My horse drawing

by Anna

My First Drawing

My First Drawing

I really wasn't a drawing kind of person! but now i cant stop drawing and now im making progress in my drawings!

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Apr 12, 2012
by: suay

God your drawing is wonderful.

Dec 10, 2011
gud work
by: mariana

wow it's really cool and i made the same one but better cause i'm in highschool so yeah.

Oct 11, 2010
really good!
by: Anonymous


Jan 26, 2009
my sis' singing!
by: Anna

she sings like Christina agulara! and some other ppl i know!

Jan 18, 2009
by: Horselubber

hoohooo is a good thing. I drew a close up of a face . You are sooooooooooooooooooooooo good!

Jan 11, 2009
Hi Anna!
by: Christina

That is so cool that you and your sister are discovering your talents! I can tell from your picture that you are a REALLY good artist!
By the way does your sister sing like any famous people? Which famous person does she sing most like? and What songs does she usually sing? I'm just really interested in singing and that's why I would like to know.
Please Reply!

Jan 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

wow that amazing u could probably sell that and make a pretty penny

Dec 16, 2008
Hi Anna

Have you read the Phantom Stallion books? Read it and you'll be hooked! The Thoroughbred series are also nice

Dec 06, 2008
To Windcall
by: Anna

WOOOWW!!! Im only 13 years old and i'm already getting job offers!!! HAHA! At first my family never had any real talents until we discovered that my sister could sing! And I've always thought that I wasn't a good drawer but one day i started booming with idea's of drawings of horses!!! and this is how i drew this picture! i've actually thought of some idea's for a really good book! and yes i do read alot! So far i've read (of horse books) Blitz, Summer pony, The Crumb, The White Stallion, The Secret Horse, and im in the progress of reading "the black stallion legend" and i still have one book left called the blind colt!

Dec 06, 2008
best drawing
by: carisa and amanda

wowwwwwww i love your drawing so does amanda a lot it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dec 03, 2008
by: Windcall

You are such a thoroughly AMAZING artist! I absolutely LOVE your sketch!!!!!! I try to draw horses, but mine are not HALF as good as yours. Do you write any stories? Well, if at all possible, I would be interested, some time in the future, in hiring you as an illustrator for a book I wrote that I really want to have published. Please read the first chapter in Cool Horse Stories (Race Horse Chapter 1)! If you like it, I would love for you to read Vice Versa, another short horse story I composed.
LOVE THE DRAWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Windcall *:-)

Nov 28, 2008

You are a true artist! This is such a wonderful drawing- I just can't explain how much I like it. I think it's one of the best on this website. How did you do it? You gotta teach me one day.
Please post some more beautiful drawings -SUMMER

Nov 22, 2008
by: Alaina

WOW YR AN ARTIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 14, 2008
Good job!
by: Chrisitina

Awesome picture! Keep up the good work!

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