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Aug 20, 2012
by: Meagan

You have a good question that I can actually help answer(possibly) my horse just started to become bored with my leg commands, so I took him through the gaits. first a slow walk, then I would reward him, then a faster walk, then reward, do you get it yet?
Usually after doing this he will go into a canter or trot for me once again. But you said you have trouble getting your horse over the jumps?
Well, I usually carry a riding crop and just tap my horses bum if he really isn't listening and then he does what I tell him. I don't tap hard but just enough. and usually even just showing him that i have a riding crop(or a "wand") reminds him who is boss. :)

Jun 25, 2012
try this..??
by: Anonymous

i'm not a jumper, but i have jumped a poa, and he liked to dart around bigger jumps, what i would do is lead ur horse over a smaller jump at a walk. u jump over it too, then once u master that, try it at a trot, and if u can run fast, even a lope. then try the same small hump again, if she still refuses have your trainer lead u over it a few times, lol, make ur trainer jog a little and trot u over it, but dont make ur trainer lope u over it.. then don't be lead over, but have ur trainer walk in front of u while u walk over the jump, then work to just having someone standing ahead of the jump, and when he goes over just u and him, have the person waiting for u treat him. i'm not saying bring out the feed pail or anything, just a pat on the neck, maybe even a tiny piece of carrot or something. once u can do that, try the bigger jump, without the leading process, if he refuses, then carefully lead him over it, or off to the side. i would say depending on ur horses laziness, maybe small spurs, i just have pressure spurs and i believe they do the same as big on super huge and painful spurs. and i'm sorry if ur horse is a mare, cuz i said he in there many times. like i said im not a jumper, but i have jumped a little bit, just remember, keep a level head, and don't loose ur patience. i'm pretty good at that, just keep rhythmic w/ ur horse. best of luck to u, pls tell me if it works!!

Jun 14, 2012
Hi Alexis
by: Unicorn

Gosh, that's a tough one. All I can think is that Spotted Beauty is unprepared for the jump in some way - usually the spurs and whip would have convinced her to jump if she was just being a pain, in my meagre experience. Did you built her up slowly to the height of 2'? If not, I'd take the jumps way down and build them, inch by inch, as she gets ready for them, before putting them back up to 2 feet. That worked for the handful of horses I've trained in jumping - professional instructors are worth their weight in gold and it's really best to depend on them.
Good luck!

Dec 29, 2012
Good luck! :3
by: Hunter/Jumper

I've got a few different things to try, i hope one of them works. And good luck with your horse!

1. Lunging over jumps.
- I would clip your horse to the lunge line, and take her over a few ground poles. If theres no refusal, move to a 5" if there is, use the lunging whip as reenforcement to say "no. you will go over it. Its a pole for gods sake!" After you reach 5", go to 12", then 15", and finally 24". Everytime your horse refuses, bring out the whip. Horses are scared of a big snakey thing coming after them on the ground, if your horse has sense, she'll just jump.

2. Born Stopper
- Sad but true story: Some horses are natural hunter/jumpers, some will jump a pole like its 3ft, and some are born stoppers. There ARE horses out there that just wont go over a certain jump, or wont jump a certain height just because they mentally cannot do it.

3. Your horse is scared.
- This one is simple. Are you using brightly colored show jumps? Poles painted blue and yellow, or pink and orange, can easily scare a horse. Your horse might be saying "What? You want me to jump that discolored, wonderland, strobelight thing? No way.. no freaking way... o.o" If this is the case, you might want to just paint them (or buy new poles) a deep, but seeable color. Brown or ocean blue and white usually works. Maybe forest green or deep purple too.

4. Training
- One possibility is that you or the horses training doesnt allow for enough confidence to make the jump. Horses can sense when we dont belive we can make it, and will then stop, as a way to get out of work, or to keep us safe or whatever.

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