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Sep 12, 2012
me too
by: Sophie

Hi Lili, I know how this feels. I am also saving up for my own horse and tack and stuff. I have some good advice: save up for and buy the supplies first but i am saving for everything (including the horse) at once so i can buy the supplies and have money for the horse left over so maybe try that. And another thing: the way I am making money is selling stuff that I clear out of my house like old toys and dog toys that my dog doesn't play with and that works. If you have not done this, some advice: sell some stuff online (like toys) and some stuff at garage sales your family has (like some more toys and collector's items). If you want to sell some books, CD's, or movies, take them to a used book store and they will buy them from you. Hope this helped! Bye!

Sep 06, 2012
Ok, so here's my plan...
by: Lili

So far, this is my plan, tell me if it works:
1. get a good paying job, if possible
2. take riding lessons (i'm not a terrible rider, but i want to practice anyway!)
3. ask around for bording options (still doing my job!)
4. looking online for shelters around where i live
5. look online for patterns that might be cool to find (i don't really care for patern, but it would be nice to see if there is a cool one that i like)
6. buy grooming items, things i need like that
7. after 4 years count the money i earned and (if i have enough) look at the shelters for a real adoption and real bording

That's all i've got. does anyone else here have to pay for their own horse? i'd love to keep in touch with you! that way i could have some good help. Thanks for the comments!

Aug 30, 2012
Lots of work ahead of you.....
by: Katie

Ok if u r going to save up for a horse well.. horses are the most expensive things ever almost.

First before you buy ur horse, u need to get the stuff you need for him. I would suggest getting a gelding. Mares can be crazy but geldings are a little more calm most of the time. Def not a stallion unless ur some advanced horse person lol you will need all the grooming supplies all the tack all the food and i have no idea where u r keeping him but that would also cost a lot if u r boarding him somewhere. how to earn money: this will take a long time horses cost A LOT i mean A TRUCKLOAD OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!
i would also suggest save up 4 the supplies, there will be a lot of them, first and then save up for the actual horse! how to earn money:

* pet sitting
* baby sitting ( if u r old enough and ur parents approve)
*bake sale/lemonade sale ( they don't make a lot but hey, every penny counts!
* help out at local animal shelter
* help out at ur or a local barn
*clean around the house have ur parents pay u 4 it
* neighbor: rake their lawn, shovel driveway(beware the shoveling is really hard unless u have serious muscle lol) water plants 4 them etc.
* if one of ur neighbors r elderly that makes money helping them 2.
that's all the ideas 4 now that i can think of, sorry this thing is so long! lol again, i would def suggest save up for all the supplies then buy them all then save up for ur horse them buy ur horse.
I could go on a 20 page about making sure u buy the right horse lol but i will just suggest a couple things:

* make sure he has good conformation
* ask about past illneses, injuries, etc.
* ask where he was before they bought him
* ride him to test how u like his gaits and 2 see if he even has a good gait or gaits.
i could suggsest more but this is getting rly long so yea hope this helped!!!!

p.s: i'm so jealous of u! i wish i could have a horse! lol :)

Aug 24, 2012
Hey there
by: Anonymous

Ok so, what I learned from getting my first horse a couple months ago, never settle and say I will only get a specific color or breed. My horse is a flea bitten grey and at first I didn't want to go look because I didn't think I wanted that color, I went and ended up loving him. Another, don't get a stallion they are a handful. Geldings are great, I recommend them but mares are also good. My friend has 2, they are brats but are still great most times:) Another don't breed. That's a problem that's big in the world and sends most horses to slaughter. If you have to pay for this yourself, you really don't need another horse to pay for, do you? And if you sell who knows where that foal might end up. I am tired of people over-breeding and that's what leads to so many poor foals ending at slaughter. I am also paying for my horse myself, and I have a babysitting job. Jobs ideas are shoveling sideblocks in the winter, mowing in the summer and then there's working at the barn. Trust me, horses are a ton of work and money. Be absolutely sure you'll be able to afford any vet treatments they may need (horses are huge, accident-prone animals) and if you are keeping at your place, fencing. (My horse stays at my own place and he has wooden fencing. He snapped once in rail in half so you'll have to have extras for that kind of stuff) and then there's the cost of hay, and tack and grooming supplies and the farrier and the list goes on and on! It's crazy how expensive horses are, but it's all worth it with having a best friend:) Good luck with everything, I hope you find some jobs and eventually, get your own horse. I waited for years for mine, but finally it happened. It'll happen for you too!!

Aug 22, 2012
Save up as much as you can.
by: Zipper

Well this is a hard thing to do. Well what i would do is just try and save up all the money you can try to save birthday money, Christmas money and any money that you earn while doing jobs such as chores around the house. you could make a deal with you parents to pay you to clean around the house. But you know it may not work. As for breeds of horse, i strongly recommend a quarter horse from rescue places. quarter horses are probably the best horse for a beginner to own or maybe a paint too. But make sure that you try out the horse before you go and but him. I wish you the best of luck! :)

Aug 19, 2012
Barn job.
by: Christina

If I were you I would try and get a job at one of the five barns you have options to, they Might not pay you minimum wage but being thirteen doesn't help(i know the feeling;) you might even be able to make out a deal with one the barns where you work and in exchange you get to board you horse there. Just a thought. :) And I'm with Katie when it comes to horses I would get a rescue horse
Because they will be in your price range and probably be rideable and such.

Aug 19, 2012
by: lili

Thanks for the tips! I know i can't spend money, and reading your letters and comments really helps! I'm not really a 'dress type' girl, so it is more likely to get a horse for me than most girls.
I found about 6 places i could board a horse, and I'm going to work hard at jobs, so that i can get a good horse soon. The only jobs some of you listed that I'm not so sure about are babysitting, and dog sitting. I'm not very good with kids, and I have a dog of my own, so if anything happened to another dog or my dog because of that, i couldn't live through the stress! otherwise, i will do anything i can!
About tack, i already have some, that use to be my dad's, so if by my luck, something goes right, i might already have tack. One thing will absolutely NEVER do, is buy the horse to fit my tack.
Getting a shelter horse is a great idea! I've considered doing that, and if i have no other choice i will buy one from a breeder, but i want a shelter horse the most.
I will be riding at a small place soon, as soon as they sell two of the young horses. i feel bad for the horses, but she is going to sell them to someone that will break them so they can be ridden, and then i can ride their horse named champ (the two horses she is looking to sell are stallions, and she isn't willing to break her back over them, but at least they will find a good home!). I don't know what breed he is, but i think he is part thoroughbred, so that might work out. He is old, but still rideable. i will post a pic as soon as i ride him, so you can see him.(he is a gelding)
i have one more question. What colors of horses do you have? i want to know so that i have idea's for when i get my horse.
(yes, my parents know i can save up that money, so even if it takes me 3 years, i will get the money for a nice mare, or a gelding!)

Aug 18, 2012
by: Katie

Try to adopt a horse from a shelter. Or, look on sites like, and look at the free to a good home horses there. If you know a lot about horses, try to get a job at a barn who will let you work in exchange for free board :)


p.s: hope this helps!!

Aug 17, 2012
omg u have a lot 2 do
by: SuperSmily

WOW!!!!! ok 2 be honest do your parents really think u can save all by yourself???!!!!

I think u should plan it on a sheet.

-Grooming Supplies
-Stuff 4 the barn

u should have 2 save piles one 4 yr horse and one 4 the stuff and 4 yr horse. consider getting a savings account in the bank.

next get your hands on a catolog and look 4 stuff 4 yr horse that u think u can afford and set goals 2 earn that money.

to raise money u can:

-pet sitting *
-baby sitting * * make sure u r old enough
-house sitting *
-bake sales
-ask neighbor 4 chores (leaf raking, snow shovling, watering their plants etc).

u have 2 be willing 2 give up buying stuff that aren't related to this project..


P.S: sorry 4 long letter

Aug 17, 2012
Some Tips
by: Emilie

If you ride at a riding stable, you could ask to help around, like tidying up around, brushing horses, taking horses to the pasture and back, and they should pay you. And when you do get a horse, I'd recommend a mare or gelding. Stallions - er, they are a big handful, especially around mares. And if you get a mare and you wanna breed her, know the stud fees - sometimes they are high.

Aug 17, 2012
by: Lina

Hi, MOney Making:
You could babysit to make money. I babysit and get payed between 20-40 dollars everytime. From september to christmas i saved over 300 dollars. You could mow peoples lawns. Walk there dogs. Rake there leaves.
Also if you go on kijiji with a parents help there, is some tack and equipment on there that's not to pricey.
Quarter horses are good because there strong, trust-worthy, good for long rides and short rides. Can be taught english and western. a pony wouldn't be a good idea for a 13 year old beacuse you would probably out-grow him/her fast. Also geldings are much easier than mares. But mares are also easier then stallions, so really your pick from the 2 is good either way. A thoroughbred crossed with an easier horse or even better a pony would be good, because the horse won't be to hyper or excited but won't be to short.
I have mare named Request A Reynbow(Rey), who's a quarter horse. A mare named Candy, who's a quarter horse. A perchon/cross mare named Fantsy. A gelded quarter horse named Smoke. And a few others. By babysitting I make money for them.

I hope this helped! I also hope you get your horse! Lots of Love, Lina

Aug 17, 2012
Hi Lili
by: Unicorn

Congratulations on your horse-to-be!
Why not adopt a horse from a rescue shelter? There are, of course, a lot of untrained horses at shelters, but you might find a nice, quiet horse, who needs a good home and may be quite cheap. The rescue horses need you! Horse Plus Humane Society is a shelter in California:
Otherwise, if you don't have a huge budget for a horse and you don't need a purebred, consider a mixed breed horse. They're usually cheaper and have just as much personality. However, for breeding and showing in breed shows, they may not be ideal. A good horse is a good horse, regardless of breeding or lack thereof.
For money - why not try looking for odd jobs, like babysitting or helping out at a stable? If you're an excellent rider, you could ride other people's horses for them at minimal cost (an unqualified rider can't charge too much). I've heard some people suggest learning to plait manes and tails for shows, as well.
Otherwise, try not to spend too much. I already have horses and I'm saving up for a horse trailer, using my quiet mares to teach beginners' lessons, but it doesn't matter how much money you earn if you're going to spend it all. Maybe you don't need your hair cut professionally or that new dress. Maybe you do! Use your own discretion, have fun, and good luck!


Oct 24, 2012
by: Ponie

U are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo luckyyyyyyyy. I am thirteen and have wanted a horse my entire life. Try searching online or maybe go to
Maybe you could make key chains and sell them online or something like that?

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