Stunning Friesian

by Miki

Stunning Friesian

Stunning Friesian

A bloody stunning picture I drew when I got bored. It's my friend's RP charrie I call Nyx. I think it's a little piece of rubbish, but, yer, me being the oddball I am, I thought I oughta put it up here.

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Feb 03, 2010
by: Christina

I love this picture!
Friesians are the best!

Feb 03, 2010
by: JO

You draw very well..The colors blend in so well and I love how the horses head is us some more!!

Apr 28, 2009
by: amy

hi you dont know me but this art work is BRILLIANT also i wish i could draw like that i love love love the way the horses head is drawnxx

Jan 25, 2009
Great job!
by: Anonymous

Awesome !

Nov 14, 2008
Hi Miki!
by: Christina

This picture is SO cool!

Dec 05, 2008
hya x
by: pony girl

aww wowww i think you pic is top lol iv always wanted a friasion but i have got 3 nw , iv got a 13.3 showing pony and i yearling who is 24hh nw and should make 16hh - 17hh and i tb gelding who is jst a tippical tb lol hav you got any horses ? write bk x pony girl x

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