My Art (I Love Horses!)

by Rosanna

Chestnut Thoroughbred

Chestnut Thoroughbred

Believe it or not, this was my first coloured pencil horse at 9 years old. The Bay Morgan Picture was my second!

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Aug 29, 2020
by: Horse crazy girl

Wow! You drew that when you we're 9! That's amazing! I'm not even near being that good! Do you have any drawing tips on making the eyes look realistic?

Dec 17, 2017
by: Dream

Nice! It's beautiful! Great job, the horse looks amazing!

Dec 08, 2015
by: Devotion

Great drawing! :)

Mar 03, 2014
by: Sofia

You drew that when you were nine! That's AMAZING! I have been trying to draw horses for a long time but I keep on failing. My best drawing of a horse was an appaloosa foal I drew, but the mare I drew by it was so horrible that it ruined the whole thing! I've resorted to horse sculpting which I am actually very good at.

Oct 11, 2011
by: Audrey

That is Amazang! I love it!

Oct 10, 2011
by: Evangeline

if they say you "sooooo traced" take it as a compliment. And I didn't find the picture when I searched for it on Google! That's all I gotta say...

Oct 01, 2011
Don't Listen to them!!!!!!
by: Evangeline

don't listen to the people who say you traced, or say that they can do better. I am a horse artist and people say I traced ALL the darn time. A little secret between you and me(Okay there's two!) They're jealous. That's all there is to it. I can't believe Sydney posted those comments. The other secret is that I don't practice. when I'm SUPPOSED to be doing homework I doodle and that's where my BEST drawings come from. BTW I'm also a writer. I have a blog, check it out, I'm keeping it with a friend. I'm re writing my story Polar North and I'm Scribbler 2

Aug 31, 2011


Aug 15, 2011
Love it!
by: I_Luv_Willow

I really love your pic! It's really good!

Jul 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

Don't listen to those people who think you traced, I believe you! I am so jealous, though, I wish I could draw like that!

Jan 02, 2011
by: Hannah

Wow that's REALLY amazing! Whenever I try to draw horses I always get the head wrong. You should post a video on youtube!

Oct 11, 2010
by: Anonymous


Aug 29, 2010
Horse picture
by: Elexis

Wow! that's amazing i could never do that but i'm learning. Your going to become the best horse drawer ever!

Jun 23, 2010
by: Audrey

So you drew that at the age of 9? Wow..... that is so amazing I mean I could probably draw that but I think yours would look better than mine.

Feb 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

Thats better than I can draw!

Dec 01, 2009
i really like it
by: ash

really at five years old you could draw that good? my drawings looked like scribbles any way good job rosanna.

Dec 01, 2009
by: Kirsten

i love drawing to but there is no way i am as good as that!!!

Nov 18, 2009
by: bri

wow you are so talented nice you have good skills

Sep 20, 2009
by: kendall

That is soooo good! I wish I could draw like that! I don't think you traced it, you can usually tell if they did. I would love to see more from you!

Jul 24, 2009
by: Anonymous

i DID NOT trace. i dont trace to me i think its cheating. u can believe what u want but i know the truth and i didnt trace it

Reply from Sydney: I am sorry we missed those comments somehow. I took them off. If someone's image is taken off the internet they can report it to us with the original URL but otherwise we trust the girls on our site will share only their original artwork. :-)

Apr 15, 2009
by: danae

That is good, it looks like a horse in books!!You're so good maybe we could be friends! Did you look at a picture to draw it?

Apr 09, 2009

that is amazing for 9 years old but i can do better. i drew fully coloured master pieces at 5 years old that looked like they were done by gustav klimt! not joking!!!!

Mar 11, 2009
by: Alison

This is a great picture! Good job!(:

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