Dressage Stallion Portrait

by Spirit

One of my most latest, at 14 years old. Think I've gone off colored pencils.. just sticking to pencil atm..

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Feb 22, 2023
That's Amazing!!! :D
by: LuvHorses4ever

That is an AWESOME drawing!!! I wish I could draw like that!! Keep it up!

Dec 16, 2021
by: Anonymous

I wanted to say... GREAT JOB!This is amazing! I love how you included the veins and there is just so much detail!

Aug 03, 2020
by: Anonymous

This is the best horse drawing I have ever seen!!! How on earth did you do that! Do you have any tips on making eyes look realistic?

Apr 16, 2019
by: Anonymous

How did you do the veins so neatly?!

Feb 07, 2015
by: Anonymous

Seriously, you scared me off drawing now.

Oct 06, 2014
by: madison

your amazing at drawing horses!!!!! everyone at my school brags on and on about 'how amazing my drawing is!' and 'how can u do THAT!!'
but its not that great, there just sketches of horses.
I've got one thing to say.....................

Dec 30, 2013
beautiful stallion

wow your an amazing artist! My friend Miranda Palmer tries to Bragg about her drawings, but your and mine are the best!

Dec 22, 2013
dressage stallion
by: Anonymous

I love it !!! I can draw too and good just like you that is so cool that your art work was in a magazine mine was at a mall in Maryland for school.

Nov 29, 2012
by: Kendryl

This drawing is amazing, you have talent. The horses heads marking looks exactly like a horses marking that i used to have. Did you sketch it to look like a horse of yours?

Nov 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

great job, it's pretty!

Nov 24, 2012
by: Audrey

your horse head drawings are much better than mine. I can't draw horse heads or horses with riders very well.

Apr 18, 2012
Looove this <3
by: EJ

This is amazing o: Hey, I've seen your artwork in the Horse&Pony magazine in New Zealand. It's amazing c:

Mar 24, 2012
by: Anonymous

Amazing! what you can do with just a pencil/pen. I love the details and how you use the pencil for shades and lines and texture.

Jan 27, 2012
by: Anonymous

This is amazing!!! <3

Sep 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

i love your horse it's beautiful!

Jul 31, 2011
by: sarah

your horse drawing is awesome.

Apr 27, 2011
Horse drawings
by: Madison

OMG those drawings are beautiful who doesn't love to draw horses? I do! All the time! They are getting better and better everytime too! HORSE OBSESSED!!!!

Mar 05, 2011
Tsk Tsk
by: Anonymous

um...You didn't draw that. I found that pic on google images.

Oct 20, 2010
by: Anonymous Drawer

OH EM GEE!!! That is amazing!! I'm a intermediate drawing critic, and I don't see anything to criticize! Other than you can make the eyes a teeny bit darker, but that's it!! Excellent job!!

Oct 16, 2010
by: Anonymous

WOW!!!!!!! You did a fantastic job!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It's beautiful!!!!!! It looks like a pro did it!!!

Oct 10, 2010
Uh! Don't know what to say!
by: M j

Wow if I could draw like that! I'm good for an 11 year old, but you got HUGE talent! I would post, but I don't know how.

Oct 05, 2010
by: Anonymous

did you take a picture of the horse or what? I'm not that good yet and I'm an artist.

Oct 03, 2010
by: Maddie

That's amazing! I've always wanted to be that good! Check out my drawings!

Sep 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

looks like it's been drawn by a pro...

Oct 29, 2010
Good :3
by: Shoedeboo

Your shading is excellent, and your lines aren't bad but your anatomy needs a bit of work, perhaps it's the shading going a bit off. You certainly can shade, but perhaps you need to study your ref a closer to see what goes where. :3

You have promise, and with practice you'll be amazing. <3

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