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Okay so, here we go... This is the first traditionally done drawing I've shared with you guys in a while... In that time, I feel like I have notable improved. And although I don't feel like I'm ever going to measure up to Aspen's drawings, I can still try my best...

Okay so meet Sorcerer. This horse is a jet black stallion. He roams the western prairies, labeling him a Mustang, but his blood is nearly pure Arabian, with a small percentage Thoroughbred.

Some of you might remember my story, At the End of the Hoof Prints. If so, you'll likely remember the fierce white stallion that protected his herd. Well, Sorcerer is this stallion's chief rival.

That being said, I have consider writing another horse story... This one about herd life of the white stallion, (who I have thought to call Frostbite but nothing is really final about that), and the herd life of Sorcerer. It will also cover the conflict between the two rival herds... The only question is... Should I tell it from a human watching them point of view, or should I tell it from the horses' point of view?

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Dec 22, 2019
by: Aspen ( Artist )

I really love the story you put along with your drawing, I think it's pretty, and Sorcerer, well the body it's self is actually correct in many ways, maybe try darkening the color and adding blue and purple for shading :) other then that, I think you'll catch up to me in NO time!

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