year old drew it. Anyway, no matter how old you are, ITS REALLY GOOD!

Apr 27, 2009
by: Dominica

you drew that when you were EIGHT????!!!!

Apr 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

i love it.

Apr 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

OMG you are really good I can't draw like that and I'm 12!

Apr 09, 2009
Nice one!
by: SeaDeepWings

OMG i love it!

Apr 09, 2009
by: Spirit

wow that is so good that you drew it when you were eight! I love it!

Apr 09, 2009
by: GremlinsBaby from HorseIsle

That is... REALLY good for a 8 yr-old its too good

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