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May 22, 2018
My horse did this too!
by: Selah

I might be able to help. I am a western rider but I love to jump my horse for fun! The first thing I learned was never to use two-point or you will hit the horn. Instead, sit and really move with your horse. My horse likes jumping but sometimes she's afraid of the jumps, so to help her I lounge her over the jumps until she jumps them nicely. It also might help to lounge him without a saddle first so that doesn't get in the way. I hope this helps!

In Christ,

Jan 31, 2017
Alyssa is right
by: MKrider

Follow Alyssa's advice. She's right. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Dec 02, 2014
God is the way!!!!
by: Alyssa the horse gentler

Throw your heart over your horse will follow! I Have something that might help! Okay PRAY to GOD ask him to help you! I do not jump horses but I gentle them and ride also here are some other things that might help Get closer to your horse!
Here are 3 things that might help!
1.Blow into his/her nose that means your friends you can always blow again!
2.When you jump study your horse and move with him/her!
3.Groom as much as you can [every day if you can!]

Jan 25, 2014
Start again
by: Nikki

Your pony has probably had a time where he got scared about jumps, right? Maybe he had a bit of a tumble and got a bit scared.. I don't know. But I'd say don't go into competitions if he's scared! Start from the floor and lunge him. Lunge him over poles on the ground or walk over them with him. Then trot over them with him and then try to get him to do it by himself. Then raise a pole off of the ground using jump wings or whatever and lead him over it in walk. Then trot. They let him try by himself. It will take more than one day, of course, but maybe you could desensitize him too. Research it, it is really good. My horse was really sensitive and now he is a lot better. Monty Roberts or Warrick Schiller are really good trainers. If you want to know more, search them up!
Maybe you can bond a little with him too. Your horse relies on you to tell him if something is scary. He trusts you to tell him whether the jump is scary. If he doesn't trust you, he gets skittish and afraid.
Hope this helps!

Mar 04, 2013
Hi Jordyn
by: Unicorn

Cool pony! He seems a nice jumper, too - perhaps you should do showjumping instead :-P Just kidding. I've just gotten into the gymkhana scene myself.
He seems to just be a bit nervous of the jumps. Usually young and/or inexperienced horses over jump because they're nervous of hitting the jump and aren't quite sure what they are. The white colour could also make him a little wary of it. Practicing over jumps at home will help, and if you can borrow an English saddle for a few days while you iron out the worst of his difficulties, it could make your life a bit easier, too. Usually, once they're used to the whole idea, they'll stop over jumping so much.
Good luck and happy riding!

Mar 02, 2013
by: PONY

Try small jumps and work up to big ones,and try riding with a english saddle. Also, try thinking like a horse try and find out why he/she doesn't like jumping and fix it, most importantly have fun!

Jul 07, 2016
It's okay!!
by: Anonymous

Cute pony!! But nothing is wrong with him... It's just the way he is. Love him just the way he is keep practicing!!

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