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by Anonymous

Palomino Jumper

Palomino Jumper

I just have a few tips if you like to draw.

1. Don't be afraid to erase! I have that problem a lot-I think, for example, the eye looks so-so, but I'm afraid to erase it because when I draw it again it might be worse.

2. Learn by tracing. I know. It sounds all dishonest and stuff, but that's how I learned, and that's how a lot of people learn. Get a pad of tracing paper, or just use normal paper. It'll give you a feel for proportion and get you comfortable drawing the subject.

3. Mechanical pencils. They often have better erasers, and are always kept sharp.

4. Done with your picture? Think it looks great? Upload it onto the computer and flip it. In other words, if your horse is facing the left, make it face the right and vice versa.

5. I make copies. If I have one picture of a horse in a relatively normal pose (i.e. just standing) I will make a copy of it to practice shading. Then I don't have to make another picture, and I can practice as many times as I want. Whatever works, right?

And now, about my picture. Well. Its a horse. :D I was practicing on Gimp (Which I would definitely recommend downloading. Its FREE!!!) so I just uploaded a picture from a free line art website. I did not draw it, I colored it.
Both of them are actually the same picture, I just "flipped it" Like I mentioned in step 4.

I know I'm not a really great artist(YET!!) And people think that only pro's should give tips or whatever, but I'm bored and I think that those really help. Sorry if you don't agree.

P.S. Yeah I know. The picture is pretty bad, right? I'm still getting used to Gimp though. Sorry that its kinda messy

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Aug 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

I like it.

Jul 01, 2011
Something to add
by: Anonymous

Me again. Part of it didn't get posted I guess.. .My computer messed up I think.. Oh well. But if you flip it, you'll see it from a different view, and be able to see if you made a mistake more easily.

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