Missouri Fox Trotter

by Kristen

A Trotting Horse

A Trotting Horse

This is a picture of a Missouri Fox Trotter. This was a relatively quick picture; about 10 or 15 minutes to draw. I am 11 and I have been drawing since I was 5. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas! Also, no bad comments please!By the way, my printer has really bad scanning quality. :P

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Jan 24, 2013
foxtrotter photo
by: Anonymous

amazing drawing! i have foxtrotters myself and it looks so much like them.

Aug 28, 2010
by: Anonymous

That's a beautiful drawing! Great job!!!

Dec 29, 2009
by: Kristen

Nora, I'm only 11. I still have a lot to learn. Please get that most people my age are probably begineers.

Dec 19, 2009
by: Sydney

Kristen that is a fabulous horse drawing! Great job!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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