Check Out My Horse Painting!

by Alaina

my dream horse, Milo

my dream horse, Milo

This is a painting of my dream horse Milo. I don't own a horse so i just made it like that. I think it's sort of cute. I'm sorry if it looks like a cow. I made it on paint.

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Dec 01, 2020
by: Sordward

Simply Incroyable.

Aug 23, 2017
by: Alice McB

Milo is soooooo adorable! I only have a Shetland pony, and he is cute, but I want a bigger steed so that I can jump it. #Dream horse#

Mar 11, 2017
Great Job!
by: Anonymous

Great job! I love it!

Jan 24, 2017
Me too!
by: Juniper

I don't have a horse either, but I also have a dream horse. I know how ya feel! Great drawing btw.

Jul 08, 2016
by: Emily

It's kind of cute!

Jun 09, 2016
by: Jesus&HorseLover4-ever

I think that it's really good! And you did it on paint? That's so cool! You should try using your talent on paper! You would be AMAZING!! God gave you an awesome talent, so use it for Him! ;)

Jan 08, 2016
You're Kidding
by: V-dawg

That is awesome! So cool!

Feb 16, 2014
by: Alaina

Coming back four(or more) years after I posted this and I am astonished! You're all sooo kind! I'm going to cry. I can't believe you all! COME LET MY HUG EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! All you beautiful girls have made my day and I seriously wish you all knew how thankful I am for such positive comments! I'm just really really happy :') <3

Aug 12, 2013
just to let you know
by: Anonymous

Jesus loves you!

May 19, 2013
by: April

Keep up the good work. It looks modern. I think it's beautiful. Keep up the good work♥

Oct 30, 2012
by: Sophie

Actually, your painting is REALLY good. I mean, if I did that it would look like one of the following:
A dog
A cow
A bunch of sausages
Blobs of paint
Anyway, your painting is really good! Like the name too!

Jun 28, 2012
oh my flippin heck.
by: lara

You did that on PAINT???!!!! Oh my god, that is amazing for paint. And it's so cute!!!! It's not very realistic, but it looks like a great cartoon style drawing and I think if you can do that on paint you will be brilliant with a pencil and paper. Keep up the amazing work!! =)

Jun 09, 2012
by: dalena


May 06, 2012
I find it cute
by: Meh

I find it cute and I like cows lol but it does look like a horse(:

Apr 02, 2012
I love that!!
by: Katie

that pic is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO adorable! you did a GREAT job!

Mar 30, 2012
dont give up
by: Anonymous

your picture is amazing! don't let anyone ever tell you that you are no good. i was reading through some of the comments on your picture and they made me mad. no one should ever say that they are better than another person or laugh at what the artist is proud of. just to let you know, i think that it is amazing that you did that on paint. i think of myself as an artist and i would NEVER be able to do what you did. chase your dreams and get that dream horse!! :)btw, i love the coloring and the name!

Mar 19, 2012
pic :)
by: Anonymous

YOU DID IT ON PAINT!!!!!! if it was by hand.... let's just say they would be better. BUT, if you did this on paint and it is awesome! keep up the awesomeness. ! :)

Feb 03, 2012
soo cute
by: emily wise

that picture is so cute, other people think it is lame but i don't. if people are going to say that then they are lame. oh and some people can't spell right on the computer!

Jan 31, 2012
ur pic :-))
by: shannon

ur pic is soo hilarious no offence though it's not that good but i LOVE it!!! (the horse too!!!)

Jan 20, 2012
Pretty good!
by: Anonymous

Aww! I think it's cute! it's good for paint but with pencil and paper you could probably do a real good one!

Dec 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Good for paint! I think you could to better with pencil and paper.

Dec 23, 2011
by: Anonymous

you could do better.

Oct 11, 2011
by: hannah

that's good for paint! paint is hard to draw pictures.

Sep 21, 2011
by: shannon chloe hayward

this is amazing, who ever done this well done.

Jul 24, 2011
by: Anonymous

That's actually really good! Especially on paint. If I tried to draw a horse on paint, I doubt you could even recognize it as a horse. Great job!

Jun 18, 2011
by: tori

It is so cute!!!!!!!

Sep 04, 2010
by: Alaina

hehe thx ppl and immy im SOOOOOOOOOO sure ur pix r even cooler than mine! :D

Aug 09, 2010
by: immy

I think you're really good you should post some of your drawings!

Jul 14, 2010
by: Rebecca

Aww! So cute!!!

Jul 12, 2010
by: Sydney

it is cute!!! :)

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