HI Again!

by Aspen F

Hi everyone- It's Been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG-what has everyone been up to???... I have honestly not checked this Website in over 6 months and it's Long over-due, I haven't drawn equine in forever also :( and thought I'd share some memories I have here with you, with sharing some of my VERY OLD equine drawings!

My life update:
Things have looked up tremendously, I have 7 Llamas now as two were born this year, (I GOT TO SEE A CRIA BORN) .................. exciting.

I have quit tattooing as it's not my cup of tea anymore and now started Knitting and Crocheting, I entered the fair in 2022 and received my 4th Grand Champion Ribbon AND become the "Supreme Painter" receiving not only the title but a BELT BUCKLE also! with that Engraved... like I said.... my life has gotten SO MUCH BETTER since 2017- and thank God that horrid year is far behind me!

In the comment(s) tell me what you've been up to.... to the ones that I have helped in the ART WORLD- tell me how you have been doing with Drawing & Painting... and don't forget to use my famous word #PracticeMakesPerfect

How are my Hoofbeat Quest friends?? and more importantly, how are ALLLLL your beautiful horses?

Please comment below, I would love to talk!

BTW... drawings Posted are WAYYY old! do you remember any specific Equine drawings I done that you enjoyed the Most??

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Sep 08, 2023
Hi Aspen
by: Sydney from HorseCrazygirls.com

Another gorgeous drawing - congrats!! Supreme painter! Well deserved.

And llamas - how awesome.

Great to see your drawings again.

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