Symbolic Horses

by Jazz



Nevah (first horse) represents Time. Her quote is
'Some people Say I never die, I say I have forever to live.'

Story (second horse) represents Judging people, her quote is 'Everyone has a story.' - yes it's short but hey, the picture is what counts ;)

Dakota (third) represents Independence, her quote is 'I look in the mirror and see myself, I look to my side and see no-one.'

Nightshade (fourth) represents Patience. her quote is: 'Me esperan en las sombras, escarlata ojos.' - Meaning 'I wait in the shadows, scarlet eyes.'

If anyone has any representations they'd like me to draw, I'm in need of ideas right now so they'd be welcome :)

I do have a few more but I don't really think they're good enough to share on here :P

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Oct 26, 2011
by: horsecrazy#1

I don't have a name but an idea is Free.

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