An Appaloosa

"Mom! Mom! I'm home! Mom!" I shout. "Where is she?" I mumble. "Surprise, baby,!" Mum says, jumping out of the living room. I look at her, puzzled. In all the time dad left, I've never seen her so excited, never at all. I scan her up and down, my eyes lingering over jodhpurs, a hoodie, and riding boots. "Huh?" I question, raising my eyebrows. I look down at my school shirt and skirt, and suddenly I'm grinning.

"Mum!" I squeal. "You're serious!? We're going to start riding!"
"Yes, baby, yes we ARE!!!"
"O my goodness, I cant believe it!" Mum laughs, puts her arms around me, and says, "Come on, change into casual clothes, jump in the car, and lets go buy you some riding clothes!"

10 minutes later I'm dressed in jeans, a stripey top and a hoodie. In all my 14 years I've wanted to go riding and finally, for my 5th birthday Mum and dad (was still with us) gave me a voucher for lessons. I finished my voucher, but mum said I could carry on riding. I progressed as far as galloping, and jumping 5 ft. I stopped when I was 12, when dad left. We were scarily short of cash, but mum is a talented baker, and 6 months ago mum got a high pay job in a bakery.

Now zooming through the fast lane, we are at a riding store. I get two jodhpurs, one turquoise, and one tan. 1 set of proper riding boots, and one proper riding top. (Mum says I can use normal t-shirts when I ride and my riding shirt is in the wash.)

I get a riding hat, and then, another 10 minutes later, we are at the riding school. When I jump out the car, a boy comes over. "Morning, Miss, are you here for riding lessons?" He has brown hair with a messy cut fringe, brown eyes, and freckles. He looks at me, and smiles.

Ready for part 2?

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Horse Friendship

by BlueRoan

Part One

Pain. It comes and goes. But this is the pain that never goes away. It keeps coming back to me. It was when my parents divorced. I loved them both. I never saw it coming. Was it my fault? If not, why did this happen? Well, I was satisfied when it came straight from the horse's mouth. Literally. Well, more like straight from the horse's friendship.

I remember when my mom told me about their divorce. I froze at that very instant. But I couldn't hold it. I started crying and clinging to my mom. But soon, she said that it was time to say good-bye for a while to dad. I nodded and went downstairs to find dad waiting for me. I ran up to him and said, "How often am I going to be able to see you?"

"You will come over for the weekends. Is that okay?" Dad told me. "Yes, that'll be alright." I simply replied.

It was Thursday,and I would leave for his house tomorrow. I would stay from Friday afternoon to Monday morning. I didn't know that my dad was moving to a place with horses. This would change everything.

I packed up and was ready to go to Dad's when mom said to me, "You know, Sage, your dad lives on a farm right now."

"Really?! Are there any horses?!"I asked.

"I don't know. You'll have to wait and see." Mom said with a smile. Now I was really excited. I hopped into the car and was ready to go. Once Mom put my bags in the car,w e drove off. I looked out and saw farms all over. We were almost there, I could just feel it!

We soon pulled into the long driveway which led to Dad's house. Then I saw the horses. I could not wait to ride them. But I didn't know that they would be such a big part of my life at the moment. I was just focused on riding them and seeing Dad. I got out of the car and saw my dad standing at the door. He walked over to help me with my bags. Then I said good-bye to mom and she drove away. I didn't know that this would be the first step to my recovery. It hurt deep down to think about it, so I kept my eye on the horses.

"So.. Dad. I saw that you have horses.. right?" I asked after mom left.

"Yes I do! Would you like to see them?" Dad replied.

"Of course! Can I ride them too?!" I said excitedly.

"Yup, but only after you get your stuff into your room." Dad explained. I nodded as we started walking towards the house.

Part Two

After I threw my bags down onto the bed in the room I was staying in, I slipped on my riding boots and ran out the door. Then Dad stopped me and said, "Wait! I'm going to ride too!"

I smiled and said, "Great!"

After Dad got ready, we both ran out to the barn.

"Ooh! Can I ride her?!" I said and pointed to a beautiful Palomino Arabian.

"Yes you may! She is one of the sweetest horses here." Dad said.

I smiled as I walked over to her. "What's her name?" I asked.

"Her name is Misty." Dad answered. Then I felt it. I wished Mom was here and going to ride with us. I just stopped. Then I remembered that I wasn't going to be able to ride with her and dad together. I held my tears and went over to Misty who had a thoughtful look on her face.

"I have a feeling that you and I will do great together." I said softly to her.

I tacked her up and mounted onto her. She listened to everything I said and did. "Do you want to go on a trail ride, Sage?" Dad soon asked.

"Sure! I haven't been on one in a while." I replied. Misty is an amazing horse! She is my best friend. Soon, the trail ride was over.

"That was fun!" I said as I dismounted. Dad nodded. Then he went inside. I stayed out with Misty. It's like Misty knew how I felt and cheered me up every time! Then it was time to go inside. I said good-bye to Misty then ran inside because it had just started to rain. I washed up and soon, it was time for dinner.

Part Three

After dinner was over, I talked with Dad for a while. "Dad, I wish I could OWN Misty. She is such a good horse! She has been helping me so much this first day." I said to Dad.

"Sage, here's something I thought about. You love horses, right?"

"YES!" I almost yelled.

Dad smiled and went on, "I was thinking, would you like to own a horse here? You will have to care of her yourself every time you come over, but any other day, I will take care of your horse for you. How about that?"

I was shocked. Then I said, "Yes! So I can own any horse here I want?!" I looked at him and he nodded. "Then I'll take Misty!" I said excitedly. I ran over to Dad and gave him a hug.

I looked outside and saw that it had stopped raining. So I ran out to the stable and saw MY horse, Misty. "Misty! Guess what? I'm your new owner!" I said. She nickered in return.

I gave her a hug and just sat with her for a while until it was almost time for bed. I went inside and got my pajamas on and brushed my teeth.

Then Dad came up to my room and said, "You have a half hour before you go to sleep. So you can do what you want, just don't be loud."

I looked around and said, "Okay Dad, goodnight."

"Goodnight." Dad said while walking out the door and closing it.

"What should I do..." I said to myself. "I know!" Then I went and got some paper out of the desk drawer, a pencil and an eraser. Then started to draw a picture of Misty. She was an Arabian so I made sure that she looked right. I was just about finished...

"Sage, it's time to go to bed now." Dad said and peeked into my room. He looked at my paper and said, "What's that?"

"It's a picture of Misty. I'm not finished yet but that's what I've got so far." I said while showing him my picture.

"Wow! That's really good Sage! I didn't know that you could draw horses so good! It looks so real!" Dad said amazed at my work.

"Thanks," is the only word that came out of me.
"Well, goodnight." Dad said as he handed me the paper.

"Goodnight, Dad." I said as I placed the paper in the desk drawer.

Dad closed the door and I climbed into bed. I soon fell asleep with thoughts of Misty going through my head.

Part 4 coming soon!

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The Mystery Horse

by Bianca Arctic
(The Midnight Zone)

Once upon a time, there were two horse-crazy girls named Andrea and Ellen. Andrea had a horse named Carmel, but Ellen did not. They were both shy and not very talkative.

Andrea had long, half blonde, half brown hair, glasses, and she had a sweet personality. Ellen, on the other hand, had long brown hair, and glasses. She, however, was the opposite. Ellen had a temper, was clumsy, and had a daredevil personality. They were both short and were tomboys.

One day, Ellen was reading her favorite horse book, Misty of Chincoteague, when a rock bounced off her window. (This was their way of signaling.) She tumbled down the stairs and out the back door.

"Ellen! I just got a letter from my uncle! He owns a ranch and he wants us to come and visit for a couple of weeks!" Yelled Andrea. "Yeow!" cried Ellen. "When can we go? How many horses does he have? Where does he live? I hope we can go!"

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For The Love of Horses

by TheHorseLover


I'm Ashley, a horse crazy girl. People ask me, 'Why do you ride?' And what is my answer? I say to them, 'I ride for the love of horses.' Here is why it's for the love of horses.

"Mom? Do you think he is doing alright?" Ashley asked her mom as the drove down the rode. "Yes, Ashley. Of course he is! He is a well-trained horse!" Mom answered. "But, you know this is MY first horse. Not yours. I am just worried on how it will go!" Ashley said as she stared out the window. It was quiet and peaceful outside.

Just then, it wasn't quiet and peaceful. It was loud and painful. Ashley woke up in a hospital bed. "What happened? Mom? Anybody?" Ashley mumbled. "I think she's awake." Ashley heard some people say. Whoever it was that said that, came up to her bedside and said, "You are going to be okay. You're mother is not doing well though. Just stay laying down for a while."

"What happened?" Ashley asked. "You were in a serious accident. You're mother got the worst of it. But she is going to be fine. Lay back down now." The nurse explained to her. "My horse!! What about Stormy?!" Ashley suddenly sat up and said. "He is fine too. He's at your home right now." The nurse said before walking out of the room.

Soon Ashley could leave the hospital. "Can my mom leave too?" Ashley said as she stood up. "No, she will have to stay for a while yet." The nurse said as the two walked out of the room together. "Well then, who will be bringing me home?" Ashley asked the nurse. "Your dad's friend and his son. They called ahead of time so it's all worked out." The nurse told her as they went down the hall, and out the door. Ashley walked out and saw them waiting. "Oh no." She thought. "Not Derek."

Derek is the guy that Ashley has had a crush on for a while now and she could tell that he liked her too. And she was going to be riding in a truck with no back seats. Ashley smiled to the nurse and walked up to the truck and put her stuff in. "I think that I'll just sit in the back." Ashley said to her dad's friend. "Sorry, we don't have a back seat in here, Ashley." He replied. "No, no. I meant I would sit in the way back." Ashley corrected. "Okay! Suit yourself!" He said as he got into the truck.

Derek and Ashley DID talk sometimes, it's just a bit awkward when they do. They have been on trail rides and stuff before, it's just that now they're older, it is a LITTLE bit different.

Once they got to Ashley's house, she jumped out of the truck, got her stuff, said thank you, and ran inside. As she was going in, she ran into her dad who was just walking out the door. "Not so fast Ashley. Derek is staying here for a couple weeks." Dad said. "What?! Why?!"Ashley said confused. "His dad is going to Hawaii for him and his wife's anniversary! And Derek has to stay here." Dad explained. "And you will have to show him what to do here on the horse farm."

"Oh for the love of horses! Why does he have to stay HERE though?" Ashley asked. She looked back and saw Derek laughing at her quote, 'For the love of horses!' Ashley says that instead of 'For goodness sake!' or 'Oh my gosh!' "Always laughing at that!" Ashley said to herself with a little laugh.

"Ashley..." Dad said. "Okay!" She replied while walking back outside. And that is only the beginning...


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Beautiful Horses

by Rebecca
(Daisy Hill, Maryborough Victoria)

Main Mare: Beauty( Golden Palomino with 4 socks and blaze)
Main Stallion: Strike(Chestnut with blaze)
Bad Mare:Jewel(Fleabitten Gray)
Bad Stallion: Thunder(Dark Bay)
Strikes Sister: Sunny(Buckskin)
Girl: Sally(Brown hair, tanned skin and blue eyes)
Sallys Cousin: Sarah(Blonde hair, pale skin and green eyes)

Hi. My name is Beauty and I am a palomino with four white socks and a blaze. If you haven’t already gathered, I am a horse. I live on cold bricks in a TINY yard with cruel owners that beat you whenever they get the chance. I live at this place with hundreds of horses. Now, I better stop telling you who I am and get ready for my owners to come and give me breakfast. Hide quickly, here they come now.

“I think we should shoot the palomino mare” the man said to the woman next to him. “She’s getting way too skinny and sick”. “I agree with you Herald” the woman agreed. “Do you think tonight is a good time Wendy?” Herald asked. “Yep” Wendy replied. My heart shook with anger and fear. They threw me my apple and walked away. Just as they disappeared around the corner, a girl walked up to my yard. She had brown hair, blue eyes and tanned skin.

“Hi girl” she greeted. Then she noticed the state I am in and exclaimed “ Look at the state you’re in”.”I am going to get your owners and buy you off them”. She ran to the house near my yard and after a few knocks she disappeared inside. After a few minutes she walked out with Herald and Wendy. “You sure can buy her Sally” Wendy grinned. “ That’s if you can catch her” Herald laughed. They both then walked off to the house. “Come on girl” Sally whispered.

I stood my ground. “I won’t hurt you” Sally cooed as she opened the gate and walked towards me holding up a sugar lump. My mouth watered as I took tentative steps towards her. She hooked the lead rope on my tatty old rope halter and led me out of the gate wile I gulped down the sugar lump like it was the only food on earth. Sally led me to her ranch and put me in a HUGE paddock full of fresh green grass. “Here you go beautiful girl” she said as she undid my halter. “This is my mares paddock”.

I gave out a loud chuffing sound. “That’s a name for you” she exclaimed. “Beauty. You like it, don’t you girl”. I nodded my head in reply. “You certainly are beautiful and you will be even more beautiful when I feed you up” Sally said happily. She walked towards her farm house with the lead rope in her hand. I let out a happy neigh in her direction, then took off galloping towards the other mares.

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A Deep Well

by I.M.

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

CLASH! "Ahhh!" Kayla screamed as a bolt of lighting slashed and illuminated the dark night sky. She was up and was waiting for her mare, Missy, to have her foal. Missy was a dark bay riding pony, nothing exciting. She was in foal to her best friend's stallion, Andy.

She had called Mira to tell her that Missy was in foal, but she hadn't picked up. She also called the vet, Dr. Mackin. He was on his way and she knew that he had done many foaling calls, so she knew he would have this under control.

After what seemed like years, Dr. Mackin finally came. He checked on Missy and told her she was doing fine. "One problem though." Many situations ran through Kayla's mind. Would this be Missy's last night? Would the foal die? She just didn't even want to think about it. Dr. Mackin checked Missy once again.

He finally spoke and said, "I hope the three of them do okay." Kayla looked at Dr. Mackin like he was crazy. "What do you mean the three of them," Kayla asked. "I mean," said Dr. Mackin, "that Missy is having twins. I feel one is strong and healthy so far, but i don't know about the other." Kayla stood there. She could lose a foal, two foals, two foals and a mare, or, she wished, none. All of a sudden, Missy took a deep breath and pushed. "Kayla," Dr. Mackin said with a little hint of panic, "this foal feels as if it is still born." Kayla felt like crying.

To be continued: MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! I'm super tired and want to go to bed, so peace out. :)

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Mystery Horse

by Emily L

Mystery Horse

Mystery Horse

*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*

My alarm clock rings awakening me from my heavy slumber. I check the time and it's only 4:00 am, definitely not my normal wake up time. My little devil of a brother must have set it so early because he knows I can't get back to sleep once I'm up. I get up out of my bed sighing.

"Little brothers." I mutter under my breath.

Walking over to my window, I realize the sun is already starting to rise. Shocked, I walk down the stairs to check the wall clock in case mine is wrong. It's 4:04am. Why is the sun rising so early? This is an early start to what seems to be a rather peculiar day.

"I OVERSLEPT!" My father shouts running down the stairs.

"No pops, it's only 4:37am." I say through a mouthful of oatmeal.

"Then why is the sun almost up so early?" My dad questions with a befuddled look on his face.

"No idea." I tell him still confused myself.

"My alarm went off at 4:00am and I came downstairs saw this, made some oatmeal and well here we are."

"All the years I've lived in Ireland, I've never seen such a thing!" My dad murmurs.

"Yeah. Well, since we are up so early would you mind driving me to the barn in a bit?" I ask.

"Sure kiddo, but why are you always so desperate to go and look after other people's horses?"

"'Cause when I get my own horse I'll be an expert in taking care of him!" I smile.

"We've discussed this Ella, it's not happening. We don't have the money to support you, the twins, and a horse." My dad says sternly.

"Well then I guess I'll just wait till we have the money!"

"Alright kid, go get dressed. We're leaving in half an hour."

"Great, thanks Dad." I kiss him on the cheek and run up stairs. If I get an early start I might have time to ride a horse in the afternoon!

To be continued...

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Horseless horse girls

by Heartbeat for horses

Let's face it... a lot of girls are horseless. How does a girl without a horse still love them? Lucky for us there are plenty of ways and below are some things that a horseless horse girl can do.

1. Hang around horses as much as you can - ride groom, volunteer if you can!

2. Read! There are lots of horse books out there. When you read, sometimes you can imagine yourself as the character and the horse is yours.

3. Write about horses! This is the perfect place!

4. If you have model horses, build a stable for them and care for them each day.

5. Draw horses. Make a book of drawings of your dream horses.

6. Learn new things about horses each day. Learn every part of the bridle or learn about a new breed everyday! It can be fun but also educational for when you're around real horses.

7. Daydream about them. Daydreaming can be a wonderful thing. Daydream about a horse you will own one day or about your fave lesson horse or pony.

8. Decorate your room with them. There is a blog about decorating your room (horse-themed) on here -

9. Pretend your bike is a horse or pretend you have a horse by cantering around your yard over jumps or barrels for a barrel race. It can be so much fun and for a while you will feel like you're on a horse!

10. Get horse things! Magazines, books, toys, posters, stickers - you name it!

11. If you have a journal, write entries about horses. Even if its about a imaginary horse!

12. Do horse crafts.

13. Watch horse movies like Black beauty, Flicka, A gift horse, A horse for summer and Spirit!

14. Go to tack stores and look around. It's fun to dream about owning all of it one day.

15. Look at horses for sale! You can dream about owning one.

16. Play horse games! If you go online or on this website there are plenty of horse games to play! Even on your iPad, phone, or even your Wii, also horse board games!

17. Look at horse websites such as girls horse club and pony box.

18. Talk to your friends about horses!

19. Make horse collector cards and trade them with horse crazy friends!

20. Contribute to HCG!

Hope you horse girls enjoy this blog! :)

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Time is Dust

by Devotion Weiß
(Mountain Haven Farm, Dun Valley, WV)


It makes up all that is. The sun is dust, only dust. Thick red dust that blows up, stings like thousands of yellow jackets, clogs the already parched throat, and grates the skin from everything. The trees leaves are buried in it, lost forever.

It is the dust bowl, and even my horse is made out of dust. A simple outline that I have to remake after every wind that blows the lines away. the lines I made with my own two hands. Rough hands, and not only because of the dust.
I have sore rubbings on my palms from the twisted reins of a bridle, reins that smell of desert spices. My family asks what the marks are from, and I have nothing to say. I try to tell them about my horse.

"You mean that outline in the dust?" Then they laugh and shake their heads, because they never see what I see. Nobody sees what I see.

Everyday my soul aches for the full moon to arrive, to fill the air with coolness, a coolness so rare, so precious.

When it does come I steal out of our house made of thin, dust worn, boards and go out to the oasis. The oasis appears when my horse does.
First, there is only a hill of sand with my fingered outline on the very top. Then the dust in my horse's shoulder area begins to swirl and fly in poofs into the air.

A horse begins to form out of the dust, my outline. It rising up with flying particles of sand, and then I see color, it is a dapple gray, an Arabian. Long eyelashes flick up to reveal eyes as blue as the stars.

There is the oasis then. I see it all, I feel it, smell it. It is real: the trees, bending over to dip their frond-like leaves into shivering pools of water. There are tents, and people in the tents.

Arabs. I'm not in the bottom of the bowl of dust anymore, because my horse is showing me a new place: the old deserts, and the people and horses of them.

People come out of their tents when I mount. Laughing shepherds chase a few fat, woolly sheep towards a small pond. Children shimmy up the trees to reach the small fruits. My horse's eyes glow.

Truly, this horse isn't mine. Every full moon when I do this, the horse's real owner gets to see him. The horse's name is Rashan, and his owner is the great Ali Katj.

And Ali Katj, like me, only sees Rashan at the full moon, when I ride him into the midst of the beautiful camp.

My heart wells up with something like jealousy as Ali Katj comes out of his tent. He is proud and respected, but I can see emotion dripping from his eyes.

He can barely contain himself as he walks reservedly up to Rashan, who is very excited. Rashan tries to trot towards Ali Katj, but I pull him up. His beautiful neck pushes that gorgeous head towards his true love and master.

They meet and I can see glimmering tears of the joy of reunion coming from Rashan's lovely eyes.
And I am jealous, because Rashan will obey me, but he does not love me. Ali Katj is everything, and I am just a dust-torn girl from another time.

Everything is dust.
My horse is dust.
My home is dust.
The sun is dust.
I am dust.

Time is dust.

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Fire and raven's wings

by Joy

This is one time I wish I had wings. I sat on top of the rock, my face to the wind with my long, black hair flowing out behind me. If I did, I would fly over the mountains, over the sea, over a huge continent, back to my home. China. They said they adopted me so my life would be easier. Ha! I was doing fine until they dragged me off to some place called California!

I took a stick and started scratching and imaginary horse onto the rock. A fiery pegasus. One with wings. That when I sensed someone watching me. I looked up,and,lo and behold!-A fiery stallion stood before me! He was... Oh! Breathtaking!!! He looked at me with wise, kind, powerful, but understanding eyes. I stood hypnotized by his gaze for a solid minute.

I flexed my foot to get circulation back to it, and when I looked up, he was gone! Oh, I could have cried! I was already sliding down the gravelly, weedy path to my little house, which I couldn't see from here, when I heard my foster mom call me. "Raven it's getting dark! Time to come in!"

I was in a daze when I stepped up onto the front porch, through the kitchen, up the stairs, and on to my bed. By habit I pulled out my paints, paper, and brush. Soon I had a beautiful picture of the fire stallion. Capture the beauty. That was my motto. I hung the picture on my dresser, and climbed into bed. That night I dreamed a strange, but beautiful dream. I dreamed of fire and raven's wings.

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The Elementals

by Lucinda

The Elementals

The Elementals

There are four elementals:
-The air elemental, capable of making wind with their mind and extremely fast speeds, gliding and making a force field.
-The earth elemental, capable of moving earth and sand with their mind, naturally very strong.
-The water elemental, capable of moving water with their mind and freezing it, can breathe underwater.Weaker in the day.
-The fire elemental, capable of controlling lava in volcanoes and making/stopping them being dormant. Can make fire with their mind and is stronger in the day.

Very rarely, a horse with all the elements is born, but very rarely sometimes it is thousands of years before this elemental is born.

When one elemental dies, for example the fire elemental, the second it dies another fire elemental is reborn.

Could YOU be an elemental?

"Can we go out of the cave now?" Fable groaned.
"Not yet Fable." Rose nudged her son closer towards her. "Sleep now."

Fable grumbled but fell asleep. A few hours later, Fable awoke from his sleep, he stretched his legs and nickered quietly "Lets go into the main herd place mama, I am sure they miss their lead mare." Rose turned her head to look at the grey tobiano colt.

"Yes little one." The grey mare nuzzled her son.

"Alright!" Fable shot forward at a very fast gallop. "My, he is fast." Rose thought and trotted after her colt. When they left the cave a few horses trotted up to see how the two were doing and how nice they looked.

"Mama, do you have lead mare stuff to do?" Fable asked and Rose nodded "Go play with Glee." She nodded to the dark bay filly who was shooting around like a rocket. "Okay." Fable trotted over and she looked up happily at him "Hiya!" She neighed and Fable looked surprised "Um, Hi, are you Glee?" He asked and she nodded.

"Sure am! Nice to meet ya! Wanna race?" She neighed and did a cow hop. "Sure!" Fable neighed excitedly and they galloped around for a while.
A commotion started and the horses moved their foals towards the back of the herd place. "What's going on?" Fable whispered to Glee."I think there is a horse there." She replied and one of the mares wheeled their head round to face the foals and shushed them.

"Sorry!" squeaked Fable and he watched in awe as a huge mustang trotted down from the ledge that was towering over the herd. "That's Drummer." Whispered Glee and Fable gasped as he saw Drummer approach the horse at the entrance to the herd.
"What are you doing here?" Demanded Drummer and the horse looked calmly at him, poker facing his fear. "I am a messenger." He explained.

"What message do you have to tell us?"
"Titan, the former wind elemental, is dead. He died around midnight, ten hours ago." He said and sadness clouded Drummer's eyes. "Did he know him?" Fable whispered and Glee looked at him "I'm not sure, I think so."

"Have you told the mountain herd yet? Black Magic had a few foals born recently as did I,the new one could be one of them."
"I am going there now."

"Right, thank you." Drummer neighed and the messenger nodded in reply and cantered away. Drummers eyes were clouded in thought. And Fable trotted over to his mother. "Rose, what's an elemental?"

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It begins with one touch, one breath... <3

by Chloe Ann

The slight aroma of boiling noodles filled the air as I walked into the kitchen, which was painted a dark tangerine color and had many pictures on the wall. Mom slaved over the stove stirring our dinner and trying to text dad. My slightly curly dark brown hair was in a high ponytail, and I wore red converse, black jodhpurs and a striped red sweater that was a bit big for my slender frame.

Mom spotted me as I sat down at the large wooden table that sat in the far corner of the room.

“Good evening, Willow.” She said, a large smile quickly appearing on her gleaming face. Mom was one of the most beautiful women I had ever met. She had bright blue eyes, rosy cheeks, a slender face, and was pale with light blonde hair. No wonder dad fell in love with her. The woman was practically a model.

She finished boiling the noodles and added last minute touches to make them perfect.

“Hey.” I replied. She placed a plate in front of me on the table, and sat down with a plate of her own.

“Your father is almost home.” Mom said as if she were counting the minutes until his arrival.

I nodded and scooped up a forkful of noodles, shoving them into my mouth.

Dad arrived ten minutes later, with a broad smile on his face. I had more of dad’s features than of mom’s. I had dad’s dark hair and brown eyes. I only had a slender frame and face from mom. But I loved them both equally. Dad sat down without making himself a plate. “What do you want for your birthday, Willow?” Dad asked, placing his strong hands on my thin shoulder.

“I would like a horse.” I said, almost instantly.

Mom and dad looked at each other and never said anything else. I felt bad for the rest of the night. After dinner, I rushed to my room and wrapped myself up in a large pink blanket. Mom and dad’s room was right next to mine, and the walls weren’t very thick, so I could hear most of the conversation they were having.

Dad: “…I think she should have one…”

Mom: “… Give me one reason why she should…”
Dad: “… Responsibility…”
I began to doze off after that and didn’t get to hear the rest of the conversation.

I woke up the next morning to the loud sound of a sputtering truck. Dad must be working on the truck again. I took a shower and dressed in my usual converse which were now blue, jodhpurs that were white and a blue and black sweater. I walked out of the house, screen door closing behind me, and began to rush toward the garage.

As I approached, I noticed that dad was under the car. He slid out from under it as he saw me. “Hey,” He said.

I waved, and he said, “The truck is fixed.”

I smiled, and he motioned for me to climb in. I did so and he moved his supplies out of the way before climbing in himself. He started the car when he was in, and began to drive down the driveway.

Soon, we were driving down a small road where many stores sat, waiting for something to happen. Dad turned right into the parking lot of one of the stores, which, now that we were close to it, wasn’t a store, but an adoption centre. The car came to a stop and dad and I climbed out, pushing opened two large barn doors.

A wooden desk was located at the front of the centre, where a petite old woman sat, reading a book. She looked up as I approached, and closed her book.

I gave a warm smile, and she smiled back.

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by Gracie
(Johnston,RI, USA)

When you've got experience, it pays.

My beautiful dappled gray welsh mountain pony, Bubbles, (he's not really mine), has been abused terribly. He is afraid of everything under the sun, poor baby!

Well, I've fallen off him twice because he spooked and had just caught sight, out of the corner of his eye, a whip being put back into it's holder, and did a HUGE sidestep and a start, and I nearly fell.

But having six years' experience in riding, I kept my heels down, sat deep, and squeezed my legs around his middle. I circled him again and patted him and he calmed down. I didn't fall. I didn't lose my head and I comforted him, then proceeded to have a good lesson.

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The Wild Horses

by WildHorseGirl

Part One

I remember the day that I was taken. The day that would completely turn my life around.

I was in my herd of horses when suddenly a few men riding other horses were coming our way. I whinnied to my mother who was not far from me. I was 2 years old at the time and have never seen this before.

I remembered what my mother had always told me. I looked back to her and thought, "I'm supposed to stay away from humans!" I froze and thought for a moment. Everyone around me started running away from the people who were getting closer.

I ran trying to find my Mom. I found her and saw that she was weak. I tried to help her but we were running behind in the herd. She picked up her pace and we soon caught up with the humans getting too close for comfort. Then it happened.

They threw a rope around my mother's neck and stopped her at that very instant. I whinnied and ran up to her. Then, one of the humans threw a rope around my neck too and said, "Stupid horse! He doesn't even know to run!"

I started rearing and bucking trying to break free but it was no use. They had me. Then I saw the rest of the people go after the rest of my herd. I whinnied to the other horses trying to warn them but I was too late. They caught 3 others. They struggled to get away but they couldn't.

I didn't know what would happen next so I kinda just went along with it as that is what the the other horses were doing.

I looked over at my Mom. She looked weak. I moved a little closer to her and the humans let me. As she slowed down, I nudged her to go on. Soon, we made it to our new "home". Well, maybe I shouldn't call it that. It's more like a prison. There is no freedom. You are always doing what the humans say, and they are not nice at all.

I wanted to go back to my real home ever since I first got caught. But that does not mean that I will never see them again.

Part Two

They soon led us into our so called "home". I heard the man leading me say, "Let's name this one Thunder." The other people looked at him.

Then, the man leading my mother said, "Well, let's name this one... I don't know..."

Another one said, "Just don't bother naming that one! She's old and weak! She'll die soon anyway." Then the horse who was being led by the man who said that stopped. She reared and bucked. Then the others started to rear and buck too so I just went along and did it too.

He was pulling me hard but I kept going. Soon, he pulled out a whip. He whipped me in the face which made me stop. I looked down and waited. I saw the other men pull out their whips too but it didn't work as well with the others. They kept going until they've had enough.

I looked over at my mother and saw that she didn't even move during this time. I knew it was because she didn't want to waste her energy. It's like she had done this before. She whinnied over to me. I did the same as we kept moving along.

After a while, we reached the stable. It was time to get into this closed up box. I had no idea what it was. I sniffed it and snorted. The others had a look on their faces. I knew what would happen next.

One started bucking and rearing while another pulled away. My mother just stood there and watched as she saw all this. Then the man looked at my mother. He dropped the lead rope and went over to help the others. Then the man holding me dropped his lead rope and went over too. My mother looked at me, then to the door. I knew what she was saying. At that instant we both galloped past the others and out the door.

We ran out to the fields and through the woods. Our herd wasn't too far from this place. I never looked back. I knew that very instant that I didn't want to go back. I kind of like the name they chose for me so I kept it. My mother did not name me, so Thunder it is.

We finally caught up with our herd after about fifteen minutes had gone by. The rest of the herd looked and saw us. Some nickered. Some whinnied. They all greeted us. But they only saw two. We stopped to rest.

About a half hour had gone by when we heard a horse running in the woods. It was one of the three others that was caught. He gave us a signal to run. Now that me and my mother were fully rested, we could run again. The whole herd started running into the nearby woods. We jumped over logs and rocks, streams and branches.

Soon, we made it to the other side. It was not a very thick woods, so we kept running. After we stopped hearing the thundering of hoofs behind us, we felt it was safe to rest. The humans must have gone the other way. All felt relieved.

I whinnied to my mother. She laid down. I knew she was getting older but she can still live much longer. She is 24 years old. Not too bad. I am only 2. Right now I really don't know if we are completely safe from the humans, but for now, all is good.

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The diary of a horse

by Crazy horse lover

Hi, I'm Ash. I'm a mustang and live in Montana where I am with my herd and my mother. I'm a foal.

One day, I'm laying in the grass when I hear a rumbling. It gets louder and louder until my mothers yells "Run, run! Follow me!"

They all run away and I try to get up in a hurry but because of that I stumble and fall to the ground. I watch as my herd frantically races to safety. Then I see it, Cowboys! I get up and look around frantically for a hiding place. I run to a dead shrub and watch as they race past chasing my family, my mother, my friends!

A tear rolls down my cheek as a cowboy turns around and notices me! I run my heart out but I knew I couldn't outrun an adult stallion so I feel a hard rope around my neck and I struggle to get out of it's harsh grip. "Gotcha," says the cowboy, "where's your momma, little guy? We'll find her and catch her." But I was not listening. I was still rearing and bucking. I wanted my momma!

As the Cowboy gallops away, I follow and we get to my herd where other cowboys are trying to catch everyone. I see my momma! "Guys get that mare! She's this little one's dam!" So he tries to catch her and she rears up to his stallion. "Give me my baby!" She whinnies furiously. "No can do, sorry baby," he says as he grins mischievously to her. "Don't you call me that!" And the rope slides around her neck. "Got her! Let's go guys!" The cowboy says.

"Ash! I'm so sorry I left you I was in a hurry and I couldn't find you!" She says as she nuzzles me.
"It's okay but we need to get out!"
"No use baby. Too hard but I'll try."

As she rears up, I buck and pull. "Woah, there girl," he says and pulls us away.

A few minutes later we arrive at a strange thing that my mother calls a trailer.

Chapter two coming soon!

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Can I Handle Him?

by anonymus

Can I Handle Him?

Can I Handle Him?

This story has bits and pieces about my riding life in the real world but for the most part it's made up.

I planned on riding Willow. Maybe we'd be cantering today. I doubted we would though. We'd done that last week. Then I remembered, we were doing games!

When I entered the arena somebody was already on Willow. Sheila asked me who I wanted to ride."Well who can I ride?" I asked her."I suppose the only pony left is Aero. I felt dread. I'd never actually ridden Aero before but I'd heard that he was a nightmare...or nightgelding either way. I got on him.
We started riding. when we trotted we took our feet out of the stirrups. He was the smoothest ride in the world!
I rode him for two more weeks and eventually I cantered on him.
One day he wasn't himself. He was...BEHAVING! I cantered him. Suddenly out of no where he pulled his head down! I was off of his back. My first fall.
It didn't stop me. I rode him next week. I fell off of him just before Christmas. I rode him every week but it was now April and I still hadn't cantered on him again. I trotted him aroun once, then I kicked him on into a canter. We approached the jump. It was about a metre tall. I'd never even jumped anywhere near that high before. He leaped into the air. When we landed he jerked to one side. I was hanging on to his neck. It took me a moment to realize he was galloping! I was gripping onto his mane, without stirrups, almost fully out of the saddle when he slowed down. He was helping me regain me seat. At this stage he was at a walk. Just before the lesson ended we did scissors. Everybody's horses were walking while they were trying to do it. Except for Aero. I giggled and told him:"We're a team. I'm not the boss and neither are you".

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by Bandi

My days with horses were the best, I share my stories, Horses are so inspirational. It is like they have angelic forces that surround them. In my days with horses. I had per say many fall in my lap. I guess God had a lot to teach me and through horses God taught me a lot. I once acquired a horse named Gentleman Sir, I learned a great deal with my time with him. Like "were there is a will there is a way" and "can't never could but can goes a long way."

He stood in a unshelterd corral about two years, Blanketed winter and summer when I found him. When the people who had him removed the blanket his hair came off with it. He was blind in his left eye and he walked actually leaning to his right.

He stood 15hh, broad face, strong legs. His hooves were long but a big old man he was. He lacked a great deal of nutrition and his true color wasn't clear. But blond mane and tail he had. He lacked a great deal of confidence as well. I had a great deal of work ahead of me.

I doctored his rain rot that took his hair.. Got a farrier to fix his bad feet.Called in a horse dentist to float his teeth,Filled him with good nutrition. After a few weeks I began to teach with natural horsemanship. To me the best form of teaching especially for him. The only way he knew was right, because left was out of sight.

He didn't even know his left existed. Until I brought it to light. Starting at a walk and a cue of my foot and teaching a great amount of trust. He learned to turn left without any fuss. Though for so many years Sir had felt like a un-normal horse.

After a few weeks and months, Sir was able to transition easily to the left from a walk to a trot to a lope. His muscles began to fill out and finally his true color emerged to a beautiful red roan. At 16 years old . The old man had bloomed.

Sir became the gentleman he always wanted to be and the best gentleman I could have ever known. Though in time I had to part ways with gentleman Sir. My time with him I'll never forget and a great deal I learned.

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by Skye C.
(Razorback, NSW, Australia)



I sat in the back of the car wondering where my Mum and I were going, she finally told me to get out, I asked her where we were and she told me we were at a horse market! My mind was spinning, I was so excited, I had always wanted a horse, now I was getting one! I had kind of hinted that I wanted one but not much, I love my Mum!

My Mum started walking and told me to hurry up so I snapped back into reality while catching up with her. As soon as I walked in I was amazed, so many beautiful horses and cute ponies. My Mum asked whether I wanted a horse or pony and I said it didn't matter so we kept walking.

I saw greys, bays, buckskins, paints, blacks and palominos all of which were utterly beautiful but I stopped and stared at this one paint with crystal blue eyes, grey+white splotches, and a white face.I immediately loved this one horse, loved the eyes and everything about her she was my wish.Mum had obviously seen me because she said "I guess you choose this girl, have you thought of a name?" "Wish." I said suddenly, it just seemed perfect.

"I love you Wish" "I will take care of you I promise, I hope you have a good time with all the trail rides and care, let's go." They were walking out to the car when I had realised that their was a horse trailer on the back of the car and I finally realised I was completely happy.

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My best friend

He isn't a person a human nor dog, he's a horse.
A coat black and white, a tri-colored mane, kind sweet stubborn eyes.
He's pretty stubborn at times but I love him.
I love him so much that I would die for him.

He's the best thing that has ever happened to me.
Even though he isn't legally my horse, I like to think of it that way.
When I'm feeling down, I go straight to him.
And if I don't have access to him, I look at one of his pictures and it always makes me feel better.

He makes me who I am today.
If something were to happen to him, I don't think I would be able to live any more.
My life would be filled with sadness and no dreams.

This is truly how much I love him.

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The Worst Day Camp Ever

by Bella
(Groveport , Ohio, U.S.A.)

I had just gotten my first horse, Essa. She was a huge draft and was hard to control. This was my first day camp as well and I didn't know much about horses at the time...

My instructor, Jordan, was trying to make up a performance for us to do at the end of the camp week. Essa hated other mares and would do anything to get away from them, including take off and run herself into a barn with me on her back... She tried to roll with me on her back three times and one of those times was in the middle of horse camp.

After a long day we were trying to go through the performance one last time before going home.
I was letting Essa eat some grass (I thought she was eating grass) and all of a sudden I heard my friend Katelyn scream and the next thing I knew my horse was lowering toward the ground... My horse had all four legs laying down. I was all most all the way underneath her when I slipped out from under her side... I could feel tears burning my eyes when I looked up and saw my instructor running towards me.

My monstrous mare was having the best time of her life digging holes in the ground with my new saddle. After that we sold Essa and bought the best horse IN THE WORLD - Jack ....

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I wont ever let you go (I found you)

by Skyalr
(South Carolina)

As I walked down the barn to find my sister a new horse, I heard a noise as I walked farther down the aisle. A black horse shied at the sight of me.

My mom caught up with me and I asked if I could get a horse too. "Maybe, what horse would you like Sarah," said my mom in a sweet voice.

I pointed to the horse I wanted. "Would you want a better horse, I mean that horse is scared of its own shadow?" Said the manager in a convincing voice. "No." I said looking at the frightened horse.

My sister came back leading a big bay Thoroughbred stallion. "Samantha, your sister will be getting a horse too," said my mom. The manager went in the black horse's stall and caught her for us, it took a minute to catch her but he did it.

We own a small barn and some pastures. I led the horse into a nice airy stall. She was so scared I felt so bad for her.

The next morning my sister Samantha was already riding her new horse, on the other hand I was trying to get the halter on my new horse. I finally did.

I led her out of the barn and led her down a path near the fields at my house. My sister came cantering past on her horse it scared my horse and she reared and galloped after them, but before she took off I swung onto her back and rode after them.

It was amazing. The wind was in my hair. I was riding for a while till I got a hold of her lead rope. I gave it a tug and within seconds I was at a trot. I fell of when she shied at my sister, in seconds she was gone.

The next day I went outside to do my chores when I saw her run from the field. She came right up to me. I put the bridle on her swung up on her back, and galloped down the field. I rode her for hours when my sister came on her thoroughbred she named Cobalt.

Then I remembered, I haven't named my filly. I told the filly your name is going to be...

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Will I win?

by Alice

Alex tightened the girth on Snow Boots, her 12 year old welsh section c pony. Miss Sahara. her awesome riding instructor gave her a leg up and told her to walk over to the course list. "So, that diagonal to the outside line and then that bending line?" Alex asked. Miss Sahara nodded. Alex trotted into the ring with confidence and kicked Snowy slightly.

Snowy burst into a canter and flew toward the first jump jumping way to big and causing Alex to fall off. Alex stood up painfully and dusted off her jacket. Snowy was not flying around the ring like most of the horses did when their riders fell off, she was standing quietly waiting for Alex to get back on. Alex sighed and walked out of the ring. Miss Sahara patted Snowy and gave Alex a hug.

"Its alright Alexa, You just jumped big that's all!" She brushed off Snowy and Alex got back on.

"All riders for Intermediate Hunter Rider over fences course B please check in at the gate!" The announcer boomed. Alex trotted Snowy over to the gate and signed in. She trotted Snowy in the ring and and again cantered toward the fence. She jumped the course well, but not well enough for the judge. She got a sixth in the class.Miss. Sahara sighed and told her.

"Green is the prettiest color on the ribbon list!" She said, "You did your personal best so why not say you won a ribbon? Imagine it, Flowing and long, colored with the colors red blue and yellow, Shining and golden, and beautiful." Alex smiled and nodded patting Snowy and holding the long ribbon in her hand.

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Nikki's Story

by Erika
(Coaldale, Alberta, Canada)

Nikki's Story

Nikki's Story

I spoon a bite of strawberries into my mouth and swallow hard.

The girl across from me waits with eyebrows raised. "So?" she says. "What's your horse's name?"

I look at her and answer softly. "His name is Breton." I answer and look her in the eye. She looks away and snickers to her friends, then turns back to me.

"Oh, Breton." she says laughingly. "We all know Breton. That fat, overgrown monster!" I glare at her.

"Umm-hmm, like you've been here before" I retort.

As soon as the words are out of my mouth, I regret them because the girl looks like she is so happy at my sentence.

"In fact, I have." she says with a flip of blond hair. I look down at my plate, my face burning.

After the meeting yesterday, I thought I would do fine. I had seen this girl and her friends staring at me, but all people are curious at new camps, right?

WRONG. This girl, it seemed, was set on humiliating me as much as possible.

"So long, NIKKI," The girl says as if we are besties. I glare at her and her friends when the petite girl beside her says, "Nice going, Ashley."

So. Nice to meet you, Ashley. I had a fantastic time-the whole 2 seconds of our encounter. The encounter I had no wish to repeat. Or did I? If I did, the encounter would be different-the next time, I would win.

Ashley 1, Nikki 0.

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~ An Adventurous Vacation ~

by Katniss

Photo credit: klausPeter via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: klausPeter via I'd Pin That

"Well, girls, here we are!" Dad announced. My 3 sisters and I peered out the van windows. We had just pulled up into our very own camping site. A small log cabin sat right ahead of us and it was hidden all around by tall fir trees. Mom twisted around in the passenger seat to look at us girls.
"Start packing stuff into the cabin girls." She said, smiling.

"When will we go trail riding?" Thirteen-year-old Sara asked excitedly.

"Tomorrow in the morning. " Dad ruffled his brown hair, making him look like he had just woke up.

"Yippeeee!" Squealed 12-year-old Kim.

"Oh I can hardly wait!!" 15-year-old Eliza, my twin, clapped her hands.

"Me too. " Sara grinned.

"Well, Celia, " Mom began, looking at me. "Aren't you excited?"

"So excited I can't even tell you how excited I am. A trail ride through the mountains... I wonder if we'll see the wild horses you said lived out here?" I asked.

"Oh maybe. I guess we'll find out tomorrow." Replied Mom.

I sat up in bed and rubbed my eyes sleepily. The one room cabin was dark and quiet, except for the sound of my families' steady breathing. I sat very still, listening for the noise I thought I had heard in my dream. Then I heard it. The sound of a horse whinnying far away in the mountains. I smiled and fell back on my pillow.

I gasped in awe at the majestic mount I was going to be riding all day. She was a 6 year old white Arabian. I turned to the young groom who was just finishing up saddling the mare.

"What is her name?" I asked. The groom grinned at me.

"Angelica. But I've nicknamed her Angel. " he said. He was handsome and his blue eyes twinkled at me. He couldn't be more than 19 years old. I blushed.

"Well she's a beauty." I said, trying not to sound so flustered over how handsome the groom was.

"She sure is. " he whistled as he stalked off to the stable. I turned back to the mare and looked into her gorgeous eyes.

"Hi Angel. I'm Celia Januarson. And I like you. " I whispered to her. Angel bobbed her head up and down. I smiled.

"Wow! Quite the view up here isn't it?" Dad remarked. We were having a dinner picnic on top of a mountain.

"It sure is." Mom agreed. Suddenly Dad's phone rang.

"Hello?.... Yes..... No.... Oh I'm sorry ... Okay...... Okay we'll be down as soon as we can ... Yep.. By. " he turned his phone off and shoved it back in his pocket.

"Who was that?" Kim asked.

"The owner of the stables. He says the horses got mixed up and mom and I are riding a rich fellows horses. The rich guy came to the stables and wants his two mares right now. So the stable owner wants us to bring the mares back down to the ranch."

Dad stood up and brushed off his jeans.

"Will the owner get us two stable horses?" Mom asked as she packed up the food into a bag.

"Yep, I guess he just hired a young groom not more than a week ago so it's the kids fault we got the wrong animals. And the rich guy is fuming because his expensive show horses are on top of a mountain. " Dad chuckled.

"So we all have to go back?" I asked in disappointment. I had always wanted to go on a trail ride through the mountains and we had only rode for about 2 hours, instead of all day like we had planned.

Dad looked at Mom.

"I guess the girls don't have to come back with us. They could stay here and ride around the mountain top until we come back. " he said. Mom nodded.

"Sure, Jim. But could you give them your hunting gun? Who knows what kind of wild beasts are out here."

Dad smiled at us girls.
"Do you want to stay here?"

"Oh yes!!" All 4 of us exclaimed.

"Alright," he said handing me the rifle. "Celia, you can shoot the best so you're in charge of my gun. I was hoping to get a big moose or something but I guess that's out of the question right now." he said to me. I took the gun and held it firmly. I was the only girl in the family that was as thrilled about hunting as my Dad was. I had been on several deer hunting trips with him and it had been so fun.

"Okay.. Be safe, don't ride off too far from here. Celia, don't shoot anybody. Always stick together, girls. Eliza, text me if you girls need anything. Sara, please don't ride like your being chased by outlaws. And don't get lost, okay Kim?" Mom rattled off instructions as she hugged each one of us.

"By!!!" "By!!" We all called as Dad and Mom rode away.

"Let's explore this mountain. " Eliza suggested half an hour later. So that's what we did. The mountain was much bigger than I had thought. We were riding around when our horses began to suddenly act strange. They didn't want to go into an area that was thick with trees.

" What's wrong Angel?" I tried to calm my terrified horse. Angel tossed her head.

"Stand still Pearl! Don't rear!!" Sara was trying desperately to keep the palomino under control.

"Destiny is acting strange too." Eliza said from on top of her paint.

"So is Aurora." Kim grumbled as she gripped tightly onto the bay's reigns.

"Let's get out of here. They're really worked up over something. " I said. We turned our horses around and started for the spot where we had picnicked when suddenly there was a piercing whinny from behind us. We all stopped our horses and spun around to look at the trees.

Just then a wild horse burst into the clearing. He came to a halt and stared at us. Seven wild mares came out of the trees to stand beside him. The stud reared up and pawed the air. Then he dropped to the ground and with his mares, they raced paced us and out of sight.

"Wow." I said.

"The first wild horses we've seen!" Kim exclaimed.

"Their beautiful." Eliza whispered.

"Ya." Agreed Sara. Suddenly, Angel bolted after the wild horses. It caught me off guard but I managed to stay in the saddle.

"Whoo! Angel!!! Whoooo!!!" I yelled. I pulled back on the reigns but she didn't stop. She just kept racing after the mustangs. I could hear horses racing behind us.

"Hold on!!!" Eliza's voice screamed after us. I gripped the reigns and hopped Angel would slow down. She was running full out.

"Whooo!!!" I yelled. Up ahead was a small stream. I prepared myself to jump over it with Angel.

But... just before the flowing water, Angel came to a sudden halt. I flew up over her head and landed on the other side of the stream.

"Ooww." I grimaced as I sat up. I had landed on a clump of rocks and a sharp pain pierced through my left arm. My head felt dizzy. I opened my eyes and saw stars. I squeezed my eyes closed.

"Celia! Are you hurt?" Eliza's voice came right beside me. I snapped my eyes open and saw my 3 sisters kneeling or squatting around me.

"I'll be alright ." I shook my head to clear it. Kim gasped.

"Celia! You have a black eye and your arm is swollen!" She exclaimed. I sighed.

"Oh great." I mumbled. Sara suddenly let out a scream.

" Bears!!! She shrieked, pointing off in the direction we had just come from. Charging towards us were 2 large black bears.

"Oh crap!!" Eliza freaked out. We scrambled up from the ground. My head spun but I ignored it. The bears were getting closer and the sound of them growling madly could now be heard.

"Get onto your horses!!" I ordered my sisters. We jumped across the stream and went to grab our horses when suddenly Destiny, Pearl, and Aurora all took off, racing away from the bears. Angel stood still next to me.

"Come back here!!" Sara and Kim screamed.

"Come on get onto Angel!" Eliza said. Kim and Sara scrambled up. Then Eliza and then me... There wasn't much room to put my butt. Angel took off at a fast paced gallop. The...

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by Ris

The day was soon ending, but not for Lissa Walker. As she headed toward the barn to finish her chores after getting a drink of water, a black SUV lumbered into the driveway. It didn't look like any of the neighbors, so she stopped and shielded her eyes with her hand to block out the sun.

A younger man, probably in his late 20s, stepped out of the SUV. She waved and stood still there. Her dad probably saw the SUV already cause she heard the screen door open behind her. The young man walked up to her and nodded.

"When Walker live here?" he asked without introducing himself.

"Um, yes sir, I think he's coming out now..." Lissa said cautiously. "I'll go get him." Lissa turned and ran up to the house just as Dad came out.

"Dad! Someone's here we don't know. Think he's just lost? He knew your name, though." Lissa's brow scrunched in confusion as she thought it out. He couldn't be lost if he knew Dad's name.
Her dad walked down the steps toward the man and called out, "Can I help, ya?"

The young man nodded and moved closer toward Dad and said, "I'm here for When Walker. Are you When?" He continued when When nodded. "I'm here on account for the-" he looked toward Lissa sitting on the porch rail and said, "I'm not sure if you want your daughter to hear this, sir."

When nodded and motioned Lissa to go to the barn. She hopped up and ran to the barn. After she went in, the man continued. He yanked a wallet out of his back pocket and flipped it open. He held it up and said, "I was saying, I'm here on account for the FBI. Your house has been reported for hidden guns and I'm here to check it out."

When frowned in confusion and said, "I do build my own guns but I've never dealt them out or anything. You see, sir, me, my wife, and daughter live here and we live off the land. I barely know anyone except a few close neighbors. Who reported this?"

The young shook his head as he told When he couldn't reveal that information to him.
"But I haven't done anything!" When said. "Ask everyone I know. Everyone knows me as an honest, loyal man."

The young man shook his head again. "Because you have said all this, I must arrest you and bring you in for testing. I'm sorry, sir, but it's the law."

He took a pair of handcuffs off his belt and started to try to handcuff When.

"No! You can't do this. I haven't done anything wrong!" The young man quickly snapped the handcuffs on and pushed him toward the dark SUV. He opened the door and shoved When in.

Suddenly Lissa heard a car door slam from in the barn and she rushed out to see the young man quickly shut the back door of his SUV and jump into the driver's seat. He roared the SUV to life and spun gravel as he backed out. Lissa thought that maybe her dad went back into the house. She ran inside and looked around. Her mom was out in town buying their monthly bulk groceries - flour, sugar, gas fuel. Her dad wasn't inside the house and she ran back out to the barn. Not there, either! Then she realized in panic that the young man had taken her father away!

She went to her horse, Thunder, and opened his stall door. She snapped a lead rope on is halter and tied the other end of the lead rope to the other side of his halter. She quickly wrote a note and stuck it on the bin where the oats were. Her mom would see it there. She jumped up on him and raced out of the barn, toward where the dark SUV had kicked up dust and spun gravel. She had to save her dad!

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by Violet



Part One

"Dream," called my mother, "wake up."

"I'm awake, Momma".

"Good, because I have to go to a horse show today."

"Where am I gonna go?"

"You are gonna stay here."

My momma went to the horse show with her rider Katelyn.

My mom and Katelyn were flying across a bunch of 2' and 3' jumps. They were taking way too much time so Katelyn put her into a canter. Momma sped up right before 4' jump and she reared and Katelyn was thrown across the ring. Nurses and Doctors rushed over to Katelyn.

I was in my stall at the time. Katelyn's mom was right outside my stall when she got a phone call.


"Hi. Katelyn was thrown off her horse and now she has a concussion."

"Okay, then her horse ought to be put down. Goodbye."

That meant my Mom was gonna be put down! One of the grooms came to my stall and put me in a meadow. I was only 3 months old but I knew my Mom was in danger. I went to the end of the meadow, turned around, ran, and jumped right over the fence.

Part Two

Then, I was running. Not very fast, but I was running. I knew where my Mommy was, well I thought so. I was really confused.

I suddenly slowed down at the sight of another fence. Well, I jumped over one before, I can just jump over it again; right? Wait... This one is a lot taller than the last one. And on the other side of this one, is a, WAIT, WHAT?!? A VET, checking a cow's leg. This isn't good at all! What do I do? She had to have seen me! Tun around and run? No, then she'd see me. Stay there? No, she'd come to me.

Dig... A whinny! My Mommy's whinny!


"Baby! Get out of here before she gets you too! You're in the meadow where the sick animals are! Any horse or cow that is in there is supposed to go to the vet! Leave now before its' too late!"

"Mommy, I can't leave you! I just got here! I need to help you!"

"No, honey leave, quick! She's coming!"

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Buddy & Buddy - The Short Story

by Aspen

Buddy the 2nd

Buddy the 2nd

This is the first part, it tells a cute story. You can find parts 2 to 6 in the comments section.

Buddy & Buddy were two young untamed stallions. Buddy the 2nd was the wild one. He was the one to get in trouble, was the one to take name and leave you in the dirt. He would want to fight any stallion old or young and would run side-to-side challenging the older stallion for a fight. If only he knew what was ahead...

Buddy the 2nd was about 2 1/2 maybe 3. He was an adult but he didn't know that. He ran wild and chased the wind not worrying about one thing. One day his mother called him to the herd.

"Buddy..." She said in a kind voice
"What is it mother?"
His mother Annabelle smiled. There is a stallion from far away. I said he could come and meet my little boy and me." She whinnied.

"What is his name and where is he from?"

"His name is Tom & he came from Australia, and..." Annabelle said but got cut off by Buddy.

"Wait a minute! You aren't going to let him live here? In our herd... are you?"

"Yes son. He has a son, about you're age whose name is going to shock you." Annabelle smiled shortly.

Buddy looked at her. "Buddy is also his name. He 1 1/2 years old and needs a good home." Annabelle told her son.

Parts 2 to 6 are in the comments section! Feel free to comment!

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To my best friend, the horse I ride

by Heartbeat for horses

Dreaming high
Reaching the sky
I know you wouldn't ever lie
Happy till morning is night

You're my best friend
I love every moment I spend
Your kind eyes
Make me want to dance

Your gentle eyes
Your gentle heart
Never let us be apart

I love you to the moon and back
Together we are one
You're my soul mate
You're my heart
You're my life

Thank you
Thank you for always being there
Thank you for being my best friend.

I love you peppy. Without you my heart would be broken and my soul would not be pure. Thanks for being my BFF.

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Pure as Hope

by Kayla



As I grew older, I began to notice that everything around me that I saw and felt was tainted with distrust, fear, or doubt. I wanted to find something that was undeniably pure and riddled with happiness or even hope. My search wasn’t extremely successful until I was the age of 12.

At twelve years old, people began to tell me I was wise beyond my years and honestly I was, but getting there was not easy. It was in fact very painful. 

As a little 6-year old girl, my dad was always yelling at my mom. My mom would weep and I could do nothing, but hug her and listen to her earnestly imploring me to find a good Christian guy who would cherish, love, and adore me for everything I was.

When I turned 10, I began to doubt true love or even love existed among the world. My theory was true for me especially when my parents fought through a nasty custody battle after the divorce.

My wariness to love only grew until the day I met Hope. I was tagging along with Chris. Chris was a 13-year old guy who loved horses with all his heart and I was his best friend. We had known each other since I was 5 years old and he was 6. Chris had always been there with me, and for me. I knew his flaws and he knew mine and that only made us better friends.

Chris was determined to find a horse that he could love and ride western with for the rest of his life. Chris was also determined to make me love horses as much as him, so one day after school he took me by the arm and dragged me all the way to a horse auction only a mile away.

There was no way Chris could even think about affording a horse, but he always said it never hurt to dream. So there I was inside Chris's dream, watching him as he examined each and every horse. 

"Bekah, if I were to have a horse it would be that Arabian/Pinto Cross or that Quarter horse." Chris said pointing to the horses as he spoke.

"No, if you were to have a horse it would have to be the Pinto/Arabian and you would name her Lily and she would serve you until death."

"You can't possibly know that from just looking at her." Chris replied.

"Sure you can! Look at her eyes, they have seen stuff. She’s been beaten. Her lip is permanently hanging down. You should know this," I bumped Chris with my shoulder, "but, she's happy and she still hopes to find a good western rider like yourself. She would do anything for you, kid."

"I'm not the kid, you are. Also because her lip is hanging down that means that realistically she could jerk and totally not be worth the buy.” 

"That's what they all say, Chris." I answered laughing, but was completely serious even as I said this. I know that mare was pure with hope.

That was the day, May 26, 2003, that I learned to see hope in the smallest things such as rocks, trees, and horse. And because of a simple Pinto/Arabian Cross, I began to heal from the inside out.  

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A Haunting Past

by Crystal Diamond

Photo credit: Kapa65 via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Kapa65 via I'd Pin That

One fall. One mistake. One consequence. I had died inside when that day happened. I was finished. With horses, life, everything. If you just gazed at me you would think I was a happy fifteen year old, but if you looked deep into my eyes, you would realize something was wrong. Every time I laughed, the light wouldn't come into my eyes.

Every nice comment seemed real at first, but slowly, you would realize I was forcing out my kind words. Who would bring me back to life? who would realize I need help?


I was sitting in the car, watching my mom as she was talking to a man at a boarding facility for horses. Sighing, I looked down at my hands. Tears were threatening to spill over my face. When I looked up again, the man my mom was talking to was looking at me. He then looked down at my mom and nodded, walking away.

My mom quickly went back to the car, knocking on my window. Without looking at her, I pressed the button to let the window down. "What?" I asked quietly. My mother seemed uncomfortable. Good. She should be. I never wanted to ride another horse in my life. It was her fault that she decided it would be good for me to ride again.

"You're enrolled, Catherine." My mom said quietly.

I took a moment to compose myself before I got out of the car. Might as well give some mercy to her. Never said I had to actually *ride*.

Walking up to the facility, I could easily see it was a nice boarding house. There were warm hues everywhere and there was a nice smell about the place (which is hard to understand). Walking up to a stall, I saw a beautiful mare, obviously pregnant.

My mom's gentle hands pushed me slightly to keep walking. I was lead to an office where that man was. Looking down, I shook his hand firmly.

"I'm glad you decided to join," the man said in a bright voice. I wanted to roll my eyes.

I nodded, not knowing what else to do. There was a slight uncomfortableness in the atmosphere. I could feel my cheeks start burning up.

"Well! I'll you to your horse." The man said. My mom must have thought this was a good time to leave, because next thing I knew, she was kissing my forehead, telling me to have a great time. And then she was gone. Leaving me. Alone. With this man. Alone.

Walking ahead of me, the man said, "I'm Tyler. I own this place. And your name is Catherine?"

I cringed. "Cat," I said quietly.

"What?" Tyler said, confusion clear on his face.

"My name. It's Cat. Only my mom calls me by my full name."


Oh, no. The uncomfortableness again. Quickly my mind thought about a few words and I blurted out, "How old are you?" My eyes grew wide as Tyler stopped walking to look at me. Sure, he was young-looking, but not young enough for me to ask that question! My blush grew stronger.

"Eh..I mean-I don't-umm..never mind..." I mumbled.

Tyler laughed, his blue eyes bright. "I'm thirty-nine."

My jaw hit the ground. Thirty-nine?! What the?!

Tyler laughed again. "Old, right?"

I laughed a little.

"Anyway. Here's your horse!" Tyler said, pointing to a beautiful horse in a stall.

My breath was knocked out of my lungs. She was mine? I almost squealed. Almost. But then...

"Thanks.." I said in a dead tone.

Three girls walked by, in riding gear.

The blonde spoke first. "You're lucky you know. Best horse we have."

I looked her over. Seemed nice enough.

Then the red head spoke, "I'm jealous for sure. Take good care of Splitter, K?"

"Splitter?" I asked.

Then the dirty blonde answered my question, "She was spilt from her mother at birth because her mother rejected her. And from then on, she was called Splitter. Nice horse. Just not.. me, if you know what I mean." Then she winked at me.


Continuation coming!

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Rainbow Horseshoes vs Smokey Claws

by Jordan

Note: I do not own a horse so my writing may be a bit behind.

Characters (The Good)

Lexiana: So.....I made that name up (I like it!) She is the "leader" of the Rainbow Horseshoes (a club)

Mariana: Made that name up too! Little sister of Lexiana. Owns a skewbald unicorn named Coconut or Coco

Wings of Color: A beautiful rainbow-colored "Unipeg". Wings as a nickname. The main character who is NOT in the Rainbow Horseshoes, yet, can also shape-shift.

Rainbow: Well, this is a group. Each magic horse is a unique color. Ruby (red), Tango (orange), Daisy (yellow), Fern (green), Skye (blue), and Plum (purple)

Characters (The Bad)

Regina: Leader of Smokey Claws. Means queen. Sounds a bit mean so I used it as a bad guy.

Azriel's: Again, a group. They are cats. They are: Azrielle, Azriella, Azrielina, Azriela, and Azrielica.

Part One

Hi, my name is Wings of Color but you can call me Wings. I am not part of the Rainbow Horseshoes... although I am preparing to. There's also the Smokey Claws. **Shudder** They are BAD!

Hmmm... if I appear like this, will the other horses there be jealous at my astonishing rainbow color? Now let me shape-shift into a dapple grey horse. **Whirl** Ta da! Hmmm... my dapples look like dew. Hey, I shall name myself Just Dew It!

Alright, I'm on my (short) journey to the place where the Rainbow Horseshoes (also called the Rain Horses) are. Soon, I arrive. I trot proudly over to Lexiana, called Lexi for short. I try to raise my legs up higher and higher with each step. I ignore the Rain Horses' odd look at me.


"Whoa, you look like a nice cute horse but you are not magical, and we accept magical horses only. Sorry, but you are not accepted."

I groan. I wonder if I should tell Lexi and Mari that I am magical, or not. No is my answer so I walk back slowly.

Part Two

I was walking back to my place in the woods when, CRASH! Ruby came in, sweating like she ran an extra long marathon. I hurried over to a bush super duper near the clearing they were in and morphed into a playful, young, rabbit.

Ruby eyed the other horses and said angrily in her signature angry voice,"AS YOU ALREADY KNOW, ME AND TANGO WERE TAKING A WALK. THEN WE---"

"Calm down and speak quietly. We cannot understand you, if you are rushing so fast." Skye and Fern said in unison. Everybody just calls them Unison.

The bright red ponycorn swept her eyes around the measly crowd of ponycorns, Lexi, and Mari. She took one, two, three ginormous sighs and said, "We found Regina on the way and we realized we were dangerously close to their HQ. You know Tango is bold, so she charged at Regina, and, and, annnnddddddd... Regina captured her!"

Silence, silence, silence. That was the reaction Ruby got, along with the speechless, petrified, stares of everybody, of course. I too, was spellbound.

Finally, a minute later, which was like a GAZILLION years, Plum broke the silence, "Well, I think you should have not gone there at all. I always thought Tango was smart with what she did, well, not now. Period." We could see Ruby was furious now.

Silence, again.

This time, Daisy broke the silence, "Oh don't worry, Plum always doesn't warm up that fast. But you know she is very nice, if she is warm currently."

Then as they chatted on, I learned about their personalities. Ruby gets angry easily. Tango is Bold. Daisy is a chipper pony. Fern and Skye are both super calm and always go with the flow. And Plum, if she isn't warmed up inside, she is grouchy, and if she is warm she is nice.

I quickly go back to where I like to stay. It was, by my expert picking, perfect. It had lots of sweet grass, is roomy, and is close to the Rain Horses. Then, something gallops it's way in my head.

Part Three

I had an idea--it was to go free Tango myself. It's doing a good deed and I can probably get a place in the Rain Horses!

I think about what to transform into. A bald eagle! Well, it's a good idea, because turning into something like a kitten wouldn't still let me FLLYYYY!!!!!!

*Transforming into bald eagle*

So I go on, totally satisfied with my choice.

Soon after, I am very tired and hungry. So I go perch in a tree. I rest for EXACTLY 7 minutes and I look down. There is a river and I see a fish. Boy, am I glad I have good eyesight as an eagle.

I swooooop down, in true eagle fashion, and get the fish.

I enjoy my absolutely spectacular dinner and fly to a different tree.

Wait, it is night time! Wow, that was fast. Maybe I should try to fix my totally slow speed in flying. Oh well, try better next time.

I am very sleepy so I close my eyes and imagine me saving Tango. Soon I go to ssll...eeee...pp.

Author's Note: Is this lame? "Improving comments" are allowed. I would like to know what you think so far. Thanks!

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Sad Horse Story....The story of Dance Away

by Taylor
(Kentucky USA)

Dance Away Forever Dance Away

Dance Away Forever Dance Away

Dance Away was a very beautiful bright Chestnut racing horse. He was the great Secretariat's 6th son. He was a very good horse. He would beat the other horses by about 6 lengths. He had raced against Sham, Ruffian, Go For Wand,etc. He was very fast. His owners loved him so much.

He started racing at about 2. He could go the distance to win and had the right speed and stamina. He raced until that fatal day. He was acting very strange that day. His walk and trot was off by a lot and his neck and back were making weird noises.

His jockey and owners didn't want to race him but they had to because too many had already been scratched out of the race. The owners were scared yet anxious. His jockey walked him to the gate and he walked in and stood breathing heavily.The gates flung open and Dance Away didn't want to run but he had to.His sides were going way to fast and his legs began hurting.He slowed down and pulled to the side.

Dance Away stood rearing up and his eyes big with fear.His jockey looked down at his legs and then knew. 2 of them were literally broken right into. His left front one and right back one. He stood for a second then collapsed to the ground and laid as his jockey quickly removed his saddle and bridle. He just laid. An ambulance came and he was loaded up and taken to a hospital. They treated his wounds and then put a bandage on them.

After almost 2 years in care,he was able to walk again. He would never be able to race again though. His owners were ashamed at him and sold him to the slaughterhouse after getting a new 3 yr old Seattle Slew colt. Dance Away was put in a tiny tiny tiny corral and was hosed down then led into a tiny shoot were he stood as a man held something to his head.

Dance Away suddenly collapsed and laid there looking around then closed his eyes slowly and then passed away.

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The story I got Rosey

by Kaylynn
(Louisiana, USA)

When I was just starting to like horses, for my birthday I got a leopard appaloosa. She was six and fat. She rode good.

Then a couple months later she got fatter and moody. Then one morning, I woke up and went check on her. Then all of a sudden in the stall I saw a red flash. There was a foal. She was red and had a white butt, blaze, and four stocking.

I named her Rosey. :)

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The Mystery of The Stolen Horses

by Ashleigh
(New Zealand)

Gracefully the stallion gallops across the beach, sweat glistening off his cherry bay neck. His hooves pound into the soft, wet sand as he lengthens his stride to match the dappled grey mare. The sun shines through the miserable grey clouds down onto them as tiny splashes of nippy sea water rise to meet the horses bellies. Sand rushes below their hooves like they’re in a race car going 200 kilometres per hour.

“Come on Abby! I’m going to get to the Fish n’ Chips first if you don’t hurry up!” Sasha calls out to me from the dappled grey rump of her horse Marley.

“I’m coming, I’m coming. I thought this wasn’t supposed to be a race,” I mumble to myself.

I gently kick on my Kaimanawa stallion Sunchaser. He dramatically accelerates his pace and within a few seconds, we are about five horse lengths in front of Sasha and Marley. My long dark brown hair gently slashes across my olive coloured face as I laugh out loud.

I heave on Sunchaser’s plush black leather reins to bring him back from a flat-out gallop to a slow canter. Dismounting, I lead him over to the array of fruits, sandwiches and of course, mouth watering Fish n’ Chips, set out on a faded red and white tartan rug next to Sharon, my beautiful Mother.

“How was your gallop?”

“Great! I managed to get Sunchaser to do a flying change!” I reply excitedly.

“Well done! But before you can eat anything, can you please go and tie up Sunchaser and Marley? I don’t think the horses would like it much if you started to eat apples right in front of their face.”

“Sure thing,” I agree, as Sasha and Marley trot in behind me.

We lead our sweating horses to the top of the frost covered sand dunes where some old Pohutukawa trees proudly stand and tie the horses to the branches. As we stumble our way back down, I hear Sunchaser scream.

“He must be wondering why we left him,” I think to myself. I plonk down on the rug and dig in, but as I started eating, I hear another scream, this time from Marley. I try to glance up at the sand dune to see what is making them scream but all I can see is sand.

“Why do they keep neighing?” Sasha wonders out loud.

“They've probably just heard another horse,” I say.

“If you say so,” Sasha replies hesitantly.

After we finish our lunch, Sasha and I climb back up the sand dunes to get Sunchaser and Marley so we can go for another ride, but as we clamber up the sand dune, something doesn’t feel right. The horses aren’t calling out to us like they usually do. Reaching the top, we discover why there is no calling out... they aren’t there…

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More Than A Horse

by Caroline



We were driving into the dusty, rocky driveway of Greenwood Farm. Horses were following the car with their eyes, neighing. Horses of black, chestnut, bay and pinto were lining the stalls of the big main barn that was connected to a huge indoor arena and cozy club room.

"You must be Ally!" A lady with hazel brown hair put into a ponytail, shook my hand. "My name is Mrs. Hailey. The owner of Greenwood Farm! It's beautiful here isn't it?" I nod and smile. " Today you are riding... Cloud! I'll show you where he is."

Mrs. Hailey shows me where Cloud is. He's a gorgeous white gelding. Tall and proud. I could tell he was a Warmblood. Muscly and strong.

Mrs. Hailey cleaned and tacked him up for me. I strapped on my helmet, and mounted Cloud. He was a lot taller when you were on him then on the ground. I grabbed a big chunk of his mane and started to pet his strong neck. "He's a big one huh?" Mrs. Hailey asks me from down below. I nod and tighten the reins.

"I checked his girth and its nice and tight and the stirrups should be good." She reassures me. I smile and squeeze the gelding's sides to walk onto the rail. I was worried about the distance from the saddle to the ground. If I fall it'll feel like skydiving from a horse! I take a deep breath and tighten the reins in my hands and Mrs. Hailey tells me to trot.

I squeeze Cloud in the sides again and he starts a smooth, big-strided trot. 20 minutes later she tells me to walk and then canter. I kick Cloud hard with my left leg and he drops his head, then canters. His mane is flying and it's amazingly comfortable. "Gorgeous!"

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Samantha's dream horse

by Crazyhorselover

I stared at the wild Appaloosa horse that was galloping across the meadow. Suddenly it turned toward me. Then I was awoken from the dream I've been having. "Time to get up Samantha!"

"Okay!" I said as I got out of bed and put my horse t-shirt and jeans on. Then I looked at my bedroom full of horse posters and ribbons I've won at horse camp.

I love horses and have always wanted one. my parents told me maybe sometime. I looked outside to see if there was a pony or horse in my backyard but there wasn't so I went downstairs to have breakfast. After that I went outside to go to my friend Emma's. She had a horse named Sailor. He was a chestnut with a blaze he was pretty.

Emma loved horses as well. "Hi Emma!" I said as I walked over to her in the paddock were she was with Sailor. "Hi Samantha"! "Want to ride Sailor?" "Okay"! We put a halter on sailor and walked him to a cross tie where we groomed him tacked him up and both got on him.

We rode through the woods and as I we were riding I saw a flash of sorrel and white spots go by. It was the horse from my dream! "Did you see that?" I asked Emma. "See what?"

"I thought I saw something."

"Oh, it must be a coyote or something," said Emma. "Let's go home."

Okay I said and Emma urged Sailor into a canter. I went home and hugged my parents. Did you have fun today? My Mommy and Daddy asked. Yes! Then I had dinner and went to bed.

I had the same horse dream again! When I woke up I put on a horse covered tank top that says I ❤️Horses! On With jeans.

My parents smiled at me when I came down for breakfast and said we're going to buy you a horse! I ran to them and hugged them and said thank-you!

They told me that they were taking me to a wild horse auction and that I could pick a horse out! I would have to test ride the horse so I put my hair in a braid and got changed into my jodhpurs, turquoise polo t-shirt and riding boots I also brought along my helmet.

Then we took an old trailer of ours and drove to the wild horse auction. There I rode a Shetland pony mare, Thoroughbred stallion, dapple gray mare and a chestnut gelding. the man at the auction said there was one horse left. an Appaloosa. I went to see it and there was the horse I dreamed about! The man said he was just caught.

I told my parents about the dream and I test rode him he was great! "I guess he really is the horse of my dreams!" I said.

We bought him and named him Roy and then they lived horsie-ly ever after. The End. 🐴❤️

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Salt 'n Pepper

by Elisabeth

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

Dear Katie,
You’ll never guess what awesome thing happened! I have just been given an adorable Appaloosa colt!! He is so sweet! I named him Pepper because he’s white with little black spots. Pepper has a coal-black nose, also his mane and tail are basically the same colors as his body.
I found Pepper online. He was super cheap... 200 bucks. Getting Pepper is the most amazing thing that has happened to me in a long time! The website said he is only halter broke. So, he’s going to need A LOT of training before I can do anything with him.
I asked my parents (with a lot of begging, lol) if I could have a horse, pony, ect. They said simply, "If you you find an awesome, reasonably priced horse, then we’ll buy it."
I pretty much knew my mom would say yes. Before she got married my mom lived on her parent's cattle and horse farm. I plan to keep Pepper at Sunnyside Ranch, which is my grandparent’s horse farm. Sunnyside Ranch is about 5 minute away when riding a bike. I won’t even have to buy anything!
I have to learn to be responsible with Pepper. My parents declared that I am to work at the ranch 1 hour each day and 3 to 4 hours on weekends! Actually, the more horse time I get the better... Trust me, I’ll be at that place a lot longer than a few hours. Write me soon!

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Horse Questions Anyone?

by AHorseLovingGirl4ever

Here is the place to ask any question you have about horses! Just leave your question below! I will try to answer them the best that I can! If you don't have a question, feel free to answer someone else's!

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Dusty Road Ranch

by Claudiahorselovr

Part One

"So... on Monday morning? I'll be there from 8 doing chores. You know Duchess loves to fuss over in the morning!" I say.

Cheryl smiles at me, clutching her books. "Sure! My Dad'll bring Ace in the trailer. See you at about 10am?" She says.

"'Course. See ya, Cheryl!" I say back. The bell lets off a ear splitting ring.

"That's my geography lesson. Bye, Nate." I just smile.

Hasn't she picked up I know her lesson timetable from heart? I wave at her and head to Maths. So there. I made a sorta date with my crush. I finally plucked up the courage to ask her on a trail. I first met her on her first day here.

Bouncy, light brown hair, chestnut eyes, clear skin, pink lips, hourglass shape, looks great in jods and a hoodie, my kind of girl.

I was late for math and I ran into her. Er... bumped into her actually, and knocked into her so hard her books and fell. As I was apologizing, I picked up her folder. "So, you like horses?" I inquire. Obviously. Everything she had had horses on them.

"Yeah, I live horses! You?" She answered.

"Heck yeah!" I laughed. That memory was clear in my mind. That was January. Now, late May, we're pretty good friends. She showed up that weekend at Dusty Road Ranch to ride. Where I work. Turns out she had her own horse, Ace, a lovely, black stallion, with one stocking and a blaze, 16hh.

We rode together in lessons and hung out at the barn but never went on a hack together. I suddenly realize everyone is staring. "Erm... um... 4?" I mumble. Everyone erupts in laughter. My best friend, Shane, slaps his forehead.

"Nathan! Haven't you been listening? The width on a square is the equality..." blah blah blah.

As maths ends, Shane walks up to me. "Nate! What's up? You were in a daze the whole lesson, you idiot!" Shane says with disdain.

"Sorry," I say half-heartedly. "But you won't guess what! I asked Cheryl out!" I whisper.

"You didn't!" Shane grins, his tone changing.

"Okay, so, not a date-date, but I asked her out on a trail!" I fess up.

Shane shrugs. "Good enough" He says. "You and horses, though, Nate. What's so special about a four-legged animal?" He says, shaking his head, and heads off to English.

That's what's different about me and my best friend. He likes Arkman Origins, Batman, I prefer leasing an abused horse. He'll play Uncharted 4, I'll go on a hack. I sigh. Doesn't he realize? At 15, jumping 4 foot is big. I've been riding for 6 years, and for my twelfth birthday, mum and dad gave me Duchess, a 7-year old Palomino mare.

I exhale, blowing my black fringe up. School stinks.

Saturday spins by, with me skidding for my jeans and t-shirt, because I slept in late. 7:45am. I'm supposed to be at the barn by 8:00am. Sunday rolls along, with me going on a quiet hack with Duchess. And then Monday. My sorta date. I look at what to wear. Cool and casual. A tight blue tee and jeans. Don't be overdressed when you plan on jumping over ditches.

I cycle to the ranch and walk to Duchess's stall. "Whats up, baby girl?" I say. I open up the stall and muck out, give her water and feed, and start grooming. "You won't believe what I got you, Duchy! A new red halter and lead rope! Aren't you gonna look snazzy!" I say in baby talk to her.


I groan. I know who that is. James. "Why don't you mind your business!" I snap. Him and his cronies, Brandon and Connor laugh. As soon as Lily walks by, they are all wolf whistles and attitude.

"What's up, babe? New jeans?"

"You look hot!"

"Chick alert!" They all say.

Lily looks at them and raises her eyebrows. She has blonde hair, big turquoise eyes, and a good figure. But she is really sweet. She walks on.

"What a fox!"

I roll my eyes. "Come on, girl. Let's go. Cheryl won't be here till 10, and you need some exercise."

"Oohh! Who's Cheryl, Romeo!"

I just ignore them, and tack up. I kick off into a canter as soon as I'm onto the plains. I go on and on, the wind blowing my fringe, whipping through my t-shirt. Everything is okay once I'm on Duchess's back.

I have just learnt to gallop. I take a deep breath in, and raise in my stirrups. I hope that I don't fall. And suddenly, I'm galloping.

Part Two

"Oh My Gosh! I'm doing it!" I yell to Duchess. It's a dream. She gallops faster, and suddenly, my feet slipped from the stirrups.

"Dang it!" I fall off Duchess, and the wind is literally knocked out of me. I swear, and feel my elbow. I'm then thinking quick.

"Duchess! Girl! Where are you!" I shout. " Oh man..." I mutter. Not a good start, Nate. I hold my head in my hands, and start panicking.

1. Because my elbow, my butt, and my leg are killing, and I think this is what hell is like,

2. My "so-called date" is in an hour, and I'm far away on a trail, without a horse, and a throbbing leg.

3. My horse has run off, and I have no idea where the heck she is.

"This is bad." I look around the place. It's a field of long grass, and I have no idea how to get to the ranch. I take my phone out of my pocket, and it's not there. Of course. I never ride with my phone. I put my head in my hands, and mutter, "Just shoot me now, seriously," to a butterfly on a flower.

I then hear hooves, and a neigh, and turn around, carefully, because my butt is still trying it's best to make my life a living hell.

"Duchess! Yes! How did you find me!" She trots up to me, and nuzzles me, accidentally touching my elbow.

"Ow... sorry girl, not your fault, stupid Nate just hurt himself..."

She whinnies. I look at the saddle. Here it goes...

One, eternity later... (in Nate's head)...

I'm up in the saddle, whimpering, cause my butt is on a western saddle, which, by the way, isn't like my recliner in my living. Technically, not mine, it's my dad's, but... I use it a lot since he is rarely home, because he works in the military.

I start cantering, heroically trying not to cry. It's already 15 minutes past the time I'm supposed to meet Cheryl when I get to the ranch again.

As I walk into the barn, leading Duchess, I see Cheryl sitting on a bale of hay, rubbing Rex the dog, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson's dog, who own the Ranch.

"Cheryl!" I say. "She looks up, and I see pure delight in her face.

"Nate! I thought you wouldn't show up! Are you ok? You're walking funny. And aren't you left-handed? Why are you leading Duchess with your right hand?"

I sigh, and motion for her to follow me to Duchess's stall. I tell her the whole story. She looks distraught when she thinks I won't ride.

"No way!" I say, when she asks if I want to sit this one out.

"Are you sure? It might hurt. I think you should check your leg and elbow." She says.

I know she's concerned, and that's a good sign, cause it means she likes me enough to be concerned.

"Cheryl, thanks, but no thanks. Let's just go for a gentle hack. Have you got Ace?" I say.

"Course, he's in a stall. I'll tack him up." She answers.

"I'll come, I think Duchess needs a break." I say, trying to show her how caring I am. Plus, Duchess looked exhausted.

Cheryl smiles at me. Another good sign. She's got nice teeth, actually. Nice, white and straight.

We chat while she grooms Ace and tacks him up, me sitting on the barn door. It was uncomfortable but I wanted to look cool.

Finally, we were ready to ride.

Part Three

This has not gone off to a great start. In fact, it really stinks. I did everything wrong. I made awkward conversation, said bad things about James and his cronies, (which makes me look like a gossip) and mentioned my ex. Well done, Nate. Well done. Smooth.

"So, do you have any siblings?" Cheryl asks, after ages of awkward silence.

"Er, no." I say. "You?"

Cheryl laughs. "No, definitely not. I think having siblings are a pain. My boyfriend has siblings, and they are so annoying." She says casually.

There's a deafening roar in my head.

"Boyfriend?" I squeak.

Cheryl smiles dreamily. "His name's Casey. I miss him so much already. I miss Colorado a lot too. " She says sadly.

"Oh, I just thought..." I trail off. Cheryl looks at me closely, and I know this is gonna be embarrassing.

"Nate? You didn't think this was, like, a date, did you?" She questions.

I curse under my breath. "No. Of course not. You're not my type anyway. We get should get back." I say, sharp and coldly. Cheryl looks sad, but I'm just annoyed. That didn't go well.
We say an awkward goodbye at the stables, and she leaves. Leaving me to deal with Brandon poking and teasing me about my date. As if.

Part Four

"I love this one!" My Mum squealed. "It's so pretty! Oh, Nate, everyone will be so jealous of you! Take this one!" Mum said.

I sigh, and wonder did God forget to put a brain in her head, because seriously? I'll look like the 4th of July. Doesn't Mum know? That's a dressing up saddle pad! For parades!

"No. I'm taking the plain beige one." I say firmly. Mum opens her mouth, and I know she's gonna say "think about it" but I beat her to it.

"For sure," I say. I don't need to look a bigger idiot in front of Cheryl. Duchess is really, my only friend right now.

Shane called me earlier this morning to ask if I wanted to go to the beach in 2 hours' time because there was a fun fair and arcade on the boardwalk, and when I said I was gonna go shopping for tack today, Shane just huffed and said, "fine".

I sigh and pull out my saved 3,000 bucks I had been working for at the stable for since I was 12. I choose a saddle, headgear, and some other stuff, and have just enough for some treats for Duchess. I know she's gonna look great at the jumping competition.

James, here comes hurricane Nate. Watch out.

Continued in Comments Section below.

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Lost Pony

by Emily

Photo credit: CherylHolt via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: CherylHolt via I'd Pin That

Taylor Brookes woke up with the sunshine shining right in her face, like always. But right away she realised it was another beautiful day for riding ponies!

Taylor jumped out of bed and threw on blue skinny jean with a bunch of rips in them, with a t-shirt that had a picture of a horse on it. Then she put on her cowgirl boots and ran outside with some treats for her pony.

Her pony's name was Lydia and boy was she adorable. Taylor went into Lydia's paddock and sat down on the bench next to her. She looked at the pony next to her and right away she realised that pony wasn't Lydia, it was a different pony!

Taylor didn't know what the pony's name was. All she knew was that pony wasn't Lydia!!! Who are you? Taylor said knowing the pony didn't understand her. The pony just whinnied at Taylor.

Taylor sighed, she thought about making a sign that said: Missing horse, if found please return. Tears rolled down Taylor's cheek. "I have to do something about this." Taylor said to herself.

She decided to look for clues. She smelled all over the other horse. EWWWW! she said. That smells nothing like me! But I do know someone who does smell like that. Then she noticed the saddle and the last name was Shay. I've got a friend who's name is Riley Shay. I have two people who might be the owner of this pony, and the one who stole my pony.

She went over to Riley's house and rang the doorbell 3 times in a row. Riley answered the door and who was behind her? Zoey Malik. The girl who smelled horrible. You guys took my horse! Taylor scolded. I didn't do any thing Zoey and Riley yelled at the same time. Well then who did? Asked Taylor. You both look very innocent.

"We don't even know what you are talking about, "said Riley. Taylor sighed. "I did it," said a voice. "Ashly Shay!" They all yelled loudly. But your my BFF, said Taylor. I know. I was just a little jealous of your pony, said Ashly. You could have just talked to me, said Taylor.

I know, aid Ashly, I'm sorry. Its okay, said Taylor. They hugged. Friends again.

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by Hanna
(Ohio, USA)

I'm a crazy horse lover. I mean, if you think you're a bold rider, brave lover, then you haven't met me.
I just realized that sounds really...Prideful and mean, and I'm sorry. I know there are TONS of people out there who are WAY WAY WAY better than me, but for my age group, I'm...Pretty good, let's say.
I used to be so afraid of horses. They seemed to have a threatening look in their eyes, daring me to come forward to my certain death. The though of those steel-hard hooves scared me to death, and I wanted to have nothing to do with what I called "Bloody Beasts." I really hatted horses. And that's an understatement.
Besides just my fear of death by horses, I also hated tthe smell of them. When I was really little my Mom and Dad took me to the county fair. The kiddy rides were great, and I thought the little bunnies were so cute, but when we went into the horse barn I wrinkled my nose up. It stunk in there. Now I'm surprised, remembering back to how dirty that barn was. My guess is the riders weren't exactly cleaning the stalls like they should have been. I get so mad thinking about it now.
So anyways, whenever I would think of horses, I would remember the stench of that barn.
When I was six I took up ballet. I was such a girly-girl, all into pretty pink tutus and all the twirly moves I would practice at home. Little did I know how all the ballet classes I took would make me into a rider. I don't think anything about my life would be like it is now if I hadn't gotten into ballet.
When I was 8 years old I was getting really good at ballet. I was starring in show routines and doing solos as well. (Sorry if that's not the right words for ballet exhibitions, but I can hardly remember ANYTHING about ballet anymore.)
As I was saying,I was getting pretty good at dancing, when my family decided we were going to visit my Aunt Bethany and Uncle Ray. Aunt Bethany was my Dad's sister. they'd never gotten along very well, but lately they had been talking a lot over Facebook,so I knew they were pushing aside old grudges. I still didn't know much about my aunt, but I was excited to meet her.
I'm always excited to meet people, I'm an extreme extrovert I guess, and I LIVE on people being around me. Plus, my Aunt and Uncle had three kids. I was SO excited!
You can guess my horror when I woke up as Dad parked our mini-van and nervously stated that "We're here." Why was I so horrified? I sat up and immediately saw out the window a barn, a round pen, and a couple of pastures. A path led over the hill to what I would find out were more pastures.
In the pastures were horses. In my eyes they were killing machines, cruelty in the flesh, and my eyes went wide and I gave out a little squeal. My throat tightened.
My Mom looked back at me and I could tell she had been smiling. I looking pleadingly at her and her smile dropped.
"Honey, what's wrong?" She asked.
I acted surprised. I didn't want her to know I was still afraid of horses. She'd tried so hard over the years to shake off my fear, and for a while then I hadn't really had any opportunity to show my fear.
So I said. "Nothing. I was sleeping."
She accepted that.
We climbed out of the van, and just then a lady with a messy bun came out of the house. A little girl with big eyes stood behind her, grinning broadly.
"Cousin!" the little girl yelled out to me.
I remember that my Aunt greeted us, and we went inside, put away our stuff, and met our cousins. Th oldest was a boy, Jacob, who was 12. The little girl who'd yelled out to me was Cassidy, and she was 4. Then there was Mindy, who was 9.
Everything that evening went in sort of a blur, because my mind was still filled with pictures of those awful horses. We would be staying for three days, and I'd made up my mind to stay in the house, or maybe just go out in the front yard. As long as I was far away from those horses and their fangs.
The next morning we got up and ate breakfast. I was starting to forget the horses, and Mindy and I were getting along really great together.
The first day went by in a rush of playing with my cousins and eating pancakes and oatmeal raisin cookies. We went out in the front yard for about an hour.
The next day I woke up and Mindy was standing right next to my bed, wanting to play. I jumped out of bed, and she dragged me outside.
"You'll want to see this. Daddy's going to ride Arrowhead. he's crazy! Daddy's a good rider, but Arrowhead..." She paused. "Daddy will get him tamed."
My heart started beating. I knew she meant that arrowhead was a horse, and I didn't want to see anyone thrown off and whipped with some broncos lash-like tail.
Immediately I saw, in the round pen, Uncle Ray and a nervous looking chestnut. The chestnut's ears went back, and her eyes showed white fury. I practically begged Mindy to come back inside so we could play, but she insisted I would like to see her Daddy break this horse.
I was close to tears when Uncle Ray started mounting. He got his leg over, but as soon as he nudged arrowhead forward, the horse threw a bucking fit. I screamed and tears came rolling down my face. I gripped Mindy's arm and saw her shocked face.
"Are you okay?" she asked. then, she suddenly realized what a stupid question that was. "C'mon, let's go inside and play."
As soon as we got inside I raced to the bedroom where I'd been sleeping and curled up in the blankets, shaking.
Mindy followed me and sat on the edge of my bed for a minute before jumping up and saying, "Let me go get Jake." That's what everybody called Jacob.
I looked up to Jake, and I wouldn't have wanted him to think I was a scaredy cat so I shouted out, "No!"
"Your Mom?" Mindy offered.
"No!" I shouted again, then struggling to regain my composure, I said. "I'm okay. Really, I am."

The next day I found out she had told Jake about my outburst. Somehow he'd figured out that I was afraid of horses, probably because I had been so quick to refuse to go pet the horses whenever he asked. And he asked me a lot.
It was our last day when Jake, who had been so friendly during our whole visit, began teasing me about being afraid of horses. he did it in a sort of friendly-brotherly way, but I didn't see it that way. I took it as an instant challenge, and I've never been one to ignore a challenge.
"Fine!" I finally said. "I'll PROVE I'm not afraid of horses!" I stormed out the house, feeling triumphant as my three cousins followed silently behind me.
As an afterthought, I turned and told them to wait in the house. They did, but Jake stopped to look suspiciously at me.
"You better not mess with any of the horses. Except old Rain, the paint. If you can put a halter on her and lead her out of the pasture, that will prove you're not afraid." he said.
I nodded, but I knew I was going to do more than just lead a horse out of the pasture.
When Jake was inside I went into the barn, grabbed what I somehow knew was a bridle, and went out to the pasture, dragging the long western reins behind me. I reached one of the pasture gates and went inside. I was surprised at how easily the bridle went on the horse's head and then led him out to the round pen.
Suddenly the door burst open and all three of my cousins raced out shouting.
"Don't you dare move! Stop! That horse is definitely OFF LIMITS!" Jake screamed, racing forward.
I thought fast, and leading the horse so he was right up against the fence, I climbed up the fence and threw myself onto the horse's bare back.
I heard Jake yell "No!", but just barely, because as soon as I landed on his back, Arrowhead began bucking and kicking out.
I held on for dear life crying and screaming with each jolt. He'd go up and I would fall forward, then down and I would bounce. He twisted and I squeezed heard with my legs, clenching his long mane that was stinging my face.
I kept my eyes closed, every moment I thought I would fly off of his back and fall with a hard thud and die right then. He bucked and kicked and twisted around.
Somehow I stayed on.
Eventually, after what felt like hours, arrowhead settled down and stopped. he threw his head up and gave a weird squeal. My heart was still racing. I wanted off but I couldn't move. I couldn't move because when Arrowhead turned around to look at me I saw a sparkle of humor in his eye. It wasn't mean humor though. I sat stone still and gazed into the brown pool of his left eye.
Suddenly my heart slowed down and I actually began feeling how smooth and warm the horse's hide was between my legs. I felt how strong and big his heart was and I could see how beautiful his head was, a defiant forelock off crazily to the side.
Suddenly I felt this strange feeling towards this crazy horse I had clung to during his bucking fit. The feeling scared me into mobility and I slid off, scurrying away from him.
I remember my parents were angry at me, and my cousins got in trouble, too.
Later when we went home and I was watching my pet rabbit, Muffins, explore my room, I felt a rush of love for her. She was so cute, with her wiggly nose and bright eyes.
Then it hit me: that larger-than-life love I felt now was a slightly smaller version of the emotion I'd felt back at Uncle Ray's and Aunt Bethany's.

I loved that horse.

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Galloping Winds Academy

by Alyssa
(Knoxville Illinois, USA)

Chapter One

It's been exactly a year since my old horse, Black Star, had to be put down last year. We had gotten in a bad fall and he was in terrible condition that the only thing we could do was to have him put down. I haven't ridden since our bad fall and after Black Star left this world.

"Avery, come down here!" My mom yelled to me from the bottom of the stairs. "Coming!" I yelled back.
"Can you come outside for a sec?" My mom asked me.

I followed my mom outside our backdoor. My dad was holding a lead rope to a dark bay quarter horse gelding. I walked back towards the door and let out a sigh. "I told you guys I'm done riding!" I yelled.

I ran back up stairs and slammed my door shut. I laid on my bed and cried into my pillow. I looked over at my nightstand to see a picture of Black Star and I with our ribbons we won at our first show together. I grabbed the picture and held it close to me on my heart.

"Avery." My mom said on the other side of my bedroom door. "We need to talk."

"Door's open." I sighed.

My bedroom door opened then closed shut. I sat up and my mom sat next to me. She slapped my leg with her hand but not hard.

"I remember when you were seven, all you said was you want to ride horses." My mom smiled. "Now you are giving up this one thing you love."

"Mom, I'm not going to have this horse have to be put down like Black Star." I said, looking at my mom.

"Can you please ride again?" My mom asked.

"Fine." I sighed. "Get my horse ready."

"Hershey is his name."

My mom left me alone to get changed. I put my breeches and boots on. I strapped my pink helmet on then went outside. Hershey was all tacked up.

I placed my foot in the stirrup iron and left myself up on the horse. I took a deep breath and urged Hershey forward. Soon we were cantering up to a log jump. Could I take this jump after what happened with Black Star?

As Hershey raced up to the jump, he turned to the side. I could see my parents putting their heads down as their daughter failed but she wasn't finished yet.

I made Hershey go up to the jump again and sure enough, he went over it. It felt good to be in the saddle again. I was born to be here and I knew it.

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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.


by Julia

Chapter 1: Abused Arrival

Hi! My name is Paris and I live on a horse rescue. I've had a love for horses since the day I was born, and lucky me, I was taken home to a farm full of those beloved creatures. But, that's just about me, and since this story will get boring if it's just about me, let me tell you what happened today.

I woke up to a sound of a car rolling up our gravel driveway. I hopped out of bed and looked through my window, to see a truck and a trailer, with a few people coming to help take the horse or whatever was in the trailer out. I rushed to brush my teeth and slipped into a T-shirt and some shorts.

I ran outside and saw my mom trying to get the horse out of the trailer.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"We've got a serious case of abuse with this horse!" My mom said while struggling to lead the unknown horse out.

"Here let me help!" I said and took the lead rope from her hands.

The horse slowly slumped down the trailer and right behind me. My mom looked at me in awe. The horse was a stallion, a dark chestnut stallion, with scars on his back, bruises on his legs and face. And bloody gashes everywhere. I stared at him in horror. What had the previous owners driven him to?!

"Does he have a name?" I questioned.

"No. I don't think so." My mom replied, "you can take the honor of naming him though."

I nodded and said, "how about we name him, um..., uh... Warrior." I tried to touch the stallion's forehead, but he turned away.

I sighed, and gently pulled on the rope and said "Let's take you to your new home."

The hooves clip closed lightly, as he didn't have much weight on him. I really wish I could slap and burn those people who treated Warrior this way. I walked up to his new stall and I could see a slight hint of fear in his eyes.

"It's okay boy." I softly said to him. "It's alright."

He perked his ears up and as if he could understand me, he walked into the stall, and let me touch his forehead and sniff my hand.

"I'll see you later Warrior!" I said and I left the stable and back into my room to start his research.

Chapter 2 coming soon!

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My dream horse + a poem

by heartbeat for horses

This picture is what Bella would look like

This picture is what Bella would look like

Hey horse girls! Today I thought I would try something different and write about my dream horse. Below is her would-be bio. Enjoy!

Show Name: My Dancing Bella

Barn Name: Bella

Color: Black

Breed: Mustang

Gender: Mare

Markings: A lone white star

Personality: Adventure-loving, fast, loves exploring, sweet, high-spirited, stubborn


FOREVER (poem)

Forever we stand
Shoulder and hand
Forever in this perfect land
Together we stand

Forever free
you and me
gallop amongst the trees
ride by the seas

When it gets cold
when it feels like the end
your by my side
to make us free again

Forever we will love each other
forever we stand
shoulder and hand
forever best friends

Forever we stand.

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The First Ride

by BlueRoan

Riding. Something I vowed that I would never do again. I try. I fall. I try. I fall. I just can't do it. And to top it off, horses were the cause of my dad's death. Why would I want to ever ride again? That's why I'm not going to again... Well, I. was. wrong.

I had just gotten up late when my mom called me, "Amanda!"

"Coming!" I called back. I had this feeling that I knew what she was going to say... again.

Once I got downstairs, mom said to me, "Do you want to ride with me today?"

I was about to stomp away when mom said, "Come on Amanda. Dad would have wanted you to keep trying. Won't you do it for him?"

"Mom. Sorry to break it to you, but he died." I said as I almost turned around to go upstairs.

"Amanda.." Mom told me. I understood what she was saying. I walked upstairs to my room and threw myself onto my bed. But the the next day she asked the same thing.

Mom has been asking me to ride every day ever since I said that I wouldn't ever again. But this day was different.

"Amanda? Can you please ride today?" Mom asked.

"FINE. I'll do it this once. But if I fall. I will never do it again. Got it?" I said finally giving up.

Mom just smiled. Then I went upstairs and slipped on my riding boots that I've had for who knows how long and they still fit me! I ran outside and mom already had Sugar tacked up for me. I have never ridden her before. But I did know one thing about this horse. She is the absolute sweetest horse you will ever meet. That made me feel a bit better.

Then I mounted onto her with mom's help. I knew how to steer her and all that I am just not that good at it. I started at a walk. I was a bit scared that I would fall off at first but after a few minutes of riding, I was a bit more confident. Then I put her into a trot.

"You're doing it, Amanda! Keep going!" Mom called to me. I couldn't help not smiling. Sugar didn't need but a gentle tug and she was off where you wanted her to go.

Then mom said, "Canter, Amanda, Canter!"

I was a bit nervous about cantering but I did it! I am not going to gallop yet though. I don't think that I'm ready for that yet. Then I slowed down to a walk. I stopped and said, "Good job, Sugar." I patted her on the shoulder and dismounted.

I loved that horse. She helped me face my fears and I couldn't have done it without her. It was my first, genuine, ride. I am for sure going to ride more now. Horses are now my life. Riding is my life. And Sugar is my best friend.


Hope you all enjoyed! :)

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The Wild One

by Jenia D
(Columbia, SC)

The Wild One

The Wild One

As I walked down the dirt path, I heard someone shout. I turned around and like a flash of lightning, a black horse ran in front of me.

"Woah!" I said as I stumbled back and landed on my bottom. "You okay?" Someone asked from behind. I stood up and turned around. The first thing I noticed was his eyes, they were warm and filled with life. His hair was ear length and blacker than the blackest night.

"I'm fine." I said brushing the dirt off my jeans. "That's good. I'm Travis, by the way." He said shaking my hand.

I admit it. I was attracted to him. "Hi Travis, I'm Jillian. Was that your horse? "I asked him. "Yeah, that's my horse." He said sadly. We heard a faint whinny. "I better go catch him. See you around?" He asked. I nodded. He then smiled and ran off.

What was that about? I sighed,shook my head and continued down the road. About a mile down the road was a small riding academy called Hearts and Hooves. I went into the stable and went to the fourth stall on the right.

Waiting for me there was me black patched paint mare named Estella. I had bought her from a man at a slaughterhouse when she was just a yearling. We really did have a special bond.We could communicate with each other without words or a whip. I went in her stall and brushed her down before tacking her up. I mounted her and went to trail b.

I don't know why, but I kept hearing hoof beats that weren't Stella's. I'm probably just hearing things, I told myself. I heard a faint whinny. "Stella, you hear that?" I asked her. She tried to turn around, but I kept nudging her forward. She knew something was there, something unseen, something unheard.

"It's okay girl, it's okay." I said, trying to comfort her, but it didn't work. I knew we were getting closer and closer, and closer. Suddenly, a big, black stallion stopped in front of us and reared. I fell of of Stella and and hit my head on a rock.

All I remember is Stella fleeing and then everything went black...

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My First Shooting Star

by Sian

The night I wished upon my first shooting star would be one that I will never forget- I remember it clearly. I always will.

It started off like every other day for me- I was in the barn. I had just fetched in my horse, Kaspian, and was grooming him. There was a few other horses in the barn- but no humans. And a dog called Apple was here, she was a huge great Dane. She always ran with us when we rode.
Anyway, just as I finished picking out Kaspian's feet, I heard a set of horse hooves coming down the isle between the stalls. 'Funny,' I thought, 'No one else is usually here at this time,' I lived here on the land, as did my father, and some of the ranch hands, and one of their sons, Link, but they were normally fetching most of the other horses in, we did have three full sized barns.

I leaned over the stable door, looking in the direction of the horse hooves. There stood Link, you know, son of one of the ranch hands? With his horse, Galaxy. "Hey," I smiled, getting his attention. He looked at me and smiled, coming over to Kaspian's stall with Galaxy.

"Morning," He responded, "Are you taking Kaspian out later?" He asked me. I nodded, I had planned a hack out by myself on one of the mountain trails. I would go to the top, watch the sun set, and come back down before it got too dark. Simple plan, really.
"Yeah, I am, actually. Why? Would you like to come?" I offered. It would be nice to have some company.
"Yeah, please. If you don't mind. I have to take Galaxy out later, too." He pointed to the bay and white mare behind him. She was stunning- they had both had each other since they were young. Me and Link were fourteen now.
"Okay, sure. I need to do some jumping in the arena first, though."I smiled and walked back to Kaspian. Kaspian was a black, 15 hand gelding. He's a gentle horse and wouldn't hurt a fly.

I finished his hooves and gathered all the brushes, and left the stall. I only bothered to lock the top lock, as Kaspian rarely ever escaped. I put the grooming kit away, and grabbed his tack. Kaspian had already eaten. I walked past Galaxy's stall where Link was bent over, doing the job I was just doing. Picking out the feet. I smiled and walked off. I liked Link- only as a friend, but he was a good looking kid. He was polite, too. Basically, every girl's dream.
I slipped the tack over the stall gate. I had an English saddle and bridle, but we did both. The hack we would do in Western.

"Hey, buddy," I smiled as I opened the gate to let me in to the stall. "Who's a good boy?" I asked, rubbing Kaspians soft muzzle. He's so gentle, bless him. I ran my hand along his white face, and grabbed the bridle from the little hook. I quickly got it on him, and that was soon followed by the saddle pad and saddle. I hooked the reins under the stirrup and walked to Galaxy's stall. "Hey, Link." I greeted, walking into his stall. He jumped a little.
"Oh, hey! You scared me," He laughed nervously.
"Sorry! Anyway, what are you doing today?" I noticed how Galaxy had English tack on, but Link didn't ever ride English.
"Oh, I'm teaching a private lesson," Link informed me, "To this girl who goes to our school,"
"Oh! Who is it?"
"Just this girl called Rebecca,"
"Oh, alright. I'll see you later, yeah?"
Link nodded and I fetched Kaspian.
I got to the gate of the arena, where Lnik wasn't doing his lesson, and opened the gate, leading in Kaspian. I shut it behind us and set up some jumps whilst Kaspian just stood there.

I smiled once I had finished, and crossed my arms. I was pretty proud, to be honest. I walked over to Kaspian and quickly mounted him. Being the good horse he is, he stood still until I had both feet in the stirrups and kicked him forward. I warmed him up first, walking him around the arena, then trotting him before doing the jumping course.
We passed the jumps with flying colours, and Link and...Uhh..What was her name? Reece? Re-Re...Rebecca, that's it. Stood there and clapped. I smiled and laughed, feeling slightly embarrassed. They saw all that?
"Well done!" Link praised, before they turned back to the lesson.

Later that night, just before 5 O'clock, I had Kaspian tacked up in his Western gear, and I was waiting for Link. He slowly came along with Galaxy, who was limping slightly. "Ahh, I don't think I can come," He sighed. "Galaxy's got a limp, I think we worked her a bit too hard during the lesson,"
"Oh, no! Will she be okay?" I asked. Galaxy was a great horse, and I'd cry if anything happened to her.
"Yeah, she'll be fine, don't worry. Just a little limp, huh, girl?" He stroked Galaxy's face. "So, I don't think I can come, sorry,"
"Don't worry about it, it's fine, really. I'll go alone," I smiled, and lead Kaspian out. "I'll see you later. If my dad asked, tell him I'll be back for 8! And I have my phone, anyway," I informed Link, and he hummed in agreement.
I mounted Kaspian and walked him on out of the barn, along the cobble path. It was so peaceful, the whinnying of horses and the far off sounds of car engines filled the air. It was a warm day, and the sun made the whole area look amazing.
I smiled as we reached the main gate. It wasn't much of a gate, more of an arch than anything. A car was coming up the drive way. I stopped Kaspian to let it pass, but it stopped next to us.
"Hello, is this..." The man in the car looked down at a sheet of paper on a black clip board. "Oak Tree Stables?" He asked.
"Yes, it is. Can I help you?" I responded. I had never seen this man in my life, he looked too much of a city man to be here in the country side.
"Yes, I'm looking for Mr. Smith? I'm here to discuss lessons with him,"
"Oh, okay..." That's a bit weird, we don't normally do lessons. "Yeah, you can find him in his office in the barn, probably. Just drive up this road, and it's the big red building with the horse box next to it. If he's not there, on the third stall to the left should be a boy with black hair, ask him and he'll know," I instructed him. Mr.Smith was my dad, he had ran the yard for as long as I can remember. My mom- she...She left my dad a while ago, I've chosen not to see her. I know she'll want to take me away from here- and this place is my life. Anyway, he's done a good job so farm.
"Okay, thank you," He smiled and drove up the road. I shrugged and made my way up to the trail start.
Once I found it, I started to ride up there. There were animals all around me, squirrels and chipmunks in the tree's, deer and buck in the forests, and even some wild horses roaming around. I passed through a small creek, the water splashing up Kaspians legs, cooling him off slightly. He whinnied and continued. The stones under Kaspians feet moved as he walked over them, making way for us like we were king and queen. I took a deep breath. It was moments like these I lived for.
When I reached the top of the mountain, I saw another horse there. It was a pure black mustang by the looks of it. I rode closer and got a full look, but someone was next to it. I dismounted Kaspian and made sure I made enough noise so he knew I was here. He jumped a little when he head me. He was sat, leaning against a tree, his knee's tucked to his chest.
"Oh, hey," He smiled, seeing me.
"Hiya, is it okay if I sit down?" I asked, loosening Kaspians saddle and taking his bridle off.
"Yeah, sure," He budged over so I could sit against the large Oak tree with him.
"Thank you," I thanked him. Making conversation, I said, "So what brings you up here?"
"My dad owns a ranch just over the valley, and I've never been up here, so I decided to explore. And thus; here I am," He laughed. It died down, and he looked at me. "Yourself?"
"My dad owns Oak Tree, just down this mountain," I explained, "I always come here. Say, isn't it a bit late for you to stay out now? I mean, it's at least an hour over the valley, and it's half five now!"
"Wait? It is? Darn' it! My dad's going to be so annoyed. Augh!" He sighed.
"Well, you could spend the night at our barn if you want. There's a spare loft room one of the ranch hand's is normally in, but he's away," I informed, "I'm Kinzie, by the way," I smiled. I forgot to tell you about myself. My name is Kinzie, I am fourteen, I have ginger hair that I always have in a loose pony tail, and I have blue eyes and frekels. That's all you really need to know.
"Rhett," He stuck his hand out. "And that'd be great, thank you. This is Darcy, by the way," He stroked his horses face. I was wrong- it was a mare. Rhett had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. I'm not going to lie, but he was good looking. Like, really, really good looking.
"Nice to meet you, and this is Kaspian," I pointed to my horse who was stood near the flower bed eating grass. He lifted his head and his ears perked from hearing his name. "Yes, you," I laughed as he walked over and sniffed my hand.
"Ah, he's cute." We talked for a while and I found out some stuff about Rhett. He's, like me, fourteen, and lives with both of his parents, and his ranch is a riding school.
"So should we get going?" I asked as the sun started to set, you could already see stars. Suddenly, Rhett gasped.
"Look! A shooting star! Wish, quickly!" He informed me, pointing at the flash of white. I wished that he and I would become friends.

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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.

Get Creative! Horse-Crazy Crafts!

by BlueRoan

Are you horse-crazy AND love crafts? Are you artsy? Creative? Well then, here are some creative horse art and crafts for you!!

Horse-crazy art!
Do you like to paint? Draw? If so, why not try drawing or painting horses? They are a bit hard to draw at first,but keep practicing! Also,if you don't want to draw REALISTIC horses, why not draw CARTOON horses? Or maybe even abstract horses? Give 'em all a try!

Horse-crazy crafts!
Are you crafty? Are you horse-crazy? If so,try some of these!

  • Pipe cleaner pony! (You can find instructions here:
  • Make a horse sculpture out of Play Doh or clay! Maybe make a horse CHARM out of clay!
  • Make a horse charm bracelet! Take some horsey charms( a horse, horseshoe, carrot...) and attach them to a bracelet!
  • Make horseshoe decorations for your room! Take a horseshoe and paint it any color(s) you want! Then hand it up in your room. Easy!

Horse-crazy writing!
Do you like to write stories? Are you horse-crazy? If so, here is some advice and help!

  • You don't have to really publish your stories. You can submit them to (here!) Everyone here would LOVE to read your stories!
  • Non-fiction stories. Do you have a horse? You can write all about your horse and good times you've had!
  • Fiction stories. Make up your own horse stories!
  • Tip! It helps to get ideas on what to write when you read other horse stories!

Well those are some creative ideas that are horse-crazy! If you have any more ideas, please tell everyone about them in the comments below! :)

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The Circle of Life

The first time my heart got broke, a horse broke it. After that day much in life beat my heart up more and more. At age four my first horse was supposed to be a miniature pony but I got a horse for Christmas. I landed in the hospital before I ever got to ride him. I finally did get to ride him. But soon after we had to part ways.

Years passed and I still missed him very much . I was emotionally distraught for a long time at having to part ways with him. But he never was for from my mind. Life itself took a toll more and more on my heart. Seems I stayed a emotional wreck all the time. But in the end it was a horse that put my heart , mind and soul back together again. At a time in my life when the world seem to be crashing down on me in every direction. I got the opportunity to learn natural horsemanship with a horse I called peanut.

I was finally able for the first time in my life to find peace and direction. The understanding of love, trust and respect and relationship. With at this time one failed marriage and the present marriage falling completely apart, I can say that if it had not have been for natural horsemanship and my horse peanut, I wouldn't be here to tell you this story today.

It is a really hurtful thing to come to the realization that someone really doesn't love you even though they say them words to you everyday. There is nothing worth more in this world than having a sound mind a heart that is still able to love and a good soul and feeling complete. I do feel that God is always there in the middle of any horse and a person and natural horsemanship.

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My Beloved Cody!

by Emilie



I have a story for ya. :)

Cody is the light of my life. He is my sorrel Appendix gelding. He is not much, but to me he is everything. He's had quite the history.

His former owners bought him when he was two. His reg. name is Ugottagetbehindme, sire The Face Behind The Line and out of I Gotta Faymas Face. They bought him for a barrel horse, but they kept him stuck in his stall for seven years, only brought him out to train or go to shows. He was nine when I got him, ten now. I went to look at him, and I thought he was gaited, because of the way he walked on gravel. His feet were bad looking, and he had no shoes on. He was not obese, but he was pretty round. They fed him well, he just never got to be let out to be a horse. We bought him for $1,000. Me? Happiest 10 year old in the world.

I rode him that night, and later we realized his left eye was watery. We thought "Eh, it's just allergies from coming to a new place." But I wondered, how could he get it so fast?

As the weeks went by it started to get worse. So we finally gave in and took him to our vet. He said that Cody had a cataract in his right eye, and a slit in his left. He said the left eye would get better with right treatment, but he would eventually go blind in the right one. I was worried, because I knew what usually happened to even half-blind horses.

The vet gave him some meds and we left the right eye alone. And the weeks kept coming and it didn't get any better. We took him to the vet again, and he looked and said that Cody had a bacteria in his eye that was eating through the lens. He put a catheter on him and that night, me and my Mom slept in the trailer and got up every thirty minutes to squeeze medicine through the catheter.

Sadly, our work didn't pay off. I came home from school one day after my Mom had taken Cody to the vet, frantic to hear the news. I expected it to be good. She said the vet had said that the bacteria had eaten through his eye, and the lens had popped, I believe she said.

I cried for at least an hour, then took some carrots and went to see him. I was upset, because we are not one of those tie-a-bell to their neck people. If the horse goes blind, we put it down. I was worried for my beloved horse's life, even if I had only known him for about a month, he had my heart.

We have carried flags together and been on trail rides, and he acts like he can see the whole world. Every day I come to the barn to see him at his gate, asking to be let out. Rain or shine, he will always be my beloved Cody.

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Make a Wish

by Erika
(Coaldale, Alberta, Canada)

Photo credits: Barbicpt0 via I'd Pin That

Photo credits: Barbicpt0 via I'd Pin That

"Bye, Nikki!" Bella leans out of the window and waves wildly. I blow a kiss to her and wave back, then turn to check out the place in front of me.
A tall wooden sign reading Twin Pines Horse Camp is in front of a large barn painted bright red. Beside the barn is a small paddock with 2 or 3 yearlings in it. Beyond that, I see more pens and some other, smaller buildings. It looks like a nice place-if only my stomach wasn't so queasy!

"Nikki, we have to get your luggage, okay?" Mom says as she taps my shoulder. I turn to our minivan and hop into the front seat. Dad is napping in the back but I see he just wakes up. He yawns and stretched before closing his eyes again.

I am tired myself and stifle a yawn-the 2 hour drive was tiring!
"Here we are!" Mom announces a few minutes later. We turn into a garage of sorts and Dad pops the trunk and grabs my suitcases. I hold onto my carry-on and wait awkwardly.
"Hi!" a woman with red hair startles me as she walks up. "You must be the Towers family!"
Dad and Mom smile politely as they chat. Finally the woman-Madeline Gregory-turns to me.
"Well, Nikki!" she says in her loud voice. I smile and fiddle with my braid.
"...just head over this way..." Madeline says and I quickly follow her.

Soon we arrive at a large row of cabins. Madeline shows me which one is mine -Cabin 8-and I plop my junk down. Mom looks happy when she sees the 'Rules & Guidelines' sheet above every bed and Dad smiles when he hears Madeline talk about the chores we do every morning.

I space out as Madeline and my parents talk about various things. I pull out my phone and text Julia:
Nikki98: Hey, how` s ur holidays so far?
Jules replies quickly:
Julia: Pretty good. U?
Nikki98: Gr8 so far:) Madeline is talking 2 mom and dad.
Julia: Madeline?

I am in the middle of replying when I look up.

Mom and Dad are staring at me and Mom is shaking her head no wildly behind Madeline`s back. Madeline walks over to me.
"There is a rule about phones here." she says sternly. I gulp and push my phone into my pocket.
"I`m s-sorry!" I say. Have I already messed up??
"The RULE is-" Madeline continues-"that phones are permitted only for an hour after curfew and during lunch break. Hope you get that straight!" I nod and Mom and Dad look relieved that I didn't make the director of camp mad already.

Madeline is glancing at her watch when a tall brunette with braces walks in. Madeline introduces her as Rachel, our cabin counsellor.
As soon as Mom and Dad leave and Madeline and Rachel are both out of sight, I yank out my phone.
BellaBeauty: Hello???
A second later:
BellaBeauty: R u there?

A flurry of texts follows. I reply as quick as I can.
Nikki98: Sorry bout that! Not allowed to have phone except at curfew & lunch!!:'(
BellaBeauty: Oh. Well cant u bend the rules??
Nikki98: ...well this IS horse camp...don't want to mess it up!...
BellaBeauty: Oh, right. I guess U would nevr not listen 2 rules!
That stung a bit. I just hated getting in trouble with my parents.
BellaBeauty: JK!!
Nikki98: Yeah im a good girl!!lol
BellaBeauty: Well Taylor is here! gtg

I didn't even reply. Taylor was a popular rider at our stable and lately Bella had been spending a lot of time with her...
I ignored my worries-after all, Bella had come along to drop me off! I waited on my bunk mulling over Bella & Taylor...and of course, Kaden.
You may be wondering who Kaden is...Kaden is my amaze BF!!I am 14 ad this is my first boyfriend, and here are the deets about him!!
Kaden is 14, a bit older than me, and has brown hair and blue eyes. He is average build and competes with the school basketball team, the Chatham Cougars.

He is SUPER cute and Lily Brooks, the most popular girl in school, was totally after him even when he and I started going out. Now she hates me for ' stealing' him....I have never had a better reason for someone to hate me!!:)
My phone beeps-it`s Kaden!
Kaden: Hey Nikki:) How's camp?
Nikki98: pretty cool so far! what's up?
Kaden: cool. oh I am just watching a movie
Nikki98: fun, what is it?
Kaden: You wouldn`t like it-its a horror movie.
Nikki98: *shivers* I-I`m fine, t-totally f-fine...*knees knock*
Kaden: LOL. U have a great sense of humor Nikki!:P
Nikki98: Thx:) u do too K,..but I RULE!!LOL jk:)
Kaden: haha no way. well I gtg in 5.
Nikki98:Oh too meeting starts soon so I have to get ready:)
Kaden: Okay I will leave you then! TTYL.

I smile as I close my phone. See what I mean? Kaden is awesome. He is a jock, but pretends to like romance movies and horse books like I do just to please me...I <3 KADEN!! Well enough about my bf:)5 more minutes till camp officially starts. I gulp as my nerves return...


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How to raise money for my horse?

by Kylie

So I was leasing a horse for a while but some complications happened with the lady who owned him so I am no longer doing that.

What are some ways I can raise money for my own horse? I have a job but I need to pay for my car too. I'm thinking about starting an etsy business so ideas like that are great! I am going to make horse treats and sell them.

Also, I know how much it costs to have a horse but for those of you who actually have your own, how much is it for you?

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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.


by Karen

Jumana was my beautiful dapple grey thoroughbred gelding. He was perfect.

One day we went to a show. I could always trust Jumana to be good at shows. He never got nervous and he always did his best. This particular show was one that could get me closer to my ultimate goal, jumping on the US equestrian team.

As I led Jumana down the trailer, he had his head down and his eyes were half way closed, normal Jumana behavior. Then when we tacked him up, He jerked his head up, causing me to fall backwards. He never had done that with me!

I spoke to him softly as I pulled his leg wraps off. When the five minute call came for my class, I was in the schooling ring. Jumana tripped before a small jump and stumbled backward I glanced down at his leg. It looked fine. It must have been uneven footing.

When we came in to jump our course, Jumana cantered normally toward the first jump. When we jumped, he didn't jump as effortlessly as he normally did. This jump was more awkward. Then, the third jump arrived.

As soon as I finished the jump, Jumana collapsed and I fell off. I broke two of my ribs, but that wasn't as bad as what happened to Jumana, he broke both of his legs and the vet put him down. I never rode another horse again.

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All things Horses!!!!

by xxDoree

Hello everyone :) I have a fanpage on facebook which is full of horsey fun, quizzes about horses, and so much more !!! So PLEASE check it out because it is the place to go if your horsecrazy ;)

Here's the link:!/pages/All-things-Horses/114743998550119

The name of it is : All things Horses!!!!!

Thanks !!!! :D


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My Horse Poem

by Stephanie
(snow camp north Carolina United states)

The sound of galloping hooves,

The smell of fresh spring grass,

The feeling of the wind,


A coat of dapples,

A mane of black,

A pair of kind eyes,

Two white stockings,


A majestic whinny,

Breathtaking power,

A unbreakable bond,


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The Phantom and Ivory...A Horse <3 Story

by Taylor
(Kentucky USA)



Once upon a time, a beautiful little Purebred Arabian filly was born. She was crystal white with pure black mane and tail. She has no markings and ice blue eyes.Her mother was a palomino named Gold and she decided to call the filly, Ivory. Gold new Ivory would be a great horse one day.

As the days and months went by, Ivory was growing more beautiful every day. Every stallion or colt in the land wanted her for their own but she always refused them. Her mother and father said "Ivory,you must be choosing a stallion soon or your gone."

Ivory looked at her parents shocked then said, "well, I guess I'll be going." Ivory took off at breakneck speed as hot and steamy tears run down her face.She stopped later on and then stood.She stood half the night not even eating or drinking even though she was dying of thirst. She lied down and rested then fell asleep.

Later on, she was awakened by a loud crunching noise. She suddenly jumped up and perked her ears and looked down the bushes and flared her nostrils. She stood then looked squinting as a pure white stallion stepped out from behind the bush and looked at her with forest green and gold eyes. Ivory was hypnotized by them and took a few steps forward. She then gently touched noses with him.

"Hello." Said the stallion in a deep but gentle voice.Ivory said hello back sweetly. He then smiled and gently nudged her and said "I'm Phantom....wait can you see me?" He said and Ivory said "yea, why? And I'm Ivory." Phantom began jumping around smiling and said "your the first to see me!" Ivory looked at him and then looked into his eyes and said "really? You're the first to sweep me off my feet."

Phantom blushed at this then stood and then said "okay, so, your my mare." Ivory looked at him and then said "okay." She was truly lovestruck by him. He stood and smiled and then galloped off with him into the sunset.

*3 years later*

Ivory and Phantom now had a large herd and 2 foals named Arabella and Thunder. They were going to have another one soon. Her mother and father were so proud of her and happy. They lived happily ever after.



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Dear Shocker

by Tilistra

Photo credit: aloiswohlfahrt via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: aloiswohlfahrt via I'd Pin That

I galloped around the arena, Mark cheering me on. I grinned. I was galloping, actually GALLOPING!!!!

"Ok now, Letty, slow down to just a canter, and we'll get you to jump number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, we'll go back to 7 8 and 9 later."

I cantered smartly around the ring, looking at jump number 1. Champion hopped over it, easy as abc. I was amazing at riding, Mark told me. He was my trainer, and was almost like a uncle to me. Champion lept over the rest, they were about 8-9ft high!

Heidi, my little sister came out to greet me. She was six, a sweet girl, with shoulder-length brown curls, and beautiful blue eyes.

"WOW!!" She whispered, her eyes widening in awe. She could only jump about 3ft. I smiled triumphantly at her. I slowed down after I had finished my last jump, then trotted out the school, patting Mark's head as I went. "Thanks." I held my hand up as a sign of gratefulness. Heidi walked sensibly along beside me, as I was walking now.

I slid off Champion's back, and lead him into the stable, Heidi followed. I untacked, and gave Heidi it to put in the little tack room joined to the barn. She lay in the hayloft, while I groomed Champion happily, singing as I did. I gave him some fresh hay, and cleaned his water trough, then joined Heidi.

The hayloft smelt like sweet-smelling hay, and I wrapped myself in it. I grabbed Heidi's hand, and we climbed down the ladder, Heidi still covered with hay. I brushed my jodhpurs off, and tried to clean my younger sister as well. Her little green dress, and long white sleeved t-shirt, smartly put on underneath her dress, had turned slightly yellow. We laughed quietly, and we ran into, shutting the stable doors behind us.


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Golden Girl

by Caroline

Marli :D

Marli :D

"So are you excited?" Mom asked me. I nod and continue to look out the window. It's been almost 50 minutes, and we finally see the Second Chance Acres. I'm going to try out horses. And this farm has horses for over $500. We drive up the uneven graveled driveway. Horses with dirty, scratched coats are calmly grazing in the fields. Some have scars, and weak legs. I think about what these horses have been through before they were rescued. A tear quickly escapes from my eye and I rub it away. My Mom and I get out of the car and walk up to the barn. Inside, is wooden planks nailed up into stalls. Some horses are eating, some laying down, and some banging themselves in the walls. The owner, Heidi shows us around and introduces us the the sale horses. Most of the horses wouldn't let me pet them. Some kicked and bit. At the end of the barn where there was no light, I looked into the stall, and there was a skinny, dirty pinto. On her name plate, it said "Marli." She comes up to the door and I brushed off some of the dust and discovered she was a golden palomino. "Mom come over here!"

I can hear the trailer rocking away behind the truck. Inside is the palomino. We got her for only $300. $200 worth of tack and tools for her that I could spend. I smile and my heart is pumping quickly. Marli was super calm and laid-back going into the trailer. I already love her. "So do you think you made the right choice?" Mom asked focusing on the road. "Definetly." I tell her. "Heidi said she was a jumper then sold to a kill buyer." Mom informs me. I already knew all this. "Ya. I will work with her everyday until we are successful." I promise myself. We drive up into GreenWood Farm and start to get Marli out and settled. I smile and kiss her on the head. "We will make it big, girl." I tell Marli and I promise that.

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The Freestyle Showmanship Class

by Audrey Z.
(Eagle, Idaho, USA)

It was a cool, crisp morning when I, Audrey Z, was about to enter a scare of my life. I just exited the halter class. When I was eating my breakfast I saw a girl named Crystal, she went into her Showmanship class with no chain or lead line. Grandma said I should do that.

In return, I said really, cool, I will, what do I have to do?

Well stop, pivot, back, and trot. Grandma said.

I can do it, I said. I practiced after a while. There were two more classes in front of me. We started putting on the details on Just My Jazz, an AQHA horse, otherwise Jazz is her barn name.

It was my turn now and I took my chain off and I entered. Me and Jazz were having a great time in the arena. We did awesome and did a perfect job. I got first place, but I've got to be honest, I was the only one in there but it was still pretty awesome. Jazz got plenty of treats and hugs.

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True love

by Sophie

He paced around his stall, stressed. His ears were pinned back and he was rolling his eyes around threatening. Jess could tell he was scared, he was confused and lonely. No horse deserved to be at a miss treated auction like this.

People who were cruel and evil to the horses usually came here to buy another horse they could mistreat but Jess and her mum came every year to see if they could help another horse. This horse was a stunner. He was a bay with a cream mane with ginger highlights. Also he was big, at least 17.8 hands high Jess estimated.

"Hey boy, you don't deserve to be here..." Jess whispered placing her hand upon the metal gate.
The gelding reared in fear.

" Woah, okay boy, it's alright."

She took a step back and examined him, Jess could see his real beauty but he was covered in mud and his ribs were pressing against his skin. Sighing Jess went to find his owner...

The man was quite large with and long beard. He was holding up a sheet of paper with a number on it, the same number the horse had on his gate. Jess stormed up to him and growled "What the hec do you think your playing at!"

The man look," I really don't know what your on about little miss." He stammered helplessly.
" Oh for goodness sake! That horse out there is mistreated and scared. I can see his ribs. You don't deserve him!" Jess screamed.

Every one in the hall turned around and looked, the man shook his head " Sorry miss but I have nothing to do with that. I own a different horse, I just have to bring him down and get him sold. An dif I don't get him sold he.. he.."

Jess' face frowned "What, what will happen to him?"

The man didn't make eye contact with Jess, " He will be put down!"

Scowling, Jess' face went deep red, she screamed' " I cant believe you people! Right, I will be back in a sec, and don't you dare sell that horse...."

Surprise, surprise half an hour later Jess and her mum were driving home with a scared and abandoned horse in the trailer behind them. It was like true love.....

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The Life of a Horse

by AHorseLovingGirl4ever

I'm Stardust, a light dapple gray Connemara Pony. I live at the Horseshoe Ranch with my owner, Grace. She is in Dressage and I am the horse she uses. Grace is 13 and she is my best friend. I don't know what I would do without her!

"Stardust!" I heard a familiar voice call. "It's time for lessons!" I nicker as Grace walks up to my stall with an apple for me. I take it and eat it. She then tacks me up for Dressage. We have been doing Dressage together for a year now and I'm enjoying it.

I have known her for three years now. Grace used to go on trail rides with me all the time but now, since she started Dressage, we haven't been on one for a while. "Here we go." Grace said as she mounted up on to me.

We walked out into the riding ring with others getting ready for lessons. Soon we start and we are doing well. We did the best in the group! "Good job, girl." Grace said sweetly while giving me a treat when we were finished. I whinnied in return. She then walked me to the stable and untacks me. She put me in my stall and said, "See you later Stardust." Then left the stable.

I was surprised when she came back in about a half hour. She walked in with her friend Alyssa who also had horses. Then I heard Grace say, "I'll ride Stardust. Who do you want to ride?" After, I heard Alyssa say, "I think I'll ride... Toffee." Toffee is a Chestnut Paint horse. Alyssa usually rides her when she comes over and Grace ALWAYS rides me. Then they tacked both of us up and started to ride.

"Which trail are we going on?" Alyssa asked. "On the usual." I heard Grace reply. We then rode on the usual trail. This reminded me of the days when Grace would ride me pretty much every day! As we got about half way down the trail, we heard thunder. I got a little spooked but kept it to myself. But Toffee was NOT expecting that as she told me. Toffee backed up and did not want to go forward but Alyssa soon calmed her down. "We should probably get going," Alyssa said. "I agree." Grace said while turning me around.

We were almost at the end of the trail when it started pouring. We sped up to a gallop and ran the rest of the way to the stable.


Tell me what you think in the comments!

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Rocky Road

by Elizabeth



The cold October wind blew harshly at my face. "Mom are we almost there?" I asked. We were riding from the Maples (my mom's friend. they live in a huge house. Not like us at all, we live in a log cabin.)

I don't like going to their house because there's nothing to do. I sometimes play with the baby Anne but then the mom always says "time for her nap." It is really not fun there.

"Almost. Wasn't that nice?" Mom asked me. I shook me head. "Why don't you like visiting them?"

"It's boring there. That's why I always take my time when you say we're going there."

"Now I see." Mom looked at me then turned her head.

Later we go to the house. "Mom, the phone is ringing." I said pointing at the house. "Oh, thanks hon," she said running up to the house.

I walked to the barn with both horses in my hand.
Untacking Rose (my mom's horse) then going on to my horse.

"Hey bud, you did good." I said to Bolt. Tacking off his saddle and pad I took them to the tack room. Grabbing the brush in his box I almost shouted. "No, Bolt!" I rushed into the stall. He was prancing around with a dangled bridle hanging down at his hoofs. Hitting his legs, but not being scared of it.

I grabbed a halter and yelled. "Bolt stop!" He stopped. I took of the bridle then groomed him. "That was a close one bud! You could have tripped!"

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The Story of Thunderbolt


Every body wonder's where thunder come's from . it's Hoobeats in heaven ..

The stallion that this story is about is named (Lighting bolt ).. that make's the lighting in the far distance's .. the mare that is about ready to foal is named (Star light) she make's all the star's in the sky at night .. (Lighting bolt )is ready to move the heard and make some lighting around Wyoming and Colorado area. the Ireland mare (Star light) is ready to have her foal . and the day rolled around .. it's a boy the proud father and mother named there son ( thunder blot )?


( Thunder bolt ) is now about three and let's his older brother run the heard named (Dry lighting ) because his mother died from old age and father got killed from a Hart attack .. but one day one of the outlander's that live in the ( north sky land's ) named ( crystal fly ) Kind of has a crush on ( Thunder bolt ) .. ( crystal Fly ) is about a two year old and don't live in a heard she's an outlander (crystal Fly's ) dad ( Moot ) see's ( crystal Fly ) By the Sky landers hared ( crystal Fly ) Yelled her Father ( What Dad ) * ( You don't go by a different heard I'm Taking you to or mother ) said her father in a mean cranky voice .. ( she was going to talk to some boy in a strange heard) Yelled her father ( no mother I was going to see what new heard moved in to are Terrain ) said crystal Fly ( crystal Fly I though that you new how dangerous it is to go by a heard that your not for sure about ) Said crystal Fly's mother named ( Rain drop ) .. ( I no mother .. look I'm going to be Three in a few month's you guy's need to chill .. I'm ok ) said crystal Fly???
her parent's looked at each other ????

* To be Continued *

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Babs Little Suger

by Bandi

In my life I have worked with many different kinds of horses and every one I have known in my life has a very special place in my heart. But Babs Little Suger I think became a piece of my heart.

I acquired her from a man that in truth couldn't care for her anymore. The man used her to guide a blind horse in from pasture everyday. She was already fifteen years old. Out of more respect, I paid a price for her. She wasn't a horse I would have normally acquire for myself and I've done something most wouldn't do.

I acquired her. She was indeed a beautiful fourteen hand high solid black horse. She forged on her right front leg which did also immediately grasp my attention.

However I still brought her home. The man had raised her on calf manner. She was a bit obese and she was a morgan. But out of all her problems she had the best attitude and disposition and manners and heart of any horse I had ever known.

Even so at the time I had no clue why she forged on her right front leg. I knew that whatever the cause her weight wasn't making it any easier. I gradually changed her feed and gave her less than she had been normally been fed. twice a day and plenty of hay. Everyday led her around for about a hour.

She finally came down to her normal weight and so did mine believe it or not. Her colt became glossy black. Her forging got a great deal better. As I began to ride her and spend more and more time with her. I found potential this horse had that was remarkable.

Even though she forged on one leg.
She had the will to want to do all she really knew how to do. She had the most want to in her I had ever seen a horse have. But I would have to limit her to all she so wanted to do. It was as if I had given her a part of her life back that she so missed all them years.

When I first acquired her, She had a look on her face as a worried stressed person would have. But as time passed all that expression left. When she turned seventeen years old I entered a parade with her and had planned on entering it the next year. But one day as we were riding she easily laid down with me upon her. I got off her and got her up and noticed on the leg she forged , she had horrible limp. I knew right then it was all over.

After all them years . The answer to that leg was finally answered. She had bowed a tendon that had been bowed before I got her, and now it had bowed again. I put her out to pasture and everyday I massaged that leg for her. Even though I knew she could never be rode again.

As weeks past that look in her face came back. I even began to get that look on my face as well. A friend knew it was breaking my heart. So he took her and put her in his big huge pasture for her final days and there she did spend the rest of her final days. That little horse help me see more through a horse's eyes than I had ever seen before.

She would have given me her all and died doing it, if I would have let her do it. Babs little Suger has passed on but her memory will live forever.

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Beau, my Christmas Miracle

by Jordan
(Newmarket, Ontario)

My Christmas scavenger hunt for my horse when I was fourteen years old.

It all started one Christmas. I was finished opening my gifts, or so I thought. My mom handed me an envelope and said to open it. I was a disappointed as I didn't get a horse... again. At least that's what I thought.

When I opened the envelope and read it, I was thinking "ugh. I actually have to get changed!" I didn't know I was getting a horse, all I knew was that I was going on a scavenger hunt to find the gift.

My first clue said, "go look on you're front porch to find your next clue." When I went to the front porch there was a gift and a clue with it. When I opened the gift, I saw horse boots and I thought "what the heck?" When I read the clue it said, "go look in the garage." When I went to the garage I saw another gift with a clue in it. I got a horse blanket and my clue said "go look on your grandparents front porch for your next clue."

My grandparents lived close and owned a horse farm, that's where I learned to ride. I ran up to my grandparents porch and they were both waiting for me there. By then I had known I was getting my very own horse. I opened the gift and I got a blue halter and a rainbow lead rope.

My next clue told me to look in the barn. I was so excited because I was getting my very own horse!!! I looked in the barn and on the handle there was another gift. Before I opened the gift I opened the stall door and was filled from head to toe with happiness!

He was black and white with blue eyes, standing about 15.5HH high. I hugged my beautiful new horse! My parents then told me he wasn't named yet even though he was 5 years old and broke. I had decided to name him Beau. My mom slipped on the halter and clipped on the lead rope while I looked at my final gift. In the bag, there was a photo album that showed Beau's parents and also when he was a foal.

We grew up together. Taking long trail rides, doing liberty work, helping kids with disabilities ride, entering competitions,and most of all. Becoming friends.

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Miracle in the back yard

by Leah

My horse High place is a 1 of a kind horse he is sweet, kind, and funny but that's not all he has a grey spot on his flank that's where he lay down in his stall for months.

Once upon a true story there was my horse my barn owner had him at the time i was not born yet this was when my mother was still single, high place was winning awards all over the country barrel racing he won my barn owner big time money.

One day a man asked $40,000 for high place but my barn owner resisted then he got kicked in the knee by a paso fino filly. It had broke his knee my barn owner was devastated that her bay beauty was hurt then the man offered 30,000$ for him yet she still resisted.

My barn owner was going to put him down so she had the hole dug, the vet was there and every thing. Then my mom called her and said "What did god tell you to name this horse?"

"High place."


"Because I'm gonna be in a high place spiritually with him."

"So why are you putting him down? Mom said.

My barn owner stopped in her tracks and they brought high place to multiple universities to look at him. My mom spent 30,000 k'chings to just look at him. All of them said put him down, they said no so they put him in a double stall and he lay there for months.

Just with prayer as his medicine, my mom came every day pulling grass out of the ground into a bucket and came and fed him by hand. My mom would spend hours laying in his lap, praying.

One day they went to go check on him and he was standing. They got the local vet to look at him. He said high place was sound.

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by Elizabeth

I slid on the saddle on Blade's back, tightened the girth then put on my bridle.

"Come on boy, we're going to do some jumping today." I said leading him out of the stall.

"Well, after this I am going to the mall." I heard a girl say.

I looked into the tack room where the girls were talking and saw Casey and Steph. I made Blade go faster so they wouldn't see us. We came out of the barn with out them knowing. YES! They would probably tell me that my horse is a flea bag, what he is not. He is bred perfectly.

"Monaka, I can do a lesson right know since you can't do it tomorrow." A voice said. I turned to see Larue, the owner and the instructor.

"Great!I would love that.I said smiling. Mostly tomorrow is my lessons but my family is busy so I came for a ride. I led Blade into the arena, mounted him then we walked around the arena several times.

"Okay, posting trot." Larue ordered.

We went into a posting trot then we turned the other way. After that we cantered.

"Jump this course." Larue said pointing to the jumps. I nodded. We went to the 1,2,3,4. We went over the forth but the landing was bad and I fell off with a thousand pounds landing straight on me!

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Me without you

Can anyone imagine what a world without horses would be like? It would be hate, faithless, nothing to believe in, no dreams, no love, no passion. What would you do if horses were just gone one day? Me? I'd sit in a corner and scream, yell and cry my heart out. What would you do?

These poems are dedicated to a very dear friend, Peppy. I have written about him before and today I just wanted to put into words what I would be like without him in my life.

Poem #1
The day we met
Frozen, I held my breath
Right from the start I knew
I'd found that home for my heart.

I love you so much, Peppy!

Poem #2
No dreams
Loveless life
Me without you.

I wouldn't have love, my Peppy
I wouldn't be able to live
I wouldn't be happy ever again
I wouldn't feel alive.

It would hurt so bad
I don't know how I could live
I would hate life more than anything
I would be heart broken
That's me without you.

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I Will Always Love You

by Sarah (horseluver4evernever)

"Goodbye," I whispered. I saw the little grey ponies head for the last time as the tall man closed the trailer door. My mom put her arm around me and hugged me tight.

"It's ok," she murmured.

I whimpered. My little gray pony, Romeo, was leaving today. We couldn't take care of him any longer so my parents sold him. The person that bought him only lived about half an hour away luckily. It was the worst moment of my life. As the man started the truck, i let a fat tear roll down my cheek. As the trailer began to move, I saw the fluffy gray head stick out of the window.
It rolled down the gravel driveway and onto the road. Hat was the last time I would see him. Or so I thought.

It was Monday morning, the morning after Romeo left. My first instinct was to go to the barn and feed Romeo. Then I remembered. My heart sunk. I got out of bed slowly. I put on my school uniform and moped down the stairs. I grabbed an apple and ate it quietly.

"Good Morning sweetie!" My mom called.

"Morning mom," I replied. I finished my apple and was about to grab one for Romeo and then I realized it. He was gone.

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by Jacey
(175 S. Center Oakley, ID, USA)

I opened my eyes for the first time to see another pair staring right back at me. I jumped at first but I soon found out that was my mother. I soon found myself standing up and walking around the stall. Some creatures were looking over the door at me and saying something I could not understand.

I was deaf. I knew it from the start. I am a yearling now and I am being introduced to some other horses today and I do not feel very safe.

As I was lead into the pasture I got many looks of disgust, snorts and even a couple nips. As soon as the lead rope was unhooked I ran to the nearest corner and hid. The horses were quickly gaining on me and I got scared.

Then out of no where a little pony jumped out in front of me and snorted at the others to back off. And so they backed up. I felt safer now with that little Shetland pony with me even though it was silly that a thoroughbred felt safe with a small pony by him.

My name is Scortch. I am loved and cared for my mother in heaven and my nontrustworthy stableboy, David. David is a loving kid but knows nothing about me. Sometimes we struggle. Years later I was getting ready for a competition with David and he all of a sudden started saying I was never going to win this race. So he left me alone in the dark stable room. I quietly walked to my stable and laid down for tonight dreaming of the big race the next day.......

Today was the day, I was tacked up and ready to go but David was nowhere to be seen but a little girl no more than 9 years old climbed on me and patted my neck. As we entered the arena ot was silent. Then the gates flew open and we were off. About 3/4 the way done, I tripped Which sent my rider over my head. I grabbed her by the shirt and flung her back on. I was determined to win this race.

As I closed in on the lead, right behind the racer in first place, I lurched forward and I struck my front hoof down so hard a rock flew and hit the lead racer's horse in the chin which slowed him down bringing me into the lead and I crossed the finish line with glory and pride. I had won.

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Ghost Horse

by Hannah

Photo credit: Sponchia via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Sponchia via I'd Pin That

"Help! Somebody, help!" The little girl who was crying for help had her leg trapped underneath a large rock. She knew that nobody could here her faint, quiet voice, but she continued to yell and scream all the same. Suddenly, off in the distance, a white flash caught her eye.

The girl grimaced in pain, but curiosity took over. Tears stung her eyes but she swung her head in each direction, looking for the flash that got her attention. A loud nicker made her freeze. Did someone finally come for her? A rider from a near by ranch? No.

The horse she saw was riderless, with no tack to show that he was tame. The horse was majestic, and he wore a beautiful white coat. The "flash" that the little girl had seen was not lightning, no natural phenomenon, but this little white horse that had come to take an interest in her.

A tear rolled down the girl's cheek; making a trail through the film of dust. The horse crawled closer. He pawed at the dirt and stretched out his neck. Nostrils flaring, he blew warm breath onto her face. The girl tried to smile, but the horse couldn't get her out of the situation she was caught in.

Only a human being could push that rock over. The girl stretched out her hand toward the horse, and he sniffed it, wondering what little creature he had stumbled upon. But, suddenly, he ran off in the direction of the ranches and herds of cattle.

Once again, the girl was alone. She buried her face in her hands and again tried to think of a solution. She thought of nothing. For hours she sat there, wedged between a boulder and the dry earth. She was starving and thirsty, and in a lot of pain. Her leg was certainly broken.

The sound of hooves came from where the ghost horse had ran off to. Please, let it be help... the girl thought, trying to hold back tears. She glared in the direction of the thundering hooves, and a smile lit up her face. "Over here! I'm right here!"

Two riders, one astride a dun and the other on a bay, strode toward her. The ghost horse was at there side, a safe distance away. "Mom? Dad?" The little girl recognized her parents at once.

"Amanda? Is that you?" The stallion pranced toward little Amanda, neck arched. He raised his hooves high, as if trying to get attention. Amanda reached both arms towards her parents. "Oh, Amanda! I'm so glad you're OK!" Her mother enveloped her in a hug. The stallion became nervous of all the quick movement and loped off towards the plains.

Amanda was free of the rock that was pinning her down, and now her and her family stared of in the direction of the ghost stallion, and her father said, "What an amazing horse. And to think he knew where to go to get help.."

Amanda knew, but she didn't say. All she thought about was that she was going to see that stallion again.

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The bond between a girl and horse

There is a treasure beyond just rare
There is love that two hearts share
When loyalty is sworn till the end
Then you have found the truest friend.

Not many horses can be so
Not many people really know
How the truest friend sticks by your side
In times of need when you must cry.

If these friends travel miles apart
They'll always be together in spirit and heart
For best friends know each others dreams
And what true love and friendship means.

And if such a friendship between horse and girl does start,
The two remember it forever in their heart.

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365 days of Peppy

by heartbeat for horses

These poems are dedicated to Peppy, the sweet black and white paint horse who came into my life 365 days ago as of April 2016.

Peppy is not my horse, he is a lesson horse who I fell in love with. I don't always get to ride him. I actually haven't in 5 months but I will always love him no matter what...

The Year I Had Known Peppy

One year with you
365 days of love
you were my someone who was sent down by a angel from above
your swifter than a dove

365 days ago was the best day of my life
365 days of love,hardships,and you
all of my hard times you helped me make it through
i will always be true to you

You are my love and my sanity
you are my dreams and my humanity
you are everything to me
you are forever free

I can't believe its flown by so fast
so short a time ago was the past
I remember the time i saw you last
riding together just as fast

Thank you for always being there
we've tended to each other with care
our bond is beyond rare
we are best friends forever to share


When I need a shoulder to lean on
you are always there for me
a love beyond what most can see
you mean the world to me

When I need a little nuzzle
you are there with your velvety muzzle
you are always there to pick me up
when I fall to the ground

When my world turns upside down
you are there by my side
to love me no matter what happens

When I'm facing my darkest days
I'm always comforted by your loving gaze
you are always there for me

You and me forever
we will always be together
we are best friends
you are my world you are my life.


Hey horse crazy girls!

I have made a lot of posts about peppy before but I have never actually told y'all much about him.

Peppy is the first horse I ever rode and has been the light of my life and my best friend sense we met. Peppy is slightly stubborn, high-spirited and very curious. His favorite treats are peppermint, apples and carrots. He has a bold heart, loving, wild personality... and I mean what's not to love? Lol.

Peppy is a black and white American paint gelding, with a hogged mane, deep brown eyes, a half blaze, a star, four white markings, and the best marking is the lightning shaped marking on his neck. He has the softest coat I have ever felt softer than velvet.

Peppy actually has HYPP which stands for hyperkalimic periodic paralysis. HYPP is a series of muscle tremors which Peppy has in his right shoulder. Peppy used to have it pretty bad and was aggressive when the vet came to give him shots as it was very painful for him.

Peppy only has the attacks 1-2 times a year but has calmed down over the years. (It was before I knew peppy when he was aggressive and stuff.)

Peppy is a prize-winning eventing horse especially in dressage. His show name is Ima Classy Star. He competes with his real owner in level training level events. I hope to compete on him soon.

Peppy is the best horse I could ever hope for and I spend hours a day sitting by the window hoping praying and daydreaming he will be mine. I love him more than anything. (I actually keep a jar of peppermints and carrots for him.)

I'll Miss You (November 2016)

I'm going to miss
My sweet classy star
This year we've come so far
But all good things must come to an end
I'll miss you my lovely best friend

I know it's only a few months of time
and I know it may seem like I'll be too busy
To think of you my friend
But you're always on my mind night and day

The next long winter months will be the hardest of my entire life
But you will stay in pictures and my heart
Until spring starts

Goodbye for a little while
I'll see you as soon as I can
I'll miss you with every beat of my heart
Until we see each other again...

Every winter from December to March I stop riding for horse bowl, if you guys remember what that is from one of my previous posts. I'm really busy and I really don't have time to. I do see Peppy occasionally during that time since horse bowl is held where I ride but I don't get much time with him. I'm really going to miss him until March. This was just a little poem for him.


A hundred hearts would be too few to carry all my love for you:) I love you sweet thing.

Apples?? (December 2016)

It was the day of my annual gymkhana for my horse club and of course I was riding Peppy.

I had just mounted up and I started to walk him around the arena to get him warmed up before trotting and cantering for the events. I had him walking slowly along the rail so he could sniff some of the blankets and towels on the arena fence for some of the gymkhana games so he wouldn't spook once we started.

Along the side of the rail, Peppy stopped and tried to push his head over the fence so I turned him in a circle and walked him by it again figuring it was an object he was frightened by.

So I took him by it and once again he yanked the reins and tried to stick his head over the fence. I just walked him by it and decided to come back to it since he obviously wasn't scared.

A couple minutes later, Peppy was acting a bit crazy which was surprising considering it was only 9 in the morning and he isn't much of a hyper in the early morning.

As we got closer to the fence where he kept stopping, he pricked up his ears and started pulling on the reins. We walked up to it and all of a sudden he yanks the reins from my grasp and sticks his face into a plastic bag sitting on a barrel. It tipped over spilling out and yep, just what you guessed, over a dozen juicy red apples.

I have never seen that horse so happy in my entire life.

Anyway, thought you horse girls would enjoy this little story. :)

Happy riding!

Heartbeat for Horses... Peppy and I forever! :)

My Second Horse Show

Just recently, I had my barn horse show which was my second ever. I was excited to get there and learn that I was riding Peppy.

I got him groomed and tacked up. I braided his short hogged mane and made his coat shine like gold. I rode in 11 classes and I headed down to the arena with the other riders.

I wasn't riding in the first two classes which were walk only for beginners. After those, I mounted and we started our first class which was walk trot on the rail. I placed second.

The next class was walk trot equitation, I placed 3rd out of 8 riders.

Next, I rode my dressage test and placed 5th out of 10 which there were riders who placed above me who had been riding for years longer than I have. The people who placed behind me were a couple advanced beginners and 3 people who had been riding a couple years longer than me.

Next were walk trot canters which I placed first in both.

Then the last 5 game classes, I got 2nd, 4th, 1st 3rd, and another 1st. I also placed second in hunter hack with 12 riders.

Peppy did amazing and I'm so proud of him. I could never have asked for a better day and a better horse to spend it with!

Riding Lessons

I get to the stables early Wednesday morning and hurry into the main barn to see who I am riding in my lesson. I look on the clipboard on the tack room door, I smile broadly to see my name beside Peppy's and hurry out to the pasture with a carrot and his halter slung over my shoulder.

"G'morning Peppy!" I call cheerfully to my favorite horse ever, a black and white Tobiano Paint horse standing out in the field. He picks his ears and and starts towards me with a loving whinny.

I clip on his halter and lead him up to the barn to get groomed and tacked up. I clip him on the cross ties and get to work on cleaning him.

"Why do you always have to roll in red mud?" I ask him lovingly as I curry the large red spot on his shoulder.

After I groomed him and picked out his hooves, I quickly tack him up and lead him towards the arena. I walk inside, fix my stirrups, check my girth and mount up. I love the feeling of sitting on Peppy. I can feel our bond rippling through us.

I start out walking to warm him up while I wait on my riding instructor. Once I'm warmed up and my trainer comes in, I start the rising trot and take a few laps around the arena doing different exercises such as three loupe serpentines, broken lines, and 20 meter circles.

After that, my trainer tells me to go ahead and ask for the canter. I squeeze my legs shorten my reins and make a kissing sound. Peppy breaks into a canter.

I'm still learning to canter so we only do a few circles then its back to the trot. I work on some cross rails at the trot, do some more cantering and exercises then I cool him out and untack him.

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My First Horse, Black Knight

by Olivia

It was a Sunday afternoon in June. I was walking looking at horses. I stopped and stared at this beautiful black stallion. A man walked up to me. "You want him?" He asked. I nodded.

"Good choice. He's a beauty." He said. So my parents bought the stallion. I named him Black Knight. I rode him right away when we got home. I was so excited. I jumped him too. He was great. I entered him in many shows and races. He always won. He was like an eagle soaring through the sky! I was so proud of him.

But that's when it started... He didn't eat for the next few days. He rolled around and made painful noises. I knew what it was. Colic. I called the doctor and he came right away. He said he could give him a shot for the pain. Days passed. The doctor had done everything he could. He had said we could put him down and end his pain. But I wouldn't give up that easily. Black Knight fought bravely.

Then one day Black Knight lay down grunted and lay still. He never moved again. I cried for many days. But sometimes I think I see his ghost and I know he will always be with me.

The End

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I'm so sad and lonely without horses

It's not fair. Every morning when I go and feed my chickens I always imagine a beautiful horse galloping toward me in the fog. I always act like it's going to happen and I keep waiting for the sound of hoof beats and nickers. I want a horse of my own so bad I do that. And when I watch videos of horses I find myself crying.

What can I do?

Am I alone out there? Does anyone feel the same? Is it like nothing is good about your life without horses? That is what it's like to me.

Horses are my love. My faith. My dreams. My heart. My soul. My everything. That is how I feel about them......

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My Dream Horse

by AHorseLovingGirl4ever

Horses. I love them! What's better than horses? I'm Marissa,a horseless horse girl. My dream horse is a chestnut paint mare named Mocha. I really want a horse of my own.Will my dream ever come true?

"Marissa!" Mom called.

"Coming Mom!"Marissa called back. She ran downstairs and asked, "What is it,Mom?"

"Well, I was thinking... and me and your dad decided on it. You are going to have riding lessons!" Mom said.

"What?!?! That's awesome!! Thanks Mom!!" Marissa said excitedly. "Where am I going to be riding?"

"At Pine Meadow Stables." Mom answered with a smile.

"THAT'S WHERE JADE RIDES!!" Marissa said very excited. "I'm gonna go call Jade right now and tell her!" Marissa thought. So she ran and got the phone and dialed Jade's number. Jade picked up the phone, "Hello?"

"Hi Jade! It's me,Marissa!"

"Oh hi,Marissa!" Jade said.

"Guess what my mom just told me. She said that I could have riding lessons with you!" Marissa explained.

"Oh.." Jade said sadly.

"Aren't you excited?! What's wrong?" Marissa asked worriedly.

"It's just that..S ugar just died last night from a colic." Jade answered almost in tears.

"I'm SO sorry Jade!!" Marissa said thoughtfully.

"It's alright. I'm just sad that I didn't get to say goodbye. Otherwise I KNEW that she hasn't been doing so good lately. The vet said that she may not live. And..she was..right." Jade said again almost in tears.

"Well, I have to get going, I will see you tomorrow at lessons, right?"

"Yeah, I'll be there." Jade replied with a sniff.

"Bye. "Both said to one another and hung up the phone.

In the morning, Marissa woke up early. It was hard to go to sleep last night with all the excitement of the thought of horse riding. She got dressed, slipped on her riding boots, and ran downstairs. "I'm ready, Mom! "Marissa said after eating breakfast.

"Then let's go!" Mom said as she walked out the door. They got in the car and drove off. Marissa was excited as ever! She couldn't wait! Soon, they pulled into Pine Meadow Stables and saw...

To be continued... Comment if you want part 2! :)

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The Wild Grey Mare

by Nina
(Great Britain)

The wind blew through my hair, as I walked across the beach. No one was here to talk to me, I could be left alone, this was paradise. The sand slipped through my toes, the water wooshed about leaving me in a world of my own, when suddenly something happened.

A blur of grey, with a mane and tail, flew past me at a amazing speed. The creature stopped and looked at me. Blue eyes, so shy, yet so fierce staring at me. Reaching out my hand I tried to stroke it, but I was to slow and the creature ran away. From then on I knew it was.. A horse.

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Fashionista Horses

by Loretta

There once was a horse named Fashion who lived in Massachusetts with a girl named Loretta.

Loretta loved to ride horses. Her favorite was Fashion. She was ten years old and lived in a house with her mom and dad.

She fed her horses--Pepper, Fashion, Banana, and Bubble everyday. She did not go to a school but went to a horse school to ride horses.

She had friends at horse school. Loretta rode Fashion, Anna rode Pepper, Emma rode Tinsel, Grace rode Jellybean, and Gabby rode Felix.

Some days, Loretta made clothes for Fashion that were fancy for horses.

One day, Fashion was in a big horse show to look the prettiest. But there was a big mistake at the horse show because two of them were wearing the same outfit! The only two horses that came were wearing the same thing!

Then there was another horse show that all the horses came to in the barn. Bubble, Banana, Fashion, and Jelly Bean were at the horse show.

First place was Fashion, second place was Jelly Bean, third place was Banana, and Bubble came in last place. Loretta and Fashion were in the newspaper together!

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by Sydney M.
(Round Rock, TX)

Okay, now this song has inspired me to write a story that is kind based on what the lyres say.

"Cedarwood Road"

I was running down the road
The fear was all I knew
I was looking for a soul that’s real
Then I ran into you
And that cherry blossom tree
Was a gateway to the sun
And friendship once it’s won
It’s won… it’s won

Northside just across the river to the Southside
That’s a long way here

All the green and all the gold
The hurt you hide, the joy you hold
The foolish pride that gets you out the door
Up on Cedarwood, Cedarwood Road

Sleepwalking down the road
Not waking from these dreams
‘Cause it’s never dead it’s still in my head
It was a warzone in my teens
I’m still standing on that street
Still need an enemy
The worst ones I can’t see
You can… you can

Northside just across the river from the Southside
That’s a long way here

All the green and all the gold
The hurt you hide and the joy you hold
The foolish pride that sends you back for more
Up on Cedarwood, Cedarwood Road

If the door is open it isn’t theft
You can’t return to where you’ve never left
Blossoms falling from a tree
They cover you and cover me
Symbols clashing, bibles smashing
Paint the world you need to see
Sometimes fear's the only place we can call our home
Cedarwood Road

And heart that is broken
Is a heart that is open, open, open

Okay now, we’ve got the lyrics; time for me to tell you the story that I just created.

I was running down the a dirt road away from home, away from that barn—away, away was all a could think. Away from that horrible, horrible place… away from that person who did it. And now they wanted me to get back in the game; no sir ree bob! Running was all I could do now, I ran and ran until… suddenly, a wild horse… reddish-brown sorrel the color of fire zoomed past.

“Wow!” I exclaimed, “What a blur!!”

The horse stopped, turned it head and walk toward me. “Hey there girl” I stroked her mane gently. “What’s your name?”

A silence fell, “Well, I’ll call you… hmmm…” I thought and thought, “Well, let me just say that I love your fiery spirit…” she nuzzled me in the ribs. “Whoa, whoa, whoa girl.” I scratched my chin. “Now how about Whirlwind or Fire’ N Ice?” I thought long and hard about those two names for some time; finally, I had it! “How about I call you Whirlwind as an everyday name, but Fire’ N Ice will be a secret code name in case you get lost... and if and when I decide to enter you in some kind of horseshow down the road will say Fire’ N Ice is our show name too, okay?"

Whirlwind nickered excitedly.

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The Legend of Matilda

by Remy



Matilda was the only horse rider in Jorvik many people thought horses were bad luck!!

"NO! I AM NOT GIVING UP MY HORSE!! Shouted Matilda. "Come on Storm, time to leave. This is no place for us! We're going to moorland, a horse club." They set off and traveled to Moorland.

"Welcome!" Said Thomas as Matilda rode through the gates. Matilda just smiled at him. "Well, you are an experienced rider, you should ride over to vale dale!" Said Thomas. Matilda did as she was told but then a tragedy happened.

Matilda rode across that bridge and fell when they found her and her horse... It was too late, Matilda was gone... Matilda's family heard of this and Matilda's mum said with a sob "the last she wanted was us to ride a horse... I think we should do as she said... For her."

The family learned how to ride a horse and they loved it! They were so happy they opened up Jorvik stables!! Horse riding is a tradition all over Jorvik and other states. They all called it Dawn of the horses.

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My Friend, Haven

by Madalyn
(Albion, Pennsylvania USA)

There was once a girl named Anne. She lived on a farm with her mother and father. They had lots of horses but her favorite was one named Haven. He could not be ridden yet, but he was almost 2 years old. He would be the first horse Anne would ride.

At school, a lot of kids made fun of her. They called her horse girl and said she stinked like a horse. And she had no friends except Haven.

Sometimes, Anne would come off the bus crying and she would run into the horse stalls and Haven would nuzzle her softly.

A few months later, Haven was ready to be ridden. Him and Anne soon became one. Now, Anne was older and became a championship horse rider. People stopped making fun of her and started praising her. They would ask riding tips and such. Although everyone thought they were her friend, Anne had one TRUE friend, and that was Haven.

Anne and Haven won many championships after that. They were one of the best riders. Every championship they went to they won a gold medal.

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Sugar and Spice

by Horse-Lover-Forever

It was a horrible, rainy day at Tall Oak Acres. Cassie Woods sighed. What with all the rain and muddy fields, Cassie was sure that most of her "friends" wouldn't make it to the farm. She knew them, but not as well to call them friends. They were more like...acquaintances.

Cassie knew that there was one friend she could count on coming. Her best friend, Ashley. Ashley Mae. The phone rang loudly, jolting her from her thoughts.

"Hello? Tall Oak Acres here, what do you need?" said Cassie politely.

"Cassie, it's me, Ashley. Uh, I'm really sorry," Ashley mumbled.

"But what?" Asked Cassie, feeling confused.

"It's...It's... I can't make it to the farm. I forgot - I had something else on."

Cassie felt two different emotions swelling up inside her; sadness and rage.

"You forgot my BIRTHDAY!?" spluttered Cassie in disbelief, shaking her head. "But we've been planning for weeks! How...How could you?"

"Look, it's not a big deal. I don't know why you're making such a scene. Its, like, SO immature." Ashley replied icily.

Cassie was shocked. REALLY shocked.

"Hey, Ash? Have you finished talking to that LAME girl you told me about? The dumb farmer one? Come on, I want to got to that new Go-Karting place that's just opened up!" said a voice in the background.

Stiffening, Cassie asked, gritting her teeth,"Lame girl? Dumb farmer one? Who is that, Ashley and why were you talking about me!?"

The line was cut dead.

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

This story shall be carried on...

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Samantha Carter: Kidnapped

by heartbeat for horses

Chapter One

12-year old Samantha or Sam Carter raced to the barn pushing the hot summer heat away. She pushed open the heavy barn doors and sniffed in the sweet smell of leather, horses, hay and manure. She could not live without horses, that was for sure.

She made her way down the dim barn aisle and stopped in front of the stall that held her beautiful bay paint mare, Shasta. "Morning girl!" Sam said and dug out a cube of sugar from her overall pocket.

Sam loved Saturdays. She could wear whatever she pleased and could ride as long as she wanted. She grabbed a body brush from outside Shasta's stall and quickly began brushing her dusty coat off. "I'm so glad it's summer now girl! I can ride everyday, and not have to wear dresses and petticoats!" She exclaimed as she tossed her brush in the corner of the stall and grabbed her bridle off the hook outside her stall.

With the swiftness of many years of practice, she bridled her in seconds and started to lead her out of the stall. "Goin' somewhere Sam?" A voice said from behind her. She spun around to see her 26-year old brother, Jake, standing beside a hay bale his blue eyes were icy chips.

"You once again forgot to clean the saddles and now we're all behind this morning. Instead of going out on the range to bring in the cattle we're stuck cleaning saddles for a couple hours." he said in disgust. "OH NO!" Sam yelped. "I forgot about it last night. One of the wranglers was working with that new colt and said I could watch, I was going to get it afterwards, honest!"

Her brother didn't look convinced. "I'm sorry," she finished lamely. "Well if you're sorry, when you get back from your ride you're cleaning every single piece of tack in that tack room until it shines. Got it?" Jake said. He obviously wasn't fooling around. Sam gulped. "Got it," she said and spun around. She quickly led Shasta out of the barn and swung into the saddle.

She nudged her heels into Shasta's sides and broke into a breakneck gallop leaving Jake's stubborn, angry gaze far away.


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by Gabrielle

By the way this story is fake but if it ever happened I would tell you people FOR SURE. This is my first story so please give me a good rating. Here's the story guys I hope you like it! :)

There was this horse named Andrew that I loved. Every day I'd go to the barn and ride him. And then one day when I was in a lesson riding him something spooked him and he bucked and reared and bucked. I fell off and cried in pain.

My riding instructor helped me up and I got right back on. He was great the rest of the time. And when the lesson ended my riding instructor called me to come here and that she wanted to talk to me. I went over and this is what she said: "We are having a horse show in three weeks and by that time I want you in control of your horse. Show him who is in charge who is boss. Ok?"

I was very ashamed and promised myself to get in control. I read all the horse books when I got home and even when my mom called for cookies I said "Not now." I was ready the next week fort a group lesson. And when she told me to do things I did them.

My parents saw one day that Andrew was for sale and near my Birthday they bought him for me. I was soooooooooooooooo happy! It was the best day of my life even better than the day I met the saddle club cast and they shook my hand and hugged me! I thanked my mom and dad so much that I think they got a little annoyed. It was the best day ever!

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Saving Luna

by Hannah

Photo credit: aloiswohlfahrt via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: aloiswohlfahrt via I'd Pin That

Luna was a frisky Hanoverian mare, with a stubborn personality and a fear of humans. My parents rescued her from a high-end show barn where the horses where treated with no respect. The owner insisted that the equines where to be whipped whenever they did the opposite of what they were forced to do. As that will probably paint a horrible image in your mind, I will move on.

Luna came to us, terribly afraid of any human that crossed her path. So, I made it a priority to show Luna that there still is a friendly person in the world.
. . .
"It's ok, big girl. I won't hurt you," I crooned to the big chestnut mare. She stared back at me with a fearful look and trotted the other direction. She had such a wonderful conformation. Arched neck, she pranced on. "You'll never catch me," she seemed to chant. "OK, time for our first training session."

I studied the round pen I stood in.

Then I looked at Luna's body language. She didn't look happy. Ears pinned, muscles tensed, Luna stationed herself as far away from me as she could. Then I remembered what I had learned from training my Thoroughbred gelding, Prince. Luna's eyes rolled and she showed off the whites. She was obviously in a distressed state.

I tried to ignore her, and push aside the sea of thoughts that crowded my head. I stood at the gate, trying to look harmless. All I wanted was to share the space. I stood there for what seemed like quite some time, and Luna eventually gave a long sigh. I smiled slightly and left the ring.
. . .

The following month I was beginning to get some progress. We had established personal space, and touch Luna's forehead when she allowed me to. I had clucked my tongue to get her attention, and finally was able to catch her. Luna even backed up on command. Now I had her on a lead rope, and was teaching her to stand still beside me.

I held the lead rope in one hand and stood about three feet from her nearside. She attempted to move off, skittering along the grass, but a gentle click of the tongue caught her attention and she stood still at my side.

Each training lesson was got easier every time. "I can't believe how far you've come in a little over a month," I whispered to the horse. "You're a miracle."

Because she was doing such a wonderful job in everything I had asked her to do, I tried testing to see if she would walk toward me with a little convincing. I held my hand in front of her face, and she laid her ears back ever so slightly. I backed way from her and she almost stayed in place. The only movement she made was an agitated stamp of her foreleg.

"Good girl," I breathed.

She seemed to understand my compliment, because she perked her delicate ears forward at the sound of my voice. I clucked my tongue and she took cautious steps toward me. Inside, I was whooping with joy. I decided to give her a well deserved rest, but couldn't wait to continue the next day.
. . .

After many months more of training and bonding, Luna was ready to be mounted. I was over the top excited and had a hard time controlling my emotions. During the past few months I had gotten her used to the saddle and bridle again, but now was the pay-off.

I lead her over to the small mounting block my father had placed on the side of the round pen, and asked her to stop with the wave of my hand. I ever so slowly placed the reins over her head and strolled to her nearside where the mounting block was located.

I was scared but confident, and my confidence seemed to take over. I swung aboard with such swiftness, my mother gave me a thumbs-up from outside the pen. Luna tensed for only a minute, then swiveled her ears around to take in the sounds around her.

I nudged her sides, and off we went. Just like a push-button pony, she seemed to jump into a swaying walk. A smile stretched across my face and I could see tears in my mother's eyes.

When Luna came, she was an uncontrollable horse, like a mustang who had been chased by a pack of wolves. But now she was a good-natured Hanoverian show horse, obeying the lightest touch from my boot heel. It was pure miracle.
. . .

Tears filled my blue eyes as I watched a blue ribbon wave in the gentle breeze. The ribbon hung from Luna's polished leather bridle. She was a champion, and a fighter. She pushed through her fear of human beings with a little help from I, Amanda B. She truly was a miracle horse.

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I will save them all

by Kylie

I watched outside as water poured down from the sky, the only thing I could think about was what they were going to do with that horse at the barn I rode at. The owners of that beautiful paint gelding had dropped him off without ever looking back, they had stopped paying board a few weeks ago and I had heard the barn manager Lisa on the phone with a man saying he was going to be picked up soon. Picked up for what? I wondered.

RRIINNNNNGGGGGGG. I looked over at my desk where a picture of Nora was flashing on my cell phone screen. She was grooming her old horse Sparky In the photo, I still remember that day she lost him. Flashbacks appear as I think back to that dreadful day, I was at the local auction with my aunt looking for a companion horse for her brand new filly when Nora had called me.

“Hey! What’s up! Can I call yo…” “Sarah! My dad sold Sparky! He’s on his way to the auction right now! They just got back from the Caribbean and they said he was getting to old for me! He’s only 12 years old!” She was sobbing uncontrollably. She didn’t know that I was already there with my Aunt, I was just about to tell her when I saw a strong black horse enter the circle. He had a white stocking on the back of his right leg... just like Sparky.

I quickly hung up the phone and grabbed my Aunt by the arm. “We have to bid on him!” She turned around to grab her paddle when the words SOLD rung in my ears! I froze as I watched a kill buyer take Sparky away to his death. To this day Nora doesn’t know what happened to Sparky... and she never will.

I jumped back into reality and quickly answered my phone. “Hello?” “Sarah! They are taking the horse now, you have to come to the barn quickly!” I ran out the door like lightning and grabbed my boots. Oh great. I thought, my older brother decided to “borrow” my truck. Now how am I going to get there? I heard a soft whinny and looked over to where my old pony Sugar was standing in her paddock.

My parents had bought her for me when I was eight years to teach me how to ride on her. My dad had rescued her from an abusive family and took her here, where he taught me how to care for her properly. There’s no way I’m taking her, she’s too old! It wouldn’t be safe. Although it could save that horse's life. I looked into Sugar's eyes and I could feel her telling me to saddle her up.

So I ran into the tack room that was now infested with spider webs because it had been so long since anyone had been there. None of the old saddles fit me anymore so I just grabbed a bridal and rode her bareback. The stables weren’t too far from where I lived so it wasn’t too much of a hassle for Sugar to take me there.

Once we arrived I saw Nora running down the path towards me. She was pointing to the stables. She was still too far for me to hear I couldn’t make out what she was saying. Just then as if Sugar knew what was happening, she bolted down the path and galloped over to the stable dodging rocks and oceans of water. “Sugar!” I yelled. Then I looked up and saw Lisa glaring at me holding the paint gelding in her hands. He looked terrible, like he hadn’t eaten in a month which was probably true. “Sarah what in God’s name are you doing here?!?” Nora ran up behind me out of breath. “This is wrong!” I said. A man with a long black beard came from the other side of the cattle trailer. “Go home girls!” I looked straight at him as if I was daring him to touch me. Nora stepped forward to defend me. “Lisa stop this! It’s not the horse's fault you stopped getting your checks!”

She was silent as she started to load him in the trailer. I jumped in front of her to block her. “Sarah!?!” “You can’t put a horse in a cattle trailer they will hit their heads or break something!” “I don’t care!!!” I could see the anger in her eyes as she spoke this. Everyone was quiet as we waited for the next thing. “This man paid me 300 dollars for this mutt and that’s a whole lot more then I would have gotten from anyone else! So unless you have 400 dollars on you he’s going in this trailer!” She started to go again when I thought of Sparky at the auction. The words sold still ringed in my ears. I couldn’t save him but I could save this horse. “Okay, can I write you a check? That is all you have wanted right?” She stopped and looked at me startled.

“You would buy a stupid horse just so it could have a nice field to stand in?” I nodded. She looked at the kill buyer and then back at me. “Fine I’m leaving!” He yelled as if he already knew what was going to happen. I smiled and looked back at Lisa. “Alright then girl where is your check book?”

Nora and I pulled into my driveway with her two horses, horse trailer. My mother was outside by Sugar's pen with a confused face. “Uh Oh.” I said. She looked over to us and frowned. Nora pulled up and rolled her window down. “Hey Connie! You will never believe what your daughter did today!” “By the looks of it she took our Sugar out for a much needed ride and brought back another horse.” I pushed past Nora to look at my mom. “I had to do something! They were going to send him to slaughter!” She gave me an apologetic look. “Just like your father, always rescuing those horses.”

I could see a tear run down her face. My father had passed away about five years ago trying to rescue a horse trapped in an electric fence. It wasn’t on when he had gotten there but only minutes later the timed limit was up and there was nothing anyone could do. The horse and my father both died that day. She wiped it away looked straight at me. “I should have known you would've started where he left off, I have been waiting for this day, unload the horse and bring him in the barn.” I grinned and jumped out of the truck. Nora and I brought him out and into the barn.

“So what are you going to name him?” “I don’t know... how about Lucky.” “Lucky? I like it!” She grabbed the brush box and we started grooming. We were out there for hours until my mom told us it was time to go inside. “Nora you can stay here if it’s alright with your folks.” “Thank you Connie.” What my mother didn’t know was Nora's parents were never home. They were always off in some faraway place having a blast. I turned out the lights and wished Lucky a good night sleep. Training would start tomorrow.

I walked into my bedroom to see Nora lying on the floor in a pile of blankets. “Do you think you can help him?” She asked. I thought about the question for a bit, can I? Honestly I don’t know. “Yes.” I said. “I will save them all.”

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Faster than an Arrow and Quicker than Lightning

by Kayla



I've always dreamed of being faster than an arrow and quicker than lightning. I never thought my dream would become true until the day I mounted Arrow... for about 8 seconds.

My neighborhood was fairly suburban with a 4-foot space between houses. The only animal that anyone thought to keep was a dog or the occasional cat. Although, if you dared to venture further into the small houses and tiny yards you might see a field and fences, and horses.

One steaming summer day, me and my sister rode down the perfectly paved road all the way to the land of horses. I dismounted my orange bike throwing off to the side and into the tall grass. The grass whispered as I made my way through it.

A tall brown horse was waiting for me. The horse was about 15 hands high and was feed and watered but was not cared for the way a horse should. The horse mane was full of burrs and its fur was matted in more than one area.

"I want to name him Jasper!" My sister announced. I jerk and startled the horse in front of me.

"Jasper. Are you kidding me?" I asked.

"Nope, but that light brown one looks like Dominique."

"Fine then that one is Johnny."

"You're catching on." My sister, Jessica had an unmistakable twinkle in her eyes.

"No, no, no, no. Uh-uh. Horses are pretty and deserve pretty names, but for your sake Dominique and Jasper will remain the same, but Bob is now Arrow." I said pointing the black and white horse which later I found out was an appaloosa.

"Agreed. Motion carried." Jessica grinned from ear to ear.

I walked further down. I wanted to be way farther out of the houses view point.

"So, do you want to ride one?" I asked.

"Are you kidding? That's-that's like illegal, Rae." Jessica hissed.

"I don’t see a no trespassing sign. Do you?" I replied.
"Alright fine, but if we get in trouble I’m Jill and you are Joan."
"Whatever makes you happy." I said hoisting myself over the fence.
"You’ve ridden horses before, right?" I asked Jessica.
"Course! You’re so oblivious. Well I did ride them until Mama said the lessons were too expensive." Jessica looked down cast.

I was willing to do just about anything to make her happy, "Here’s your shot, make it count."

I took her arm and lead her to the previously named horse, Arrow.

"Can do something to make it stop moving?" Jessica implored.

I ripped up a handful of grass and held it up for the gelding to eat.

"I still don’t know about this," she bit her lip. "You try."

I looked eagerly at the horse. To be honest I had waited a while to ride a horse. I had always been rather envious of Jessica’s weekly horse lessons. When I finally got the nerve to ask, my mom pulled her out because of the expenses.

I stepped on the tree stump near by and lifted my leg over Arrow’s back. I felt a tingle go up my spine at Arrow’s first movement. I could tell the horse didn’t know what to do with it's self so it started running. I started slipping at the 5 second mark. 3 seconds later I was rolling in the dust.

"Jessica, did you see me ride!?"

"Yeah, that whole eight seconds was super impressive." Jessica said with her dripping in sarcasm.

Personally, I didn’t care if Jessica hated or loved it, but those eight seconds would never be forgotten because I moving faster than an arrow and quicker than lightning.

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Star's Spotlight.

by Faith

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: 387310 via I'd Pin That

I walked down the path, glancing uneasily behind me. It was a strange feeling, almost like someone was watching me. The sun shone merrily but somehow, it made me feel uneasy. Something wasn't quite right.

Maybe it was the terrible storm last night? suggested a little voice in my head.

No, I'm too used to these wild country storms, I answered myself.

Suddenly, I heard a loud noise. It was a crash, as if trees had been hit.

By what?, I thought nervously as I backed away.

Just then, a horse stepped out into the sunlight. It was a fully-grown mare. Her mane and tail were covered in dust, twigs and mu. Her entire body was caked in mud which had dried and covered her mercilessly. Only the upper part of her neck was safe from this monster. On her forehead there was a white star and on the upper part of her neck was completely black.The area near her stomach was hollower than the rest of her body so I assume that she was starving and super thin.

For a moment, we stared at each other. We were both equally shocked.

Finally, the black mare walked towards me, her head low.

Suddenly, she charged.

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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.

Broken Hope

by Anna

Alex and Ares

Alex and Ares

It comes back in flashes. The bright colors of the crowd. A soaring feeling. Falling. Screams. A sound of impact. But what is missing? Then one day I remember. My horse.

I am lying in the hospital bed, unable to move, when I remember. Ares. That's who is missing. It all comes back to me in a rush.

I am at the Nationals. I am the rider that everyone is looking at. Other riders see me as the competition. Yet I have no doubt that I will win. I need to win this one show jumping class. So confidently trot into the arena on Ares. My round starts and Ares and I go.

We fly over jump after jump. The crowd is gasping and cheering as Ares and I clear every jump. The last jump is a wide spread. I feel something different in Ares stride. I don't think about it and urge him on. We take the jump a second too late. Ares hits the first pole and I feel myself flying over the jump.

The crowd is screaming as I fall right into the tallest pole. I feel it break and I hit the ground. The last thing I see is Ares falling to the ground.

Sobs rack my body as I remember. Mom and Dad hurry into the room. "Alex! What happened?!" Mom sits on the edge of the bed and strokes my hair. I manage to choke out, "Ares," before I keep crying.

"Oh sweetie," Dad says. "He is alright. Ms. Carole is taking care of him. Guess what? Lela is coming to visit this afternoon. She will tell you about Ares." Lela is my best friend. She was at national also.

"That's not what I am worried about dad. Ares! What did I do to him?! I felt something was wrong. Yet I still pushed him! If I stopped him, would I still be riding? Would I be laying in a hospital bed with a broken arm, leg and collarbone? Would I have a punctured rib?! No!" I am screaming by the end.

I start to cry again. I hear Mom and Dad talking. Then I here Lela's familiar and comforting voice. "Hey Alex."

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I am a Jockey

by Emily
(Albuquerque, New Mexico, US.)

The hot summer sun shone down on me. I began to sweat. But I felt confident.

My palomino mare, Peach, and I had been training for this race for a whole year. We were ready.

5 minutes before the race, I heard my best friend, Hanna Klovsky, shout,"Go,Tina,go!"
I felt even better.

Suddenly,I got nervous. My breathing became heavy. Then I heard the gunshot. We ran like crazy.

I bent down. The wind whipped my hair. Peach ran like the wind. After awhile, I overtook the second-place horse. Then, the first-place horse and I were nose-to-nose. I bent down more.Peach ran faster. We overtook him! Just then, I crossed the finish line.

When I got my trophy, I couldn't be happier. It was the best day of my life, and I was only 10!

At dawn, I couldn't sleep anymore. I snuck out of the house and into the stable. Peach was there, whinnying softly. I pet her, fed her a carrot, and asked her," Wanna go for a ride?" I led her out of the stable.

We rode around the yard. Peach was so fast. I loved being a 10-year-old jockey. I am a jockey. I love horses.

I fell asleep again, in the stable. I woke up next to Peach. Like I said, I am a jockey.

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Different country, Different Horse

by Annabel

" Muuuuum!" My little brother Jacob whined." Are we there yet? This is taking ages!" "Jacob! Stop your silly whining and SHUT UP!" My Dad replied. Jacob burst into tears. I glanced at Jacob. I felt sorry for him, Dad can be pretty harsh sometimes.

I woke up to a jolt, we must have landed. The grass looked dryer, there was more people here than is Auckland, New Zealand. We were now in Texas. " Wow, This place is pretty cool, dont you think Anna? Mum asked, trying to break the silence. " I guess so" I reply. That was not the truth. I hate it here already. I miss my friends, miss Blue-Bell stables, miss my life back in Auckland.

We lug our heavy suitcases to the old ranch truck, with a driver that was supposed to take us to our house. I dont even know what our house looks like. " Howdy!" A old man says, leaning on the old truck. " Hello!" My Dad says, and we all say hello quietly as well. Wait.. Did he say Howdy? Dont horse riders say howdy? " ARE YOU A HORSE RIDER!" I say too loudly. " Anna!" My dad says, with a frown on his face. " No way you are getting me near to one of those beasts! Im a sheep farmer!" The rancher, who lately I find out his name is Ben. " Hop right in, and i will drive you to your new home!" he says, So we all hop in the truck, that smells heavily like sweat.

CHAPTER TWO ( im new at this so i dont know how to do chapters!

We rumble down a dusty Texas driveway. We pull up at a old but yet modern 2 story house, made out of bricks. " Here we are!' Mum says. I look on, unimpressed. Our house in auckland was wayyyyy better than this old dump. Ben had obviously seen the look on my face, and he said " It better inside than it is outside.." " Hop out, This is our new home!" Dad said, the first thing since being on the plane. I hop out of the car. The place faintly smells.... Smells of horse feed and leather! Impossible.... This is not a horse ranch! Mum walked up the concrete steps to the house and slowly unlocked the door. The house looked so empty! " Don't worry honey, the movers are coming tomorrow with all our stuff." " Why don't you have a look around the property?" Mum says. " Ok" I say.

I walk around the house.......... OMG THERE IS A STABLE!!!!! There is also 3 paddocks! OMG! I slowly stalk into the stables to have a closer look. I see a black shape moving in the shadows.. Its a horse! O.M.G......

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Flickering Hope

by Mackenzie

I laid on the stone cold floor of a giant building they had put me in. I didn't care anymore, I had been throughout too much to care anymore. Beaten and abused, waiting for the ever-present darkness to creep over me forever, never to be light again. If only it were that easy to just get away from it all. I hadn't done anything wrong, I had just been loaded up on a trailer and shipped out to the country side with no people to hear the moans of me and horse around me.

The pain and bleeding had come back on my shoulder where I had been cut on the side of the trailer. Finally, I let my knees buckle for me to lay down to get weight off my shoulder. It felt good to have room to lay down, not that I had much of it.

I could hear the shuffling hooves of horses around me and smell the musty hay that was never given to us. See the sun glistening through a crack and bouncing off the water in a bucket we never had the joy of drinking. All of us were confused on where we were but we were just to tired to scared and to abused to care anymore.

If only I could have a nice owner for once, one that would appreciate me and love me for who I was and not who they forced me to be. I just remember tight reins, sharp bits, small saddles, and heavy people. I didn't know where I remembered it from though. I had been hit so much i couldn't remember anything, even my name. Nothing but a Flickering hope was left

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The Star Stable Mysteries

by Sydney M
(Round Rock, TX, U.S.A.)

The Star Stable Mysteries

The Star Stable Mysteries

Book 1: Case of the Missing Horses

I was riding along on my trusted horse Cinnamonswirl when I heard a terrifying cry from the barn; we raced to the barn just in time to see Maya, the barn manager.

“Hi, Maya” I said, as I leapt of Cinnamonswirl back.

“Oh, Hi Annabelle” she sighed. “Oh, thank goodness; I see you still have Cinnamonswirl—that’s good”

“Still have?. … What do you mean?

”Oh… see, I…” she stammered, obviously stalling.

“Maya, stop stalling” I barked. “Whatever it is you can tell me”.

“Well, okay…” she sighed. “You know your beloved horse and ponies?”


“Well, they’ve…sorta…kinda…well” she went on hesitantly, then finally blurted. “They have escaped”

“What?” I said puzzled, “Cinnamonswirl did you heard that—you and my two ponies have apparently escape; aww, have you ever heard of such a darn thing” I chuckled.

“I’m not talking about Cinnamonswirl” she interrupted, “I’m talking about your other horse”

“What!? You mean Scarletdimmed, Rosepetal and Snowflake. They’ve all escaped?”

“Yes, I’m afraid so” she replied

”How” I demanded,

“Well…” she began, as I pulled out my little notebook with a weathered brown covering and the words “Star Stable” etched on the front, and erasable pen from my pocket.

“There was a big thunderstorm” she continued. “I tried to stay awake—really I did… to calm them, I mean… they just looked so scared”

“Uh-hmm, go on” I listened intently,

“Then as if out of nowhere all of the horses just
started rearing, bucking and going nuts” she paused, terror and fright seem to be going through her as if it had just happened. She shivered.

“Anything else?”

“Oh, yes” she looked at me. “Then the lights went out, and while I went to go get some lanterns, I heard a strange noise coming from the stalls, and when I went back to check-- I found Jason moorland in the center of the barn, and all the horses just disappeared. What do you think happened?”

“Well, I don’t know” I said pondering her words.

“But I do know one thing; I, Annabelle Mysteryride am on the case!”

“Well thank you, but I’m just not going to assign this to just anyone, no. what I need is… a detective”

“And what make you so sure I’m not a detective?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh no reason, you just don’t look like a detective”

“I most certainly am a detective, and to prove it to you: here’s my ID” I reached into my back pocket and pulled out a little white card to show to Maya.

“Oh here, let’s see” she took it and began to read. “Our fairly new resident Annabelle Mysteryride whom also doubles as our newest… detective”

“Oh, so I guess you are a detective after all”


“So I guess you can be entrusted with solving this case…” she said.

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Reba - A True Story

by Caroline
(Kildeer, IL)

I met Reba when I was at a horseback riding camp. One of the helpers brought Sammie, Martina and I to a pasture. Her name was Trine the first helper. She showed us a black/brown horse named Ebony and a fuzzy white horse named, Emma. The last was a chestnut mare named Reba.

When I touched her her coat was like velvet. I stood on the fence and hugged her. She didn't spook one bit. I love her. There was a fake papier mache flower on the ground by the pasture. I picked it up and set it by Reba's ear. Still no spooking. She was so sweet. She looked perfect.

Next time I go to horseback riding, I'm going to ask one of the people that are pros at the barn if Reba was a lesson or school horse. School horse I hope. Reba is a diamond to me now, I love her. The best thing that would happen to me is if I could ride her.

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How to create the ultimate horse crazy room

For most horse crazy girls we have our room horse-themed. So today, I'm going to put some easy, cheap steps on how to make the ultimate horsey room.

1. Clean the room if it's not already.
2. Go to thrift stores and garage sales to find cheap horse pillows and toys and such.
3. Put up lots of horse posters.
4. Buy some model horses like schleich breyer.
5. If you ride, you can display your riding boots and helmet in your room.
6. Find or take horse pictures and put them in some frames on your desk.
7. Find a horse bedspread and sheets.
8. Make decorations such as drawings paintings hang a fishing hook at the top of your room and hang your ribbons on it. It makes a perfect border.
9. If you have not outgrown them, consider putting stuffed horses on your bed.
10. Try to find an old really cheap saddle for a few bucks at a yard sale. Put it up in your room.
11. There are some great websites out there for horsey rooms.
12. Have fun!

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Horse bowl and hipppology

Okay, so you're probably all wondering what horse bowl is. Horse bowl is like jeopardy with buzzers and it's all about horses. It's awesome and you learn a whole lot. Hippology is the study of markings and stuff.

I will include some fun horse bowl questions down below and you comment and tell me the answer. I will say you got it right if you did.

Q1 - what are 5 major muscles of the horse?

Q2 - when riding what is a horses rhythm?

Q3 - what is the periople?

Q4 - what breed of horse is most commonly affected by equine night blindness?

Q5 - in degrees how far is the horses vision?

Q6 - where is the poll on a horse?

Q7 - define homozygous

Q8 - what breed of pony originated in Wales?

Q9 - what is a colt?

Q10 - what is a castrated male horse called?

You have a week to answer the questions then I will comment and post all the answers. I know all this information and I'm on a horse bowl team so yes I will give you the correct information.

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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.

Wild Fire

by Lauren


I ran and the wind ran with me. The wind is a strange creature; he sneaks up as the creeping mouse, runs fearlessly beside me as the roaring lion, than padding away as the light-footed deer. I noticed the wind, but barely. The only sounds in my head were the drumming of my running hoofbeats and the frightened snorting of my here.

My herd. My family. They were all I knew and I struggled to keep up with their fast paced dash to safety, my heart beating frantically. As if she could hear my panicked heart, Mama, at my side, glanced down at me clearly worried. It scared me to see the fear in her eyes. Mama wasn’t scared of anything. This was wrong. Why were we leaving our home in the lush, green meadow?

I wanted to stop, to halt, to give up, but when I slowed, the great force of the panicked horses behind me pushed me forward, submerging me is a pool of brown and grey. My own golden coat was lost in the colors of my herd and the world around me. The hazy, purple mountains we were headed for made me feel small and helpless, a tiny speck of gold in a maze of rock and stone. But my father, Storm, pushed us towards them, seeming to think we could defend ourselves from the horrors behind us.

But I started to tire, as did the other foals. Seeing us stumbling and tripping, my father swerved quickly into the dark forest.

Come, came the commanding nicker. We’ll be safe here.

The shadows of the dark forest consumed us as we stepped warily into the trees.

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The Horse Whisperer :)

by Oliwia

Echo was really with Poppy!

Echo was really with Poppy!

"Echo?!are you he-re?!" Emma carefully opened the crooked gate, It was a gloomy and mysterious day. Fog was hovering about everywhere and Emma was in danger. What if Echo jumps out and scares me! Thought Emma.

This wasn't the kind of Pony day she had imagined.

"Emma!Emma!where are you!!" Shouted Polly the owner of the stables "She must have gone looking for Echo and got lost, I mean who can't get lost in this weather. I could hardly find Apache's stall this morning and It's right outside the office!" Explained Apache's owner Melanie.

"This isn't right, If she went out you know she goes up to the crooked gate and back, maybe she's there!!!" Replied Polly "Yes!" Echoed a million voices, the whole stable was with them because they heard the news.

"Polly! Polly!" shouted Emma as she walked through the crunchy leaves "Emma!" a voice echoed round Emma like a tornado what is that Emma thought as she saw a figure standing at the crooked gate, it was Polly and next to her was Emma's beloved horse, Echo.... To be continued
Part 2 coming soon :)

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by Sydney M.
(Round Rock, TX)

I was stumbling about in a blinding darkness of trash and debris, hoping to find something, or at least some kind of answer. Then I found it!

Out of blinding darkness, I saw a light. I ran toward it, as if it held all the answers. But I was wrong, for when I came out of the tunnel I could clearly see the remains of an old barn?

"What could this mean?" I thought, scratching my head. Then I remembered. "Oh no!" Bells and whistles began shrieking in my mind and I wanted to desperately fight to wake up from this horrible dream. But I knew that it wasn't a dream, this was real!

I ran and ran. As I began rummaging through the barn's remains, I was thinking, "No, no, no, no!" but yes, yes, yes—though the dusty remains I saw the dusty, burned-up black ash-colored edges of horses.

I couldn't even finish my thought, I gulp and said: "" I slowly picked it up. Immediately, visions of the fire started flowing back into my mind.

It started out okay. I was busy grooming my absolute favorite horse in the whole wide world—Kashan, when I heard a faint whinny in the distance. It sounded as if it was in trouble!

"Well, Kashan," I said, giving him a pat. "Looks like we’re going to have to cut your grooming session short.” I paused, for once—like him, I liked our time together. But horses come first. "I hope you’re ready to do some riding today huh?" I sighed. Kashan snorted, for I had already ridden him once today. Nevertheless, he knew this was serious.

I finished brushing as quickly as I could—and honestly I hated every minute of it. After I had finished, I walked Kashan over to the mounting ramp, and mounted. I walked him a few paces before taking off at a trot.

"Whoa!" I suddenly heard myself say. Kashan obeyed. I looked at the little mare standing in the mud before me. She looked scared. "It’s okay," I said, hopping off Kashan. "We’re here to help." I looked around for a rope or something to lasso her with, but found nothing. I looked up at Kashan with sad eyes, "what do I do?" I whispered, as if he’d know.

Just then, I could see something glowing out of the corner of my eye. It was a lasso? Could I have forgotten to check my horse's saddle bag? Wait, saddle bag? I don’t have any. There, on either side of Kashan, I saw 2 golden saddle bags, I was still in shock as I walked slowly over to one, and then the other.

The left one contained a golden lasso while the right one contained a jug of cold water and fresh red apples.

"I know what to do!" I exclaimed, grabbing the lasso. I twirled the lasso over my head once, twice, then on the third time I tossed it up into the air with it landing perfectly over that little pony’s head.

Tying the other end of the lasso around the saddle horn I said, "Okay Kashan, now you know what you have to do." Kashan nuzzled my arm. "Well, okay then." I said, hopping back on. Then a sudden silence came over me as if I was pondering, suddenly I took action.

"On three," I whispered, as if someone could hear— "one..." I started, "two..." I took a breath, "three!" And on that note I dig in my heel into Kashan’s sides...

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That Wild One

by Ami
(America's Southern States)

Photo credit: Public Domain Pictures via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Public Domain Pictures via I'd Pin That

It was June 7th. My Aunt had just agreed last week that we could get him. The love of my life. That wild love of my life. His name was Sargent. We found him online in the Mustang Association.

We lived in Montana. Only once in a while the lucky ones would just barely get a glimpse of the herd that lived in the valley. Just Barely..

It was Sunday morning, and it was 10:15. " Come on, Lily. Get a move on! We gotta be at church in 10 minutes!" said my Aunt Lacey. " I'm coming! One last thing."

I was wearing a nice over-shirt and a white tank-top, with a knee-length jean skirt and my boots. The dressy ones. The dark brown and teal ones. I don't wear makeup so I just brushed my hair and hopped into her 55 Chevy pick-up. On the way to church I spotted a dappled buckskin in a round pin.

"Aunt Lacey? Is it possible that I can have a mustang of my own?" I just had to ask. " Lily, I know I live on a ranch and all but you have to find the one that clicks! The one that you truly want."

I rolled my eyes. Mentally. "Aunt Lacey, I did! I found Sargent. He's a wild 3 1/2 year old just 45 miles from here! Bay dappled, and a white sock on his front left pastern. He sells for only 1,250. He is all sorts of breeds mixed to make the ultimate mustang! Please?"

Only then did she seem to think about it. "I will talk about it after church, okay? Think you can last that long?" She half-smiled. "Yes! One-million times yes!" By the time we had talked about it all, we were in the church parking lot. I eagerly jumped out of the truck and waited for her to catch up.

After church was over, I jogged to the truck and waited for her to unlock it and get in. " So, I thought about Sargent. If you have enough money saved up, we will see about adopting him from the association."

I had tears rolling down my cheeks and dropping on my boots as I hugged and thanked her." On one condition. You work in the barn, with the ranch hands and with me until you and I can pay it off together. Now, how about some cornbread, corn and beans, and some roast beef for lunch then homemade vanilla ice cream for dessert?" It tasted better than it sounded to me...

Comment for part 2!

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Big dreams are possible - Melanie and Blush

by Romah

Early one summer morning Melanie, a young and talented rider, was walking through the stables to see her new palomino show pony.
Blush was standing in the sunshine while the light glistened on his golden coat.
Melanie ran up and hugged him then Buttercup her little Shetland pony.

Buttercup stuck his head high to reach Melanie’s pocket and he found a carrot. She pulled it out and the ponies started munching it. She grabbed Blush’s halter and slipped it over his head and led him out. As usual he tried to grab a piece of grass.

Melanie had a riding lesson in fifteen minutes. She tacked up Blush then she took the cover off her saddle and walked out to the arena where her instructor Myra was waiting for her. Myra was a loving lady that lived down the road from Melanie.

Melanie wasn’t strong enough to do up her girth this time she forgot to check it. As she put her foot in the stirrup then the saddle slipped and she fell. Myra came over and said “Are you ok?” Melanie stood up and said “Yeah I’m fine” Myra did her girth up. “Okay are you ready to hop on”

Melanie took Blush for a nice easy trail ride to cool him off then she took him back to the stable.
She gave Blush a wash a clean rug was put on him and a piece of hay was put in his paddock. Melanie had her usual stable chores to do. She finished mucking out the stables and paddocks. She then grabbed a halter from her tack box and got Buttercup. Melanie new that he had been down to a muddy dam so she had to wash him.

At dinner that night Melanie heard a knock who’s that she thought. She got up and opened the door. It was Jess, Jess was Melanie’s best friend and they took riding lessons together. The girls were always having sleepovers but this time Melanie wasn’t aware of it. “Come in” Melanie said.

Jess unloaded her pony Summer from the float and he reared up and bolted. “We have to find him” said Jess clearly panicking.
So they split up to find Summer.
They found Summer in the back of Blush’s paddock. They all new that Summer jumped the fence to get there.

They got all the ponies settled comfortably in their stables and calmed Summer down a bit but she was still constantly kicking the half door. Jess was going to stay with Melanie for three weeks.

It was the day of the show and the girls were braiding their horses manes and tails. Melanie was ready to compete. Blush leaped over the first jump while Melanie was urging him into a canter then once she finished she had a ribbon in her hand and Jess ran up to her and high-fived her.

Jess's show had been canceled due to not enough people entered but the girls were okay with that. When they got home Melanie stuck a picture of her and Blush together on her wall with her ribbon.

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The heart of a champion: Our world's greatest racehorse, Secretariat

Photo credits: Wally Gobetz, Flickr

Photo credits: Wally Gobetz, Flickr

Secretariat has truly captured my heart. He was the world's greatest racing legend. The most amazing, loving, spirited horse that ever existed in the world and the best horse ever to be written in the JC. So legendary, his name can never be used for any other horse in JC (jockey club). He had a heart of gold.

Just the other day, I was watching Secretariat's last footage before he was put down from an incurable foot disease called laminitis. It was an old video on YouTube.

It literally made me cry at the end when they let Secretariat run one last time before they put him down on Wednesday, 1989. It was so touching.

I just wanted to put this tribute out to this amazing horse who has captured many hearts.

Thank you Secretariat! Rest in peace, our amazing legend and friend.

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Everyone Counts

by CeCe
(Country )

Photo credit: Kapa65 via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Kapa65 via I'd Pin That

Talon was a strong, handsome stallion, with a silky black coat and a white star on his forehead. He really looked like a movie star. I hurried towards his pen, mum and dad hot in pursuit. I was still getting over it that I was allowed to get a horse, I was still shocked, and amazed.

A young blonde girl shot in front of me, and at Talons pen, started jumping up and down, squealing excitedly and pointing to what she claimed her horse.

"My horse, my horse!" She giggled. I stood there, shocked, while the manager, Mr. Duffy, and her father, came over. In less then five minutes, a brand new lead line was handed to the girl, and she waltzed out of the stables. I felt tears prick to my eyes, but then I remember there were other horses. I looked through the pens, only finding a Shetland pony, and a naughty, stubborn quarter horse. I sighed, feeling somewhat defeated.

"Can I show you something?" Mr Duffy came up to me, and I turned to mum and dad. They had just been talking to him, and nodded encouragingly. I followed the manager out of the stables, and around to a small paddock. A dapple grey draft horse stood at the corner of the paddock.

"He's very big," I pointed out, which was true.

"His hasn't been ridden yet, he arrived here last week, and nobody wants him," Mr. Duffy said, sadly.

"What will happen if nobody gets him?" I asked, nervously.

"He'll have to go, and he'll pull off a plough for the rest of his days," Mr Duffy shrugged, and took his hands off the railing. Mum and dad stood at the stables, and then smiled at me.

"Wait," I called after Mr Duffy, "I guess, a ride won't hurt."

It was wonderful, sitting on top of Beau made me feel so strong and proud, yes, I may of looked a little silly, but I felt unbeatable, and strong, and brave. BEAU was the sweetest horse you would ever meet, with a big heart, and a glossy mane. That, was the best decision, I have every made.

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How I Found Love: A Horse Short Story

by Katniss

I snorted. What's that sound? I asked myself. The night was chilly and the forest was very still and quiet. I moved my ears around, hoping to hear it again. Then I heard it.

It wasn't far away and it sounded like someone, a human, was crying. I shook my head and laid it against my body to stay warm. I closed my eyes and tried to go back to sleep.

"Momma!! Daddy!" A little girl's cry jolted me awake. I glared out into the darkness.

I hated humans. When I was 3 years old, I was sent to a slaughter house. But then a rich man bought me and took me to what he called 'Happy Trails Stables'. There was nothing 'happy' about that place. I was used as a horse that got ridden by mean people on boring trails that stretched for miles in one direction.

When they were done ridding me for the day, I was put into a jail-like stall that was so small I couldn't even turn around. There were many other horses like me there that were abused by the humans.

Then one night, one of the hired hands was drunk and he forgot to lock me in my stall. I got out and raced away as fast as I could. So here I am.

Alone for almost a year and it has been glorious... Other than being very lonesome, I'm happy to be finally free.

The crying of the girl brought me back to the present.

"Momma! Momma!!"

I shook my head and tried to fall asleep again. But I couldn't. What was I doing? Just because some humans ruined my life... Does that mean that ALL people are bad?? What if the girl was in trouble? She was calling for her parents so maybe she's lost.

I thought about what to do. Part of me wanted to leave her alone, but then the other part of me wanted to go see if she was okay. I stood up and started walking in the direction of her crying. Might as well find out what her problem is.

I stepped around a fallen down tree and stopped in shock. The little girl stared back at me. Her face was wet with tears and her clothes were dirty. She was sitting on the ground and her leg was caught in a trap!!

I quickly recognized it as a foot trap that hunters used to catch wolves and coyotes. I could smell the stench of wolf on the trap. Oh how I didn't like those dogs!!

I moved closer to her and her eyes got big.
"Your so black." She said. I couldn't help smiling a little. Her big eyes were so cute. I examined the trap and saw that it was fastened to the fallen down tree by a long wire. I suddenly had an idea.

I put the wire in my mouth and tried to bite it in half. Ugh!! That hurts the teeth. I spit it out and began pawing at it.

The girl watched me.
"Yes!! If you can break the wire then I'm not stuck here and then I could crawl back home because I don't think I can walk on this leg. " she said excitedly.

Then she suddenly saddened. "Oh what will my parents say? I shouldn't have run off like that. I'm awfully sorry for getting mad at my momma." She burst into tears again.

I pawed harder at the wire. It wasn't very thick and I could feel it getting weaker. Then it suddenly snapped in two. Hurrah!! I nickered. The girl dried her tears and tried to stand up.

"Ooooww!!" She screamed and fell back down, bursting into tears again. I brushed my nose over her blonde head. Stop crying. I said, even though I knew she didn't understand me. After all, I was a horse and she was a human.

I looked down at her leg. It was bloody and the trap had sunk deep into her leg. I laid down beside her and nodded to my back. Get on, I'll take you home. I nickered softly to her.

She dried her eyes and looked at me. Then she pulled her self over to my back and crawled on. She sat up on my back and held onto my long mane.
"Take me home, my knight in shining armor." She giggled. I stood up. She urged me forward.

"I live in the white ranch house straight north of here a couple of miles. I'll show you there." She urged me to walk faster. I could hardly tell I was carrying her. She was so light.

"I like you. I've always wanted a horse of my own but Momma and Daddy didn't have the money for one. And guess what? You don't cost anything and I want to keep you. How would you like that? You'd have a great big pasture with lots of grass. I'm sure Dusty, she's my miniature pony, would be happy to have you as a pasture pal. And I'd feed you oats and I'd ride you every day." The girl prattled on.

I listened intently. There was something about her that I liked. Maybe my dream is coming true. Maybe I WILL have a ranch and a family of my very own. I'd love it if the girls parents let me stay with her. And a little pony for company? I hope she's nice.

It wasn't long before we arrived at the white ranch house. There was a light on in the one window.

"My parents are still awake!" The girl whispered to me. She made me stop in front of the deck to the front door.

"Momma!! Daddy!! I'm home!" She called loudly. The door swung open and a kindly looking man and lady ran out.

"Emma!! Where have you been?" They asked at the same time. The man polled Emma off of my back and held her tight in his arms.

"I'm sorry I got mad and runaway." She said, tears were in her eyes. Her mother took her hand.
"We forgive you, dear. We were so worried when you didn't show up for supper. " The lady said. Emma showed them her leg.

"Oh no! Does it hurt badly?" Her mother asked as she carefully examined the leg. Emma nodded.
"Let's get her inside. I'll call doc Evens right know. " The father turned to go into the house.

"Wait!!" Emma stopped him. She pointed at me and the parents stared at me as if they had just seen me for the first time. "He came to my rescue. He broke the wire and let me get on his back and he took me home." She said. "Pllleeease can we keep him?" She asked. I stood as straight as I could.

"Yes!!"The father blurted out. " He saved our little Emma so we'll give him a good home." The mother nodded.

"I agree." She smiled at me. They walked closer to me. Emma wrapped her arms around my neck.

"Welcome home Prince. " she whispered in my ear.


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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.

Chalk Pastel Horse

by Sadee

My first horse drawing made of chalk pastel. This may not seem appealing but I would really like your advice on how to improve! :)

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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.

Horse Girl

by AHorseLovingGirl

Part One

The accident. The day that changed just about everything including my love of horses. But she stood with me. Stood to the very end. Never letting go. Staying beside me. Loving. Obeying. Forever.

"Star, I love you. Thanks for staying with me. Even when I'm not in the best mood." I said to my horse, White Star. She nickered in return.

I named my horse White Star because she is the star of my life, well, after Mom died a year earlier. And she is white, well, technically gray but she looks white. She is just a beautiful horse - an Arabian.

Arabians are my favorite breed. So she is my dream horse.

"Mia! We've got to get going now!" Emily, my sister, called from the truck. I said bye to Star and hopped into the truck.

"Dad wasn't going to wait much longer... you're welcome." Emily whispered to me after I buckled my seat belt. I smiled and stared out the window seeing all the farms flying past.

I looked out closely and saw a horse and rider. They weren't doing so good. I cringed as I saw the rider kick the horse real hard. The horse galloped away so fast. I just wanted to give that rider a piece of my mind! That is not how you treat a horse! Then the sight was gone. But I could never get my mind off of it. Any horse being treated that way was wrong.

Disturbing my thoughts, Emily jumped up and said, "We're here!"

Emily is the exact opposite of me. She was eager and ready for anything. Not that I wasn't ready for anything but I was ALWAYS ready for horses. Just not anything. She is a year younger than me, she has shoulder length wavy hair, and I have long, straight hair. And she is more of a girly girl than I am. I don't really care about the way I look for the most part. Only sometimes I REALLY care.

I looked out the window and saw the animal shelter. We were going to get a new dog! Although I wanted a horse, we had to compromise, and a dog was my only other choice. It looked as if Emily was going to burst with excitement. As for me? Well, I'm not as excited as her, that's for sure.

"Lets go find a dog!" Dad said with enthusiasm. I shrugged as we walked in. The only thing I thought of was horses. And my family knew it. They would talk about something, I would relate it to horses. Kind of like what Mom did. Only she understood me.

I tell Dad all the time that we have the space for a horse and that I could take care of him, but he still says no. We just recently got rid of our horses. Mom used to gentle horses. I helped her do it. I miss those days...

"Ooh...Mia! Look at this pretty girl!" Emily said and pointed to a young chocolate lab.

"I guess he'll do." I said with a shrug.

"So can we get him dad? Please?!" Emily pleaded.

"Okay. We'll get this one. But what will you name him?" Dad said.

I scanned through my favorite horse names... "How about Nutmeg?" I suggested.

"Nah. That's too much of a horse name." Emily put that name to the side.

"Not really.." I thought when Emily found the perfect name for him.

"I got it! Hershey! That will be his name!" Emily said without asking if I liked the name.

"Okay. I like it!" I said in agreement. Now back to horses...

If you have ever read the series, "Winnie The Horse Gentler", you will like this story!

Part Two

As we drove home, I didn't really pay attention to Hershey at all, although he kept trying to get up onto me. I just stared out the window until we came up to the horse and rider again.

They were doing even worse than before. The rider had taken out a whip and started whipping the horse. I cringed every time he whipped that poor horse. Then I thought, "What would Mom do if she saw that?" I knew what she'd do. She would pull over and walk over to that person and tell him what he shouldn't be doing, instead, telling him what he should be doing. She would demonstrate what not to do then what to do.

I wanted to do that so bad but dad was in a good mood and I didn't want to risk it. He said he that I reminded him of Mom, but then again, Emily reminds him of Mom too.

After a while, we pulled into the driveway. By now I had totally forgotten about Hershey. Emily picked him up and brought him inside.

"Emily, wait! He's an outside dog, he doesn't come in with us." Dad said before Emily reached the door.

"But Dad!!" Emily said. "He'll get lonely!"

Dad looked at me, then back to Emily. "Mia's out here all the time!" He said.

"But she's always with her horse! I want an animal!" Emily complained.

"Well then stay outside more." Dad said. You could tell in his voice that this was decided.

Then I ran to the pasture. I saw Star trot over to me. She's the only horse we kept after getting rid of the rest. "Hey girl! It's nice to see you! Too bad I won't be able to stay with you as long. School's starting tomorrow!" I said. She was just staring at my hand in my pocket.

"I don't have any treats now girl! Sorry!"

Just then, the horse and rider that we drove by rode by. I looked and saw a beautiful Bay Morgan. There was a guy around my age riding. He struggled to keep going. Soon, he was out of sight.

"Don't worry, Star. I would never do that to you!" I said to Star, who was looking right at me.

"Mia!! Time for dinner!!" Emily yelled.

I sighed and walked towards the house. When I came in, she had dinner all cooked and served.

"Yum! I'm starving!" I said as I sat down.

Emily soon started a conversation with Dad. I just sat there listening. I thought about the Morgan. I wanted to help that horse so bad!

"Right Mia?" Emily said and looked at me.

"What? Oh. Yeah." I said. Then she turned back to Dad and kept going.

Soon, everyone was done so I went up to my room. Me and Emily shared a room. We both had a loft bed. My side was all cluttered beneath my bed. Her's was all neat and tidy. I'm not the cleaning type so mine was always like this.

"Mia! What are you wearing for the first day of school tomorrow?!" Emily asked excitedly.

I shrugged and said, "I don't know."

"Then I'll pick out what you're wearing!" Emily replied. She then started digging through my clothes to find "the perfect thing".

I looked out my window and saw Star peacefully grazing. I stared for a while, until Emily suddenly said, "I found the perfect thing, Mia!" She picked up a pair of skinny jeans and a T-shirt with a horse on it.

"Only this once, alright?!" I said. I hated skinny jeans. But I'll make an acceptation this once. Skinny jeans are uncomfortable to ride in which is the main reason I don't like them.

After a while, I fell asleep, not knowing how it'll go tomorrow. First day in a new school? Not my kind of thing. Emily is so excited. Not me.

Part Three

I woke up the next morning and fed Star. She nickered when she saw me coming.

"Hey girl! I'll be leaving soon but I'll see you in a while! We can ride right when I get back, alright?" I said.

Then Dad called me in, "Mia! Breakfast is ready!"

I went inside and smelled bacon. "Mmm!" I said and sat down. I stabbed some pancakes with my fork and set them on my plate. I tried to start a conversation, but Emily already had.

"I am so excited for school today! I'm gonna make some new friends, and learn new things!" Emily said to Dad.

"Mia... I saw that you were wearing skinny jeans?" Dad said surprised.

"Yes. I'm only doing it this once. Emily picked it out." I answered, then stuffed a big bite of pancakes in my mouth, not wanting to talk.

Once everyone was done, me and Emily rode our bikes to school together.

"Bye Dad! See you after school!" Emily called.

"Yeah! Bye Dad!" I called after. Dad waved and drove off.

Soon, we made it to the school. I got off my bike and locked it then walked inside.

"At least you're not late on the first day of school!" Emily said.

"Yeah. Bye. See you after school." I said while walking off.

I walked into the 7th grade English room, which was my first subject.

"Okay class! Listen up!" Our teacher said. "I'm your English teacher, Mrs. Hartford. And it looks like we have a few new students this year! I would like all the new students to introduce themselves. Who will be first?" Mrs. Hartford said.

A girl in the back that I never noticed before raised her hand. "Say your name and.. your birthday." Mrs. Hartford said.

"I'm Ally and my birthday is May 10th." Ally said.

Then I guess I was the only other one so I raised my hand. "I'm Mia and my birthday is April 4th." I said.

"Is that all?" Mrs. Hartford said. Then some guy in the second row raised his hand.


Then I started thinking about that horse. "That beautiful Morgan..." I thought. I looked back and thought I recognized someone... it was him! The guy that was riding that beautiful horse!

"Note to self, Talk to that guy." I thought.

Soon, English was just about over. I haven't even talked to one single person by lunch. I saw Emily talking with a group of friends. Wait. She WAS part of that group of friends.

As I waited in the lunch line, someone behind me said, "Hi! So you're new here too?" I knew who it was. It was Ally.

I turned around and said, "Yeah, I am."

"I couldn't help but noticing.. do you like horses? I saw your shirt in English." Ally said.

"Yes! I love horses!"I almost squealed.

"I do too! I haven't found anybody yet that likes or loves horses yet. It's good to know I'm not the only one!" She said.

After we made it through the lunch line, we sat down together.

"I used to gentle horses with my mom but.. she died in a car accident." I said looking down.

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" Ally said.

"Anyway, do you own any horses?" I asked.

"No, sadly. But I do love them anyway. I ride at Horse Haven Stables." She explained.

"I have one horse named White Star and I took lessons when I was young with my mom." I said.

Soon lunch was over and we went to two different classes.


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Best Friends

by Andi

Andi Duncan paced her bedroom floor for the 15th time in a half hour. Andi could not wait for her Pony Club meeting. It started in 1 hour and she was leaving in less than that. She couldn't wait to see and ride Aero, a paint gelding she adored.

Andi was completely horse crazy. Her walls were covered with horse posters and pictures to where you couldn't hardly see the walls. Her shelves, dresser and desk were covered in horse models. Her bookcase was slam-packed with horse books, manuals and magazines. Her bed has horse comforter sets, blankets and stuffed horses on it.

"Andi time to go!" Soon called her mother from downstairs. "Okay!" Andi called back grabbing her boots and riding helmet. Andi slipped them on and hurried down stairs...

Chapter two coming soon...

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by Abbi

The Path

The Path

I woke up. It was finally summer break and i was pooped from the bonfire last night. I rolled off of my bed and looked out my window. Sweet. It looked like a sunny day outside. I yawned and decided to get dressed. I put on a blue spaghetti-strap tank top, and trotted upstairs.

I was the first one up. It was around 8:30 AM. Hm. I made myself some toast. As I leaned onto the counter to eat it, I wondered what I should do, since nobody was up. I decided to take a walk in the woods next to our house. I ripped a piece of paper from a random drawer, found a pen, and scribbled down the words:
'Went for a walk, I’ll be back at ten!'

I pinned it onto the refrigerator and slipped my old hiker boots on. It was sunny, but it was chilly, so I put on a coat as well. I walked off into the woods. I came to a field. It was a hay field, and went on for what seemed like a few miles.

It was beautiful, but the path to it was overgrown with trees and shrubs. I took in a deep breath and let it out. Freedom. I brushing noise, like a deer cracking through the long hay. I turned around to see, not a deer, but a back horse.

"An Arab." I told myself, Remembering myself as a little 7 year old girl, obsessed with horses, memorizing every horse book I could get my hands on. Now I was a rebel 13 year old teenager. Still, obsessed with horses. It thundered in a circle around me once, and than stopped straight in front of me.

It snorted, and then gave a bow. I don't know why I got on. If you know me, you would know that the 5 main things I like are high fives, hugs, horses, animals, and piggy back rides. So i got on, and before I knew it, I was racing off through the woods.

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Hero (Poem)

by Erika
(Coaldale, Alberta CA)

Dappled coat, dangling head
My hero trapped in a world
That is too evil for a gentle spirit like his
So wrong
Head down, the brown eyes shone
With evidence of a tender soul inside…
Treated so wrong
I am at fault too
I promised I would never leave you
What did I do? What did I do?
Never forget that I love you
Your gentle soul could do nothing but forgive
I'm learning from you
What did I do? What did I do?
Lives forever linked
In a manner so few have seen
Bound by the love
Of a gentle pony and his darling child.

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Never give up

by Severelyhorseobsessed

For some of us horseless horsecrazygirls, life seems like a consistent down fall. We feel the only thing that would make us happy is a horse. That is so true in my case and I love horses so much.

You know you're horse crazy when...

1. Your bedroom is covered in horse posters, models, etc.
2. All you think about are horses.
3. You take up any chance to ride horses.
4. You go online a search for horse pics, videos and games.
5. You often beg your parents to take you to watch local horse shows.
6. You have at least read 100 horse books.
7. You subscribe to at least 1 horse related magazine.
8. You sometimes pretend your bike is a horse.
9. When your parents ask you what movie you want to watch you say Black beauty, Flicka, or anything horse related.
10. You beg your parents every day for a horse.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is don't give up! My friend rode horses for 7 years and finally got her own horse. Trust me, from what she says, it's totally worth the wait. I want a best friend so bad!

Also, if you guys want some things to do to keep from feeling bored, bingo! I have some ideas.

1. If you have model horses set up a stable for them.

2. Draw horses.

3. Read read read. Horse books are great!

4. Create a dream horse and right stories about them.

Well, hope y'all enjoyed!

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American Pharaoh

by heartbeat for horses

Chapter One

I remember my first home like I lived there yesterday. It was a large green field with colorful wild flowers looming across the earth. A large creek rushed under the trees flowing in the wind apples cherries and oranges covered the trees and few lie across the ground.

I remember I stayed under a large tree with my mother, Star, beautiful chestnut mare with a star and four white socks and deep brown eyes. I was a dark bay color. I loved to race with the other foals in the large racing farm.

One day, a man in his 40's came out to the paddock and put a halter and lead on me. He led me away from my pasture, mother and friends. I was led up to a large barn full of sleek thoroughbreds large stalls and large tack rooms. The man hooked me to long pieces of colorful ropes on the hooks beside the stalls which were called cross ties and disappeared into the tack room.

He came out with a soft brush and quietly and slowly began brushing off my coat. "Well fella, this is your first training session!" The man said.

Later that day, I was led into a large box stall and the door was closed. I couldn't go back to my mother as I was in a process which was called weaning. I wanted to see her very badly and began pacing my stall and kicking at the door.

Eventually, my mother passed by that evening and stopped at the stall for a moment. "Pharaoh," she said, "stay calm my dear one. You're going to be trained as a race horse like I am. Listen carefully and always do as your told." She nuzzles me for a second before she was led away once again.

Part two coming soon!

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Barn Love

by TheHorseLover

There once was a girl named Alexa and she loved horses... with some conflict...

ALEXA! I said that I needed your help!" Jacob, Alexa's 7-year-old brother, called. "Ugh! What do you need!!" Alexa said annoyed. "I can't reach the cookies!" Her brother explained. "All that whining for a cookie??" Alexa asked him. "Yes! Mom said that I could have one!"

Whatever! She thought as she got the cookies down. After she gave them to him, her mom called her, "Alexa!"

"Coming, Mom!" She called back.

"What do you need?" She asked her mother. "I forgot to tell you but Mrs. Sarah called and said that you should do some more practicing for the competition next week." Mom replied. "Oh." Was Alexa's response. "AND she said that you can practice there today at 2 o'clock." Mom told her.

Alexa had rode her favorite horse, Diamond at Silver Horse Stable. Diamond's show name is Uniquely Diamond because she is a very unique horse.

"Great! Can I ride my bike there today?" Alexa asked. "Yes you can, just be sure to get back as soon as you're done." It was one thirty so Alexa said, "Thanks Mom!" As she ran upstairs to get ready.

Once she was ready, she ran downstairs, found her bike and started riding to the stable. Silver Horse Stable by bike is about eight minutes away from Alexa's house. Once she got there, she looked at her watch and saw that it was 1:50 pm. At least I have some time to go see Diamond alone, Alexa thought as she went to the stable.

When she got there, Alexa found out that she wasn't alone. "Oh hi, Alexa. Looks like you're here early." Said a voice that Alexa knew immediately who it was. "Hi Lindsay," is all that Alexa said. Lindsay gave her a mean look and walked away. "I guess it's just me and you, girl." Alexa said to her sweet, black Quarter horse, Diamond.

Diamond is a black horse with a white strip marking and one half stocking on her front leg.

Then Alexa heard some people coming. It was Natalie and Paige, Alexa's two best friends! "Hey Alexa!" Natalie called to her. "Hi guys! You're here early!" Alexa called back to them. Once they came up to Diamond's stall, Paige asked, "Hey Alexa, do you have a crush on anyone??"

"Yeah! We were just talking about that!" Natalie said. "Uh...No!" Alexa replied. "Oh, we thought that you might like Braydon." Natalie told her. "What?! Why would you think that?!" Alexa blurted out. "Well, he likes horses, you like horses and he is always watching you ride!" Paige explained.

Before Alexa could say anything, Braydon came up to them. "Are you ready for the competition?" He asked Alexa. "Almost." Alexa asked with a fake smile. Ugh. Great. Now they think that I like him. Well,I DON'T! Alexa thought as she went to tack up Diamond.

Soon, they got started with practice and like her friends said, Braydon WAS watching her the whole time.

To be continued... Part 2 coming soon!!

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by Emma
(Bradford Ohio, USA)

The sky was clouded, an incoming storm. Yellow lightning lit up the frightening black clouds, pushing and swirling, brewing up chaos. Thunder rumbled like a viscous beast, hungry for fear.

A band of wild horses anxiously looked around at their surroundings, nostrils flaring, ears rotating in every direction. They stomped their hooves, tossed their heads, and flicked their tails.

A mare even reared because of sensing danger. She neighed and screamed, stamping her hooves. The black clouds chased the horses as they bolted down hills, across a flooding creek, and around rocking mountains. The rain finally came. It came down in sheets.

Pure white, almost impossible to see. Horses neighed and reared, and circled and kicked. The foals were tossed around trying to find their moms, mares froze in fright, the stallion dashed and kicked.

A crack of lightning split the sky, right in the middle of the Wyoming band of horses. They bolted each way, mares losing foals, foals losing mares, the stallion losing all. The poor stallion bolted to what he thought was his band. But he was only chasing thunder.

The stallion ran for as long as he could before he collapsed, lying in the cold rain soaking wet. He was bound to get sick. He neighed and whinnied for help, but no one replied. After a few more minutes, two bright lights and the sound of an old engine cluttering appeared. The stallion tried his best to get up, but it was no use. Then two slamming noises came from the lights, and a voice was heard.

"Hey Carter, I've found one. He looks wounded or somethin' like that."

"Great. Get it into the trailer, and we can head back to the 'house." They were definitely men. And they were up to no good.

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by Elizabeth

Photo credit: Guillermoleconde via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Guillermoleconde via I'd Pin That


I stared out the car window, there really was nothing to do in the long car ride we had.
We were moving from California to Colorado.
When all my friends heard that I was moving, they all started crying. They all said that my mom and dad were stupid for making such a big move!

"I mean its it's such a big move! And very different surroundings!" Blare (my BFF) yelled at me like it was my fault that we were moving! She quickly realized her mistake. " oh I'm sorry Beth, I didn't mean to make it sound like it's your fault."

"So are you excited?" Asked my mom, interrupting my thoughts.
"Well, you try on my shoes." I said a little mad," Being taken away from her friends probably never seeing them again! And! Being forced to not go to her first dance! A boy was going to ask e out but we had to move! Just because it was for a stupid JOB!" I yelled at them both.
An awkward silence filled the air as I half regretted what I said, but then glad that my parents new how I felt.

There was no talking for along time.

I looked out the window at the surroundings. So far, there was meadows with green grass and flowers here and there. Just enough to make it beautiful.
I looked up a little farther and was getting sad.
The meadows started to fade. Right at the beginning of the gate.

The gate seemed to go on and on with nothing in it. A flash of light zoomed past me!
I jumped back in shock no knowing what that was!
The flash of light thing came back but slower.
"Wow." I gasped as a horse came galloping back from the end of the paddock.
It was buckskin for all that I could tell. It had fore black socks and black main and tail.
The horse stayed pace with the car, and probably thought that I was a dope just starring at him.
The paddock ended and introduced a stable.
"I have to see that horse," I mumbled to myself," I'm going to see him."

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by Heartbeat for Horses

If you will be my star, I'll be your sky

If you will be my star, I'll be your sky

Okay, so here is the story of how far I have come with Peppy.

The first time I met Peppy was actually my first time riding. Funny that I was jealous I did not get to ride the thoroughbred. But that all changed when I saw Peppy. I saw him and my heart just shattered and replaced and my mind went blank for a second.

All those fancy thoroughbred dream horses were gone. Instead, a cute shaggy stubborn paint horse replaced them. When I mounted up on him I was in a daze. I'm not kidding. I couldn't wipe that grin off my face when I got home that day.

Nowadays of course, I'm much more experienced. I'm about to learn to canter and I have just started to jump. We have ridden in a show, gymkhana and many lessons.

By the way peppy is not my horse. I wish he were though. Peppy is a black and white overo paint horse with a tan black and brown hogged mane. His forelock is long though. He has a star, stripe and snip connected. He has ink spots on his legs a pink muzzle and dark brown eyes.

If you will be my star (for Peppy, my BFF)

If you will be my star, I'll be your sky
You can hide underneath me and come out at night
When I turn jet black
And you show off your light
I live to let you shine, I live to let you shine

And you can skyrocket away from me
And never come back
If you find another galaxy
Far from here in stars aligned
Just leave me your stardust to remember you by

Our Journey

I don't even know where to start...

On Saturday, May 30th 2015, I met the love of my life. A little black and white paint horse with big brown eyes and a heart of gold. I never thought I would fall in love with a horse. I never knew how amazing the feeling of loving a horse was until Peppy. He flipped my whole world around into something amazing.

I'll never forget when I first looked into those big brown eyes... my heart totally flopped. I remember riding him for the first time like it was yesterday.

The day I left the barn, I gave him a pat on the neck and said bye. It was easy to say bye the first time but every time, it got just a little harder.

I remember hanging that picture of me standing beside him with a huge smile on my face, on my bedroom wall right beside my bed. I remember laying in bed every night and staring at his photo. I loved him more everyday.

When 2016 came along, I remember how excited I was to start taking lessons twice a month. Then I didn't ride him for a few months, I felt my heart breaking more everyday.

Then the magical day I rode him for the first time in 6 months... I remember around July we started to really bond. He came to me when I called his name and he trusted me with his life and I him.

This year however has been the BEST year of my entire life. I learned to jump 2'3 and we went to our first 2 shows together. We placed fourth in our first show and second in our second show.

We've bonded so much. I think about him all the time and when we see each other every week its like we haven't seen each other in months.

Thank you Peppy for being the one to change my whole world into something amazing. I love you more than anything in the whole world!

I love you, my Little Classy Star!

A Letter to My Horse

Dear Peppy,

Its been four months since I rode you last. Even though we haven't been able to spend much time together doesn't mean I love you any less.

I miss your big brown eyes, your stubbornness and your adorable little face. I miss the way you made me feel so happy. But I want you to know you are my best friend. My angel. My whole world.

You taught me the meaning of love. You taught me how to be strong.You taught me about what it takes to be a winner. Thank you for being the most amazing partner. I miss you and I love you!

Thank you Peppy!

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My Horsey Home

by BlueRoan

Part One

"Lizzy!! We have to get going!! NOW!!" Mom called.

"Coming Mom!" 14-year old Lizzy called back. "Why is she in such a rush? It's weird to go on vacation to her friend's house--I mean really, that's pretty weird!" Lizzy thought as she grabbed her stuff and ran out to the car.

"What took you so long?!" Lizzy's 8-year old brother Jackson asked once she got into the car.

Lizzy looked back to him and said, "Why does it matter to YOU?" Then turned around and started a "conversation" with Mom.

"Mom? Why can't I have a phone? I wouldn't be so bored otherwise!" Lizzy said with a teenage attitude.

"Lizzy... You already DO have a phone! I only took it from you so that it can't distract you this month." Mom answered.

Then Lizzy suddenly remembered. A month. A WHOLE month she is going to be around horses. Talk about a vacation! This sure is a vacation alright! That also means that she wouldn't see Dad for a whole month. Who would trade home for horses?! Not Lizzy. But she had no choice. She had to go.

"This is going to be a long vacation." Lizzy thought as she son fell asleep...

"We're here! We're here! We're here!" Jackson jumped up and said.

Lizzy sighed and said quietly, "Great! Can't wait.. no." She got out of the car and saw that she was standing almost face-to-face with a horse. She jumped and did a slight scream but the horse didn't even flinch.

"Wow!" Lizzy said, but scared the horse. "How did I scare you when I said one word, but not when I screamed?!" She told the horse as she walked over to Mom.

"This is it!" Mom said and looked at the house.

"Yay! Where will I be staying, Mom?" Jackson jumped out and said.

"You'll all be stayin' in the house." Suddenly someone said from behind them. Lizzy jumped and looked back. She saw a guy probably around her age coming towards them.

"Sorry if I scared you. I'm Aiden. You must be Mom's friend right?" He said first looking at Lizzy, then to Mom.

"Yes! Yes I am and this is my daughter Lizzy and my son, Jackson. Nice meeting you! So where is your Mother?" Mom said.

"She's in the barn right now but I can show you where you'll be staying if you want." Aiden offered.

"That'll be alright! We'll just get our things from the car first." Mom said while walking over to the car.

"Need any help?" Aiden asked.

"Yes, if you don't mind." Mom replied. He grabbed some bags from the car.

Soon, everyone was ready to go to their new room. Lizzy rolled her eyes at the thought of staying here with horses.

Aiden then showed them to their rooms. "At least I don't have to share a room with Jackson!" Lizzy mumbled as she threw her bags onto her bed. She started fixing up her room with all the stuff she brought - which is a lot!

Mom walked in to check on her and saw a pile of stuff on her bed. "Why did you bring so much stuff, Lizzy! We're only going to be here for a month!" Mom said once she saw how big the pile actually was.

"A MONTH?! That's a long time! I need to make it feel a LITTLE bit like home here!" Lizzy exclaimed.

Mom walked out and Lizzy looked out her window. "Great. I have the perfect view of all the horses. Just what I need to finish it off." Lizzy thought to herself with a sigh.

Part Two

Lizzy was about to sit down on her bed when she noticed something. "A horseshoe? On the wall? Great decoration. Love it..." Lizzy said to herself while taking it down. She set it on the small table next to her bed. "Nah, I'll put it in the drawer." She thought then opened the drawer and set it inside. She made her bed and put her clothes in the dresser across the small room.

When she was done, Mom walked in and said, "Lizzy! We're going on our first trail ride here!"

Lizzy looked at her and said, "I'm not coming."

"Well then you'll be here alone, never mind, Aiden's staying here so if you need anything just ask him." Mom said.

"Okay. Bye,then." Lizzy replied.

"Bye, Lizzy. But you'll have to ride sometime." Mom answered as she left the room.

Lizzy sighed as she watched her Mom and brother mount their horses and ride off. Once they left, Lizzy walked out to the barn.

Once she got there, she looked for the horse that she would ride if she had to.

"Didn't you go on the trail ride?" Lizzy heard a voice say. It was Aiden.

" I decided not to got today." Lizzy replied.

"What are you doing in the barn?" Aiden asked.

"I just wanted to check out the horses." Lizzy said.

"Well then, I know just the horse for you." Aiden said while motioning her to come.

Lizzy came over and he pointed to a stall across from him. "Why her?" Lizzy asked.

"She's just like you." Aiden explained.

"How?!" Lizzy demanded. "I'm not a horse, you know!"

Aiden looked at her and answered, "Well, look what color she is." Lizzy looked and saw a beautiful Palomino-colored horse.

"What breed is she?" Lizzy asked with some interest.

"She's a Morgan." Aiden replied. She went over to pet the horse.

"What's her name?" Lizzy asked.

"Beauty." He replied.

She asked a couple more questions and she finally asked her last one, "What's her personality?"

"That's another thing that makes her like you. She is very nice but can be stubborn. And she's really friendly but can have some attitude." Aiden smiled and said.

Lizzy gave him a sly look then couldn't help laughing. "I guess she is like me. We both have blonde hair or palomino hair, and same personality, even the same age!" Lizzy said.

"Do you want to groom her?" Aiden asked.

"Sure. But I don't know how."

He smiled and showed her how. Soon, she was grooming her non-stop. Time went by and soon her Mom and brother were back from the trail ride.

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Sweetheart - A Short Story

by Erika
(Coaldale, Alberta, Canada)

Photo credit: Tosca49 via I'd Pin That

Photo credit: Tosca49 via I'd Pin That

Sweetheart galloped along the road. Her hooves pounded in a rhythmic beat, her mane and tail streaming out behind her like a pale banner in the wind.

Her breathing became labored as I crouched over her but still she kept on running, never wanting to stop.

I was flying and I closed my eyes as she galloped on. The scenery passed by in a blur and ecstasy filled me as we became one. This was life.

Sweetheart slowed and I let her alone, a silent being melted into her heart. She slowed to walk and finally I opened my eyes. I looked into her large brown eyes, the color of chocolate, and saw love radiating in them.

I pressed my cheek against hers and held her gaze, knowing that true love and mutual respect was wavering back and forth between us. Sweetheart was mine, and I hers, forever.

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The White Stallion

by Debra Rene
(Snowflake, Arizona)

Once upon a time, there was a girl who loved horses. The girl's name was Lilly. She lived on a farm she had horses, cows, chickens, dogs, barn cats and she had a big house on 1,0000 acres. She had a pond that was always full of water.

One day she was out riding her she was chasing cows then those cows led her to a pond filled of water.

The next day she went up in the mountains she saw a herd of horses. She saw a white stallion she had a baby with her she saw the girl and she got of and went to the horse. Then the white horse knelt down and let Lilly on then she went out and rode that white horse.

Lilly rode that white horse home and her mother Beth and her father Joseph, and all her brothers and sister's were very worried about her. But her mom said they can keep him and she was very happy.

As time passed, Lilly grew up. And when she had her own kids, Alex and Connie, the same thing happened they found a stallion. Only this time it was a black stallion.

The End

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My horse, Alex

(Louisiana, USA)

13 years ago, well one afternoon a pregnant mare had a baby. The owner loved the pregnant mare but what he didn't like was the baby.

Back then people thought that white bodied and blue eyed horses were bad luck so he wanted to kill him. But my father heard about it and said that cant happen so he called up the man and said I'll take the white horse and the man said if you want the horse take it you can have it.

So my father took the horse and took care of it. When he thought it was time to get it registered he brought him to the American Horse Association but at that time they thought white wasn't a color so they wouldn't take it and to top it his mother had already died.

So my father thought up another registration. He registered him at NRHA ( National Reining Horse Association). To this day he is 13 years old. Me and Alex are awesome at horse shows. We have won 1st place 6 times, 5th place once, and third place once and guess what, we are qualified for the filiat finals TWO times and i am only 9.


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by Erika
(Coaldale, Alberta, Canada)

Golden hairs stranded on barbed wire
Left for me, a memory of a minute
Spent gazing at a horse the color of the sun
A newly minted coin.

A horse with powers
To hold my heart
When all I've done
Is touch him once.

But a souvenir
Of a beautiful soul
The bracelet is long gone
But still in my heart he remains.

Sunshine Pride
The dreams I had
Sunny, my boy
I love you.

I saw him once or maybe twice. He had a golden coat and a mane and tail as creamy as milk. I loved him from the time I laid eyes on him but for all my love I only touched him once.

I still relive the sensation of satiny-smooth hair under my palm. He looked back at me once with brown eyes, unreadable, and then continued on. I still loved him even though he didn't seem to return that love.

He was my second horse that I loved but I didn't own him and I would never own a single horse. That one moment led to another, the second and the last. He left me a gift; a few strand of tail hair on the barbed wire fence.

With perfect carefulness I extracted the hair and braided it into a bracelet. One day, the part-time maid came and it was gone. But the memory still remains - a golden horse and my love for him.

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Goodbye, Mystery

Why did you leave me? Why did you have to go? I never even got to say goodbye. You left me without a warning. You were just gone.

I wish I could have been there with you for you last breath. I cry myself to sleep at night. I know you're safe and happy and healthy now. I know you're having the time of your life with your friends in heaven .I know you're grazing on green pastures and galloping with your friends.

I can't bear the thought that you're gone. I love you, Mystery. I miss you more than anything in the whole entire world.

Why did you leave me?

Stay safe, happy and healthy. Goodbye.

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Hallie and Dash

by Heartbeat For Horses

Part One

13-year old Hallie Gordon leaned against the sturdy pasture fence and watched the bay thoroughbred gelding graze peacefully in the warm morning sun.

"Dash, come here boy." She called softly. He whuffled a soft nicker and started towards her.

"Want to go for ride?" She asked as she slipped a white halter over Dash's head. She led him from the pasture and up into a small but nice barn not far from the pasture.

After putting him on the single set of cross-ties, she gave him a thorough grooming while talking to him softly.

After Dash's coat shone like gold, Hallie placed the saddle pad and saddle on his back. Then she tightened his girth and bridled him.

"Let's go riding." She said patting his sleek neck as she led him from the barn.

Dash wasn't Hallie's horse but she liked to think of him that way. Her neighbors had owned him for years and when she moved in next door over a year ago she had been spending time with him and her neighbors allowed her to ride him anytime she liked.

Hallie lengthened her stirrups and mounted onto Dash's tall 16 hand back. She urged him to a walk and started towards the empty pasture where she had set up a jump course.

After a couple minutes, she squeezed him to a trot and began rising with every other beat.

"Good boy!" She said a little bit later as she set him up for the canter. He broke into it smoothy.She cantered 2 circles and turned him towards a cross rail set at 18 inches. She gracefully went into two-point as Dash popped over the jump.

Hallie turned him towards a 2-foot vertical. Two strides away from the jump a car door slammed. Dash spooked and ducked his shoulder sending Hallie into the dust.

Out of instinct, Hallie quickly grabbed Dash's reins and looked across the yard. A girl about Hallie's age stood in white breeches ,a white polo, shiny black tall boots and her golden blond hair slicked back into a french braid. Hallie stood up, brushed herself off and mounted back up.

"Hallie?" She turned around to see Mrs. Johnson, her neighbor, by the fence. "I want you to meet my niece, Jessica." She pointed to the girl who had slammed the door. "She is an elite rider and is going to be riding Dash also."

Hallie's heart dropped. She had always been the one who rode Dash. She came out almost everyday, even if she didn't ride. This was not going to be easy.

Comment and let me know if you want more!

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Horse Tips for Beginners

by Heartbeat For Horses

Grooming for Beginners

To groom a horse, you'll need five basic tools: the curry comb, the hard or dandy brush, soft or body brush, mane and tail brush/comb, and a hoof pick.
  • The curry comb - a rubber bristled brush used in circular motion to loosen caked mud and dirt from the horses coat.

  • The hard or dandy brush - a hard bristled brush used in short quick stokes to removed the dirt you loosed with the curry comb.

  • The soft or body brush - a soft-bristled brush used in long soft strokes for a final polishing on the coat.

  • The mane and tail brush/comb - used to detangle and straiten the mane. Never comb the tail during the winter as the hairs do not grow back.

  • The hoof pick is used from heel to toe and is used to removed mud from the hoof, and rocks that may have been picked up.

Hope y'all enjoyed this! I am going to make this into a series. Next time, it will be tacking up so get ready for that!

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Ponies and Pirouettes

by Kira Christine Angela

Part One

"Roo!" The voice of my trainer reaches my ears, and I peer out of the trailer. I find that Sharon is striding towards me, her eyebrows knitted together, as always.

"Where have you been? Ten minutes, that's all. Get ready."

I blink back at her. "What? No, I've half an hour."

"Ruby-Rae Woodson." Sharon's lip wobbles. "This is no time to mess around. Get Welly ready, or you'll be disqualified."

"You've got to be kidding." I gasp, and glance at my watch. "No, look. Half and hour."

Sharon held up her watch. "Ten minutes. Now."
She turns on her heels and disappears into the crowds, and I'm left standing in shock. Trust me to get the time wrong.

I untie Welly as fast as possible, the bay gelding nudging my arm as I work. "Quit it, Welly." I mumble. "Unless you want to be on the receiving end of Sharon's wrath, you had better behave."

It's the first day of the Regional Championships, a well-known event that allows you to compete in individual and team events - Dressage, Cross Country and Showjumping.

Today is the first day of the Individual Qualifiers Dressage. My stomach squirms with butterflies as I lead Welly to a mounting block and swing my leg over his back. Now I can see the valleys and hills, and every other rider and horse.

My eyes find the warm-up arena, a sectioned off grass area, and I nudge Welly in that direction.

Welly is short for Wellington, my dark bay Thoroughbred gelding. When I say "my" I really mean that he's borrowed. In truth, he's the stable's horse, and I'm only there to ride him and represent the area.

He tosses his head as we near the arena and I spot Sharon, leaning over the arena fence and gesturing for me to enter. So we do. Welly lengthens his strides and I take the light warm-up session to get a better look at my competition.

I hardly know anyone, but there are two faces that jump out at me immediately; Natasha Prescott and A.J Myers. Both extremely well-known riders, who constantly compete against each other for the title as Regional Champion.

Natasha rides a dark grey Warmblood known as Cyclone, as wild as his name suggests. He jogs on the spot and tries to get a hold of the bit, but Natasha expertly stays in control.

A.J rides a bright chestnut mare known as Charm. They are known to ride a storm in the Dressage arena.

Now I'm extremely nervous. If I'm up against both A.J and Natasha, I'll have to play tough and up my game. I see that Sharon is watching me closely, so I transition to trot and post steadily. I want to make a good impression. I'm not going to be the quiet, red-faced girl who weirdly watches the other riders and makes a fool of herself. No, I will show them that I am just as good as the others.

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Lost Over The Heart

by Anna Leigh
(Glen Ellyn, IL)

I keep telling him not to
he shakes me off
I plead and cry
he gets on that angry raging bull
I get on my trick horse sky, crying, praying
then Ellie tells me what I've been dreading,
"he pulled a pro bull" she says with a solid frown on her face.

The world stops
I look around
I'm not thinking
I do the stupidest thing
I open the gate I gallop as fast as I can but its too late
he got trampled
my one and only
my love
my Kent

I'm not thinking
I jump off of sky and race towards him sobbing
I elbow the poor man who was trying to lift me to safety
I need kent
he is my everything
now he is just a little heap of life in the middle of a rodeo ring
clinging to life

The bull is mad
the people try to stop it but they miss
it's coming

I look up but it's too late

I fall and hit my head,
the sharp ping of metal pings in the silence,
warmness surrounds me,
I don't fight it,
I go with it.

I guess he will have to live without me.

I will always love him
I don't regret standing in front of that bull for him
I love him.

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Rising Up

by Sally

When sixteen year old Quincy (Quinn) Jones and her beloved horse Firefly take a fall in the Barrel Racing Championships and are injured, her love for her horse is put to the test. They must overcome many hardships to become what they once were.

Chapter One

This was it - the moment I've been working for. Pounds of muscle pressed relentlessly beneath me in anticipation for the moment coming. The crowd cheered for the rider coming out of the ring - they were good but we had to be better.

Now! I raced out into the arena, me and my horse.

We raced around the first barrel, hearts pumping and adrenaline running high. The third barrel... almost there! Almost there! No! Her hoof caught. We went tumbling. Screams came from the crowd and people came running.

I tried to get up but couldn't. My head was pounding but all I could see was her. She was struggling to get up, shrieking in pain. No one could get near her for her hooves were flailing and she wouldn't calm.

Someone tried to move me away but I screamed and kicked. Throwing punches out at the person who wanted to take me away from my horse. Then I saw it, they brought out the tranq gun aiming at her.

I broke away ignoring the pain in my knee and raced to her side. Kneeling down next to her, she calmed at the sight of me but she didn't calm all the way. My knee throbbed but I refused to leave her. I bent down to her ear and sang her song.

"Fire in the sky, my friend who makes me fly. My firefly. My friend, my love and my family. You are my Firefly strong and sweet. Firefly my friend, you are mine and I am yours forever more. Flying high in the sky, you are free, my Firefly."

She calmed as I sang and so did the crowd or I just didn't hear them. At that moment, all I cared about was my Firefly. I sang until she stopped struggling under my gentle but firm hand and laid still letting the vet look her over.

I thought they would get her on easily but I was wrong when I heard it. The tranq gun shot and she squealed as I screamed. Forgetting about my knee I got up and ran at the man yelling.

"You ruined this! She was calm! Now you'll have even more trouble. She'll never trust you again!"

I ran at him but didn't make it there before my knee gave out. I fell again. My surroundings grew blurry and I was faintly aware of my parents running to me. But still my focus was only on Firefly's screams. I closed my eyes tears leaking. As my parents picked me up I whispered, "don't let anything happen to her."

Not knowing whether or not they heard me, I reached my hand out once more for my horse who was laying down, the tranq subsiding her fight but she still had the fire. Her eyes and I knew she wasn't going to give up.

With that satisfaction, I closed my eyes and let darkness over take me.

Chapter Two

"Quincy? Can you hear me?"

I groaned as light shined into my eyes when I forced them open. My mother leaned over me to my right and a doctor on my left holding the light into my eyes.

"Get that out of my face." I grunted at her, my voice raspy from sleeping for so long or I assumed. It could've been from the screaming and yelling. My memories flooded back again and I bolted upright nearly hitting my mom's head as I did but she backed away quick enough. The doctor quickly took a step back taking the light out of my eyes.

"Firefly!" Was all I said, my head throbbing from getting up so fast.

The doctor came into view again and said "Quincy, please lay back down. You hit your head pretty hard from what I hear," she gently pushed me back down and I let her saying again, "Firefly?"

The doctor ignored me and my mom said nothing even though I knew she could hear me.

"Alright Quincy, how do you feel and can you flex all your muscles for me please?" I nodded and did as I was told, staring at the white ceiling of my hospital room trying to keep the tears in as I flexed my muscles like she said. Whimpering as I tried to move my knee, I found it was in a brace.

"I can feel them all and call me Quinn please," I whispered my voice shaking.

"Mom," she was at my side instantly.

"Where's Firefly?" She was silent so I asked again, "Where's Firefly?"

The doctor saved her. "Alright Quinn, you're going to stay the night and then I see no reason you can't go home. Just take it easy on that knee ok?"

I nodded and stayed silent until she left and said to my Mom again, "Mom where's Firefly?"

She stayed silent then replied, "Your father is with her but she's in rough shape."

I nodded. My fears confirmed and I let the tears come. My mom rushed toward me and held me letting my tears soak her shoulder.

"I want to see her." My mom shook her head and then I realized she thought I wanted to go to the vet but I knew when it came to doctors orders they overruled so I shook my head.

"I want to see the old her."

She nodded understanding and took out my phone which she had held onto for me during the rodeo. And gave it to me.

My hands shook as I scrolled through the pictures of her and cried when I saw the one I took of her when she was a filly. Her white coat shining in the sunlight as she galloped through the field, free as a bird.

Her white and grey mane streaming behind her. I wiped my eyes and my mom gave me a sad smile. We sat in silence for a bit until we heard a knock.

"I'm coming in and I better not have missed another sentimental moment because you know how well I deal with tears." I laughed at my dad's sarcastic tone as he walked in and gave me a hug.

He seemed to know the question I was going to ask because he answered it before I asked. "She's hanging on Sweetie."

And for the first time in a while I smiled. When I see her I know everything will be alright.

I will post more soon. :)

Chapter Three

I sat in my hospital bed and stared at the white ceiling. I was finally going home today and my patience was being tested.

My doctor said I could go home today but my mom and dad had to sign off on everything and talk with my doctor. I sat up and swung my legs over the side of the bed just as my parents came in.

They smiled and I was about to stand up but then I saw what my dad was holding. My crutches. I glared at the crutches and took them from my dad and stood using them. I saw my parents smiling sadly at me so I smiled back to them and looked at my dad.

"Now you can't say no to letting me play with crutches," he laughed his big laugh and gave me a big hug and together we made our way out of the hospital.

"Sweetie, do you want to get some food first or go home?" My jaw dropped as my mom spoke. She knew fully well what I wanted to do.

"Which one's closer to the clinic?"

My Dad shrugged his shoulders as mom looked to him for support and finally she said, "Food then the clinic."

I nodded, agreeing to the deal and opened the car door hopping on one foot. I lifted myself in and when I was in laughed at my parents worried expressions.

"I'll get stronger upper body strength and as if carrying bulky western saddles isn't enough."

My Dad grinned and my mom wacked him with the back of her hand but eventually grinned back. They got in, my mom driving since my dad apparently "drove recklessly" in her words.

"Where do ya want to eat kiddo?"

I thought for a moment acting like I was pondering but then immediately said, "Tony's tack and feed."

It was a nice little tack shop with a diner attached down in longview that we went to quite often and they knew it was the place for me to get my comfort food.

"Tony's it is," my dad said to my mom who was looking longingly at Shari's, a fancier restaurant down near Tony's as we passed. I saw the tack shop and smiled. I'm best friends with Tony's daughter Megan so I go here a lot.

As we walked in--wait, no--I hobbled in on my crutches, Megan looked up from where she was. She took one look at me and knew exactly what I needed.

"One double chocolate frappe' with no coffee, coming up."

I grinned at her and her dad Tony walked in and bellowed, "Now what have you gone and done Q?"

I smiled at his nickname for me and replied, "Oh you know how dangerous the sport is but you should see the other guy who was trying to get me off the course."
He grinned more and came out from behind the counter to give me a hug with Megan following him.

"We all knew you weren't invincible though I think we all liked to think it." Megan said arms crossed and I hobbled up to her and gave her a side hug.

"At least I'm home."

She nodded and hugged me back tugging my hand toward a table though careful not to pull me over.

Once we were seated, she went straight to the topic that had been on my mind since I left the hospital.

"How is Firefly?"

I looked down at my hands eyes downcast. "She's hanging on, after we eat we're going down to see her. Dad was with her for a while but then left to come see me after I woke up."

She nodded and took hold of one of my hands, "She's strong and she'll come through."

I smiled sadly and leaned back in my chair, "Do you want to come with me?"

She nodded and stood up, "Lemme go ask my Dad if he can let me go early on my shift then I'll finish up some things while you guys eat." I nodded and my parents came and sat down.

We ordered and ate in silence. Soon the only thing left uneaten whas my frappe' which I was slurping on while we waited for Megan. She appeared a moment later and we headed out after paying but apparently my frappe' was on the house.

When we got to the car, I got in a little easier and looked out the window as we drove. Megan held my right hand and I held on to my lucky charm in the other. It was more of a bond between me and Firefly. When I first got her she was a tiny little Filly who'd just been weaned but we immediately bonded.

Continued in Comments section...

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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.

The Lost Horse

by Ali

Me and peppy!

Me and peppy!

Chapter One

It was a cold, dark night as the beautiful Arabian slowly walked through the snow. It had only been two days since she ran away from her dreadful owner. Horses have great memories, she remembers everything about where she lived. She remembers a man kicking her sides over and over again as his anger grew.

She was out of breath and tired from trying to get away from Leroy, her owner. She had been wandering around the woods for hours and finally decided to sleep. So she laid down on some leaves. Her body hurt as she hit the ground.

She felt like she could sleep forever.

It had only been fifteen minutes after she fell asleep that she heard something. It was Leroy, trying to find her.

"I will get that wild, white beast if it's the last thing I do." Leroy said angrily to the men helping find the horse.

"Well, you better because that wild thing is worth thousands!" One of the men said.

As soon as she heard the voice, she was running as fast as she could. She went sailing over logs, she ran and ran until she knew that the men were far behind. Their horses were no match for the strong, powerful horse.

When she was running, she remembered running like this and sailing over the fence that she was trapped in - when she was still trapped with Leroy, that terrible man.

She loved to be free but she knew it wouldn't last long cause Leroy would soon find her.

That's all for now! I will write the rest of the chapter later!

Chapter Two

This is the same story. I'm just going back and forth from the horse to the girl named Sam! 😀

"Sam, come back!" Cried Sam's mother.

"Why should I?!"

Sam was short for her age and had shoulder length hair that was hardly ever brushed. It's been so hard on her since her grandma died.

"John, I don't know what to do anymore!" Said Sam's mother to her husband.

"Don't worry. It's only been two weeks. It will get better. We just need to give her time and lots of prayers."

This was not Sam's real grandma but she thought of her old friend as her grandma. Her real grandma on her dad's side of the family lived far away and barely ever gets to see her. And she never knew her other grandma cause her mom was a foster child.

Tears blurred Sam's view as she walked around sad and mad. She missed her "grandma" and wanted her back.

She was finally able to stop thinking about her grandma and thought about how she got mad at her mom for simply asking her what she wanted to do for her 13th birthday. She didn't want to have a party. Not without her grandma. It reminded her too much of her other birthdays with her and how special she made it.

It was cold out and she wasn't wearing gloves or a hat and she was shivering. Her jacket was unzipped and she knew she needed to get to the house but she couldn't. Not after the way she had acted. But she couldn't stop shivering.

After she couldn't stand the cold any longer, she headed to the house. The house seemed so far away. Finally, she got to the steps and reached for the door handle and turned it. Her head was spinning and she pushed the door open.

She felt awful and sick to her stomach. As soon as she opened the door, she collapsed.

I will write about the horse next time. And just a hint, her horse and Sam meet in the next chapter. Sorry that it was so long. Hope you enjoyed!

Chapter Three

I felt mom squeeze my hand and I opened up my eyes. Mom looked so worried. I felt dad's big strong arms lift me up and carried me up the stairs.

Our house was small with an upstairs with two rooms and when you walk into the house you can see the dining room and then the doorway to the kitchen. It was a small room with not much counter space, and the living room was just like all the other rooms - as small as can be.

Mom opened the door as dad carried me into my room and set me down on my bed. We watched a movie on my laptop. Mom sat with me the whole time making sure I did not fall asleep.

After I was feeling better, mom explained that I had hypothermia and that I was lucky that I did not have to go to the hospital.

After a long boring day in bed, I was able to go outside so I went for a walk down the trails in the woods where me and grandma used to walk and talk for hours. Thinking about it made me want to cry so I tried to stop thinking about it until I heard something.

Her mane was full of sticks from running through the woods and was matted with tangles. As she walked through the woods, every step she took sticks snapped under her hooves.

Could I be any louder! She thought to herself. She would never be able to hear Leroy coming with all this noise! She lifted up her head and saw something in the distance so she ran to it as fast as she could with the little bit of energy left in her.

Thoughts whirled around in her mind. Maybe someone lives here and maybe they would want to keep me and give me a good home, she thought to herself.

I was stiff, still scared to death and then a beautiful white horse jumped out of the woods.

Chapter Four

She was the most beautiful horse I had ever seen! Then again, she had seen one other horse in her life.

"Hey girl, you're lost, aren't you?" Sam said.

The horse tossed her head as a warning to stay back.

"Dont worry girl, I won't hurt you. You're safe now."

Her voice was soft and calm, For some reason, I didn't run. She seemed different from all the other humans. She came, she stepped closer uncertain of what she would do.

I reared, warning her again to stay back and she took another step forward. This time, I let her and she pet my muzzle. Her hand was so gentle.

She grabbed my mane with a gentle touch. I didn't have to follow but I did. She was the most wonderful human I had ever met.

Sorry, it's so short! I did not have time to write more, sorry!

Chapter Five

The girl led me down the trail until a small house with an old shed was in sight. The cold December wind blew in my face causing my mane to go wild.

For some reason, I was not scared. I saw something good in the girl, something I have never seen in another human. She led me into the old red shed. The place smelled like dust and rotten wood.

"What do I do!" Sam thought to herself and sat there for a minute staring at the beautiful horse. "I know nothing about horses rather than what my grandma told me about them. She would have known just what to do."

I tried to remember what grandma told me. I was never interested in horses, no matter how much grandma talked about them.

The thought of grandma made tears push in the back of my eyes. I pushed away the thought of grandma and thought of a way to tell mom that she had a horse in her shed. I figured out what I was going to say so I stepped out of the shed and closed the door behind me.

"I will be right back girl," Sam said.

There I was, alone in the shed the girl had left me in. I wondered if she would come back. There was not much room in the shed and the only light was from the broken window. Feeling trapped, I panicked.

I kicked and yelled. I kicked the door over and over again until it finally broke free, and I ran out of the shed. I had to find the the girl. I had to!

My mind went crazy with thoughts. The girl can't leave me, she was the only hope I had left to be saved and to have a real home!
"Mom! Are you in here?" Sam yelled in the kitchen.

"I am in here!" Her mother replied from her bedroom upstairs. Sam ran up the stairs and into her mother's room where she sat on her bed folding clothes.

"I have to tell you something," Sam said.


"What was that!" Sam's mother said. They both ran outside.

The Arabian let out another long neigh and the door of the house opened, and there the girl was.

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by Mistylady

I let my troubles fly away
Like a baby bird just taking flight
When I place my foot in the stirrup
And put myself to your height

I live for the feeling I get
When we break into a canter
A rocking motion so swift and calm
The partnership that we've worked on for so long

We are a team so cheerful and bright
Nothing could come between us
You and me teammates for life
So swift and clear we ride

We work together in harmony
In unison we work as one
When were riding there are not two
But two hearts bonded as one

When I'm not by your side
I dream of this time
I dream of the time I have with you
Until our next ride I dream

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Elsa's Redemption

by Katie
(USA )

Part 1

Elsa Ramsey stepped out onto the stile, cold and hungry. What was she doing here? Why had she left her home, her family, her friends? It had seemed so grand at first, but now it hurt so bad she could scarcely draw a breath. If she had known that Lynx would die along this journey she would never have made it. But it was just too late now. She had already endured so much hardship, it wouldn't be worth anything to go back to Germany. All she wanted to do was to go home, but it would be a disgrace to her honor. Elsa couldn't do that. Not to her family, not to her homeland.

Drawing the last bit of strength inside her she lifted her hands to her lips, and let out a staggering owl call. To her surprise, she heard an answer! Not just any answer, the call of a horse. But-but how! Elsa thought. Lynx is dead, no other horse knows me. How can I be hearing this call? Just to make sure it wasn't the wind, Elsa called again. The same answer came. Elsa, shaking her head, stepped back into the hut.

To her surprise, a boy was sitting on the hearth, playing a bagpipe. "You have called me," he said. "My name is Elkhanah. You are making my grandfather's whistle. How did you come to know the whistle of my people?" Elsa drew in a breath, sat down, prepared to be on the rug for a while. "Well, it was a dark and stormy night..."

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Her Own Way

by Warhorse

Part One

Melissa goes into the arena for practice, she's on an Eventing team and tonight they were practicing show jumping. She warmed her horse up, a mustang who doesn't look the part of a show horse but makes up for it with her jumping ability. She cantered her horse around the arena to warm up. Since she arrived rather early, Melissa has time to take Pepper, her horse over a few lower jumps. Then she walked Pepper to cool her off. She noticed the newer girl, Nellie, come into the arena with her horse...

Nellie steered her horse towards the arena. He was a tall bay horse with a lot of energy. Nellie knew he would be an eye catcher tonight. She came into the arena and saw Melissa coming towards her on her mustang.

"She's so cool", Nellie thought, "She can train a once wild horse to keep the fancy horses on their toes. I wish I could be like that". But Nellie showed none of the longing of friendship to Melissa, instead she made it seem just the opposite. She tried to do as little as possible with Melissa. Nellie trotted around the arena around the rail holding her horse, Bentley , back so he wouldn't run. Melissa came over to her on her pretty mustang.

"Maybe you should canter him around the arena and burn some of his energy that way?", Melissa suggested "and it might help if you inch your hand down on the reins to give you more control".
Nellie stiffened. She didn't like taking advice, it seemed to her that taking advice just made it seem like she didn't know anything. " No thanks", she said, and trotted off.

Later, during practice, she failed to change leads when turning sharply to cut off some strides and her horse refused the jump. Practice ended and Nellie was not happy. "I'm going to practice tomorrow at home", she tells herself. But then she remembers her parents are going put of town and she would be alone. "Ughhh!" She thought ," Fine! It doesn't mattet. I can do it anyway!" The only problem was that Melissa lived next door to her and had warned against riding with no one there... Nellie hoped she wouldn't get caught...

The next day she played it cool until her parents left. She then tacked up her horse. By the time she was done dark clouds started rolling in. Nellie was frustrated with herself for not checking the forecast! She quickly hoped on her horse and started to warm up, racing against the threatening sky. Bentley cantered perfectly around the jump but Nellie still felt a sinking , dreading feeling deep inside. "Oh stop it silly", she told herself. There was nothing wrong. She collected Bentley and centered him on the highest jump she had out. Suddenly it thundered and seconds later it started pouring down rain. Bentley spooked and jumped to the side quickly. Nellie pulled him back,"We are going to do this!" She ran him towards the jump, but something didn't feel right. Nellie panicked right before the jump. Bentley, sensing his rider's distress hesitated, but he had already committed to the jump! He couldn't stop! He landed on the wet, slippery ground and skidded, sending Nellie flying forward off of him, he slipped and fell to his knees. Nellie landed in a muddy heap in front of him.

Okay! That is part 1 please comment if you want me to continue.

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Sure Fire Winner

by Aspen

Sure Fire Winner

Sure Fire Winner

This story is about Fever's son. If you haven't, please read my first story "Fever" before this. Thank you.

Part One

And just like his father, Fever, Sure Fire Winner had a spark. Yes, he would run and chase the wind in the field he grazes in, and he would jump and be crazy. But that all ended soon, sooner then you could say "racehorse".

Since Fever died and became history, or you may say a hero, the ranch went downhill. Fever was the one and only racehorse who could win the Triple Crown for our ranch. We had good horses, don't get me wrong, but Fever had something about him you couldn't beat.

Our mares have gotten old, and Sure Fire Winner's mother was to be put down because of sickness. Sure Fire Winner was really the only hope for me and the others... a hope to save the ranch and continue to breed and raise racehorses.

Sure Fire Winner was just a yearling. He was spunky and hyper, and didn't care about anything else but going into the field every evening and grazing.

We all planned on using Fever's bridle and saddle, but Sure Fire Winner just didn't grow. He seemed like he was the same size for decades, his tail stayed short and fuzzy, and never did length like Fever's did or even his own mother's mane and tail.

Children that came over on field trips always went over to Sure Fire Winner's stall and he hated being patted on his muzzle unlike his father. He'd rather be scratched behind the ear and on the back.

A little girl who took interest on the T mark on his forehead began to call him "Little T" and another small little girl shouted out "Tommy". I just stood there as Sure Fire Winner whinnied as she shouted out "Tommy". It was like Sure Fire Winner was excited about that name.

After that and many months later...

It was his second birthday. His mother passed and the ranch got even sicker. We just lost our best mare and still haven't had the time to properly train Sure Fire Winner.

The man who owned the biggest Thoroughbred ranch just miles down the road brought over his two-year old stallion, "Oh Bop", which means "he's a thief" in Russian. The owner said he would take Sure Fire Winner off our hands, no charge, no nothing, but just to take Sure Fire Winner for himself.

I didn't go with it. I said no. He hung his head, sighed and then walked away. I didn't care even if he would have given us a billion dollars for that horse, there was no way I was letting Sure Fire Winner go.

That man knew something I didn't know about Sure Fire Winner. I got a weird feeling when I got closer to that crooked man. His horse was fabulous, why would he want my colt?

But I couldn't worry, we had to start preparing Sure Fire Winner for his first race, the Kentucky Derby...

The shortest race distance is one and one-quarter miles long but it would be the longest for Sure Fire Winner as we've never ran him for this long. We should have, but never got around to doing it.

The days went by, the Kentucky Derby arrived, and Sure Fire Winner was a complete mess.

Oh Bop trotted out proud and the crowd went wild. Sure Fire Winner's ears went back in fright but he was a good boy and behaved in the crowd. And in spite of his fright, I still had second thoughts about Oh Bop beating us.

The same little girl at the ranch cheered, "Go Tommy!"

I was scared for my life...

Part Two

The crowd cheered more as the horses got farther into the track and into the starting gates.

Oh Bop (He's a Thief) loaded first ready to run. Sure Fire Winner reared up a bit scared, he was nothing like his father at this point. I stand up and sing with many more "My Old Kentucky Home". After that, we sit down and hear the screeching beep from the bell.

"AND THEY'RE OFF!" The man yells rambling on with who’s in the lead.

I kept my eye on Sure Fire Winner. It seemed like this race never ended. It was the longest 2 minutes I've ever waited.

Finally, the finish line... I stand up looking at the others. I hadn't had a clue who won. It was so close, I swear it was neck to neck with the two stallions, Oh Bop and Sure Fire Winner.

"Who won?" I yelled as I sprinted to the main office. The door had a sign saying, "Unofficial Winner", so I had no choice but to turn around and wait.

Finally, the announcer came on and many people rushed to the Winner's Circle. The official winner was Sure Fire Winner! Well, he didn't get that name for nothing! I knew he had it in him... I just knew it!

Beautiful red roses hung over the arched and sweaty neck of Sure Fire Winner as the man who asked for the reins clapped please to see the cup. But one thing he wasn't pleased about, it wasn't in his hands.

Many hours later, the celebration was over and I walked out to the stall of Sure Fire Winner, apologizing for never thinking he had it in him, that spark. I mean I knew he had it but just didn't believe it.

"Oh Bop is absolutely amazing. He has the color, the legs, the heart, but he has one thing you don't have," I said as I rub the T mark on his forehead, "the history".

Sure Fire Winner whinnied. I got the feeling he knew what I was talking about?

All of a sudden, I felt a tug on my jacket. As I swung around it was that little girl. "Can I ride him?" She asked as she pulled a bucket to see over the stall gate.

"Maybe, someday." I reply as her mother came and got her.

That night I thought about it. That little girl thought he was a pony to ride and that man laughed in my face. Oh Bop was no joke. He was big, and in racehorses, bigger is better. You want a lengthy horse like Oh Bop.

Fever was ready by now and ready by a million points to win and I still had second thoughts about Sure Fire Winner. I really didn't know if he was ready to run the second longest race but I couldn't tell the future.

The days passed and The Preakness was right up our alley. Just thinking about it was scary.

Press Panel, which meant the newspaper people wanted more info about our boys running in the race, I told them the truth, I didn't lie when they asked if my horse could win the second race. I said I can't tell the future and just gave them honest replies.

That's all I could do.

Part Three

I knew after that, it all of a sudden turned real. Sure Fire winner was now a real horse. He won the Kentucky Derby, now he must win the Preakness.

Oh Bop was ready. I know I've said that before but it's the truth. He's ready to beat my boy Sure Fire Winner.

Finally, about 2 weeks later, it was time for that race. A big semi truck hauled Sure Fire Winner into his stall making a screeching beep backing up.

The two men grabbed Sure Fire Winner clinching their hands around his halter. Sure Fire Winner led great but there was something off.

I looked down the aisle of stalls as the men loaded him into his. There at the paddock, my eyes caught Oh Bop and his owner. There were many people with cameras and many people without, but not one to my horse.

So as my cocky self, I walk up to Oh Bop's stall.


I run Oh Bop's nose. It seemed like he liked it and was a complete new horse. He was nothing like I thought he would be like. He was kind and gentle.

"Uhm.." I hear a mumble behind me.

I turn around.

"This is my horse." The man who owned Oh Bop mumbled.

"I know." I said as I turn back to Oh Bop. "I just wanted to say hello to the stallion who might win." I said, rubbing his neck gently.

"Guards! Please tell her to leave or I may press charges." The man says walking away as many guards and police walked around me.

"No need to fret, I'll leave." I said walking back to my horse.

Sure Fire Winner ate his feed in his bucket. He was calm and it was almost like I saw Fever in that stall.

"Run good today, okay boy?" I smile as I walk away. I couldn't believe how fast time flew by. Last time I looked, it was 2 hours from the race, now it's 2 minutes. I couldn’t believe it.

People started dragging Sure Fire Winner out of his stall, saddling him up, and before I knew it, a man yelled "Riders Up!" I knew at that moment, the race was right around the corner. Literally.

Oh Bop bucked and pretty much dragged the men to the race track. The man who owned him, sat tapping his foot to the hoof beats of the stallions trotting.

"And they're off!" The announcer yells and the horses take off in the flash of lightning.

Sure Fire Winner took the lead but not for long. Oh Bop was right behind him. I swear this time, Oh Bop's hooves were smoking and I don't say that about every horse. I knew Oh Bop wanted the lead and not just him but the jockey and his owner.

His horse had the front page of the newspaper. I was shocked. I knew the crew and I had to step it up.

The first turn of the race, it was about 1:50:4. I kept an eye on my watch as the second turn came around. The thunder of horses running was so loud. Every hoof that touched the ground I would count. I had a timer and everything that I thought I needed.

"He's gonna do it... He's gonna do it!" The announcer yells but I didn't have a clue as to who he was talking about. Was it my boy or that man's stallion? WHO WAS IT?

Again, an unofficial winner...

"This can't keep happening!" I panicked.

Continued in Comments Section below.

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A Day and A Night

by Jenna

This is based on a true story

This is based on a true story

Part One

Jenna looked around, eyeing her brothers, Chase, fifteen, Ryan, sixteen, and Ty, eighteen, all head in different directions after tying up their horses. They lived in rural Montana, and Jenna lived with her mom, dad, and three older brothers. She was fourteen. Tonight was the dance, in town. She hoped no awkward boy would ask her. She decided she'd just play her guitar with the band.

She blew a strand of hair out of her face and stood up from picking out her brown-and-white Paint, Duffy's, hooves. Her brother Chase walked over to her, looking a little disappointed.

"What's up, Chase?" She asked.

"Well, Lilly turned me down again, so..." He looked at her a little sheepishly.

"Yes, Chase, I'll dance with you tonight if you promise not to make me dizzy again." She laughed and playfully punched her brother.

Secretly, he was her favorite. Jenna saw Ty and Ryan already talking to their dates and smiled. Today was going to be perfect!

Jenna set her guitar by Sam Wilson's, the lead guitarist. He had played in the band for around 20 years, because Jenna had never seen him dance in her fourteen years.

The first song started and Jen and Chase started dancing. Jenna felt bad for Chase because he really liked a girl Jen knew from school, but she didn't like him at all. Whenever a girl turned Chase down, he wouldn't ask another one, just dance with his sister instead.

After about five songs, Jenna had to take a break, she was so thirsty. She grabbed some punch and Chase got some, too. All the dancers had a ten-minute break, so they escaped outside to the cool night air.

"I think there's only a few more songs." Chase said. Jenna nodded.

"I'm going to the motel after that. I don't wanna be here til midnight in this crazy town."

Their family was in another town about fifty miles from home and they were there for the big rodeo. They of course brought their horses, since all the kids did roping. They were in a big town in Texas.

Suddenly a masked man in black stepped out, holding a knife. "Come with me," he said in a husky voice, motioning to Jenna.

Chase stopped him. "No, don't you dare touch her!" He made a grab for the man but the guy was quick. He easily jumped back, then ran at Chase, pointing the knife.

Jenna screamed. "No, Chase!" but it was too late. The man ran off into the night, dropping Chase like a hot potato on the ground. Jenna grabbed Chase to her and screamed.

"Help! Help! Someone call 911!!! Please!" Her brother Ryan came running out, looking alarmed.

"Jenna? Chase?" He had looked at Chase in horror, then the blood seeping through Jen's collared shirt and jeans. He grabbed for his phone in his pocket, fumbling with the numbers and rushed back in.

"Oh, Chase, Stay with me. Don't die! You're my favorite brother!"

Chase's eyes cracked open. "Your favorite brother, huh? Now those are...nice hear," he said, struggling for breath.

Jenna shook her head. "No, Chase, save your breath. Help will be hear soon." Jenna sniffed.

" are favorite sister. I want you.. to have...Red." Jenna knew he meant his horse.

"No, Chase, she's yours. You have to stay alive for her. For me," She added that last part brokenly, her voice cracking.

"Stand...strong..." His voice trailed off, and Jenna knew he was gone. She screamed as she heard the sirens near. "No! No! Chase! Come back to me! Chase!"

Ryan ran back outside, their parents and Ty in tow. They yelled a little, then started crying. Jenna was whole-heartedly screaming now, her sobs ringing out in the dark night. The EMTs tried prying her arms off Chase, but she held him closer. Ty gently took her arms off Chase and held her up. She cried into his flannel shirt, her words inaudible.

They covered Chase's body was a black tarp, which made her cry even harder. Ty was at a loss for words, nothing seemed to help. He just picked her up and she laid her head on his shoulder, whimpering now. He set her on Duffy, mounted his own horse, and got Red. Then he started off in the night, leaving their parents to made the report.

Part Two

Jenna pulled her headphones out at hearing her dad call.

"What, Dad?" she looked him, deadpan expression.

"Honey, you want to go riding? You haven't been for awhile." He handed her a sandwich. "Not to mention you haven't eaten much."

"Dad, I'm not hungry. And no, I'm not going riding!" She turned back to her room and put her headphones in. She didn't see the hurt face of her father or hear her 19-year-old brother Ty knock.

Her 15th birthday had been horrible, awkward, and just plain nasty. It rained all day and Red, her deceased brother's horse, had run away.

Luckily, a neighbor had him tied in her corral. She had gotten a few books and horsey stuff, but Ty had gotten the best. He got her a horseshoe frame, made out of Red's shoe, with a really nice old picture of Jenna and Chase, her brother who died 4 months ago.

Him and Jenna had been really close, but he got killed when someone tried kidnapping Jenna at a rodeo out of town. He had saved Jenna's life while sacrificing his.

Jenna picked up the picture of her and Chase as Ty walked in, interrupting the moment. Jenna hadn't heard him knock with her music. She pulled them out once again and looked up.

"What, Tyler?" She looked at him with the same expression as her dad.

"Um, hey Jen. I thought maybe you would wanna go riding with me? Some of the cows in the far pasture need to be lassoed up for market next week. Could... could ya help us? Please?" He raised his eyebrows with the puppy dog face.

Jenna couldn't resist. She sighed loudly and clenched her jaw as she pulled her boots on. "Ok, but that's IT. You can not rope me into a trail or nothin', all right?"

Ty grinned. "No pun intended, right? Roped?"

Jenna rolled her eyes as she tried not to smile.



Jenna re-adjusted herself in her brown leather Western saddle as she watched Ty and Ryan, her other brother, try to rope a calf in the pen. Ty almost had it, but she thought Ryan sure could work on his roping skills. But everyone knew that Ryan would be a bull rider one day. His room was filled with trophies from mutton riding when he was little, bull wrestling when he was a little older, and baby bull riding, and now he was doing the older bulls in their 4-H club.

Ryan never was that good at roping or with horses. He had just turned 17 last month, and his girlfriend, who was going pretty steady, had taken him to the dance and dinner on Friday, the day after his birthday.

Jenna thought about school, which had started 2 weeks ago, and dreaded it. Kyra Glick, a rich rancher's daughter, had always been her archenemy at roping competitions and was a little nicer when Chase died, but she could tell the meanness was coming back, little by little.

Ever since Jen had beat her at a lasso tying contest, and Kyra had gotten a participation ribbon, she had hated her. Jenna's brothers just said she was jealous. Jenna thought, why would she still be jealous after 3 years?

"Hey, Jen! We got it!" Jenna jerked her head up at their voices, tearing away from her thoughts.

"Sweet! Ya'll ready to go back up?"

The brothers looked at each other. "Um, Jenna, we...well, I," said Tyler. "I thought maybe Red could use some exercise for the up-coming trail class... since we're gonna be in it, too, could you ride Red?"

Jenna opened her mouth in protest, but not before Ryan held up a hand.

"Listen, Jen. We know you don't really feel up to riding since...well, you know. We miss him too, got it? But we aren't stopping our lives to pity you. So either you're gonna ride for Chase, or not ride for yourself. But whatever you do, get your head in the game. Don't go around moping and pitying yourself, because I'm sick of it! So, are you riding, or not?"

Jenna frowned as tears filled her eyes. "I'll ride, ok?"

She turned the grey dapple she was riding to the barn to switch horses. She blinked away her tears and gave herself a pep talk as she took the saddle off Cloud.

"Ok, Jen, you have been sick lately. You...I haven't been there for Ryan and Chase as I should have, or even Mom and Dad at that. I need to stop worrying about myself and just let it go. Chase will always have a special place in my heart, no matter what. OK?"

"That's great, Jen."

Jenna turned to see Ty and Ryan leaning against the wall. Ryan smiled.

"That's my sister."

Jenna went on to receive first place in the county roping, championship, state, and state again. Every contest was dedicated to Chase and she won every one after that.

The End

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Forever Free - Wild Horse story

by Annabel ( bella)
(Tauranga, New Zealand:))

Jessie in the Muster Yards

Jessie in the Muster Yards

This is a story about a horse, Jessie. She was one of the very few horses saved from the musters and slaughter P.S This story has no plan! So this could go on forever...

I feel the wind in my mane. The tussock beneath my feet pass on a blur. I call out to my wonderful foal, Mercury, the sonn of Mojo and myn. The stallion of the herd, Mojo, is leading us to fresh grass, the nice, fresh bright green grass. We arrive at a secret gully, that only our herd know about. Mojo suddenly shoots his head up in alarm. His favorite mare, Angel does so too. She always copies him. My foal hurries to me side, and trys to suckel, i push him off, waiting for Mojo’s instructions. Mojo wheeled around in a whirl of air and shoots off. Being in herd, we have to follow him. " Guys, stay alert for any sudden movements" Mojo shouts at us as he is galloping. Suddenly there is a very loud whirring sound.......... - Of a helicopter..... That can only mean one thing........ Its a muster. Me and the herd have escaped many musters. This one.. Well for some reason this one was different. A helicopter cut me off, i knew what was going to happen next. I feel the wind in my mane for the last time, I look at the blur of tussock beneath my feet, and i hear my foals desperate winny’s for his mum. Then i am going down...... It all goes pitch black.


I look up to find i am under a roof. It smells of horse sweat and... Is that human food? Yes.. Yes it is. Where am i? I jump at a loud and booming voice. I am tackled to the ground, i am too weak to fight. A big beefy man tries to put a ugly batted halter on me. I bite him, but he does NOT GIVE UP! In the end i give in. He smiles in his evil humany way. He drags me into a soft sand arena. I look for my
friends, my herd, but they are not there. I leap in fright as the loud announcer calls of numbers " GOING ONCE, GOING TWICE, SOLD AT 25.00 DOLLARS TO KIM GLADELAKE, THE OWNER OF THE HORSE SLAUGHTERING COMPANY!"

I freeze in fright. H...Horse slaughter? You mean i'm gonna be killed? I plant my hooves firmly into the ground, not wanting to leave. The guy who is leading me brings out a whip, and lays it down on me. I walk quietly forward. The guy who bought me snatched the lead rope and snapped at the man. Kim is halfway leading me up the ramp when.. "STOP! DON'T TAKE HER!" The voice shrills loud and clear piercing through the air. I can't understand what they were talking about then, because it was very loud and rushed. Finally, after hours of waiting, I was led down the ramp by a girl no younger than 10. I bite her, knowing I can get away with it. She turns to me, and I instantly regret hurting her. Tears stream down her face, and she has the look of a shattered heart. She hands the lead rope to another man, and runs away.

The man ignores me, and pulls me up another horse float. There already is a shetland pony in there. He give me a nasty look and turns away. The little girl appears, her face red and tear stained. She keeps on staring at me wearily, as if I could make her drop dead. She hung up a yummy looking hay-net. I stared at it. I dont know if it will be poisoned or safe. I decide to take a nip of hay. Ahhhhh…… This is gooood hay. The man ( Who is the girls father) Sharply closes the horse float ramp. It all goes dark. I try and fight, i try to find some light, but there is none. I eventually give in, knowing this might be my last ever fight….. I yet to know what will happen to me. I force myself into a deep, deep sleep.


I awaken to a sharp jolt. The horse float has stopped. The man jerks open the horse float ramp. The little girl, whose name is Shari, quietly walked up the ramp. I am startled of what she could do, so i kick out. I narrowly miss her, and end up kicking the side of the miniature pony, who is called Eddie. “ WATCH IT, YOU BLOODY EGG!” He screams. The little girl jumps out of the horse float, startled. The big scary man takes hold of my lead rope and wheels me around, i hit the sides of the float. “ Grrrrrrr.” The man growls. He yanked me into the gravel driveway beneath the float. I take a look at my surroundings. One rundown red barn, one little paddock. I start to feel stressed at what a dump this is, but I stop myself knowing it wouldn't matter because i will probably be dead soon. The man pulls me towards the battered barn. He cracks open the rotting door and leads me inside. It”s better inside than it is outside. There is 3 stalls, all full of rotting straw. The man, whose name i have heard of as Garry, leads me into one of them.

I wake from a very deep sleep, to find in my stable, water, hard feed and Shari watching me. “ Hey girl, i have missed you. I had to to to the doctors to get my arm fixed up because of your bite! Dad is very cross with you”……… She whispered. Then she walked away, close to crying. Garry then strides into the stable. “ Im glad you are fattening up! Tomorrow i will train you to be ridden, so eventually my daughter can ride you!” I spent that whole day eating, and trying to make a conversation with Eddie, but with no luck.

The next day, Garry came into my stall with a long rope and a harsh looking stick. He tried to put a halter on me, so i bite him. He punches me in the nose. I go quiet, knowing that if i make some noise i might get bashed again. He eventually gets it onto me, and clips a lead rope on. He leads me out of the stable, and then cracks open the barn doors. I am blinded by the bright light, after being in a dark gloomy stable for a while. He leads be behind the barn. There is a correl, that i had not noticed before. Garry takes off the lead rope and clips on a much longer rope. He flicks the rope at me and hits me. I dont understand what he wants me to do! I gallop around the sharp edges of the correl, bucking and carrying on.“ ENOUGH!” Garry shouts at me. I stand stock still, afraid at what might happen if i move.“ WALK AROUND THE BLOODY ARENA AND DO AS I SAY!” I kinda get at what he wants me to do now. I walk slowly around the arena, he hits me with the rope i trot, and so on. Eventually he sets a jump up, around the height of 1 meter. I know how to jump, because of jumping the army ground fences, on the desert road near Taupo when i was wild. He makes me jump it, so i do, with air to spare. He keeps on increasing the jump height, until i am so tired, and am about the flood the correl with my sweat!

This weeks lesson is different. Instead of bringing a whip and a long rope, Garry is carrying a saddle and bridle. He ties me up to the corral with a lead rope, a short one this time.

He chucks the saddle on my back, i buck in surprise, and he whips me. I have learnt my lesson. He tries to put this nasty metal chain in my mouth! It tastes cold, hard and it clangs against my teeth. He does all the straps up, my head feels all squished and tight. He leads me over to a tall wooden box. I don't want to go, of fear of all the changes that are happening, but my kind nature gets the better of me and i give in and follow him. He makes me stand beside the box. He steps up onto the box, and MOUNTS ME!!!!!!! I buck, gallop and kick out in surprise, trying to get rid of Garry, who's on my back. Its no use, he is too strong. So i decide to stand still. Stock still. As still as a tree. Wait…… Trees don't stand still! They always move! I take off like a rocket, almost unseating Garry. Almost, with no luck. I will have to do what he wants me to, i am under his control. He gives me a kick to move on, then trot, and canter. He faces me towards the 1 meter high jump. I have no choice. I can jump this high on the ground, but not with a rider on me!
I have to do it. I take off, i feel as if i have springs on my feet. “ Well done!” Garry shouts, scaring me. Well at least he praised me? Thats a start. Maybe he is not so bad after all….. No. I can't think that.. He hits me! He hates me, and he is rude and bad to Shari.

Garry keeps on going on like this, five days a week for 2 months. Then finally it was time for Shari to ride me. I see her all geared up in her riding gear. She hops onto the big box. She put her foot into the styrip and swings her leg over my back, way more gentle and slower than Garry. She gives me a small nudge to go forward, and i respond like a angel. We walk a lap, then trot. We trot over a tiny 30cm jump. I try to the best of my ability, trying to please her. She gives me a small kick to go into the canter, and i do so, trying to please her. “ Good girl!” Shari says. She hops off my back, and slides quietly to the ground. Later that evening she comes to my stable, she comes with a purple and black rug. She expertly chucks the rug over my back, and clips all the clips up. She holds me by my mane and leads me out of the barn. “ Good girl now, don't run off or spook because i'm only holding onto your mane! I think dad hid the halter…” She takes me around to the small paddock, opens the gate and lets me free. “ Good girl, stay there until the morning, I will come out before dad gets up and put you back in your stall. Dad does not want you out in the paddock, but i think you deserve it.” Shari whispers. She kisses me on my cheek and goes back into the house. I explore the paddock, and much to my delight, I find a warm feed, a bran mash, in the paddock. I give my silent whinny of thanks to shari.

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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.


by Rebel

Fight or Flight?


My hooves pound on the ground, throwing up chunks of earth as they dig in. My ears are pinned to my skull, and I hear the shouts of my pursuers as they gain on me. And so I ran. Snorting, I pour all my strength into running.




Do not look back; Only forwards, I tell myself. Reach out. Grab the ground with your front hooves and push it away with your back ones.




Adrenaline courses through me. I have to run. I must run. If I do not- I will be caught. I must WIN.

I duck under a low tree and head down a trail that I know leads to the canyon. Perhaps I can lose them in the twists and turns of the canyon, and the rocks won't help them either. Their mounts were not born and raised in the mountains. The horses running after me would falter where I would stay sure footed. They would balk where I would press on. They would tire, while I would still be running strong. I was a mustang. They were nothing like me.

My heart pounds within my chest, the beating of my heart matching the beating of my hooves as they pound on the stone beneath them. My mane no longer rests upon my neck, but ripples through the air, grounded only my my neck, and my long tail streams out behind me. My neck stretches forwards as I lengthen my stride.




My mind, heart, and hoofs, all beat to the rhythm of that one word.

I round a corner, doubling back and find a steep incline, leading me up the canyon wall. I lurch ahead, pushing myself up the slope with my powerful back legs and hindquarters. Rocks and soil instantly fall away, threatening to take me down along with them as they slide, but my hooves find purchase and I climb.




I find my self at the top of the canyon wall now, and I don't think that the men chasing me will dare follow me. Even if they try, their mounts could not make it up that slope. They would fall. They were not like me.

But still I ran. My heart only knowing one word.


And so I ran.

I ran until I was sure I had put enough distance between me and anyone who might have attempted to continue the chase. I found myself back out of the canyon, and at the beginning of a prairie. Breathing heavily now, my body drenched with sweat, I let myself break down into a steady lope, then brisk trot, which slowed into a slow trot. Soon, I was walking at a painfully slow pace. I was tired.

A strange noise filled my ears. It grew closer, louder. A great big thing flew in the sky, but it was not like a bird. I knew it as a helicopter, and it was after me.

And so I ran.

I ran, even though I was tired. I fought for every breath, every stride, but still the helicopter chased me, getting closer and closer. Exhaustion took hold of me, but I shoved it away in my mind. I could not lose. To loose would be to give up. To give up would be to surrender. To quit. I never quit.

The helicopter came up alongside me. The side of it opened up and a man pointed a gun at me. I panicked and tried to run faster, but I could not get away from it! The man shot me. Something stung my neck. It wasn't a bullet; I would be on the ground and bleeding if it was, but why did he shoot me with it then?

Suddenly, I felt very sleepy. I slowed to a lope, and then a trot. I trotted, fighting to keep my body under control. Darkness spread on the edges of my vision. I stopped. I screamed in fury. I would not quit. I couldn't quit. This was bad. I screamed again, fighting the atheistic that coursed through me.




I could faintly hear shouts from men.

"Got her with a tranq dart!" I heard someone shout.

I reared up, screaming, pawing the air with my hooves. I struck the ground and shook my head. Breathing heavily, I felt my whole body getting heaver and heaver, just like my eyelids.


I was fighting. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. I'm fighting. I'm supposed to be free. I couldn't loose- not if I fought.




But I could lose, I realized.

No matter how hard I fought, I would lose.

But still I fought.




I felt my knees buckle, and I went down. I heard men around me. Darkness took me, and I knew no more.




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by Sophia
(Crystal lake Il. USA.)

My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I fidgeted and played with the car seat belt. Open pastures and seemingly endless fence streaked past the window.

"Well Sophia, here we are," said Mom as we pulled into a gravel driveway as the cars tires crunched nosily.

I could hardly contain my excitement. I guess I should explain why I was so exited. I've always been a horse crazy girl since before I could remember. All my life I've begged my parents to take horseback riding lessons. I knew what the my mom was was going to be before I even asked for riding lessons.

"Honey, we know how much you love horses, but you need to understand riding is an expensive sport. It takes money we don't have."

I understood and stopped asking so much after that. I knew my dad had a lot on his shoulders, providing for a family of six was hard enough without me adding to the expenses. Even though I couldn't ride horses, I still learned about them. I read every book I could find on them. My passion for horses grew, and I learned everything I could so I would be ready for the day ware I would have a horse of my own.

Finally, for my eleventh birthday my grandma bought me riding lessons. I was thrilled. What was really awesome was, the place ware I got to ride bred and sold Arabian horses.

Arabians were my favorite horses ever! Anyway, here we are now, in the parking lot of Forthwind Farms. Arabians whinnied and pranced around in their lush green pastures. I ran into the barn. The wonderful smell of horses and hay hit me. It smelled so good, I got dizzy. Just then I heard someone call out.

"Hi there, how can I help you?"
"I'm here for a riding lesson," I replied.
"Oh, okay, are you Sophia?" The woman asked. I told her that I was.

After that, she told me her name was Allie and she would be my riding instructor. She helped me tack up the horse I would be riding. The horse was an old Arab Saddlebred cross and was named Guided. Riding was a glorious event that ended all too quickly.

After a few lessons, I moved onto a harder horse to ride. This new horse was younger, and loved to go fast! He was a grey Arabian gelding with a few brown spots; the horse's name was Chez. I thought he would be hard to ride, but he and I clicked. He soon became my favorite horse in the whole barn. All I had to do when I was riding was think what I wanted him to do, and he'd go ahead and do it.

I'm so glad after all these years of longing to hang out with horses, I finally was able to. The reason I wrote this story was to encourage other girls who were like me. Girls who love horses who either can't ride, or don't have a horse of their own. Don't give up on your passion for horses!

Remember, dreams do come true.

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A Horse On The Run

by horses4friends

Starlight (Darcy)

Starlight (Darcy)

Part One

Hi! My name is Darcy, my old name used to be Starlight, but that is in the past. I'm a night black Arabian mare. My story started in a great home, until I got sold at the age of three. So let's skip ahead to where I say the story starts, on an icy, windy cold day, where my new awful owner was trying to ride me in the indoor arena.

"Starlight! Put your head down! I'm going to ride you whether you like it or not!" My master jerked my halter, which made me rear, terrified. "Now!" He jerked my head down again and thrust an icy cold bit in my mouth.

I looked around me for an escape, but there was only the white-washed walls surrounding me. He threw my saddle on roughly, which of course, I bucked. Then he tightened the girth way too tight and mounted, kicking me in the sides. I bolted, then he jerked on the reins, what did this man want me to do? Stop or go?

When he returned me back to the stall an hour later, I was covered in sweat and shaking with cold. Then I heard a voice in the stall next to me said, "You really don't like that man, do you? So why are you so kind to him? I've only been here a day, and I know I don't like him."

I threw my head, startled, "Who are you and when did you get here? You certainly weren't here this morning." I turned and stared over the stable barrier, and saw this cute little strawberry roan gelding, glaring up at me. I almost laughed.

"I'm Sunny and I came from another mean home, but before, I was wild." The horse named Sunny said.

"Wild?" I stared at Sunny.

"Yeah, and this place is a mud puddle compared to the wild. Man, I just want to kick that..." Sunny kept on talking and I thought, what a fiery little mustang, huh, well he sure has spunk, "hey are you listening to me?" Sunny asked. "Horses around here just don't care for a good conversation," Sunny said to himself.

"Sorry, but I was just wondering what YOU were going to go to help us escape. There really isn't a chance of escape anyway, I'm always in my stall!" I said, exasperated.

"Welllll, when do you want to escape?" Sunny asked, curiously.

"As soon as possible!" I snorted.

"Then where does the man go around now?"

I shook my head, what difference did it make where the man was? "He rides the other horses, training them."

"Well, then, let's leave right now!" Sunny said, "Hey, watch this!" Then he lipped the bolt of his stall. Suddenly, he pushed the gate open and was free!

"How did you do that!?" I cried, surprised.

"I learned how." Sunny said simply. "Now let's go!" He had lipped my gate open and now I pushed the gate open, free! Then I just stood there, not knowing what to do until I heard the man yelling,

"Hey! What are you doing out! Get back here!" Then I started trotting away.

"Darcy! Run!" Sunny screamed next to me then we both bolted across the field and toward the woods. We had escaped! We galloped together in the dusk, me not knowing what I was heading into.

When we finally slowed down it was pitch black outside. I thought back and suddenly asked, "Hey, did you call me Darcy?"

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Chasing The Wind

by Horse Person One

Chapter One: Arrival

Two lead ropes on each side of me were pulling me out of the trailer. I have been in that trailer for a week, on a trip across America. I was being sold to a ranch called Golden HorseShoes Ranch, which I know I am going to hate.

"I will take her to her stall," said a voice right next to me.

On the way to my stall, that same girl said, "well, you sound like you're ready for a fight with Amber!"

I did now know who this "Amber" was, so I just ignored that. When we were walking towards my barn, I heard a bang in the other barn. I heard someone call out, "Olivia, Amber got out of her stall!"

That's when I met Amber. She came galloping towards me and at that very moment her hoofs struck me and I was on the ground. I wouldn't give up. I got back up and charged toward her, almost knocking over Olivia, which is the person that led me. I went up to Amber and kicked her. Hard. I saw a big cut right on her chest.

"Get Amber to the hospital, Carly and Emily. Fast!" Screamed Olivia. And I saw Emily and an older person, which was Carly, drive Amber away. Olivia picked up my lead rope and walked me to my stall. My bay coat was drenched in sweat.

That night, Olivia came to my stall and gave me my hay, water, and oats. Then, for some reason, stayed with me. I thought no one would stay with me after what happened earlier that day. I heard her say, even though I wasn't paying attention, "please don't do this again or I am going to have to get rid of you."

After hearing this, I knew I have to jump the fence. I have been sold to many ranches, and every ranch got rid of me because I am too wild. When she left, I planned out how I am going to escape. I said to myself, first, I have to break out of this stall. Then, I have to race to the fence and jump. Finally, I have to run away into the wild.

I started to kick the door, and then Olivia came back and tied me to the post right next to my stall. That plan went down the drain.

I was a smart horse, so I untied my lead rope and broke out of my stall. I trotted to the fence and collected myself and burst out in a jump. I went down in a bang.

Chapter Two: Flames in the Barn

When I woke up, I found myself in my stall, in cross ties. I tried to remember what happened last night and I started thinking to myself, jump the fence... gallop... crash. I remembered! I tried jumping the fence but I jumped too low and landed on the fence.

"Good morning girl! You sure tried to escape last night," said Olivia as she walked into the barn, "You're lucky you didn't have any broken bones! You sure wanted some freedom. Wait, that's it! Your name is now Freedom!"

I never thought about having a name. The people at Springfield Farm, my old home, called my Sassy, but they said it wasn't a permanent name.

Later that day, Emily came into the barn with another horse. "Hey Freedom. You have a new friend in the barn! Just don't fight. His name is Thunder." She said.

I could tell that the horse was a stallion, because he was trying to bite a chunk out of Emily's arm. She just pushed his head away. Emily walked Thunder into his stall on the other side of the barn. When Emily left, I took a nap and woke up to find it midnight.

All of my food was in my stall and I was tied up. Again, I untied the rope and found that the gate was open and Thunder was out of his stall. I was guessing that he opened it.

I walked out of the barn and saw Thunder in the shade of the big oak tree. I trotted up to him and gave him a look, which meant I am ready for a fight when you are.

I heard some commotion in the other barn and I cantered over. I took a peek inside and the roof was falling down! I whinnied to get Thunder to come over.

We both went in to unlock all of the stall doors and told the horses to come out. All of them quickly trotted out. I looked back at the barn, and a paint horse was left behind. She had a little foal with a broken leg and she wouldn't leave the foal.

I went inside the barn and got the little foal. I had to walk out because she was on my back. The mare cantered out. I could tell she was terrified.

When we were done saving the horses, it was almost morning time! Olivia came outside and saw us all standing there. "Why are all of you standing here?!" She asked. I wish I could tell her. She walked over to the barn, and saw that it was red with flames.

"Call 911! Now!" She yelled to Emily and Carly.

Ten minutes later, a big red truck came to the ranch. Olivia had all brought us to the paddock. The people that came out of the truck started shooting the fire with water. Thirty minutes later, the people and truck left.

On the other side of the paddock, Thunder was rearing. I knew what that meant. He thinks he is the king of the herd. I galloped over and struck him. He got back up and bit me right in the neck. I fell to the ground.

Chapter Three: Hospital

I woke up in a strange stall that I wasn't used to. I had a big bandage on my neck and I was in cross ties. A strange person that was talking to Olivia walked up to me and said, "She will heal in a couple days, but we have to keep her here."

They left after a couple minutes and I heard a familiar whinny. Amber was here. Carly came and put a lead rope on me to take a walk. I bolted and went to Amber, who was being walked, too. She bolted as well and we met in the middle.

The first to strike was me. I reared, pawing the air furiously, and I struck her with my hoof. Then she tried to bite me, but I was too smart and kicked her right in the chest. That ended the fight. She got knocked out. And all of a sudden, I fell to the ground.

I woke up in a medical stall, with a vet right next to me. I noticed that she gave me a sleeping shot to stop the fight. She came up to me and squeezed all of my legs, checked my body, and she tried to open my mouth but I refused. She had to call in more vets to pin me down. The vet finally opened my mouth but I bit her. After that I was in the trailer, going to Florida.

Chapter Four: Springfield Farm

Another week inside that trailer was a nightmare. When I finally got there, someone just came up to me without letting me meet him, and led me to my stall.

I had to be in cross ties for the entire day and night. I was thinking Springfield Farm changed owners. It was time for bed, but no one came to untie me. I guess I had to sleep like this.

In the morning, they made me wake up at 5:00 for training. The same person that led me out of the van took me to the tacking area. He put my saddle on, which I was used to, and he tried to put the bit in my mouth but I would not open. He tried a different way which was he held a carrot to me. I opened my mouth and he shoved the bit in my mouth. A different person came and got on top of me. I have done this before so I wasn't bucking, I would love to though.

We got on the track. He warmed me up at a trot, but I fought for rein. Then he signaled me to canter, but I galloped. He pulled too hard on the reins. I couldn't take it anymore. I bucked him off. He went flying into the air and hit the ground with a crash.

Another rider came and luckily, she was the one I really liked from last time I was here. "Hey, Freedom. I think that's your name. Calm down. I know you want to gallop, but we specialize in jumping. If you want to race, you should have been better at Golden HorseShoes. Now just calm down and we will start jumping." She said as she was mounting.

I cantered on the track and I wasn't interested in this. I wanted to race. I cleared the first jump but landed wobbly. We went over four more fences. I walked off the track dancing around. My heart sank when I saw Harold, the meanest person here, walk up.

"Wow. You call that riding. She wasn't focused. You should have got her attention by shaking the reins." He said.

Allison, my rider, said, "well, she doesn't like jumping so she wasn't interested. If I shook the reins, it makes the bit bump her teeth. That is like when..."

Harold interrupted her, "that's like blah, blah, blah. I don't care about her. I care about winning."

Allison dismounted and walked me to my stall. I could tell she hated Harold. The next day, Olivia came back to see if there were any other horses for sale. She came to my stall and talked to me. I was half asleep so I didn't know what she was saying.

Allison came over to take me for a ride. She noticed Olivia and told her, "Hi! You must be Olivia from Golden HorseShoes. I am Allison, her rider. Would you be interested in watching her workout?"
"Sure," replied Olivia, "I'd love to."

We got on the track and as usual jumped over 5 fences. I was so tired of it.
"Looks like she doesn't like to jump." Olivia said.

"Yah. She wants to race."

"How about I buy her again and train her for racing."

"That would be great!" And again, back in the trailer for a week.

Continued in Comments Section...

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Run like the wind

by Regan
(Lexington, Kentucky, USA)

The dawn sky was streaked with blue and pink. The grass was dotted with dew that shimmered in the light of the rising sun. I walked across the field to catch my two horses, Autumn and Smokey. They let out a low, welcoming nicker when I approached them. They calmly followed me out of the pasture, and into our barn.

My family's barn is very old, but safe. There are two stalls for Autumn and Smokey, and the other four are for tack, feed, and other supplies.

I fill up Autumn and Smokey's water buckets, and make them each a bran mash. The day was a bit chilly, and they were the best, so they deserved it.

While Autumn ate, I groomed her. Her bright bay coat was soft, and warm. Her eyes were loving and the white star on her forehead made her the total package.

I remember the day I first saw her. My family was looking for a horse for me. I could not help but notice Autumn. She is a Morgan-Arab cross, so the shape of her head and the way she holds her tail, was enchanting. She was the horse I chose.

When I was done with Autumn, I moved over to Smokey who is a dapple gray QH. I bought him for trail riding. He is a big lovebug. He is friendly to everyone. Everyone loves him. His eyes are very big, and he often makes them very large to beg for horse treats. I often call him my puppy dog.

Before I know it though, I have to go to school. Well, I am homeschooled. My mom's two friends and their daughters meet up at our house every Monday and Wednesday for group lessons. All of us are learning at Accelerated Levels.

It is Monday, and we were supposed to read two chapters of Gone With The Wind, write a detailed summary of the chapters, and take notes to share with the group. Morgan and Bella had already shared.

"Dani, do you have anything to share?" asked Mom. I nodded and read my notes. When I was done, we moved on to our Algebra lesson. After that we worked on our history skit.

"Alright girls, why don't you go riding?"

Morgan, Bella, and I nodded. The second we were out the door Morgan and Ella started off to their house. They lived a two minute walk away. They were going to meet me back here in ten minutes.

I ran over to Smokey. I gave him a quick grooming and slipped the cool metal bit into his mouth. I quickly fasten the throat latch and noseband. Even though Smokey is a very tall gelding, I can still mount him from the ground.

I grab a fistful of his dark gray mane, and swing my leg over his back. I adjust myself, and stroke his flank.

"Alright boy, let's go!" I whisper to him. Smokey picks up a well-paced walk.

"Dani!" calls Morgan.

"Hey!" I respond.

I kick Smokey into trot. Even though I ride him bareback, he still has the best trot. Morgan is on her chestnut mare Ginger. Bella trots up behind Morgan.

"I thought we could go to that big empty field near Bracken Creek," says Bella who is on her black gelding Shadow.

"Well then let's go!"

We took off at a canter. The wind blew through my hair and I never felt more free.

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Dakota, Noah and Me

by MKrider
(Bled, Slovenia)

Part One

My boots were caked with orange clay mud as I walked down the rocky, muddy road. Under my arm, I held three wooden planks and my right hand was occupied with a jar of nails and a hammer. I wore a black rain jacket, camo ball cap, blue jeans, and fairly worn brown cowboy boots.

It had just stopped raining ten minutes earlier so everything was wet and the air smelled fresh and earthy. A rainbow decorated the sky. It reminded me of the story of Noah's ark and God's steadfast promises.

After a couple of minutes of walking, I came upon a mighty oak tree whose sturdy branches reached out in every direction.

"Perfect," I said with an approving grin. I gently laid my supplies down by the base of the tree and started to climb up it. The climb was rough with limbs poking me in the eyes and slick bark preventing me to climb with a sure grip. I thought of every tree I climbed as a challenge that I just needed to conquer. With every higher branch the urge to reach the top grew.

I was just a couple of branches away from reaching the top when I heard something in the woods. I froze in mid reach. Suddenly, two options came to mind - either scurry up the rest of the tree or climb down to face whatever was in the woods. I chose option number two.

As I half slid and half climbed down the tree, I could hear the fast, pounding sound getting louder. I couldn't decide whether I was being brave or dumb for doing this as I slid down the tree trunk and landed with a thud. The pounding sound was at its loudest and for a brief moment I thought I was imagining things.

There before me was a rearing horse. It was clearly spooked so I stood up from my awkward position on the ground and started walking toward it with my arms outstretched horizontally. It acted as if it would keep rearing but it soon calmed down though it's eyes were still filled with fear. I started to rub it's neck and talk to it in soothing tones.

"Where's your owner?" The horse was a strawberry roan appaloosa mare and roughly fifteen hands high. Her mane and tail were tangled in burrs. Her nostrils flared and her neck was wet with sweat. When she was completely calm I realized I didn't know what to do. I had just found a horse in the woods.

I was racking my brain for a solution to my problem. In the midst of my thinking, I didn't notice a figure walking toward me from behind.


"What!?" I spun around my heart beating out of my chest. The roan jerked her head up in alarm. In front of me was a boy with dirty blond hair and green eyes. He was roughly my height perhaps an inch or two taller. He wore jeans, a navy blue T-shirt and brown leather hiking boots.

"Who are you?" I asked with a straight face.

"Noah. I live on the other side of these woods. That's my horse." He pointed to the roan who was now nuzzling his sleeve.

"Oh. Why was she out alone?" He gave his horse a quick inspection for injuries as I spoke.

"She broke out of our paddock two days ago. Who are you?"

"Kelley. Kelley Rosalind Price." He stood up and faced me.

"Is your family the one who just moved here?" He bent down and picked up her hoof.

"Uh, yeah. How did you know?" The boy's expression looked a little amused.

"It's a small town. Thanks for catching Dakota for me. I'll see you around." He slipped a brown leather halter onto his horse and attached a lead rope. They left in the opposite direction leaving me staring at the mare with longing. I silently wondered if I would ever see them both again.

Part Two

For the rest of the afternoon, after Dakota and Noah had left, I built steps up the trunk of the oak tree. This was the beginning of my tree house where I would have many adventures. I had no more boards and no more nails therefore I decided to head back to the house.

As I began to walk up the dirt road I thought back at what happened earlier that afternoon. The image of Dakota rearing was implanted in my thoughts. I wanted to see her again and stroke her beautiful coat.

"At least I know where she is," I told myself. I knew she was with her owner Noah. I hoped that I would see them both again.

The sun was gradually being blocked from view by a brooding cloud. I stopped and breathed in deeply through my nose. I could smell rain. I quickened my pace hoping to beat the rain I knew was coming. The sky quickly became dark and grey and rain began to lightly fall. I put my hood over my head and started to jog my way home.

Lightning crashed in the distance. My heart jumped as I heard rumbling above me. The rain was now drizzling heavily. After a couple of minutes I could finally see my house in the distance. I sprinted toward it as the wind and rain blew in my face.

I had reached the house and as I was just about to step inside I heard a yelp behind me. I turned around and searched the wide lawn with my eyes. Though I couldn't see anything I heard the yelp again. I desperately wanted to go inside out of the cold but I also wanted to save whatever was out there yelping. I stepped off the porch and headed out into the raging storm.

On one side of our lawn there were trees and bushes. The yelping was loudest on that side of the lawn. As I searched I glanced upon something sleek and brown in the bushes.

"What?" I pulled back the branches and set my eyes on a beautiful chocolate lab. I quickly scooped him up and ran inside.

"Dad!" I said with excitement as I kicked off my boots in the laundry room. "Mom!" I hurried into the family room and held out the puppy in front of my parents. Their faces were shocked and confused.

"Where have you been? Are you okay? Where did you get this dog?!" My mom sat up from the coach as she hammered me with questions.

"I've been out exploring. You said I could remember? I was coming back but I got caught in the storm and then I heard something yelping and I found this dog!"

"Kelley, go to the laundry room and grab an old towel. Take the dog to the sink and clean it off." I obeyed my father and did exactly as he told me. My parents sat at the kitchen table as I tended to the puppy.

"Mom, Dad? May I keep em'?" My parents gave each other the "what do you think" look and sat there silently.

"We'll think about it." My dad said breaking the silence.

"Either keep it in your room or in the bathroom for the night."

"Yes ma'am." I cradled the puppy in my arms as I headed up the stairs to my room. I gently put it on the towel in my bathroom then changed out of my wet clothes. I fell back on my bed and thought about everything that had happened that day.

"Maybe living here in Good Hope, Georgia won't be so bad after all."

Part Three

"Kelley, I'm going to the store, I'll be back in thirty minutes!" My mom called out from downstairs informing me about her departure.

I sat up in bed and looked out my bedroom window. The sun shone brightly with the promise of an exciting day.

I got ready and headed downstairs and was greeted by the aroma of oatmeal coffee cake. There on the kitchen counter was a chewy piece laid out for me on a plate. I scarfed down my breakfast and quietly walked to my dad's study. He sat in his brown, leather arm chair reading a book.

"Good morning dad. May I go down to the woods after I feed the dog and all?"

He put down his book and stood up.

"Actually, I already found the owner of that dog."

I was surprised then confused.

"What? How?"
"One of the neighbors this morning called asking about a chocolate lab puppy. I told him we found one and that we would drop it off as soon as possible."

"Oh." I followed my father out of the study with a small feeling of disappointment. I hoped that the puppy would be mine. I let out a sigh and went back to my room to get the dog. It still slept on the towel where I had left it the night before. A random cardboard box was on the floor so it seemed like the perfect way to carry the peacefully sleeping puppy.

I slipped on my brown cowboy boots then briskly walked to the driveway where the pick up was already outside. I hopped up into the front seat as my dad cranked up the car.

After a ten-minute drive with woods rushing past us on either side of the road, we drove up a steep driveway that led to a beautiful, quaint house with its porch decorated with delicate flowers.

I was already opening the car door before the pick up came to a full stop. I walked quickly up to the front door, knocked twice, then took a step back.

Suddenly, in the distance I heard a horse whinny. I froze and everything in me wanted to find the source of that whinny. Then the front door slowly opened and I was even more stunned than I was before.


"Noah!" There standing before me was the boy from the woods. I suddenly gasped realizing that the whinny came from Dakota the beautiful strawberry roan appaloosa mare I had found the day before.

We stood there in awkward silence for a few moments until my dad came walking up the porch steps.

"Hi, I'm Carson Price. I believe this dog belongs to you?" My dad shook hands with Noah as Noah stepped out onto the porch.

Before Noah could answer a man that looked like an older version of him appeared at the door.

"Hello, I'm Blake Fowler." The man introduced himself and shook hands with me and my dad. As the two older men started to talk and lose themselves in that kind of conversation only adults can understand, Noah removed himself from the scene and came to me.

"Do you wanna see Dakota?" My heart jumped at his question and everything in me was screaming YES!

"Um, sure." I answered simply. I gently put down the box then followed him down a dirt path that led to a paddock where Dakota tranquilly grazed. He sat upon the fence while I simply stood on the bottom rung.

"So, do you like horses?" He asked me keeping his eyes on Dakota.

"You have no idea."

Continued in Comments section...

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Am I ready for a horse?

by Horse Dreamer

I have been riding for 2+ years. I can walk, trot on the correct diagonal with great rising, canter nicely on correct leads have good posture and can jump 2 ft. I have been to shows before but I am showing a lot this summer.

I have experience in catching, grooming, tacking up, lunging, feeding, mucking, filling hay nets... all that kind of stuff.

If I do get a horse soon, I plan on getting one around 10-12 years old. My parents have the money situation figured out nicely, they just want to make sure I am ready.

I will be boarding and I will have a trainer for anything I have questions about or need help in any way once I do have a horse.

Please comment down below and let me know what you think! Also, I do have plenty of knowledge when it comes to breeds, heath, etc.

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Chloe's Silver Star

by Summer
(Washington, USA)


Joy opened the back door and closed it behind her. She stepped onto the back porch, barely glancing at the porch swing and various bean bags and pillows that were everywhere. She had one task, one thing to do. She looked out across the pasture, waiting, listening. She let loose with a shrill whistle, and a small smile flitted across her lips.

She heard the sound of galloping hooves, and that was what she wanted to hear. She saw her gelding, her beloved Silver, galloping towards her. He slowed to a trot and nuzzled her. He was an American Quarter Horse, and he was a dapple grey color. As he came up, she flattened out her hand, offering the apple in his hand. He took it, then nuzzled her. She smiled, and put her arms around him. Nothing could get better than this life, Chloe thought.

She swung up onto his back, riding towards her small stable. She asked him to canter, gently clucking to him. He responded swiftly, breaking into a smooth, rolling canter. Finally, they reached the stable. She dismounted, and patted him. She took him to to the tack room, where she grabbed her grooming kit. She put his black halter on, and led him to his stall. She clipped on the cross ties, but she heard someone coming up behind her.

"Surprise!" She heard. Joy whirled around so fast that her pale blonde hair that was hanging loosely slapped her in the face. As she pushed it out of her face, she saw her friends, June and Grace, standing in front of her, looking amused. Okay, fine, maybe a little more than amused. While Grace just had a normal, amused expression, June looked like she was trying hard not to laugh. A snort escaped her tightly clamped lips, until she had erupted into full-out laughter.

Grace and Joy joined in the laughter, laughing until their sides hurt. June shook her head and said "You really should've seen the expression on your face, Joy! It was hilarious!" Grace shook her head, a smile lighting up her face. "Well, I have to admit, you guys did surprise me a little." Joy said, shyly hiding her smile. Grace smiled.
"You're too easy to scare, Joy. Even when we want to, we feel bad afterwards." Grace said. Joy smiled. "It's fine, I don't mind being scared." June hugged her. "See, that's what we love about you. You're always forgiving, even when you're too shy to admit it."

She said. Joy smiled. "Thanks." She answered.Grace went over to hug her too. "Okay," said June, pushing back. "We almost forgot the reason we came over. Wanna come over on a trail ride with Grace and me? We were thinking of going by Summer Creek, since it's so cool over there, then go over to the meadow, then over to the cliff to watch the sun as it sets over the woods."
June said. Joy smiled. She loved that about June. Always ready with a plan. Always having a great idea for the location of their trail rides. Joy nodded, not concealing her smile this time. "Okay, that sounds just fantastic!" Joy said enthusiastically.

Grace nodded, happiness showing in her green-grey eyes that were usually serious. "June always has the best plans. I'm going to saddle up Danicca, and if I finish before you guys, well." Her eyes glimmered. "You better hope I don't or I'll be leaving you in the dust."

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Neglected Nigel

by Zahra
(United Kingdom)

Chapter One

Lucy Hallden gasped. Just in front of her, in the Maple Leaf Stables, a new horse was being led out of a horsebox.

"Oh my goodness!" She silently cried. "That poor horse!"

For the horse was filthy. His mane, which had once been beautiful and flowing, was matted with mud. His coat, which had once been shining and glistening, was caked with filth and sweat. Lucy was so shocked she couldn't say a word.

Chapter Two

When she did find her voice, she spoke to Matt Heathers, the instructor that was leading the horse out.

"Wha...what happened?" She said in a horrored whisper.

"He was neglected. His owners went on vacation and left him in their barn without a stable boy to look after him. He became crazy with hunger and fear, tore loose from his stall, and escaped. We found him, half dead and starving, trying to eat some wild blackberries. We took him in and brought him here."

Chapter Three

"How awful!" Said Lucy. "Poor boy. What's his name?"

"The name on the front of his stall was Nigel."

"Nigel. Poor Nigel. So your horrid owners neglected you did they? Then they forgot about you. Poor Nigel!" She murmured to the trembling horse. He whinnied in reply and nuzzled her shoulder.

"Are you going to keep him here at the stables, Matt? Or are you going to find him a home?"

"Well... we had decided to sell him when he got better, would you like to help me groom him?

"Oh yes!" Said Lucy excitedly. "I'd love to help!"

Chapter Four

So she did. For the next week, Lucy nursed him like a baby, and by the end of the week she had an idea of who could keep Nigel. Herself! It wasn't like she didn't know how to ride and didn't have a stable. She had had her own horse 3 years before, but he had died of colic.

So she persuaded her dad. In the end he said yes, because he was tired of her whining at him, and bought the horse.

And from that day on until his death, Nigel was treated like a king by the 12-year old girl that saved his life.


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Old Mill Stables

by Haddie

Petting horses

Petting horses

I've changed the names of the stable, the people, and some of the horses, as well as other details, but this is based on a true story about something that happened to me several years ago.

Part One

I step out of the car and breathe in the smell of horses. I'm so happy. Wearing a lavender sweatshirt, tan jodhpurs, and tall black rubber riding boots, I've just arrived at the stable for my first riding lesson! I've longed to ride for so long, and now the day is finally here!

My stomach flutters as I walk towards the barn, but my nerves calm when I meet my instructor, a young woman with a kind voice and a gentle manner. She takes me to the tack room and finds me a helmet that fits and a pair of gloves to borrow. Then she smiles and says, “It's time to meet your pony!” It's the moment I've waited so long for.

After handing me a carrot, my instructor leads me to the stall of--“Haddie! Are you listening?” Oscar's voice jerked me out of my daydream.

Slowly, I made myself focus on my younger brother's face. “What?”

He grinned mischievously, obviously enjoying my confusion. “This is the third time Dad has said to go to the car!”

“Oh.” I picked up The Kingfisher Illustrated Horse and Pony Encyclopedia and followed Oscar out the front door.

Outside, it was a lovely day. The air was crisp and cool, the sky was blue, and birds were singing merrily. The trees along the street were decked in red, orange, and yellow leaves. It was the day after Thanksgiving, and my family and I were spending the holiday weekend at my grandparents’ house four hours away from home.

That morning at breakfast, Grandma had proposed a visit to a dairy farm close by. My three siblings and I had all agreed that it sounded like a fun outing, so we had all gotten ready to go, and then I had lapsed into my favorite daydream-imagining what it would be like if I ever got to ride a horse. I wanted so much to take riding lessons.

The screen door slammed shut as Grandpa, the last one out of the house, stepped into the sunshine. He locked the door and then we all piled into my family's Suburban. I crawled into the backseat between the car seats of my six-year-old sister Betsie and Jake, the youngest, who was four.

Dad started the car and we were off.

Several minutes later, I opened The Kingfisher Illustrated Horse and Pony Encyclopedia--my favorite horse book--and wondered which horse or pony from its pages I should pretend to ride today. The pretty little bay pony? The dappled grey Arabian? The big chestnut draft cross? I had just decided on the pony-my name for her was Cinnamon--when my dream was again interrupted.

“Haddie?” This time it was Grandma's voice from the seat in front of me. “If you look out the left window, there will be some horses in a few miles.”

Horses!? We weren't out of the city yet! But I glued my eyes to the window. Before long...horses! There they were! Turned out in a sandy arena...bays...pintos...a golden palomino...they were all so beautiful it took my breath away.

Then we were driving past a big barn, white with hunter green shutters on the stall windows...and then more horses! A second arena, with even more horses than the other one! Each horse seemed more beautiful than the last. I gazed at them for as long as I could.

Before long, we arrived at the dairy farm. Dad turned into the long gravel driveway. On either side of our car were green pastures, each with a group of light brown cows grazing peacefully. Oscar, Betsie, and Jake exclaimed over the cows. Only I said nothing--I'd always had a quiet personality; besides, I was trying in vain to decide which of the horses I'd seen were prettiest and which I'd like to ride most. Eventually I gave up.

“Jerseys on the left, Guernseys on the right,” Grandma informed us. She was knowledgeable about bovines, having grown up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. “We always had Guernseys when was a kid.”

I liked the cows. They were pretty animals, though, in my opinion, not quite as lovely as the horses.

Dad continued driving until we reached a small building with white rocking chairs on the covered porch.

“Uh oh,” Grandpa said suddenly from the passenger seat.

“What is it?” I asked, not seeing anything wrong.

“Look at the door of the building.” I took a closer look. On the door was a sign that read, in big black letters, “CLOSED”. The car was silent for a moment.

“Well,” Mom said slowly, “I guess we won't get our tour of the farm after all.”

Disappointed, I sighed quietly. I would have liked to get up close to the cows...maybe they would have even let me milk one. Dad turned the Suburban around and drove back to the pastures, pausing there to let us get one last look at the cows out the windows. Then he turned out of the gate and back onto the main road.

t was then that I had my idea. My heart leaped at the thought. I knew it might not work...but I just had to give it a try.


“Yes, Haddie.”

“Since the farm was closed...”


I blurted it out. “Could we go to the horse stable instead?”

He paused for what must have only been seconds, but felt like much longer as I waited in suspense for his answer. My dad always liked to think things over thoroughly.

“Well,” he said slowly at last, “I don't know if they would allow people to just come visit, but...we can try.”

I felt like jumping up and down, but I had a seat belt on. Instead, I thanked Dad. Then I looked out my window--the stable would be on my right now--and felt a smile of anticipation spread across my face. Maybe, just maybe, my dream of being with horses would start coming true today!

I couldn't wait.

Please comment if you like it and want more, or give me suggestions on how to improve my writing!

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My Wild Heart

by Melanie



So I have been posting on for years now, commenting on other's stories, sharing some of my stories and everthing. I read Josh's Forsaken and Parker Liam's Star Dancer and saw how much y'all guys loved those stories and I am stepping up and writing my story about my life with horses.

So the first bunch of years I'm going to sort of speed through and then get into more detail as I get closer to present day... Some things you should know though is I am the oldest of 5 siblings, I don't technically live where my horses are, they are at my grandma's who lives 20 minutes away from my house and I go there like 4 or 5 out of 7 days a week so I can horse around. ;) Other things will be added in as the story goes...

It started when I was a baby. Talk about love at first sight! My mom held me up to one of our horses and I touched him, and then pet him. Horse was one of my first words. I couldn't get enough of them. From then on, man I was hooked! As soon as I could walk I was toddling out to the fence to pet them. When I was like 2 I got to ride for the first time. It was awesome!

Years pass and I was 5 and still horsecrazy. A horse from our neighbors pasture escaped into ours. I say escaped because these people starved their horses, beat and abuse them. We had called the Sheriff on them a lot but they always got away with it. Finally this one broke through the fence into our pasture. He was a 5 year old bay stallion but sweet as a puppy! He followed me around everywhere. We kept him, castrated him and started train him to ride. The thing is he was okay with me but anybody else he was scared of. I'm sure he had been beaten. I named gim Phillip. Phillip bucked everybody off but me except once. That time I was on him and a bee sting him and he bucked me off trying to get away from the bee. I broke my elbow and after that my mom was scared of him and hardly let me on him. Then I went to riding Buck. He was a 15 hand paint gelding with an addditude. I shouldn't have been riding him but I wouldn't stop with horses and he was the only one who was "safe". And he wasn't safe. I couldn't control him. He scraped me off under so many trees, swam through so many ponds and creeks and kicked up his heels so much to try to get me off. We decided to buy me a trained horse. So on Face book, when I was 9, my grandma ran across this place where the sold a bunch of horses. We decided to visit there and see if any might be suitable.

We drove down the winding road. "Are we close yet?" I asked my grandma.

"Just a few more minutes" she said.

Shortly we pull up at this place with a big barn. We meet the people and and they show us around.

"This paint horse might me a good fit", the man said." He is young but obedient".

That paint just reminded me too much of Buck. I still rode him but I just didn't have any spark. Then they brought out a different horse. This one a sorrel mare. I rode her. I rode her a LOT. She was awesome and sweet. "This is the one," I told my grandma.

Okay that was the first chapter. Sorry if it's short and boring the others will be much better. I will add more later but I have to finish mucking out stalls!

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I miss him so much

Was it those brown eyes? Was it the fuzzy black and white coat? Was it the silly way he stuff out his tongue?

I don't know why I fell in love with him. Something hit me that day that I haven't felt since.It was true love at first sight. I cry every night because I miss him.

He was my entire world, my best friend, my soulmate and my partner in crime. It hurts so bad...

Please come back, I need you... Whenever something went wrong you were always there to make me smile again. Now every time I see you its with another girl. It instantly takes away all my happiness.

I wish you could be my partner again. But I know I can't have you back. I need to move on but I can't. Just remember whatever happens you will ALWAYS be My Classy Star.

You are my heart horse and I'll never forget you for as long as I live. I'll never find another horse like you. I love you Peppy.

It's been so hard not riding Peppy anymore. He was such a big part of my life. I haven't had much time with him. I miss him so much. I cry every night.

Riley is helping me get over him but he is my heart horse. I'm so attached it's so hard to just say goodbye and move on. Losing Peppy is like losing a part of myself. I know its not like he died but I miss spending time with him. I just don't want him to forget me.

Thank You

Now that I'm not as upset about not riding Peppy any longer I decided to write this...

Dear Peppy,

Nearly three years ago you came into my life. I loved you with all of my heart and you hated me at first :) but we worked through those first months. It was so worth it. We created a bond so strong and so amazing. Something I'll never forget for as long as I live.

I began to ride you regularly in lessons and we only grew closer. When 2017 came things got even better. We started cantering and jumping and we improved so much. Then we started showing in the summer.

Summer was incredible and I knew the fall was going to be amazing.

In November, I was told I was no longer going to be riding you. I had to move onto Riley. I'm so happy and I love him to death but it still hurt to be away from you. I felt so guilty. But the other day when we were playing in the pasture I realized something. I've enjoyed hand grazing you, playing with you and teaching you tricks more than any of the rides we had. I never realized I didn't have to ride you for you to be mine.

I cry sometimes knowing we're no longer partners in the saddle but then I remind myself how much you impacted me.

I want to thank you for the challenging rides. I want to thank you for the bucks and the bites. I want to thank you for making me mad and frustrated. I want to thank you for the amazing rides that showed me why you challenged me. I want to thank you for loving me like I loved you. I want to thank you for being my best friend, my soulmate, my partner in crime and my heart horse. I love you endlessly and I can't wait for more hours in the pasture and teaching to to bow and hug.

I love you Peppy. You taught me what love meant and you taught me how to be a winner. You taught me that letting go isn't as hard as it seems. And lastly, you taught me that when a door closes a better door opens.

Thank you.

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The Sport of The Kings

by Horses Rock This World
(NSW, Australia)

Chapter One

I tensed in the saddle, sliding the cool smooth reins through my hands. Sassy Girl tossed her head and pawed the ground, eager to stretch out. I ran my gloved hand over her neck, soothing her.

"It's okay girl," I whispered. "Calm down, it's gonna be okay."

I glanced down the row. The last gate slammed shut. 24 horses. It was time. 3, 2, 1, go!!! The gates whipped open and a mass of horses surged forward. I coxed Sassy down the straight and into the middle of the group. Who Shot The Barman was in front of us. Darren Weir told me to follow him and then make a break at the last moment, shooting past the leaders. Worst case scenario we would come top ten.

But I didn't have time to think about that. A gape had opened up and B. Prebble was making a move. I closed my legs around Sassy's side and she lengthened her stride, chasing Who Shot The Barman.

We passed Rekindling, Heartbreak City and Chaser To The Last. I urged Sassy to the front of the pack and all of a sudden we were out in the open. We were in fourth place and were bearing down on Eclipse. It was time. It was our time.

I slid my hands along Sassy's neck and gave her a squeeze, asking her to lengthen out. She responded immediately and surged forward, her strides eating up the ground. We passed Eclipse, Flying Fox and He's Our Woody. One horse left.

I decided to let her go to the outside rail and keep up momentum to run second or even first!!! I was so excited I didn't notice Red Rum Coming up beside him.

Sam Horrold had lost control and Red was going crazy. He barged into Sassy and she tipped over. I screamed as her weight toppled over me and crushed my leg. Everything went black.

Chapter Two

I moaned and opened my eyes. I was in a hard bed with stiff blankets that smelled of washing powder and cough lollies covering me. Where was I? I was in a... hospital? Then it all came rushing back to me.

The race, second place, Red Rum, Sassy Girl falling... "Sassy!" I gasped. Is she okay, what if she broke her leg? My thoughts trailed off as I became conscious of the hospital’s Nurses dressed in white aprons, with their hair piled on their head, towering over me.

"I, who, how..." I stammered. The Nurses seemed uncomfortable. "What happened to Sassy Girl?" I managed to squeak. Silence. A Nurse with blonde hair and a clean white nurses cap perched on top of it spoke up.

"Sassy Girl has broken her leg. When she fell she landed on an angle and her leg twisted and her bone snapped."

"No, not Sassy." I whispered, burying my face in my hands. "This can’t be happening."

"Excuse me?" A gruff voice spoke. I looked behind me. Great. "Come on Missy, we have some talking to do."

"Why weren’t you paying attention to the field Nicki? Anything could have happened out there, you’re lucky you managed to escape." I hung my head in shame. "Yes Dad, sorry Dad."

"Do you realize that you have put a horse’s life in danger by not paying attention? Sassy was relying on you to take her safely across the finish line and you failed. Maybe you’re not cut out for racing after all." And with that, he turned on his heel and left the room.

As soon as the door was closed, I burst into tears. Can’t I do anything right?

I cried myself to sleep that night. As my head hit the pillow I was submerged into a deep sleep. And of course, I just had to have a nightmare.

I was in a field full of lush green grass, dandelions, and of course horses. I walked up to a cute pinto, Splash, who was standing all by himself. "Come on boy." I whispered to him. "We need to do this."

The next thing I know we’re in a dusty dry 5-acre paddock. I’m galloping him around and around pushing him to racing speed. We can do this. We will go to the top.

Three people in suits and wide-rimmed glasses watched us carefully, stalking our every move. Except their not stalking us. They're observing us. If we can do this, if we impress them, they will accept Splash to ride in a race. With me as his rider.

But then there was a gunshot. I wasn’t ready for him, and I fell off as he veered to the left and bucked. I sat up, winded, just in time to see him slam into the fence and tangle his hoof in the wire. Oh, what have I done?

I woke up, gasping, tears streaming down my face. Boy, I hate it when I have dreams that are true. Then you can’t wake up and pretend it didn’t really happen.

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Bolting Through

by Abby

Part one

I bolted through the door. It was the last day of school. Technically. There was still the academic and athletic ceremony tomorrow, but why did I care? I already know I’m not going to win anything.

I set my bag down on the counter in the kitchen. My attention was brought to a note on the fridge.

At the barn. Meet you there.

Mom’s handwriting. She probably picked up Ellie and Piper. I ran to my room and quickly changed into a pair of breeches. I hopped into my riding boots and grabbed my brushes. I grabbed a carrot for Bolt. I got on my bike and started to pedal to the stable, about a ten minute bike ride.

I’m Lizzie Evergreen. I currently am attending Cockney Middle School. I’m thirteen and I’m in eighth grade. I have long wavy auburn hair. It runs in the family. Every female on my mom’s side has long auburn hair, so, naturally, I would have it too. My eyes are azure blue and I have a lot of freckles all over my nose. I have a two little sisters and a little brother.

Piper’s in seventh grade and pretty much looks the same as me. She’s a sweet thing, but, sadly, I have to share a room with her. Jackson is ten. He has sandy brown hair and hazel eyes. He looks almost exactly like my father. Ellie is eight. She’s dreadfully annoying. She also looks exactly like me except she has big aqua glasses.

I go to Sunset River Stables. Today, there is a horse show and I am riding my absolute favorite horse in the whole entire world-Bolt. The horse show is actually just a barn show at my stable that is just for fun.

Bolt is a great jumper, not that I actually jumped him. I’ve been riding him for three months, since he’s been at the stable. He’s a thoroughbred pinto. He is a rescue horse. My stable just put him up for sale today and I am really upset. He’s a lot cheaper than most horses because he’s a rescue horse.

I reached the barn and headed towards the stalls.

"Lizzie!" A voice shouted and Piper bolted towards me and locked me in a hug. Her hair was wild and she was grinning with excitement.

"Munchkin, I need to go tack Bolt up for the show. I have one hour." I stressed. She let go and I walked into the stable.

"Surprise!" Everyone yelled. I squealed with delight and my eyes started to water. Mom, dad, Ellie, Maddie, Jackson and Piper were standing in front of Bolt’s stall. There was a big sign that said: Your new horse.

Bolt had a bow on his head and was confused about what was going on.

"No way!" I exclaimed. Mom nodded. I quickly unlatched the stall door and hugged Bolt. Finally. My very own horse.

"Ok. Let’s get you ready for the show." Maddie, my teacher, ordered after about five minutes of talking and squealing. I still couldn’t believe it. All I have to do now is to well at the barn show.

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Julia and Shadow

by Shadowlove

Part One

Julia Nickerson awoke with a start in the cool early January morning. The sun still had not come up and crickets chirped.

Wondering what had woke her, she pulled off her covers and went over to the balcony that overlooked the ranch from her room. She opened the glass doors and stepped out shivering. A low yellow light shone from the tack room window showing two dark shadows.

With a start, she pulled on some jeans, a tee shirt and a warm burgundy sweatshirt. She quietly went downstairs and onto the back porch. She pulled on her well-worn western boots and hurried up to the main barn where all the working horses and Julia's horse Shadow were stabled.

She silently ducked into Shadow's stall beside the open tack room door to catch parts of the almost silent conversation. Unable to hear, Julia patted Shadow's warm neck.

"You don't seem anxious for any reason." She whispered.

She stood silently in the dark shadows of the stall as the whispers died away and she heard footsteps. A dark shadow of a man loomed in the barn aisle and began to unlatch Shadow's stall. Julia saw who it was a little to late.

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Riding the Wind

by Sally

Chapter One

"Back straight Erin! Keep him in line. That's it, nice job bring him over."

I turned my horse Running Wind or as I called him, Wind, toward my riding instructor Josie. When I got there Josie put a hand on Wind's neck and continued her lesson.

"Remember, every time you sail over a jump you don't want him to go his own way. He could end up knocking over a rail or even walking off the course."

I nodded and bent down to my horse's ear, "You hear that? You've gotta listen to me." Wind snorted in response and I frowned. I've had him for almost three months now and he never seemed to like me that much. The other girls in my riding group never had that much trouble with their horses but their horses weren't Wind. He was a hot-headed Bay Belgian Warmblood who seemed not to have a care in the world about what I said.

"Alright girls, good run. Now go give your horse's a good brushing and let them out." We all nodded and simultaneously got down from our horses.

I got Wind's reins over his head and headed out with him trailing behind. We made it to the gate before little miss rude showed up.

"You know what, you should sell him. He's way to good for you and besides he doesn't even like you." As if to prove her point, Sonia's horse Jake nudged her back while Wind just stood there looking bored.

"If I didn't know any better I'd say you're jealous, Sonia." I turned and grinned at Casey. She was my best friend and we'd known each other since we were in second grade and a friendship becomes pretty stable when you've known each other for eight years. All the girls turned as Casey took up her place beside me with her horse Camelot who stood next to Wind.

I grinned even more as Sonia stuttered, "Yeah right, Jake is ten times the horse Wind will ever be."

Oh, she knew exactly how to push my buttons. I lunged at her and socked her in the face. We both fell to the ground slapping and punching each other. I got on top of her and socked her once more in the face. That's exactly how they found us, two fifteen-year old riders fighting on the ground of the stable. Josie yanked me up off her while Kaylee, Sonia's friend helped her up and held her back at the same time. It was silent except for me and Sonia's heavy breathing.

"My office now!" I barely heard Josie but I obliged and made my way to her office once I saw that Casey had a hold of Wind.

When we got there, I took one of the chairs and Sonia took the other one. We both started talking at once but I didn't care what Sonia said so I said the one thing Josie would understand, "She insulted Wind."

Out of all the mean things you can do at the stable, insulting someone's horse was the worst. Sonia fired back defending herself, "She said Wind was better than Jake so I said Wind isn't!"

My temper flared again but Josie spoke before I could say anything. "Both of you are going to muck all the stalls in the stable and then I will decide what will happen next. I will give you this though, you may go untack and brush down your horse but then straight to the stalls."

I nodded. Once Josie's mind was made up there was no changing it. Sonia didn't take the hint. "But it's not my fault. I'm going to have a black eye tomorrow because of her."

Josie just shook her head and pointed toward the door which I was already making my way to. I walked out and made my way down to the cross ties where all the girls were untacking their horses.

I was surprised to find it was silent. I made my way over to where Casey had put Wind next to Camelot and whispered to her when I saw Sonia coming up to Jake, "she tried to argue with Josie."

Casey covered her mouth to smother her laugh which ended up coming out like a snort. I smiled at her and got to work on unclinching Wind's saddle which was a Wintec 500 all-purpose saddle even though I could never ever do dressage. Once I put his saddle away, I grabbed a curry comb from the brushing box and began doing large circles all over his back. I quickly finished and went to work on picking his hooves and for once he didn't fight me on it.

"You coming?" I nodded to Casey who was waiting with Camelot near the door that went to the pastures. Camelot and Wind shared a pasture so we were able to walk out our horses together. I clipped Wind's black lead to his matching black halter and led him out. I nearly shouted in surprise when I heard him nicker playfully but then I realized he was nickering to Camelot. Casey gave me a sad smile as we walked on.

When we got to the field, we led our horses in not caring if we got mud on our boots and laughed when we saw Josie running out of Jake's field saying, "Yuck yuck yuck!"

We took off Camelot and Wind's halters and jogged out of the field so if they were following wouldn't get out. We made our way back to the barn and saw Josie standing there with two pitchforks. I grimaced a tiny bit, I liked but at the same time didn't like mucking out stalls. Casey snickered next to me and I elbowed her in the side when she said, "So that's what your punishment is."

Josie smiled at us and handed me a pitchfork saying, "You start on right side. Sonia will start on left. And yes Casey, you can talk to her while she does that but no helping besides moving the wheel barrel."

Casey stared at her in shock when she continued, "You are getting a little predictable." She put her hand on her chest like she was offended but then cracked up a laugh and bent over her blonde hair shadowing her face. She stood up straight again and wasn't laughing that much anymore but her hazel eyes still shook with laughter.

We made our way to the first stall and Casey finally spoke, "I still don't see how you can do this without being grossed out."

I rolled my eyes at her. Me and Casey had stuff in common but a lot of differences to. Like she had blonde hair but I had cinnamon brown hair with streaks of blonde in it like highlights except it was natural or I have green eyes and she has hazel eyes and she has a curvy body whereas I don't have many curves but I am pretty muscular. Even our skin tones are different while she's a little more on the pale side I'm more on the tan side.

Our biggest difference was that I didn't mind mucking out stalls and I never really dress up in the type of fancy clothes other girls do. Put me in a dress and I'll have muddy boots and leggings on under it.

"Ya know what Casey, I think Josie doesn't have anything to worry about because you hate mucking out stalls," I said grinning at her as I started the stall.

"Naa, I mean I 'Love' mucking out stalls but I think I'll pass for now." We both burst out laughing when she finished. We both knew she hated mucking out stalls and she only would do two stalls if I weren't here to do Wind's which wasn't often.

I finished pretty quickly with the rest of the stalls while she quizzed me for our upcoming quiz, but most of the time we just talked.

When I was about to finish the last stall, she squealed. I looked over and half expected her to have a magazine with her favorite celebrity in it but she didn't, "I completely forgot for a moment there. Have you heard about the new CC course? They're doing a competition on it!" My jaw dropped and I nearly squealed too.

"NEW COURSE!!!" I practically yelled and when she nodded I nearly went crazy. "Please tell me we're competing on it?" She nodded again. I jumped up fist in the air and yelled, "YES!"

Not that I didn't like show jumping, it was just that well, Cross Country was more me. It was in forests sometimes and it shows your horse's stamina, strength and the rider's stamina and strength too. We did them every once in awhile but we haven't for awhile so I've been practicing them more on my own than with the group.

I quickly finished mucking the stall and practically ran the wheel barrel into the dung pile even worse I nearly forgot it. Okay, I forgot it but Casey grabbed it and parked it. I lined the pitchfork along the wall and we raced down to where Josie was, who smiled when she saw me.

"I take it you finished?" I nodded and she continued, "And you've heard?" She smiled even more, she knew how much I love Cross Country courses. "Okay then so you know what to wear during lesson tomorrow."

I nodded and said, "Are we really entered?" She nodded again.

"I knew you and Casey were going to do it so I signed you up right away but I didn't know about the other girls so I just reserved spots."

My smile grew and I gave Josie a hug. "Thanks so much and is it alright if I go since I finished?" She nodded and returned the hug before letting me go. Me and Casey grabbed our bags and ran out waving bye to Josie.

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Heart in Hand

by Sally
(Near the Horses)

This is dedicated to a crazy mare that I just get, and I hope/think she gets me too :)

I don't think it's very good but I know all equestrians can relate to this so I figured I'd post it. Please give me some feedback so I can edit it and make it better!

Heart In Hand
The beat of horses hooves sound through my heart
His sweet sweet neigh sounding through my ears
Their graceful movements a blessing to my eyes
His coat like silk beneath my hands

Holding in my hand
A heart that beats with hers
A Gentle hand, A soft cue
For only a few know this feeling
Many can say that they too have held their heart in their hand
But only a few can say, that they have guided another with their heart.

A gentle hand, a soft cue
All this leads to one
One that’s hooves are the beat of your heart
His sweet neigh sounds through your ears
Their graceful movements a blessing to your eyes
Their coat like silk beneath your hands
Only one that has taken your heart with care.

The horse that fills your mind
The horse that shines the sun through the clouds
The one that has taken your heart with care
As you give a gentle hand, a soft cue
With your heart in your hand.

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I'll be home for Christmas (Horse edition)

by Misty Lady

I'm dreaming tonight of a place I love
Even more than I usually do
Even though its miles away
I promise you

I'll be home for Christmas
You can count on me
Please have soft manes and winter coats
And nickers all around me

Christmas eve will find me
Standing by your stall
I'll be home for christmas
If only in my dreams

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Star Dancer

by Parker Liam

Hello everyone! I'm Parker Liam and I hope I'm welcome here gals... Anyway I read Josh's story and it inspired me to write mine down.

Chapter One

So when I was around five years old I fell in love with my aunt's horse, Misty. The sad thing is we live a long ways from them, so I almost never got a chance to ride him. Finally, (after a lot of begging), my mom bought me a horse. She was about 14.5 hands tall, black with white socks and totally stunning. When I got her she was about 5 years old, and you might think that would be a handful for little me. Well, it WAS! She was green broke, and I still don't know what mom was thinking when they bought her, of all horses. (Although I wouldn't have traded her for the world.)

After some bonding time and a bit of ground work I decided the time had come for me to get on. I wasn't one bit scared, since I'd never seen a horse do anything that it wasn't supposed to. Plus I was this guy that wasn't scared of anything. (Yes, that's how young and little I was). So since my dad didn't live with us at that point, my mom came and held Star Dancer while I tried to hop up. My but she was tall! I sat there for a while, looking around, getting used to her, and getting up my nerve to go for an actual ride.

Suddenly, my mom's phone rang and she told me to get off so she could answer it. I stood beside Star Dancer for a long time, petting her, talking to her, and leading her around. My mom was taking so long!

Finally I just started to unsaddle Star and let her go, when my mom came out of the house looking very shaken and on the point of tears. My dad had had a motor cycle accident, and was not expected to make it. He was holding onto life by a thread, and even thought a few months earlier mom had made him move out, she suddenly had to see him before he died.

Please comment for the rest! I'd love to finish if anyone wants to hear. :)

Chapter Two

Thanks so much for the support guys! Mom rushed me to the vehicle and we sped off to the hospital. Apparently, within the last few minutes she decided that she could live with dad after all if only she could. How we ever got to the hospital I really don't know now because she cried all the way.

At first the nurses weren't going to let us in to see dad, but finally mom persuaded them that it was urgent and they led us through long hallways and up elevators until we got to the ICU where dad was waiting to have a surgery.

He was in a coma and couldn't talk, but that didn't make mom alot of difference. She talked to him anyway, even though there were tons of doctors and nurses running around him checking monitors and things.

Finally they wheeled him away, and we sat down for a long wait. Fourteen hours to be exact. The doctor changes his mind about dad dying, and thought he might pull through after all. One of my friends mom's came and picked me up and I stayed at their place for the most part while dad was in the hospital.

I guess you're wondering what happened to him. I don't really know, I was too young to care. I know he had head injuries, some broken ribs, and a shattered ankle. The worst part about everything was that I didn't get to see Star Dancer for three whole weeks. Over the fence yes, but that doesn't really count.

Dad came home and life turned back to almost normal. Some changes were good, like dad paying attention to me and acting like he really loved me. He promised me that I could have Star Dancer for my very own, and that he would help me ride as soon as possible. That came sooner that mom would have liked, but for me I waited forever. One afternoon he hopped up from the dinner table and asked me if I wanted to go riding. Of course I did!

Chapter Three

Out in the barn I had to do most of the tacking up since dad had crutches to hang onto. I was barely big enough to hang onto the saddle, climb the mounting block dad had built for me and through the saddle on. Beings we were western, the saddle was rather large and heavy! Dad made sure I got it all right and then told me to hop on.

Now keep in mind that Star hadn't really been ridden for half year, other than me getting on her that one time. Most parents wouldn't have let there kid get onto a green broke that hadn't been ridden for so long, but as you can see my dad was not the average! On I went and things were going great! Then there was a burst of activity and I was on the ground right under my horse. She thankfully didn't step on me and I got up and back on her (dad insists that that is what you do when a horse dumps you). He let me around for a while until he was satisfied that I wasn't scared any more and Star was calmed down. We had these sessions every few days and she threw me every time.

Then one day I landed wrong and broke my arm. Obviously I couldn't ride, but even though we butted heads most of the time I had come to love Star so much that I didn't blame her for me getting hurt, and spent every spare minute with her.

Gotta go I'll write more ASAP. (If I get enough comments OK?)

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by Misty Lady

Part One

"Oh Dakota!" Jessica Miers whispered throwing her arms around her favorite lesson horse's fuzzy bay neck.

"I'm so tired of Julianna!" she said quietly into his ear. "She signed up to ride you in the show Saturday!" She sobbed putting her face in his tangled black mane.

"I've waited all year to ride you in the show and now I won't. The only other horses left are Cisco, Patches and Jolly! Why can't she ride Jolly? You're too experienced for her anyway."

Jess sniffed and clucked as she walked slowly up the hill. Dakota followed, no halter needed. She got up to the barn and walked beside Dakota into his stall. She closed the door and began grooming him for her riding lesson.

Julianna, a girl around Jess's age stood grooming a little grey pony named Jolly. Jess finished grooming and tacking up and started to lead Dakota out to the arena when she heard her trainer's voice.

"Julianna, Dakota is a bit too green for you right now. How would you like to ride Jolly in the show?"

Jess sat down on her bed and stared at the picture of Dakota on her wall. He stood out in the snow with his red blanket on his bay coat grown out for winter. Jess smiled and lay back into her pillows thinking about her lesson.

Julianna was reassigned to ride Jolly and Jess was riding Dakota. She had an amazing ride too. She and Dakota had jumped their highest 2-foot jump at the canter. She had spent about an hour afterwards grooming him and talking to him while she hand grazed.

Her eyes once again rested on the picture of Dakota. What would she do if he ever got taken away from her? He was her best friend, her soulmate, her partner, her whole life. She told him everything. All her secrets and dreams, passions and loves. He was the best thing that ever happened to her.

Part Two

"Dakota?" The voice of a young girl called out in the early morning darkness. A horse's soft whinny came in response.

"Dakota where are you?" The girl asked as she walked along the wooded path looking for her horse. Seconds later, a stocky chestnut quarter horse stepped from the thicket, his mane blowing slightly in the soft breeze.

"How did you get out again?" The girl asked her horse throwing her arms around his sturdy neck. He responded with a nuzzle to her shoulder. She smiled and lovingly pushed his head away.

"Lets go home before Mom sees I'm gone," she said and hoisted herself onto the chestnut's strong back. She squeezed him into a steady walk knowing he knew the way home.

A few moments later, the small barn came into view. She slid off of her horse's back and started towards the pasture, Dakota following.

"Now stay in here this time, I'll be back out in a couple hours to feed you," she said and kissed her horse's soft muzzle.

Quickly, she hurried towards the house glancing at her watch. It read 5:32 A.M. "Great. Mom is probably up," she grumbled and quietly opened the back door.

The sound of voices stopped her in her tracks.

"He's getting too expensive. I don't know how we're going to tell her but we have to sell that horse. He's getting too expensive. Her Dad's voice rang in her ears sending waves of terror through her mind.

Quickly after she heard her Dad leave the house for work, she raced into her room to make it look like she was in bed. They couldn't sell Dakota. She wouldn't let them sell her beloved horse.

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Rocky Island - Invasion

(South West, UK)

The Wild Horse (Narrator)

The Wild Horse (Narrator)

Chapter 1:
My hooves danced over the leaf-covered ground. My golden coat shone in the autumn sunlight as I entered a hazy world of magic. Orange and red leaves were littered on the ground, the gentle breeze blowing them up into the sky. Massive oak trees lined the track, their bright orange and red leaves falling as I went. Years of snow, frost, wind and rain had strengthened them, until only the toughest remained.

I trotted on, my ears flickering to the slightest sound. All my senses strained for any danger. Humans had taken over this part of the island, and any horse that ventured into the human land, if caught, faced a lifetime of harsh and cruel captivity. I had ventured into human territory because there was a small cove on the coast where I could swim across to the bigger island where no human had ever ventured.

So far so good.

A movement in the utmost branches. I froze. "Caw! Caw!" Phew, just a bird, I thought. I carried silently on, through the winding track. As the trees thinned, a thick mist fell down around me. Silence. Distant neighs, snorts and whines drifted into my ears. Horses! Their pain filled cries filled the once silent air. “…wait…” “…mama…come…where…you…” A foal. I recognized the pain filled cries, similar to ones I had heard in my old herd. Then I heard the commanding voices of the humans. “Stop it!” “ You stupid, crazy, idiotic horse!”

I knew I had to carry on. I was too far in to turn back. Trembling, I slowly walked closer, and closer. I kept to the tree line, knowing it would be safer there.

In what seemed like hours, I came across a huge clearing. There was men, horses, dogs, weird machines that shot out death and tents that the humans slept in. A breeze lifted my mane up, my tail whipping around me. One of the dogs suddenly caught scent of me. He barked. In that instant, six burly men, taller than any I had ever seen before, turned towards me. One of the men held out his hand. I stood stock still. Fear coursed through my blood, turning it to ice. “Come on my beauty, come on,” the softly approaching man whispered. My ears flicked forward, undecided. The man grinned. He held out a lump of sweet smelling food. Warily I sniffed it. A stallion called out, “Don’t! He will captured you!” My head shot up. A flicker of annoyance swept across the man’s face. “Come on my beauty, don’t be afraid,” My ears flattened against my neck. In that same moment, I reared, squealing. The man cursed. He flicked a rope into a knot, and threw it towards me. It was too late. I had gone, fleeing over roots, leaves, broken sticks. The men, swearing and cursing as they went, ran after me, some on horses, some on foot. But I had two major advantage over them, I was as fleet footed as the wind and I knew the forest as well as I knew myself. The horses tried to keep up; but failed. The men on foot also tried to keep up; they also failed.

Chapter 2:
I galloped faster and faster, leaping fallen trees, scattering leaves as I went. The trees seemed to fly past, as I fought the urge to panic. My mind and thoughts were in a whirl, instincts took over. I came to the cove I had been searching for. I leapt onto a massive rock; it had a flat surface. The men by this time were only just behind me, watching as I leapt from rock to rock, navigating my way down onto the tiny beach. They gasped in horror as I leapt a 6ft gap in-between two equally huge rocks. My forefeet landed in the cool and inviting sand. I fought off the desire to roll, I knew it was only time before the men caught up with me. Hearing the thud as one of the horses landed on the first rock, I looked up, only to see it wasn’t the first rock it had landed on, it was the last! I hurried down to the water’s edge, and trotted quickly into the water. The water raced up my legs, freezing me to the bone. I started swimming. The men by this time were down by the water's edge.

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by Marble Heart

Part One

"Oh, my packages are here!" Maddie Grace exclaimed as she entered her bedroom to see 3 boxes on her bed.

Smiling, she took off her shoes and sat on her bed. She had been waiting for her horse shirt, necklace and horse books for what seemed like weeks.

She tore open the packages. A black shirt with a horse on it and words printed, "You don't know team work until your partner is a 1,200 pound free spirit", a silver stirrup necklace and three books from her favorite horse book series, Phantom Stallion and one other horse book called Hoofbeats: Lara and the grey filly.

She threw the boxes away, hung her shirt up and put her stirrup necklace away. "Which book first?" She wondered. She smiled and picked up the Hoofbeats book and settled on her bed to read it.

"Maddie! Katie is on the phone!" Maddie's mom called a few minutes later. Maddie jumped up smiling.

Katie was Maddie's BFF and she loved horses just as much as she did. They read the same horse books, wrote everything they could for school about horses, drew them, took lessons at the same stables and both competed in a youth program called horse bowl together.

She picked up the phone. "Hey Katie!"

"Hey Mads!" She replied happily.

They talked about horses for about an hour then they told each other bye and hung up the phone.

"I totally forgot, I have horse bowl tonight!" She exclaimed and started to get ready.

Comment for part 2!

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Shooting Star

by Jen

Chapter One

I sigh and throw my clothes together into my suitcase — creating one huge jumbled mess. I slam the lid shut and try to zip it up, but it's too full. I give up, glaring stonily at it.

Mom comes into my room. "What's wrong, honey?"

"I can't stand going to Hoofbeats Academy."

"Why ever not? Last year you begged and begged to go."

That was before I knew that Carly was coming, I think sarcastically. This year she's going with me to the riding school too. I used to like her, when we were little kids. But know I'm 14, and, to make a long story short, we're not exactly friends anymore.

It started with Rascal, a little Shetland pony. We went to a different riding school together when we were about 7 or so, and that's where we met Rascal. Believe me, he was the cutest little thing on four legs.

At that riding school, they let us pick which horse we wanted to take lessons on, and it could be 'ours' for the month-and-a-half that we stayed. We both wanted Rascal. That's actually putting it bluntly. We longed for him with our souls and hearts as soon as we met him. That's when things started to go wrong, and I think you can see what I mean.

Well, from that day on we just got farther and farther apart, and when the day came that we got to pick horses, Carly got Rascal. I was mad, mad, mad. But a few days later the trainer said that Carly couldn't manage him, and she made me and her trade. I was pretty smug about that, as you can imagine. Toss in a couple more incidents between me and Carly, and we're perfect enemies.

Chapter Two

I glance around me at my surroundings — a rough bunk in Cabin 16 with about 8 or 9 others exactly like it all around it. It's pretty cool, except that Carly is sleeping directly beneath me. That really gets me. It wouldn't be so bad if I were sleeping below her, but if it's like this, then Carly gets the benefits of kicking me any old time — and I'll bet you anything that she's the type that prefers midnight to perform her ghastly tricks on me.

I throw my suitcase down on my bed. Tomorrow we check out the horses and the next day we pair up with them. I honestly wonder who I'll get. The rich kids, including Carly (her mom split up with her dad last year, leaving Carly and her mom all the money) all brought their own expensive, perfectly trained horses.

I'm not exactly rich. But if I was, I'd make my own Academy. This one would be exclusive and I'd check everybody over before they came.

Chapter Three

I stand by the gate, looking the horses over. None really appeal to me that much. The other girls are having a great time choosing the ones they think are the best.

“Emily, lookit this one! Hey wait! No, over THERE!!!”

“Jane, that's MINE. I saw it FIRST!!!”

“No way! I TOUCHED him first!”

“Hey, will you quit it, Lana?”

So you can see that all the noise in general causes great stress to those of us who are headache-prone. I think I can feel one coming on right now.

Today they made a chart of who's in which class. I made it to the top of Advanced 1. Advanced 1 is the highest you can get. Carly's not exactly rejoicing about that, but I hope she'll get over it.

Chapter Four

It's pairing-up day. I glance at the horses again, feeling somewhat desperate. I'm not getting ANYWHERE. Advanced 2 is having elections for which girl gets which horse now — and that means we're next.

“And it's up for Advanced 1.” I turn my attention to Janet, the manager of pairing-up. “Hmm, let's see. We have six in this class, and six horses left. Sharon, my assistant, will hand you slips of paper, on which you are to write the name of the horse that you think you want, and then we will vote.”

A hush falls on the crowd of jostling girls as Sharon, a small blonde-haired 19-year-old, hands out the papers and pens.

I stare at the pen of horses with an expert eye, sizing them up. I finally scrawl 'Moondust' on my paper. He's a dappled grey Arabian gelding, with the best confirmation of all.

It's time for voting, now. Emily and me are the only ones who wanted Moondust, and I win the vote. Sharon leads him over to me.

“Good luck,” she tells me.

Chapter Five

The late afternoon sun wafts in through the window of the barn. I feel Moondust breathing softly on my arm. I stroke his nose.

We're actually supposed to be having some sort of dance right now in the main hall. I figured nobody would miss me, so I sneaked out to the barn when the music got really loud.

The other horses are quiet.

Sometimes, I wish that my life could be exciting. In books you're always reading about these kids that save people's lives and solve mysteries and stuff, but my life is mostly blah.

And Moondust just doesn't suit me. I'm scared to let it show that we don't get along good, because I might get thrown out of Advanced 1, but I still think that the trainer notices.

I give Moondust one last stroke and then leave the barn. I run towards the cabins, hoping that the dance hasn't let out yet. I don't need to get in trouble to wreck my summer even more.

I glance out to the woods, and in that second I see a flash of pure black in the woods, then for one instant a perfectly shaped Thoroughbred horse's head, and then it disappears.

I shrug, wondering if it was my imagination. Deep down I know it wasn't.

Chapter Six

I step over branches, trying not to make any noise. I search the ground for hoofprints.

Suddenly I uncover one in some soft mud. My heart leaps. I find another one, and then another. I follow the trail they make.

It's about midnight. Tonight there's a full moon, though. I can see easily, even if it's the dead of night.

After I follow the hoofprints, a clearing comes into view. A pool of water reflecting the moonlight is in the center.

And beside the pool, is the horse, standing stock still, staring at me.

I hold my breath, not daring to move.

Thanks for reading, and comment for more!

Chapter Seven

I carefully advance a step.

"Hey boy," I breathe, holding out my hand. Every muscle in his gleaming body is tense.

"I wonder where you came from," I whisper. "Do you have a name? A horse like you deserves a name."
He comes forward and reaches out his nose. I can feel him sniffing my hand.

Up in the sky, I see a shooting star.

"That's what I'll call you," I tell him. "Shooting Star." I put out my other hand to stroke his forehead.

My thoughts fly away. Maybe I can ride him. I take another step towards him, and I land on a muddy patch in the ground. My feet fly out from under me, and I land hard on the ground, then slide helplessly into the slimy pond.

I hear a crashing noise and I know that my horse is running away.

"Great," I hear myself mutter sarcastically.

By the time I look up, Shooting Star is gone and silence falls again over the forest.

Chapter Eight

I stare off into the woods for a second... hoping he'll come back. But the trees are silent, except for the slight breeze that rustles them softly.

I look into the woods one more time, sigh, brush myself off, and head back towards the riding school.

I come into the clearing. The cabins and buildings are silent. Panic strikes me for an instant as I realize that I can't remember which cabin I'm in.

Oh, duh. Cabin sixteen.

I walk towards it, silently. It's on the far end of the row of cabins, so I have to be careful not to wake anyone up.

I check my watch. It's 2:09 a.m. I'm probably safe. I watch my feet, making sure I don't step on anything that would make noise. Then I start running.

CRASH! Something hits me dead on. I crash to the ground.


And angry voice snarls.

"What're you doing out here?"

Chapter Nine

I half-pick myself up from the ground. It's the second fall I've had tonight.

"I could ask you the same thing," I pant.

As I recover from my shock, I realize the form towering above me is Carly. This is the last person I want to meet tonight. I get all the way up. I'm half a head shorter than her, still.

"Well, spit it out. Where were you tonight?" Carly asks.

"Never mind. What are you doing out?" I ask, knowing full well I won't get an answer, and even if I do it will be a lie, more than likely.

She pauses and bites her lip. "Look, you keep silent and I keep silent and nothing will happen."

"It's a deal," I hear myself say.

We shake on it, then head our separate ways.

I plunk down on my bunk, and wonder what in the world Carly is up to tonight.

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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.


by Naomi

I flared my nostrils. My spindly baby legs wobbled, and I collapsed into a pile of long legs, short fluffy hair, and shiny brown eyes. My mother nickered to me, and wandered off. I snorted indignantly, and struggled to my feet.

I was still very young, but the world seemed the same to me. I'd seen it all! Old, bonny butts, fresh, sloppy manure, and then, me, the best horse that EVER lived. And thats a very big claim, because I know quite a few great horses (besides the old, 'hoarse' ones who think they're very wise, but they just waste my playing time).
Well, when I say PLAYING time, I don't always mean PLAYING. When you're as amazing as I am, you have so many friends, and you're so popular, all you can do is swagger around and look cool. (this may not be entirely true).

By the time I was about three years old, I was a fully grown horse. I had a rich chestnut coat, and a flaxen mane. My name was Blaze. I don't know WHY I was called Blaze, but whatever reason my mother had, It must of been stupid, because really I didn't have a blaze, I had a stripe, thanks very much. Obviously, my mother did not pick up on that very true piece of information, and neither did the rest of my herd, because they went on calling me Blaze for the rest of my days. Thanks a lot, guys.

Anyways, where was I? Flaxen mane, chestnut coat, name is Blaze, best horse that ever lived... yep, I think we've covered it all. Almost all. Because that same year, something happened that I will never forget...

A red dot flared up in the dark night sky. I sniffed the air. The fire wasn't out of control or anything! In fact, it was pretty much under control! My curiosity grew and grew, and finally I managed to slip away into the forest.

The more I walked, the bigger the dot became. The bigger the dot became, to hotter it got. The hotter it got, the hungrier I became. OK, everything makes me hungry... but that doesn't matter right now!

I skipped and hopped on my hooves. As I drew closer, I saw five lumps lying around the fire. "Hey, you guys, it's dangerous here - theres a fire, can't you see! Get out, people! Hurry up!" I nickered. The people kept snoring. OK... I told myself. You can... drag them!

I started by grabbing the shirt sleeve of the man closest to me with my teeth, and dragging him away from the fire. Boy, he was heavy! Watch your eating, man! I was about to say this out loud, when the person woke up and stared at me with fear in his eyes. "Good, you're awake! Run!" I said. But he didn't seem to understand a word I said. The man started wriggling free. I held my head high, and wouldn't let go. He tugged even harder, and I wheeled around in shock. Hey, stop that- I'm trying to save your life!

I've always wondered why men care so much about their alcohol. So of course this event deepened my curiosity even more. When I finally let go of the mans sleeve, I thought he'd run away. But he didn't. He started talking gibberish! then, even more strange, he started peering into his bag, and throwing all the contents on the floor. Guess what? I knew this game! I bet he's getting me a treat! An apple, of a peppermint, of maybe one of those... nope. He clutched a bottle of some sort of drink. It's not an apple, but I'll take it!

I grabbled the bottle out of his hands with my teeth, and the lid popped off! Better than nothing, I guess, because I REALLY didn't want to admit, I had NO CLUE how to open those things! Golden water poured onto the ground like a waterfall. I got a grip of myself, and took a long swig of that stuff. I went sucking away, and my tail started spinning round, and round! I lost grip of the bottle, and it smashed onto the ground. Probably best, because, I had just had my first try of whiskey.

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The Wrong Bridleway

by Oliwia
(Felsted, Essex, UK.)

Part One

It was a usual day. I went to the yard and caught my horse from the field. We were going to go down to the usual lesson but something changed.

Remi, my sister's horse was acting the weirdest she ever has. She was bucking, trying to get me off. I was shouting really loudly when Jenna, the yard head, was trotting down the lane towards me. I instantly shut up and let Remi on long rein, making her act better.

I kicked her down towards the other lane, not noticing I was going down the wrong lane, I forced her into a canter. I gave Remi a pat and let her in the field. We cantered around not noticing a young girl leading her horse into the field. I jumped her over a small pile of hay when she bolted towards the far end of the field.

I then noticed the girl. It was Jenna's daughter. My face boiled a red colour and felt like an oven. I cantered Remi outright past the girl. As soon as I got back, I untacked Remi and turned her out. I heard a bang. I looked in each stable, but I found nothing. I looked in the tack room and found Katelyn get her pony's tack. I offered to come with her, so, I brought my horse in and tacked him up.

After a couple of minutes, we were mounted and ready, I heard a extremely loud snort behind us and a large horse zoomed past us. It was Remi.

"REMI!" I shouted seeing that behind me was a broken stall...

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Priceless Joy and Autumn

by SpiritGirl

This story is not true, but similar experiences are probable! It's based in WW2 Belgium.

Part One

Ava was 15 years old. She lived with her mother and father. They looked like a pretty normal, ordinary family, but they were not normal. They were not ordinary. They were illegal. They were hiding Jews in their house. And if they were found out, it meant almost certain death.

Ava lived on a farm in Belgium. She was a typical country girl and she loved the country and felt happy. But when the Germans invaded Holland, things changed. For a while, everything was fine. She felt far away from everything, and she heard that things were relatively normal in the cities too. But then the Nazis started persecuting Jews. Things got worse and worse until the entire Jewish population was in danger, and many had no choice but to go into hiding. Ava’s family gave refuge to a family of 4. Then Ava found herself in a dangerous position.

“Now Ava, remember, never say a word about this to anyone. Not even your closest friends. Do you understand?”

“Yes ma. But ma, what will happen if the Nazis find out?”

"Ava, the importance of this all is doing the right thing. If we are found out, then so let it be. But that doesn’t mean we should not be careful. We have to try our hardest to keep the Krey family and ourselves safe. But we are not in danger yet. The Nazis are not here. Yet.”

Ava had a beautiful palomino horse, Priceless Joy, and a bay, Autumn. She had got them for her 9th birthday, and they went everywhere together. She loved them and they loved her. As the Nazis were not nearby yet, she sometimes let Karina and Eric ride on them. And she sometimes took one of them behind her, as she rode. Karina and Eric were good at riding. They said they lived in a farm in Germany before, and escaped to Belgium in 1937. Then they could not get out again. And that's when Ava and her family came in.

1 year came and went. And by then, the Krey family was in hiding. They could not go out. It was too dangerous. Then the Nazis made an abandoned farmhouse nearby their quarters. Ava and her family decided it was too dangerous for them to stay here anymore. They had to go. But where? Things were desperate. They finally decided they would have to cross the border into Switzerland. But how? Ava saw a strange look on her parent’s faces. She squeezed Karina and Eric’s hands, each beside her. Her parents looked at her. They had a questioning look.

“Ava, things are too dangerous for them to stay here. But they will be exhausted, crossing the border on foot. Will you let them take Autumn and Priceless Joy? Please, Ava.”

Ava didn’t know what to say. She was overcome with emotion. She left the house and went to the stables. Then she hugged Priceless Joy and Autumn, and cried as if her heart would break.

“Oh, Priceless Joy! Oh Autumn! How could you go away from me? I can’t let you go! I love you both! You are amazing, I can’t let you go!“

Ava didn’t know what to do. She heard footsteps behind her. It was Eric. He hugged her. Then he stroked Autumn and Priceless Joy.

“You know, Ava, its not a goodbye forever. You’ll see them again, when the war is over. But right now, we need them. Or I don’t think we’ll make it. Karina is only 11, and she can’t keep walking. Please, Ava. Can you? Don’t worry, though, if you can’t.“

Ava looked into Eric’s eyes, and threw herself into his arms, sobbing. “I will, Eric, for you and your family. You’re right, I’ll see them again. But maybe I won’t see you again if I decide otherwise. So I will.“

The day came when they left. Eric kissed all of them goodbye, and held Ava’s hands in his. “You’ll see them again, I promise.” He whispered.

It was night. They silently left, with Karina and her mother on horseback. They would swap with Karina's father and Eric, later. A trusted friend of Ava’s father was leading them to the border. And they were gone.

Ava thought of Priceless Joy and Autumn in bed. They were heroic horses. The look in their eyes told Ava they knew what they were doing. The Key family could trust them to be silent. Priceless Joy and Autumn. How she missed them.

Please comment if you like it and want me to continue!

Part Two

It was August 1944. Ava was still missing Priceless Joy and Autumn Bay. And she was still missing Eric and Karina and heir parents. She knew they were safe. But they were not with her! She was now 17 years old. And she felt that everyday was torture. Everyday she saw them in her mind. Everyday they haunted her.

She remembered the rides she had on Priceless and Autumn. How amazing it felt to be on top of a horse. How it was the best thing in the world. And, back to the present, how it had been taken away from her. Or rather, she had taken it away from herself.

But she persisted in believing she had done the right thing. She KNEW she had. It was definitely right, but that didn't make her feel much better. That ache in her heart wouldn't go away.

Things were getting better now. It was September, and Ava had heard on the radio that the Allies had arrived in Brussels on the 4th. Hope fluttered in her heart. Autumn! Priceless! She would see them again! Soon! It was too good to be true! And Eric and his family!

To be continued...

Part Three

It was December... almost Christmas. And yes, things were getting better. Belgium was getting liberated. But the Krey family wasn't taking any risks. They were waiting till the full, complete liberation. And they wouldn't be here for Christmas.

Ava remembered that family tradition, of going to the barn and reading the Christmas story, with Priceless, Autumn, Daisy the cow, a few of the sheep-it was always a wonderful experience. Now they would have it-yet again-without Priceless Joy. Without Autumn Bay. It was not the same. And then she remembered those rides she had with Eric and Karina, and how she laughed with their parents. How Eric had hugged her...

"Ava! Come on, dear. Have you forgotten the cookies? They will burn! Its not daydreaming time!" Her aunt Carol told her. None of their family relations knew about the Krey family.

"Oh yes, aunt Carol. I forgot." Ava went to take out the cookies. Christmas music played in the background. The children danced. Yet nothing stirred in her heart. She kept a frozen, fake smile plastered on her face all the time.

The family went out to the barn. Father told the Christmas story. When it got to the part of "Peace on Earth, goodwill to men" that did it. Ava looked around her, trying to believe Priceless and Autumn were there. They weren't. And she thought the world was hardly peaceful right now. There was war. She wanted to cry, but she didn't.

When they were all inside, Ava went to her bedroom and sobbed. How long would it be until the full, complete liberation? It was oh so hard.

To be continued...

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Will We Fly

by Sally
(Near the Horses)

I know most of you guys will understand this...

One two three.
One two three.
Three beats
Two heartbeats
1 wish
To fly

To fly is not to lift up your arms and jump into the sky
To fly is not to go on a plane and be in the air

To fly
To fly is to be one the back of a horse
Their canter rocking you
Flying you away
It is not a question of how will I fly
It’s a question of when will I fly

When Will I feel his heartbeat beneath me?
When will I be rocked back and forth in his embrace
When will I be able to embrace the world from his back

So many as when will I?
But is there an answer
The answer does not come from when will I?
The answer comes from When will we?
When will our heartbeats touch?
When will we learn to fly?
When will the beats of his hooves beneath me reach us both?

Not everyone will fly
But I know
From the very depths of my soul
He will get me there
His hoofbeats leading to my heartbeat

Not every path to one’s heart is created my hands
Some are created from hooves
From the ones that make you feel like you can fly
The only question is...
Will we fly?

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Home At Last

by Anna Leigh
(Glen Ellyn, IL)

These people call me names
hit me
Don't feed me
And I give them rides and
I don't call them names
I don't hit them
I don't starve them
I slave for them

When I was a filly
I had no fun
I was in a stall that I couldn't move in
and if I tried to talk
They shocked me with a zapper
They shoved me
They put a heavy thing called a
On my back

They forced a metal thing in my mouth called a
They put the heaviest person they could find On
My back
And whipped me till I walked
They put me through the worst
Yet they were in paradise
As I walked
And walked
And walked

I don't remember anything the day I fell
Except for this
“That horse is a wimp, she can't handle anything”
“You are working this horse too hard and that is cruel, I am going to call the police”
That was a voice I never heard but it was so
I have waited every day of my life to hear a voice like that
That is the owner I have been waiting for
Will he want me
Will he love me
Will he treat me right
I don't know but I hope he will
want me
love me
treat me right
I hope
I can only hope
For now

I wake up
What is that
I thrash then I remember
That horse in the stall
They put a harness on her
A thing sputtered then
It lifted her
Then the people backed up a truck
To her
She went

The truck rumbled away
They have the truck right in front of me
I remember the day after that mare left
My master was yelling
ASPCA that sounds nice
Will I see that mare at the ASPCA
I hope

Who are you
What are you doing
“Hey take it easy with her she is sweet but she is hurt and we don't want to hurt her more”
That voice
I know you
I love you
“What's up girl what's bothering you?”

“Sir that horse has bonded with you”
That voice
I thrash
I try to kick the source of the sound
It is no use
It just hurts

“I do have an extra stall at my ranch! Want a new home girl?”
“Load her up boys we got a new member of the McPars!”
“What should I call her?”
“GOT IT! Snicker!”
“Because she just tried to eat my snickers bar!”

P.S. Snickers are my favourite!

(The horse)

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by HorseyGirlInTheCity
(Pacific Grove, CA)

My Grandma's Horse, Cheerio.

My Grandma's Horse, Cheerio.

HorseyGirl: A Story of Horsey Dreams...

Chapter 1

I was reading in my bedroom in Los Angeles, California when my mom called us down to a family dinner that would change my whole life. Rainey, my older sister, wasn't happy about having to have a fancy dinner tonight, she had been planning to go to the skatepark with her friends. Rainey started skateboarding when she was like 4, so she’s really good. Her and some of her skater friends get together every monday, wednesday, and pretty much any other day that they can get together. Rainey was still whining when I came down and sat in the chair to the right of daddy, and on the left of a grumbling Rainey.
“Rainey, we don’t mind if you go to the skatepark with Andrea and the other girls on weekends and some school nights, but this is a family dinner day.”
“But, mom…” Rainey said. “They were going to go to this new skatepark today, it’s supposed to be really cool.”
“Rainey, you can go another day. If it’s so good, i’m sure they will be happy to go again. Sit down.”
“Listen to your mother,” Daddy warned. Rainey sat. But she sure wasn’t happy about it. Mom had made a special dinner today, that was pretty normal for a family dinner night, but when she got out the fancy candles and lit them, I started to smell something. I piled my plate high with mac and cheese, broccoli, (yes i like broccoli) and sweet potato mini pancakes. In the middle of our meal, when people were just finishing up, or getting seconds in Rainey's case, mom and dad dropped the bomb. And it sure wasn’t a small bomb, it was big, and covered lots of ground. It exploded anything in its path. That was not the kind of bomb I liked. “Your father and I have some news for you,” Mom started. “This house has been getting too expensive, California is not a cheap state. So, we decided that it was time to sell this place and move somewhere else. We bought a house and estate in montana. Lewistown to be exact. It is much cheaper there, so we can do a lot more things for you kids. We got a big house with 4 acres!” Rainey’s mouth was starting to hang open, but then she came out of her shock and kind of exploded. “WHAT!!!!!” She yelled. “How can you expect us to be happy about it if you’re basically ruining our life. How will I skate with my friends if we are in a whole different state?”
Then she jumped up and ran to her room, I could hear her angry stomps all the way up the stairs. I finished my dinner in silence, I didn't know how to feel. On one note, I didn’t really have any friends, but on another, I didn't want Rainey to stay so angry. She had a life here, and while she could be annoying, i didn't think it would be good for her to be angry all the time.

The next day, I was reading again. Rainey had been grumpy and quiet at breakfast, and had gone out to skate with her friends soon after. I was alternating between slowly packing up things, waiting for the day to come. They were leaving in one week exactly. Thank god we were flying to Montana, to reading on my bed. The moving truck would have to drive all the way. I moved slowly around her room, looking at everything. Most of the stuff that I wasn’t going to need during the week was packed.I decided to be done for the time being. And instead got into my bedroom chair and started to read a horse book. But that got boring quickly, with so much going on it seemed wrong to do something as normal as reading. So instead I got out the old laptop and googled Lewistown, Montana. It wasn’t very interesting at first, but there was some stuff about the local wildlife, and so on. Then, a brochure popped up for Moranne Ranch. I clicked on it and the website said that they did Horseback riding lessons, agricultural clubs, and other farm things. Horses! This was a dream come true. I was sure mom would be interested in the farm fresh produce, that would be a perfect way to introduce the prospect of riding lessons. Maybe moving wouldn’t be too bad after all.

Chapter 2
The next few days passed in a blur of packing, stress, a slowly emptying fridge, and Rainey being gone all the time. I was getting bored without Rainey to do stuff with, so I helped mom with packing a lot. When Saturday finally came, we were off to the airport and were soon lifting off the ground. I put back my tray, and fastened my seatbelt. We were off!

A couple of hours later, we were in a cab and on our way to our new house. I looked out the window at the farmland passing by. There was so much of it. Everything was so green. Nothing like the city. “Mom?” I asked.
“Yes honey?”
“When will our car get here? Or will we get a new one?”
“Your aunt will drive it down here when she comes to visit in a few weeks.”
“Oh. Thanks mom.” Summer was almost over. School would be starting again. I would be in sixth grade. Not much time to look into horseback riding. Maybe someone at the school could help me. 10 minutes later, they pulled into a large driveway. I saw a large house surrounded by grass, and there was a shed on the right side of the house. It looked fine. The house was much bigger than our last one. I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car. I walked up to the front door and got the key out of the lock box using the code mom had written down for me. Inside, the house was large and cavernous, empty without furniture and other things inside of it to make it homey. Mom came inside with the rest of my family. We spent the rest of the day unloading. That night, I had a hard time falling asleep. I was too excited. Tomorrow I was going to go exploring to try and find that horse farm! The next day the movers were arriving after a long drive the day before. The house was already feeling homey, so it was especially cheerful with morning sunshine streaming through the windows.Dad was cooking pancakes, because we had missed our usual saturday pancake breakfast because of the move. Rainey was sitting at the makeshift table, and texting someone on her cell phone. I sat down on the boxes we were using for chairs until the movers got here. Dad was clunking around in the kitchen looking for things. There wasn’t much in their car to cook with, so he had to make do. But he was clearly having a little trouble. I went and sat at the table, and in 20 minutes there was a plate of steaming pancakes in front of me. “Thanks dad.” I said, my mouth full. I finished them off quickly and hurried up to my room. I pulled on a pair of blue jeans, and a t-shirt with a horse head on it. I went downstairs and into the kitchen.
“Dad, can I go exploring?”
“Where to?”
“I don’t know, just around. I want to see what's here,”
“You can go as long as you stay close.”
I ran from the room and pulled on a pair of heeled hiking boots. I grabbed my bike and biked down the road, the morning was cold, with only a hint of the afternoon sunshine to come. The bike was slightly longer than I thought, I had looked up the stables and some directions before I left. Soon there was a dirt road, with a sign in front of it reading: Sunset Circle Horse Farm & Riding School. I couldn’t believe it! I was here. I could see horses grazing on frosted grass, hear horses neighing for and pawing for their breakfast. I got off and parked it by some bushes, then walked up the road to the barn. I saw someone hand walking a horse out to pasture. I walked over to her and called out. “Hello, ma’am,”
“Hello there,” She called back. “Do you need something?”
“Yes, thank you. you do riding lessons here?”
“We do. Are you interested?”
“Yes, do you have a price?”
The woman nodded, and took a piece of paper out of her pocket. She handed it to me. “Here, take this. You can talk to your parents and call me.”
“Thank you.” I said. I ran back to my bike and biked as fast as I could all the way home.

The next few days, I held off from asking mom and dad for riding lessons for two reasons. The first was that they were so preoccupied with unpacking, the moving truck had come and deposited all our stuff, so they couldn’t really think about anything else. The second reason was that Rainey was still angry at them. So, while I wanted to burst sometimes. I stayed quiet. They were trying to entice Rainey to go explore with me, or even participate in dinner conversation. She wouldn’t budge. That didn’t mean that I wasn't getting time with horses though. I biked to the farm anytime I could, and watched people do chores. The horses were beautiful. I even made up names for them. There was one in particular, that was my favorite. I named him Wind Dancer. Windy, for short. He is beautiful. He is a dapple gray-ish white. With some silver too. His mane is black. He is a great riding horse. But he is also young, and spooks easily. I draw the horses, watch them, and listen to people talk about them. I also came up with a plan to talk to my parents about it. I decided to wait until everything was unpacked.

Thanks Everybody for reading, I will add a chapter 3 if I have any comments!

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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.

The Horse Dream

by Brooklyn
(Tampa, Florida)

I was going to get a new horse, and was excited. My Dad was driving, and my Mom had this exited look on her face. Whenever she got exited it usually spun out of control. Only usually.
“Hey mom, can I get a nice, bay pony?”
“Well, I’ll have to see about that. Charles, what about it?”
“What about it? We’ll see.”
I was astounded. Until I heard mom say this.
“You need to know Zoe, although I love your beautiful brown hair, and you’re so cute, with those, big blue eyes, but This is a horse only place. Unless you want a bigger version of your dream horse.”
“Sure, I guess.” I was so happy that I was getting a horse, it wouldn’t matter if you offered me a fun day at Manor city. As we pulled in the mile long driveway, I saw more horses and paddocks than you could count. Mom leaned back to look at me and smiled.
“You excited?” I didn’t respond. I just stared in awe as we pulled in the massive parking lot. It was the size of the grocery store parking lot. there were 10 pickup trucks.
“I bet they waste their money on this,” Mom said.
“Hello, ladies and gents, I am Mr. Hopper. I am glad to be of assistance. And you should see us in the summer. We are so full. We do summer camp here, and also we make a half off deal for the first week of summer.” His face was blue from talking without taking a breath.
“I would like a bay, maybe something good for her. I want a good, young one, but sound and well trained.”
“ I have a great few for you.” He led us into the barn were a bunch of different colored horses were. This is Sammy. He is three and is the most tamed and sound horse they're is. let me try ride him now. I got up on him and Started.
Honey, Be careful. And I went into in empty field and cantered. I closed my eyes and stetted out my arms. He was the dream horse. And then I whispered to him,

I love you

Remember, you should love your horses, now, and forever.

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Your turn! Share Your Cool Horse Stories.


by Heartbeat for horses

Chapter One: Horse on the Hill

"G'morning Sunshine!" Sam Bailey called to her dark chestnut mare grazing in her paddock. She lifted her head and whinnied a greeting.

Sam climbed on top of the fence watching Sunshine eat mouths full of fresh green grass. She lived on a large cattle ranch in Nevada with her Mom Sandy, her brothers Chad and Joshua, her Father Jacob and her sister Madison.

"Ready for a ride up to the meadow?" She asked Sunshine as she hopped off the fence. Sunshine answered with a low nicker and started towards Sam.

"Be right back girl. I have to go get a brush and your tack."

She headed up to the barn and down to the aisle to the tack room. She grabbed a brush and the heavy western tack set she had gotten for her birthday. She lugged it into her arms and headed back to the paddock.

She opened the gate, placed the tack on the fence rail and started brushing Sunshine's dirty coat. Sam groomed her until she shone. She saddled and bridled her mare then placed her boot in the stirrup and lifted herself into the saddle.

"Dad!" Sam called as her Father walked into the barn. "I'm going up to the meadow!"

"Okay!" Her Dad replied.

"Come on Sunshine, let's go!" Sam said and asked her for a walk.

Once out of the barn yard, she squeezed her into a steady lope and rode across a wide field where the cattle were kept and grazed.

Sam loved living in Nevada. She could ride almost anywhere she wanted. She lived on a ranch full of horses and the weather was almost always beautiful.

They soon arrived at the bright green meadow full of wild flowers. A bubbly creek gurgled at the edge of the shady woods offering a cool refreshing place in the summer.

Sam dismounted and led her horse over to the creek to give herself and Sunshine some water. She ground tied Sunshine and let her drink while she waded into the water to cool off from the blistering summer heat.

Just as she was about to wade in a shrieking whinny rippled the air. Sam jerked her head around to see a beautiful palomino standing on the hill. His golden coat shone like sun against the bright green grass. His creamy mane blew softly in the warm breeze as he stood tall like a proud stallion.

Sam just stared.

All too soon, the horse broke into a gallop and took off down the hill out of sight.

Chapter Two: Menace (Rewritten)

"Dad, do you know of any palominos running around loose?" Sam asked at the dinner table that night.

Her father looked up and nodded his head. "Yeah, that's old Mr. Carter's horse, Shasta. Keeps on getting loose, the menace."

"He isn't a menace. He's beautiful!" Sam protested. Her Dad shook his head and went back to his meal.

"He's the most beautiful horse." Sam told her Mom. "His coat shines like gold and he's so proud looking!"

"Sam, he isn't your horse so don't get any ideas," her Dad said as he stood up from his chair and headed outside.

At 5:00 A.M the next morning, Sam hurried down the stairs from her bedroom and out the front door. She wanted to go and see if she could find the palomino gelding, Shasta before school.

She hurried to the barn and bridled Sunshine. She hopped on bareback and trotted across the cattle field up towards the meadow where she had seen the horse the day before.

She squeezed Sunshine into a lope. Soon, she was at the creek. She trotted up the hill to see if the horse was anywhere in the fields below. She glanced around once she was on top to see the palomino standing in the bottom of the field grazing.

Slowly, she walked her horse down the hill to get a little closer to Shasta. The horse glanced up once he heard the sound of hoofbeats and the smell of a horse and rider nearing. He threw his head up and snorted taking a step back.

"It's okay boy." Sam said and hopped off of Sunshine. She ground tied her horse and pulled an apple out of the saddle bag.

"Here handsome thing," she said holding out the apple.

The palomino cautiously took the apple from Sam's outstretched hand. Smiling, she ran her hand over his soft golden neck. He relaxed under her touch and stood still while she petted him.

"You're not a menace, beautiful thing," she said to the gelding and planted a kiss on his soft muzzle.

"I wish you were mine. We could do everything together." She told him.

With a final pat, Sam looked at her watch. It read 6:30. She had to hurry if she wanted to be on time for the bus.

"Bye, Shasta. I'll see you soon, boy." She whispered and hurried over to Sunshine.

Chapter Three: Promises

"Dad, can I talk to you for a minute?" Sam asked after she had groomed and put Sunshine in her paddock.

"Sure honey," he said and set down his pitchfork.

"You see, I went down to Mr. Carter's house earlier to tell him I knew where Shasta was running off too if he hadn't already gotten him back. Shasta was there and he's for sale. He's only $500 and well, you have been promising me a new horse since Sunshine is getting on in her years. You said I could have any horse under $1,000." She blurted out.

"I could even work around the ranch more," she said searching her father's face.

He stood there for a minute and sighed. "Honey, I know your Mom and I promised you a horse but that palomino is a handful. I don't know if I want you around him."

"Dad, please. I promise I'll work really hard with him before I ever even think of riding. I could always get Chad or Joshua's help too." Sam begged.

"Right now, the answer's no." Her father said. "But if you want to talk to Mr. Carter about helping out with working with the gelding and bonding with him a little bit, I might consider it."

"Really?!" Sam exclaimed. "I'm going straight over there!"

Before her father said another word, she quickly bridled Snow, a white quarter horse mare, hopped on bareback and nudged her to a trot.

Once she was down the hill, she urged Snow into a lope and rode down the dirt road to Mr. Carter's house. She slowed Snow to a halt and ground tied her. Sam raced into the barn to find Mr. Carter.

"Mr. Carter!" My Dad said he might consider buying Shasta if I could help work with him and bond with him a little bit," she said breathlessly.

Mr. Carter smiled. "That's fine with me if you come over here a couple hours a day to work with the gelding." He replied. "Does your Dad know you came down here?" He asked her.

"Yes." Sam replied.

"Well, you can go ahead and get started then." Mr. Carter said.

"Thank you so much Sir!" She said.

She quickly took care of Snow, put her in the paddock and went to see Shasta.

Chapter Four: Bonding

"Hey there, Shasta!" She said as she opened the gate carrying an apple and a peppermint.

"Here boy." She clucked as she closed the gate.

Sitting in the dirt, she waited for him to come to her. After a moment of hesitation, he started to walk over to her hesitantly.

"That a boy," she whispered as he lowered his head to eat the peppermint from the palm of her hand. He lipped it up and tossed his head happily. He searched her pockets for more treats and nickered softly. She pet his soft golden neck lovingly. His muscles relaxed under her touch.

Slowly, Sam stood up and placed her hand on his back.

"I know you have been ridden so why not try sitting on you for a minute?" She said aloud.

She stood on the fence beside Shasta and calmly and swiftly slid onto his back. His muscles tightened but he stood still.

"It's okay," she said patting his soft neck. "You're okay, my good boy."

She grabbed a handful of mane and softly touched his sides with her heels. Shasta obediently started walking. She walked him a few laps around the arena then halted and slid off. She kissed his soft muzzle and fed him his apple as a reward for being so good.

"I have to go now but I'll be back tomorrow, boy." She said. "Bye, Shasta."

Chapter Five: Riding

Sam continued going over to Mr. Carter's house everyday to see Shasta. Their bond was growing stronger and their walks around the arena were becoming even more special.

"How about a real ride today?" Sam asked Shasta one afternoon. Shasta nuzzled her hair in reply.

"I'll be right back, buddy," she said and went into the barn to find a bridle and saddle she could use.

She found some and went outside to get him saddled. He was already clean. She lightly placed the saddle blanket and saddle on his back, tightened the cinch and bridled him with only a little trouble with the bit.

She placed her foot in the stirrup and climbed into the saddle with ease. She lightly touched him with her heels and sat a bit deep in the saddle. He broke into a lively trot.

"Good boy!" She exclaimed and patted his neck. She trotted him a few laps around the arena then slowed him to a walk.

"I don't want to rush you." Sam told Shasta. She cooled him off a little bit then halted and slid out of the saddle.

As she worked on unsaddling him and brushing his soft coat, she started talking to him.

"Once Dad sees how amazing you are, there's no way he is going to say no. But I want to make sure we're doing really well before I have him come out here and see for himself."

She put away his tack, kissed him goodbye and headed off towards home.

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by Avery

This art is by Gonzalo Kenny

This art is by Gonzalo Kenny

Hi guys! This is my first attempt at writing a story, about horses or anything else.This is a fictional story, it did not actually happen to me. Let me know if you like it. I would love to continue writing it.

Chapter One

Storm clouds rolled through the valley. The wind howled through the open door of our little cabin halfway up the mountian. The door swung wildly. Another cold gust burst through the door. I got up to close it. Settling back in my comfortable chair by the fireplace, I thought about going back out to check on the animals. Dad would be home any minute now, so I might as well go out to help him feed them. I went to the door and put on by boots, hat, and jacket. I pulled on my gloves, and, bracing myself, opened the door. Rain slapped me hard in the face. I scurried out the door. Lightning struck not too far away. Thunder clapped and seemed to shake the whole mountian. I pulled my flashlight from my pocket, turned it on, and walked to the barn. Opening the door, I hurried in. I turned on the lights and closed the door behind me. The goats bleated happily at my arrival. One of my goats, Clover, came up to me and butted her head on my leg. I smiled and stroked her soft nose. She nibbled my hand hopefully. “Hey, when did you get so greedy?” I asked her with a laugh. “Alright, let’s get you guys fed.” After I had made sure all of the animals were fed, also making sure our dog, Scout, hadn’t destroyed anything, and petting the demanding cats, I turned off the lights and closed the door behind me. For some reason, I started walking up the steep trail to the top of the mountian. As I reached the top, memories flooded me. I hadn’t been up here since Mom died. Grief washed over me as I thought about that had taken Mom’s life two years ago. Mom and I had been riding up here, on the mountiantop, together when a storm rolled in. We decided to make a run for it back to the house. As we made our way back to the house, Mom’s horse slipped on the muddy slope and fell, crushing her leg. She hit her head on a rock. That’s what killed her, the doctor said. A rock? I couldn’t blame a rock. The rock couldn’t help being there. So I blamed the horse. Phantom was supposed to be sure footed. My Mom’s silvery black stallion was the one to blame. Or at least that’s what I thought. The next night, I let Phantom go. Into the wild. I couldn’t bear to see him again. Dad wasn’t really mad. He was too wrapped up in grief to even hardly notice. He sold all of the horses after that, though. He could see that I hated them. After a while he tried to convince me to let him get me another horse. I refused. I swore I would never ride again. A loud clap of thunder scared me out of my thoughts. A bolt of lightning revealed something that made me gasp. My heart swelled with emotion as I looked at the silvery black stallion standing in front of me. A name flashed in my mind that I had heard Mom call him only once.


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Joy and Pain

by SkyDiamond

Part One

Hi, I am Anne and my favorite thing in the entire world is horses. I own a dominant white stallion named Ice Blizzard, but we call him Bliz. Anyway, I am going to enter a show right now, so I need to stop talking like a total chatterbox.

I hear the announcer say, "Next up is Annabella Smith on Ice Blizzard!"

I guide Bliz over an oxer, then two combinations. We jump over a jump with bricks on it. Then, there is the type of jump that scares me: the jump with a pool. I admit, I am scared of heights. And I also cannot swim. So yikes.

I take a deep breath, and me and Bliz literally float over the jump! Hmm, maybe those jumps aren't that hard.

***I end up coming home with a blue ribbon. I am beaming with a combo of my Omg-did-I-really-do-that face and my Wow-I-am-so-awesome face.

My BFF, Meridith runs up to me and hugs me. "You aced it today!" she says. And I admit, I did.

***That night, Me, Meridith, and Cordelia (who is my other BFF) go out and ride together in the trail in celebration of me winning the competition. Along with Jake (my boyfriend), Dan (Meridith's boyfriend), and Luke (Cordelia's boyfriend).

"Hey!" Jake suddenly says, should we have a race to that very round rock?"

"I am so in!" I say.

"Sure, as long as Cory does too." says Luke.

"I'm in" Cordelia says.

"Me and Mera are in too!" says Dan, "Right Mera?"

"Of course!" Meridith replies.

"You wanna say 'go'?" Jake asks me. I nod. I got in my starting position, and said, "Ready, set...GO!" We all burst off.

When we finish, we are all sweaty. "Yeah I won!!" Dan says. We all cheer.

"Congrats." Mera says. She blushes.

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My Christmas Miracle

I wake up on Christmas morning and lay in bed for a few minutes. I had honestly lost hope in getting a horse on Christmas morning. I had dreamt of it for four years and every year I've been disappointed.

I told myself not to get my hopes up this year. I tried not too but I want a horse so much it honestly doesn't feel right to give up completely.

A few minutes later, my parents call me to the living room to open gifts. I sigh and slowly get out of bed, glancing at the pictures of Riley and Peppy on my desk. I head into the living room to see the tree filled with presents. I sit down on the couch my heart hurting worse with each second.

That's when my whole world turned upside down. A loud whinny came from outside. Without a second thought, I leapt off the couch and jerked open the front door.

There stood my trainer holding Riley. His gray coat blending with the white snow. My heart nearly stopped as I tore outside no coat or shoes.

Riley nickered a greeting, his ears perked. I threw my arms around him so many emotions running through me.

"He's all yours," my dad said. The words that changed my life... I had a horse of my own.

If only this was true...

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Flying Free

by Sally

This is a vignette I wrote for my English class and had to present (not doing that again that's for sure), but I was told it was good and well I want to share it with you guys. Note it's about the sweet gelding I'm riding right now and have been riding for 9 weeks, his name is Nugget but I changed it to Big Red for the story. Hope you enjoy!

Fiery Red, running across the ground like a wildfire, this is how I imagined Big Red when he ran. With me on his back, it was like taming the wind. As he cantered it felt like the beat of my whole life. Three beats.

One Two Three, Rise up, Lean back, Sit down and do it all over again.

Looking back I could see how this was just the way my life went I remembered how throughout life, my parents have been there, sometimes it felt like they protected me, sometimes it felt like I was being hidden from the world but they were still always there. For some reason, even though they could never find out where my love for horses came from, that was the one thing that they understood the most. The fact that for me, life with horses was the life they couldn’t restrict me from.
One Two Three, Rise up, Lean Back, Sit Down and do it all over again.

Rising up. That’s how I felt on Big Red like I was rising up from the hidden world called life and he carried me out of there, Out to the free unknown world of flying.

It’s been nine years since I found my love for horses.

Nine years that I’ve been dreaming of them.

Nine years since I knew what me I was happiest as.
A girl who dreams of flying.

Going through those ups and downs of his canter slowly I thought back to all those other times I rode. Never did I stop smiling he’s the one who helped me get there.

Big open strides, a funny attitude, and sweet nature, always somewhere in my mind. The horse that saved me from life. I wonder, if maybe I One Two Three, Rise up, Lean Back, Sit Down and do it all over again.

His life like a dance, five six seven eight, One step forward, Right foot not left. Start all over again. One step, right foot, keep going.
The first time we met. Him, covered in mud and thought I was crazy, Me, I know I need to ride this horse.

He’d already been through so much. I wanted to learn to move forward with him.

So that's what I did. 8 weeks, 8 lessons, and 8 hours I’ve been with him.

Yes, there are other horse crazy girls that ride him but I’m not sure they’re all like me.
One Two Three, Rise up, Lean Back, Sit Down and do it all over again.

There are the girls who have been riding since they were three: the I just ride for fun, I wanna be a pretty little princess on a white unicorn (Grey, not white horses are never white), and the type that believes riding is an escape from this crazy world called life. That's me. I love my family but my family isn’t full of horse lovers, only me, Mom doesn’t go around them often, my sister used to but no more, and my brothers and Dad never have.

One Two Three, Rise up

My moms allergic and stays away. I’m allergic and I can not stay away.

On Big Red's back or even just emptying and filling water buckets in the barn is my home away from home.

My home where I feel free. Being free isn’t riding into an open field hair flying in the wind, no.

Being free is a feeling, not an object, it might seem that way for some but it’s not. Everyone has their own was of feeling free and mine just happens to be when I’m with horses. Some people may feel it in music, art, other sports and sometimes even books.

One Two Three, Rise Up, Lean Back

“Loosen your hold on the reins and let him have his head.” my trainer says from the ground turning in circles with us lunge line in her hand and shaking me out of my thoughts. I looked at my hands. White from holding the reins so hard then I looked at Big Red, his hooves matching my heartbeat.

He knew what he was doing, even as he learned. I knew what to do as well, I just had to do it.
Letting my hands fall forward, the tension in the reins still there, I gave Big Red his head. His pace immediately picked up, gathering his legs under me,

One Two Three, Rise up, Lean back, Sit down,
My breath came quickly, the wind blowing on my face, even though I thought it was the last thing I should feel on his back as he cantered across the ground I felt completely and utterly safe. I rose up and down with his canter giving him his head some more and leaning back. He slowed, I kept him going, it felt like we had been moving forever but in reality, the world had only moved on for a few minutes.

I slowed him down to a walk. My side aching. Whoever said Horseback riding was easy, was greatly misguided.

“Alright, I want you to loosen your grip on the reins. You hold them like they’re what keep you on the horse. Focus on your balance, not steering,” I nodded and nudged him up to a trot again then a canter.

One Two Three, Rise up, Lean back, Sit down, and do it all over again.

I took a deep breath, the outside world seeming nothing compared to this, and I let my hands go forward all tension in the reins gone.

I bobbed up and down with his canter keeping his legs underneath him, maybe I was making him work, but he was flying.

Both of us were flying.

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All I Want

by Heartbeat for horses

Part One

"Sophia what would you like for Christmas?"

Sophia Anderson looked up from her horse magazine to see her Mom standing in the doorway of the living room.

"Spirit. I want Spirit for Christmas." Sophia said thinking of the adorable bay Mustang/quarter horse cross she rode at her riding stables.

Her Mom sighed and shook her head. "Sophia, how many times have I told you we can't afford a horse and I doubt your trainer would sell Spirit."

Sophia sighed and stood up. "I don't want anything then." She grabbed her magazine and hurried upstairs to her room. She had heard the same lectures hundred times and she didn't want to hear it again.

She opened her bedroom door and flopped down on the bed. She glanced around her room. Her memory and cork board were full of photos of her riding on the many school horses and of course Spirit.

She had model horses on her shelf and ribbons and horse pictures hanging on her walls. Her bookcase was full of horse books from fiction to training and care. She loved horses more than anything in the whole world especially Spirit.

He was stubborn and sweet, spirited and sour. He and Sophia had an unbreakable bond and love for each other. Her eyes rested on a picture of Spirit standing in the snow, Sophia holding the lead rope and standing by his side.

It was only two years ago they had met and that picture held so much love and was Sophia's most special possession.

"Sophia!" Her Mom called. "Your trainer called! She asked if you could come down to the barn! Spirit needs some exercise and she thought you would like to ride him!" Sophia jumped off the bed already throwing on her breeches and boots. She pulled on her coat and raced downstairs.

"Lets go!" She said to her mom excitedly.

Part Two

"Spirit! I missed you buddy!" Sophia called as she opened the pasture gate.

Spirit lifted his head and nickered a greeting as he trotted over. He nuzzled her hair affectionately. Sophia laughed and unwrapped a peppermint she had in her pocket.

"Here you go," she said flattening her palm. Spirit lipped it up as Sophia put on his halter.

"C'mon," she clucked and led him from the pasture up towards the barn. She clipped him on the cross-ties and began grooming him while telling him about what happened earlier that day. She finished grooming him and tacked him up.

"Jane said we could take a trail ride!" Sophia said to spirit as she mounted and squeezed him to a nice steady walk.

"This is our first trail out alone ever!" She guided him down the hill and turned him down her favorite trail. She loved riding in the winter. The air was cold and sometimes it even snowed. The horses' coats were thick and soft and their manes tangled.

"Want to trot?" She asked Spirit as she asked him for the trot. She rose in the saddle with every other beat of the trot until they reached the best part of the trail. The long stretch she always cantered on.

"Come on boy!" She clucked and nudged him into a nice steady canter. She loved to canter especially on Spirit.

After about an hour out, Sophia walked Spirit up the hill back towards the barn. Jane, Sophia's trainer stood talking to a girl about Sophia's age.

As Sophia halted and dismounted, Jane said to the girl, "Here is Spirit now. Would you like to try him out?"

Part Three

Sophia just stared. What was that supposed to mean?

"Sophia, this is Samantha Evens," Jane said indicating the blond-haired girl dressed in white breeches, a navy blue riding jacket, polished tall boots and her hair in a french braid.

"Samantha is looking into leasing Spirit if you don't mind her taking over and riding him for a little bit," Jane said smiling.

Sophia felt her insides crushing. At her barn, when someone leased a horse it wasn't used in lessons anymore.

"Umm, okay I guess." Sophia croaked and kissed Spirit's soft muzzle.

Samantha snatched Spirit's reins nastily and mumbled so only Sophia could hear, "how about switching your wardrobe?"

Sophia stayed at the barn until Samantha had ridden and untacked Spirit and left. Spirit stood on the cross-ties as Sophia brushed out his soft winter coat talking to him in soothing tones. It was dark outside and Sophia knew her mom would be there any moment to pick her up.

"I guess I better get you back in your stall," she said and unhooked the cross-ties.

She led him to his stall and opened the sliding door. She let him in, removed his halter and planted a kiss on his nose. She fed him a carrot and wrapped her arms around his neck, her eyes closed.

"I'll see you in 2 days for my lesson," she said as her mom pulled up in front of the barn. "I love you."

She closed the stall door and got into the car.

Sophia sat at her desk that night writing as many ideas on how to get Samantha to not lease Spirit as she could. She hadn't told her mom yet and it hurt her heart at the thought of not riding Spirit for a very long time or maybe never again.

She felt tears well at the back of her eyes as she looked at the picture of him on her desk. She couldn't lose him. HE was everything to her - her heart, her soulmate, her best friend, her life.

Part Four

Sophia jumped out of the car and hurried into the barn to check and see if she was riding Spirit. Her name was written beside his on the marker board. She smiled, grabbed his grooming tools and hurried over to his stall. He stood there, a look of love written on his face as he let out a joyful nicker.

"Hey Spirit!" Sophia said and put his halter over his head. "You're so cute."

She put him on the cross-ties. She glanced at her watch as she began grooming him. 15 minutes until her lesson. Perfect timing. She groomed him and picked out his hooves as she talked to him then tacked him up.

After tightening his girth and checking the straps on his bridle, she put on her helmet and led him down towards the arena where her trainer was setting up a couple 14-inch cross rails.

She smiled and rubbed Spirit's neck. She loved jumping. She went into the arena, checked her girth, and lengthened her stirrups before she mounted.

"Go ahead and warm him up!" Jane called from the center of the arena.

"Okay!" Sophia replied and began walking around the arena railing.

After a couple laps, she squeezed him into a trot and began to post to the rhythm. Once she was warmed up, Jane had her work on a three-loop serpentine to get Spirit warmed up equally on both sides.

"Okay, go ahead and canter." Jane said.

Sophia asked for the canter and after a second Spirit transitioned into a smooth canter on the correct lead. Sophia patted him happily and began cantering a 20-meter circle. She cantered for about 15 minutes.

"Okay Sophia, I want you to take him around the arena at the canter and pop over the two little cross rails over here, okay?"

She nodded and began her trip around the arena. She straightened Spirit up and cantered towards the cross rails. She got into her two point and jumped over them.

"Good boy!" Sophia said as she untacked Spirit after her lesson.

They had jumped 2 feet for the first time together and Sophia was still boiling with excitement.

"You did great!"

Part Five

The alarm clock woke Sophia up at 8:00 A.M Saturday morning. She clicked off the alarm and looked out her window. She hopped out of bed and quickly got dressed in a pair of jeans, a long sleeve blue and grey striped shirt, and her western boots. She brushed her hair, left it down, then put on some chap stick.

She pulled on her navy blue hoodie and hurried into the kitchen. She grabbed a granola bar and left her Mom a note saying she was going to the barn to see if there was any work to be done and hurried outside to grab her bike.

She loved riding her bike to the barn early in the morning. The air was cool, the scent was heavenly, and of course she was going to the barn which was the best part.

She pulled into the long driveway of her stables and parked her bike beside the barn.

"G'morning Jane!" Sophia called happily as her trainer walked into the barn.

"Oh hey Sophia, come to help out and visit Spirit?" She asked smiling. Sophia nodded.

"OK, well Samantha is coming to ride Spirit again but if you want to work on cleaning some tack and stalls for a couple hours you can hang out with Spirit when you're done."

Sophia nodded and went into the tack room to start cleaning the saddles.

Continued in Comments section...

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The Uniter

by God Belivn Cowgirl

Chapter One

The waves boomed against the rocks harshly, then retreated in innocence. On and on the pattern goes, the moon shining on the salty waves. A mare walks along the shore, her huge belly swinging with every step. Her dark coat shone with water and sweat. Her blue-green fins on her fetlocks twitched excitedly, and the scales on her belly shimmered.

The SeaMare walked away from shore and to the seaweed "nest" she had prepared, settling into it with a groan. She changed her mind and stood up, nipping her belly and circling. Finally, a teeny-tiny hoof emerged, then a head. Soon the whole body slipped out and the SeaMare lovingly cleaned her foal.

Dawn came, the moon once more dying for the sun, and with it surprises yet to be unfolded.

A Unihorn paced next to a bubbling brook, his silky white mane tossing and swirling in the breeze. His pearly horn glimmered in the sunlight that filtered through the trees. The griffin next to him murmured reassuringly. "There, there, Triton. Don't you worry, now."

The Unihorn snorted hard. "How can I not worry, Greelon?! Anything could happen. Maybe Garr-Wolfs.." He couldn't finish his sentence.

The griffin sighed sympathetically. "I'll go scout her out. I'll be back in four days time." Triton watched her fly away. Anything could happen. Anything at all.

Ria, the SeaMare, nuzzled her colt. He was black with blue scales and fins... and a tiny horn. She shouldn't be surprised. But she was surprised, and worried. DaNali might kill him! Why, she thought bitterly, must there be such divisions? Long ago Unihorns and SeaHorses lived in harmony. But now the two groups constantly fought terrible wars. Being in bond with a Unihorn was punishable by death.

Ria was pulled out of her thoughts by a loud THUD! She quickly turned to see Gronbyi, a griffin who had took care of her, land. "Ria?!" the talkitive griffon screeched. "You should have sent word to me! What's his name? Who did you bond with?"

Ria nickered to him. "I've named him Anani." She said proudly. She stepped aside so he could have a better look. Suddenly, he narrowed his amber eyes. "Ria," he started slowly, "Who did you bond with?"

Ria replied without hesitation, "Triton. From the Enchanted Forest." Gronbyi swished his tail angrily. "YOU DID WHAT?!"

Chapter Two

Ria looked on calmly as Gronbyi threw a fit, his feathers ruffed up and his tail lashing like a cat's.

"Oh, you've done it now, Ria! What am I to do? You'll be thrown into the Hot Abyss!" He paced and muttered to himself.

Ria nuzzled her still sleeping colt." Gronbyi, we'll be fine. Koholio has given me a reassuring dream, a promise of safety and peace. The colt will not be hurt."

Gronbyi stopped pacing. He looked upwards and sighed. "If what you say is true, then I have no doubt that Koholio will protect the young colt. But you?" He shook his eagle-like head.

"I am worried what Denali might do." He patted her shoulder with his huge wing. "I am proud of you. Your colt is fine looking. Be careful! I will pray for you." He sniffed dramatically and prepared to take off.

"My little filly," He whispered, "All grown up." He took off with a WOOSH!

Ria watched him leave. Good old Gronbyi. Raging one minute and crying the next. A snicker and a nudge brought her out of her thoughts. Her colt wanted his breakfast.

As he filled his tummy, she thought of the journey they'd have to make back to her island. They had to cross an island, swim, then reunite with the herd. They would leave as soon as possible. The colt finished, streaking milk on Ria's flank with his muzzle.

"Darling, we must leave now. To meet the herd."

He pranked around. "Are we going in the water, mama? Is the herd nice? I don't think that bird likes them." He kept up this string of questions as they entered the ocean.

Ria splashed happily. This was where she needed to be! "Come now, darling. We've much traveling to do." They swam off, the water bubbly from their churning legs.

After an hour of swimming they reached an island. The colt flopped down on the sand. He was asleep almost instantly. Ria was dozing off herself when a rustle and a thump alerted her. The sun was setting, casting an orange glow on the palm trees. Suddenly, a Griffin emerged from the palms. It was Greelon!

She squeaked and said, "If this isn't the most strapping, handsome colt on the Albion Sea! Bless your soul!" She barely took a breath before she proclaimed," Triton sent me. He was worried about you. He sends his love and wishes to know what the foal is."

Ria perked her ears. "Yes, tell him it's a colt! Send my love. Tell him... tell him the colt's name is Anani."

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The start of something good

by Heartbeat for Horses

So far, this year has been amazing! I have ridden twice since the new year and both lessons have been truly incredible.

The first ride of the year, I got to jump the highest I have ever jumped--20 inches. The second lesson, Peppy and I worked on some dressage and went on a trail ride afterwards. But mostly, out of these two lessons, I've spent hours of bonding time with my best friend.

We have known each other for nearly two years and we do have a strong bond but I've been really working on making it even stronger and my goal this year is to build an incredible bond with Peppy and him to trust me more than anything.

I've been doing different things with him in the pasture--hand grazing him, lots of grooming and petting and talking to him while I do other things around the barn such as cleaning the tack and sweeping the barn aisle after picking out Peppy's hooves.

My trainer even let me do some free jumping with him after my lesson last week. It was amazing! We didn't go very high. They were only set at 2 feet but it was so much fun and an incredible bonding experience.

I can't wait to get back to the barn to spend time with my baby and this year has truly been the start of something good. I'm very excited to see what the rest of 2017 has in store for me and my four-legged partner.

Two years together... Thank you!

Peppy, two years ago a little light came into my life. It seized my heart, my thoughts and my dreams. This little light was you.

I remember the first time I met you like it was only seconds ago. It was love at first sight. After I went home from the barn that day, I remember that feeling I had in my heart. It was a feeling I had never ever felt before.

Every time I thought about you I would smile and that feeling would come back, it still does to this day.

That first year I rode you taught me so many things although I rode you very few times. You are such a willing learner and teacher. I could never have asked for a better partner than you.

This last year, we have grown so much together as a team. Our bond has grown to be incredible to the point you choose me over food and your friends in the pasture. You follow me without a halter or lead and you listen to me better than anyone else.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this year to grow as a rider, a friend, and to have you by my side no matter what. You truly are the best thing that EVER happened to me. Simply and with my whole heart, thank you!

I love you Peppy! You will always be My Little Classy Star... With lots of love and peppermints, you deserve a big hug and a huge THANK YOU!

I may hold the reins... But you hold my heart... See you soon buddy. Love you tough guy!

Some Angels (a poem)

Not all angels have wings
Or are pure white with gold
They aren't always the most perfect souls
They aren't always bold

Some may have sour moods one second
And a sweet one the next
They may not always obey in happily
But they always have true love

I know one of these angels
He sticks in my heart and by my side
He's a treasure worth more than gold
He is my best friend

His name is Peppy
He's naughty as can be
He's sweeter than sugar
And a heart of shimmering gold

He is always with me
No matter what
I hold onto him like a promise
I love him more than life


This is just a little something I threw together for the one and only Peppy! I take no credit for the two songs and the soulmate thing. All credits to writers and people who wrote/sang the songs!

***What's a soulmate? It's like a best friend but more. It's the one person that knows you better than anyone else, that someone who makes you a better person. No, actually they don't make you a better person, you do that by yourself because they inspire you.

A soulmate is someone you carry with you forever. It's one person who knew you, accepted you and believed in you before no one else did or when no one else would. And no matter what happens, you'll always love them and nothing will ever change that. (Credits to Dawson's Creek)

I Don't Deserve You (a song by Plumb)
You're the first face that I see
And the last thing I think about
You're the reason that I'm alive
You're what I can't live without
You're what I can't live without
You never give up
When I'm falling apart
Your arms are always open wide
And you're quick to forgive
When I make a mistake
You love me in the blink of an eye
I don't deserve your love
But you give it to me anyway
Can't get enough
You're everything I need
And when I walk away
Take off running and come right after me
It's what you do
And I don't deserve you
You're the light inside my eyes
Give me a reason to keep trying
Give me more than I could dream
And you bring me to my knees
You bring me to my knees
Your heart is gold and how am I the one
That you've chosen to love
I still can't believe that you're right next to me
After all that I've done
I don't deserve your love
But you give it to me anyway
Can't get enough
You're everything I need
And when I walk away
Take off running and come right after me
It's what you do
And I don't deserve you

God Gave Me You (a song by Blake Shelton)
I've been a walking heartache
I've made a mess of me
The person that I've been lately
Ain't who I wanna be
But you stay here right beside me
Watch as the storm goes through
And I need you
'Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I've lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it's true
God gave me you, gave me you
There's more here than what were seeing
A divine conspiracy
That you, an angel lovely
Could somehow fall for me
You'll always be love's great martyr
And I'll be the flattered fool
And I need you, yeah
God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
For when I think I've lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it's true
God gave me you
On my own I'm only
Half of what I could be
I can't do without you
We are stitched together
And what love has tethered
I pray we never undo
'Cause God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
God gave me you for the ups and downs
God gave me you for the days of doubt
And for when I think I've lost my way
There are no words here left to say, it's true
God gave me you, gave me you
He gave me you

Through His Eyes

This is a tiny little story about what I think he sees in his eyes when I go out for a lesson.

He always comes to the pasture when he sees my car and he knows which day I'm coming. I know horses can't detect days but they can go off of routine and I always ride on Wednesdays every other week. Hope y'all enjoy!

Day after day, children come and take me from my pasture and lead me to the barn. Some smother me in kisses and carrots, others pretend I don't exist. But one young girl in particular I look forward to coming.

It's a warm, sunny morning and I'm out in the pasture with my friends. But when I see a large gray suburban coming down the road, my heart pounds. I break into a trot and stop by the fence, waiting for my girl to come down.

A moment later, a young girl of thirteen hurries down to the pasture. Her brown eyes dancing, her brunette hair bouncing, with a smile on her face.

"Good morning Peppy! I missed you so much"! She says as she feeds me a peppermint. My favorite treat in the whole world.

She comes into the pasture and throws her arm around my neck. I nuzzle her shoulder and chuckle a low nicker.

"Let's go get you ready, handsome boy." She whispers to me and places the halter and lead on me. She lays the lead rope on my neck and I follow her up to the barn not trying to get away.

My girl tells me everything. Her deepest secrets, about the things she's done, vacations and parties. But she also tells me none of it was as special as the three hours every two weeks she spent with me.

There is something special to me about her. Maybe the calm way she acts around me, how she loves and respects me. She's been with me for two long years and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Always Equestrian

by Sally
(Near the Horses)

I know that there's a lot of people stuck at home right now because of quarantine so I figured, there are some, like me, that are stuck away from their horses, or the ones they wish were theirs, so why not share some fun stories about you and your horse and things of that nature to keep those equestrian gears turning.

Anyways I thought this would be a good idea. Because I mean aren't we always equestrians? Even when we aren't near the horses?

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Burning Beauty

by Heidi
(Lewis, Scotland, UK)

Bella steeled herself for the fence, and then felt her heart soar as she and her flaxen Black Forest mare, Burning Beauty, cleared it without a hitch. But the story started 10 months ago, when she first found Burning Beauty...

She was pedaling home from school. There was a small wood beside the road. Suddenly, a horse charged out from a small copse and knocked her off her bike.

She gasped, for the horse was the lovliest thing she had ever seen. Then it disapeared, charging at a gallop down the road. Bella couldn't think of anything else for the whole day, so imagine her surprise when she woke up the next day and found it peacefully grazing in a small patch of land she had been given!

She threw her clothes on and ran outside as fast as she could. As she approached it though, she slowed down a good deal. She was a horse-a-holic so she knew a good deal about them. Her parents had promised to get one for her next birthday, so they might, they just MIGHT, let her keep it.

It was obviously wild. Her mane and tail were matted, her coat filthy. She was also unshod, with no nail marks. However, she was fairly tame. Bella excitedly yelled for her mum and dad. After a few hyper explanations and pleadings, they gave in ON THE CONDITION that she was fully responsible for her.

Bella gently coaxed the mare into the old shed, which she had been given as a den the previous year. She had always kept fresh straw on the floor of both halves, for it was split in 2 halves. One half, the far half, would do as a stable. Training would begin immediately ... or as soon as she was cleaned up, anyway.

Which then, 10 months later, led her to the winner's podium.

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A page for horse-crazy girls!

by hoofbeats

Here is a place where you can share your favourite quotes, poems, prayer requests about God and even about horses!

Here's a start!

10 Bible verses that you should memorize! Please share your favourites too! I found these on the internet and thought it would be great to share with you horse crazy girls!

Deuteronomy 31:6
“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

1 Timothy 4:12
“Don’t let anyone look down on your because you are young. Instead, set an example for the believers through your speech, behavior, love, faith and purity.”

Ephesians 4:29
“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

Jeremiah 29:11
“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

Philippians 4:6-7
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

Matthew 11:28-30
“Come to me, all you who are struggling hard and carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Put on my yoke, and learn from me. I’m gentle and humble. And you will find rest for yourselves. My yoke is easy to bear, and my burden is light.”

John 16:33
“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Matthew 6:25-26
“That is why I tell you not to worry about everyday life--whether you have enough food and drink, or enough clothes to wear. Isn’t life more than food, and your body more than clothing? Look at the birds. They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns, for your heavenly Father feeds them. And aren’t you far more valuable to Him than they are?

2 Timothy 1:7
“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”

John 3:16
“For God so loved the world that he gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

I will share more, and please share yours too!

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To Become a Champion

by Arabian Girl

Chapter One

*Beep, Beep, **Bleep, Bleep*, Beep!*

I lifted my sleepy head from my fluffy pillows, only to stare at my flashing, beeping alarm clock. I switched it off and dragged myself out of my bed, which felt as warm as toast.

Today was the day! I would be competing in the Murray River Spring Show Day! It was a one day show where I, Judith Nickerson would be riding True Blue Aussie, my champion showjumping horse. Everything would have been a dream, except for one thing....

Melissa Woodward would be competing. She was the meanest and snobbiest girl in my whole school. Maybe even the town. And to be honest, I would have not been surprised if she was the meanest girl in the state. Seriously. No exaggerations.

I quickly changed into black jodhpurs and a clean light blue T- shirt. I would change into my show clothes later.

I galloped down the staircase that ended in our living room. Mum was already making breakfast for my big family.

"G'morning 'hon," She smiled as I flicked the kettle on to start boiling.

"Good morning Mum," I replied with a smile, only wider than hers, as I found the Caro coffee and started to dump two tea spoons of it in a take away coffee cup.

A minute later, the kettle finished boiling. I poured the steaming water over the Caro powder which dissolved like a dust cloud. After, I splashed in a generous gush of milk and snapped on a jet black take away coffee lid. With that done I strode to the back door.

As soon as I slammed the fly screen door behind me, cool spring air engulfed me which mixed in with the smell of spring's first butter cups and daisies. I took a few deep breaths as I jogged to the barn.

Horses nickered as I flung open our big, actually massive barn's doors. I smiled as I approached True Blue Aussie's stall. The big bay thorough bred poked his sturdy head over his stall.

"Hey Aussie," I whispered as I blew up his nostrils. He flared them and returned the greeting. I stroked his blaze that ran down the center of his face. "Good boy!" I praised.

In minutes, I had Aussie tied outside his stall where I started to groom his shiny bay coat until it gleamed like gold. After that I braided his jet black mane and tail, the normal show routine.

During that one hour, my foster brothers and sisters came in to get their horses ready for the show.

I was Dad's and Mum's only real daughter but we took in foster children whenever we could. I had six of them in total, Dan 15 years old, Billy 15 years old, Maria 14, William 12, Harry 11 and Susannah at the age of 9.

Of course there was me, Judith Nickerson 15, but 16 in exactly 2 weeks.

I stepped back to admire Aussie's shiny light bay coat for the 100th time.

"Perfect!" I looked at my beautiful horse. He tossed his head in agreement.

I hope you guys like this! Sorry that it comes to a sudden stop. Please comment to tell me what you all think and if you want more!

Chapter Two

My BFFs Destiny Hawker and Taylor Andrews would be competing against me on their horses, in show jumping.

Destiny would be on Dash Back, my jet black mare. Destiny was competing on her until she found a suitable horse to buy. Taylor would be riding Aim High, a dark bay thorough bred.

The stable was as busy as a beehive as my friends and siblings bustled about making their horses look gorgeous.

After having a light breaky in our cramped kitchen, we all piled into two of our four horse trucks. I sat in the middle seat in the front next to dad. Mum would be driving the other horse van.

Dad turned the key in the ignition, but the truck choked and did not sputter to life

Dad grunted.

He turned the key again and I held my breath...

Chapter Three

Dad hopped out of the truck and grabbed what looked like a spray can. He shook it for a few seconds, then sprayed it somewhere in the engine. He jumped back in and turned the key again and the truck roared to life.

"Yes!!!" Whooped everyone including me in the cab.

In about 1 1/2 hours, we made it to the Murray River Show grounds, which were already cram-jammed full of horse floats, people, horses, horse trucks and even more people.

I unloaded Aussie and quickly changed into white breeches, a black riding jacket which I pulled over my snow white show shirt and my gleaming pair of flash top boots.

Because Susannah wouldn't be riding, she was our photographer for the day. She had asked me with a pleading face just the night before if she could borrow my pro camera and I agreed with a smile.

Destiny, Taylor and I were all dressed the same as we weaved through the horse trucks etc.

"Hey Judith," came a mocking voice. We all spun around in unison to face Mellissa Woodward, the last person I wanted to meet.

She stood there poised like a snob. Hand on her hip, a crop in her gloved right hand and reins that led to a classy looking brown 'n' white paint mare. I'd never seen her before. Ever. Plus she looked bored out of her wits.

"Hey Melissa, never seen that horse of yours before." I said coolly.

"Of course you haven't!" She smirked, "She is my BRAND NEW champion showjumper. She's going to beat your old nag Aussierena."

I clenched my fists at this. It always drove me mad when she called my darling Aussie a stupid girl name, Aussierena. Aussie wasn't an old nag anyhow.

"PLUS, was trained by former Olympian..." She stopped bragging.

I'm usually not a mean person but I laughed inwardly.

"WHO CARES?!?" Melissa burst out," She was trained by an Olympian."

She was trying to hide her embarrassment but was doing an utterly poor job at it.

"Nice try Woody!" All of us turned including Melissa. There stood a boy and girl dressed identically, same as me except they wore navy blue jackets.

The boy spoke. Typical brat. "Seriously. My sis and I are going to smash that cocky smile off your puny face."

Even though her face was as white as if she had seen a ghost, I could feel her anger rising like a long extinct volcano.

Comment to unlock Chapter 4! I hope you guys like this, I didn't know that all my books were going to get submitted so I started new ones but I hope this one will turn out fantastic!

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Spring Colors!

by Pigwings