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May 10, 2011
from the author
by: Bec

Hi unicorn, Stardust is one of two horses Sarah leases. Stardust is actually owned by Samantha and Max the owners of Whisperwood. Pecka is the one that is old and sick, Pecka is a horse!! Wonder is the same as Stardust, leased by Sarah, owned by Max and Samantha!! Both Wonder and Stardust are girls/mares and Old Pecka is a boy/stallion/gelding!!!

From the writer Bec!!P.S I LOVE more than a myth part I and part II Thanks for sharing!!!!

May 08, 2011
Hi Bec
by: Unicorn

Your story is great! I like the characterization of Sarah, I can already see a picture of her in my head.

One point - I'm a bit confused between all the horses and humans. Who leases/owns Stardust? Is he/she the one who is sick and old? Who leases/owns Wonder? Who is Pecka? Of course, I could just be a bit brain dead. Lack of sleep does odd things to my head ;) Just look at it and see if you can clarify a few points.

All in all a great story and I'm now aquiver with suspense to see what happens next! Thanks for sharing it!

writer of:
"More than a Myth" Intro, Part I, Part II
P. S. Thanks again for commenting on "More than a Myth".

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