Horse Sketches

Here are adorable horse sketches shared by horsecrazy girls like you! Click on each picture to learn more about that drawing and to share your comments.

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The Horse
Horses belong to the equus family. Equus comes from the ancient Greek word meaning quickness.

Horses are mammals in the same family as zebras, mules and donkeys.

Did You Know?

  • a stallion is a male horse
  • a mare is a female horse
  • a foal is a baby horse
  • a filly is a young female horse
  • a colt is a young male horse
  • a yearling is a foal after its first birthday
  • a sire is the word used for the father of a horse
  • a dam is the word used for the mother of a horse
  • a pony is not a baby horse. It is a fully grown small horse
  • a horse's height is measured in hands. One hand = 4".

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