Horse Drawings Books

If you are like me then you are probably a horse crazy girl who would love to draw beautiful horses but when you try they turn out more like camels.

So how can the non naturally artistic (like myself) learn to draw horses? Horse drawing books, of course. Yes that is right, luckily for people like us there are tons of how to draw horses drawing books out there that make drawing horses easy. Below we have lots of different 'how to draw horses book' options so hopefully you can find the one for you.

Each book is different in their technique and the types of drawings they are teaching you so make sure you look through all of then to find which technique and pictures you think you will like the best.

Don't forget to share your horse drawings with us we would love to see your artistic progress!

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drawing made easy horses and ponies

A picture of the drawing book Drawing Made Easy Horses & Ponies.

The drawing book Drawing Made Easy Horse and Ponies by TheCraftBookshelf is a great book to learn about how to draw horses. There are over 60 pages in this drawing book and the images you will learn to draw will range from an Arabian portrait to a Gypsy Vanner. The artwork is incredibly beautiful and how to draw each one is laid out step by step.

Price: $9.99

drawing horses: learn to draw step by step

A picture of the drawing book Drawing Horses: Learn to draw step by step.

Walter Foster's book Drawing Horses: Learn to draw step by step is a great resource to help you learn how to draw horses. At right around 40 pages this book offers tons of great information to help you draw horses and ponies. Some of the horse breeds featured in this book include the Quarter Horse and the Clydesdale. This book is definitely worth checking out especially if you need an easy to follow drawing guide.

Price: $10.95

how to draw step by step cute unicorns

A series of photos showing pages of How To Draw Step by Step Cute Unicorns.

If you want to learn how to draw a cute unicorn check out How To Draw Step by Step Cute Unicorns by AwesomeKidsArt. This is not a drawing book but rather individual pages. However, you can easily staple them together to create your own unicorn drawing book. Or you can keep the pages separate if you prefer having them separate.

Price: $2.50

learn how to draw and paint horses for beginners

A picture of the book Learn How To Draw and Paint Horses For Beginners.

If you are wanting to learn how to paint horses as well as draw them check out the book Learn How To Draw and Paint Horses For Beginners. This book is designed to teach you how to draw and paint horses from the very beginning. From teaching you the basic shapes you will need for your drawings, to the different poses and gaits horses are in, and even the different painting techniques this book seems to cover it all.

Price: $0.99

the big book of drawing horses & ponies

A picture of the drawing book The Big Drawing Book of Horses and Ponies.

The Big Book of Drawing Horses & Ponies is filled with tips, hints, instruction, and examples to help you draw horses and ponies. At around 45 pages this book has tons of ways to help you reach your horse drawing goals. Besides learning the horse drawing basics you will also learn about horse expressions, creating texture, and developing realistic coat colors.

Price: Around $11

you can draw it! horses

A picture of the horse drawing book You Can Draw It! Horses.

When looking for a book that will help you learn how to draw horses you should check out You Can Draw It! Horses. The book takes you through easy to follow steps so you can successfully draw horses. This book is shorter than some of the others at around 20 pages. It is designed for ages around 8 years old to 10 years old.

Price: N/A