Hoofbeat quest anyone? Dreamer and Storm Cloud

by Aspen
(Wy ( USA ))

Dreamer 9/10/2019

Dreamer 9/10/2019

We have Dreamer a beautiful Palomino stallion and a Very Suspicious Grey named Storm cloud, I do wish storm cloud had more of an evil look but I am happy with his body and color, of course Dreamer was my first go to and I had lots of fun doing him.

I apologize again about the VERY VERY VERY long wait, one thing after another let me just tell you, and Now Fall is right around the corner... this morning there was fresh snow on the high mountains so really I believe fall is here.

Last year the HBQ were coming in fast and everyone seemed to enjoy them, I graduated this year so hopefully I wont have to stop and go because of school, I plan on getting done Cigar, Shining star, Fallen ash, Frost bite, Harmony is next and clover, as soon as possible, but first I want to read all your reactions to these, as always I used Oil base colored pencil (coloring) original computer paper and Black ink drawing pen for the outline Please Comment below and tell me what you think, if I missed a HBQ horse up above please tell me the details of the horse and I will get to it too, Again sorry for the wait but I do hope these are very worth the while :)

Thank you ASPEN

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Sep 13, 2019
thanks for the post
by: Aspen ( Artist )

:) :) :)

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