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I just found out about the Horse Tycoon game. I've only started playing it so I don't have a lot to tell yet. It's one of the free horse games you can play where you buy horses, take care of them, do chores and then train and enter competitions. I am still working on getting my first horse. I signed up and played for free, but I did notice it said there are some things you have to pay for if you want to do everything it lets you do.

It looks like a pretty new game, and I think it will be fun. Give it a try then be sure to come back here to share your review!

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Horse Tycoon 
I think that you should be able to buy a horse STRAIGHT AWAY I have been joined for about two months and I still can't get a horse. In fact, it won't suprise …

Horse Tycoon?? A bit confused?!? 
Umm i got on to it but i have no idea how to get a horse!! If someone could help that would be much appreciated!! :)

i had no idea how to get a horse!!!!

Horse Tycoon 
Horse Tycoon is a very fun horse game where you can own, breed,and train horses. You even get to own a car or truck and even a trailer.You get to move …

HorseTycoon Not rated yet
I play on (clysedalelover) add me or message me on there if you want. I love the game if you have any questions with it ask me on there …

I LOVE HORSE TYCOON! Not rated yet
I think this game is appropriate for girls and boys who love horses as much as I do. I also think that horse tycoon should keep going but add some more …

HorseTycoon is Okay... Not rated yet
I am having trouble on getting money. I want a stable but i don't have the money. People are donating but the thing is, I don't have the money. I need …

HorseTycoon is the BEST! Not rated yet
I have played this game for 2 years... The people are really friendly....

Horse Tycoon? OK! Not rated yet
Its ok not the best ever but its pretty good, I just wish you could groom your horse and for real see it and clean out stalls when ever you wanted. Thats …

hores tycoon is the bum  Not rated yet
it is the est game ever

Horse Tycoon Not rated yet
I think it wasnt very fun, I have already made an acount but I forgot my user and password then I tryed to make a new one but it said my e-mail adress …

fun Not rated yet

GREAT game :) Not rated yet
Im having a blast HINT HINT: You need money? Go to lesson places and clean their stalls!!!

Horses are Great Not rated yet
great i think its great because i love horses and its awesome to see a game fun like this.

Don't like Horse Tycoon Not rated yet
i don't like this game you don't get to ride and care for your horse beyond clicking a button.

Horse Tycoon and why it's fun. Not rated yet
I think horse tycoon is fun because it has horses.

horse tycoon Not rated yet
sounds like fun! :)

Horse Tycoon Fun Not rated yet
It is really fun!!

I love it! Not rated yet
Oh my god it's fun! But it's a little bit boring after 25 hours after playing it.

Horse Tycoon is fun Not rated yet
this horse is o beautiful and cute!

I coundnt get onto it! Not rated yet
i couldnt get onto it coss aparently me email address isnt valid but it works on everything else and im sure i got it right :S

horse tycoon is amazing! Not rated yet
its fun and great to play i never get bored

barrelracingqueen Not rated yet
it is so fun! when you were trying to sign up it was a little hard but i got it.

Horses Rock Not rated yet
it rocks

UGH Not rated yet
I can't even sign up because it's too confusing i will try again in the morning! UGH!

I love Horses!!!  Not rated yet

too confusing Not rated yet
way to confusing I can not get it to work help

tycoon is fun Not rated yet
it is awesome and i wish they had a free one online no downloads or anything.

Yay! Not rated yet

Horse tycoon is great! very great! Not rated yet
I like Horse tycoon. I play it now 2 months and I can't stop. I have 7 horses. 2 of them are pregnant. I have a tip. Write on your profile: Who want's …

horse tycoon is fun Not rated yet

i dont know horse tycoon! Not rated yet
i have never played horse tycoon, but i love horses, so i whant to try it out!

Awesome kid friendly game Not rated yet
Horse tycoon is a great site the comunity is awesome . There are hundreds of people that will help you out . The game is great for all horse lovers not …

How Do You Buy A Horse? Not rated yet
Hi,I'm new in horse tycoon how do u buy a horse????

howrse yeah Not rated yet
love it!

Horse Tycoon Not rated yet
Horse Tycoon is kind of fun but it's also kind of confusing.

fun Not rated yet
it's fun

I LOVE IT!!! Not rated yet
Hey best game eva!!!! If you have any horses you dont want look me up:D

i Luv horsetycoon Not rated yet
its the best game ever !!!

K'la's horses Not rated yet

Horse Tycoon Is Great! Not rated yet
I really enjoy horse tycoon. I wanted to play on a horse envolved game and this is what my search results came up with, I think everyone should have a …

Horse Tycoon Is Great! Not rated yet
I really enjoy horse tycoon. I wanted to play on a horse envolved game and this is what my search results came up with, I think everyone should have a …

horse tycoon is cool Not rated yet
its fun

Horse Tycoon Not rated yet
Horse Tycoon is fun, but kinda hard to figure out. I can;t buy horses, or anything else for that matter.

1 day i had a hourse named Sissy.She is a wild horse. She had a colt named kiki,and her father named mick. why i made this sissy is a dog she died dem. …

horse tycoon ts stupid Not rated yet
It is soooooooooooo!bad it is stupid!

user name: ytrewaa Not rated yet
horse tycoon is fun but nor the best i prefer horseland

coooooooool Not rated yet

Tips for HorseTycoon Not rated yet
Horse Tycoon is Fantastic! I have played it and you can do lots WHEN YOU COMPLETE YOUR GOALS. If you are going to try it then after you activate your account …

is ok Not rated yet
horse tycoon is ok but i can't buy horses

vaishnavi Not rated yet
I have never and I love games.

hey Not rated yet
its fun but i got stuck because i couldn't enter a competition because i had a stallion and the stallion is not competing.

Horse Tycoon!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
I LOVE horse tycoon!!!!! It's sooooo fun! Hope you like it.

Horse Lover Not rated yet
I haven't tried it yet, but I really want to. I think it looks like fun!

horses are cool Not rated yet
i love the way it starts out

they're cute, i've got 5 ponies and 5 horses Not rated yet
It is great fun!!!

helena  Not rated yet
it's fun and fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

horses are so like cute Not rated yet
well i dont no yet i havent played it yet but it sounds boring!!!!!!

It ain't wurkin' fur me dawg... Not rated yet
No... I'm sorry, I can't figure out how to play... It's farr too complicated, it's hard to get a horse...

Z.Z.Z.Z Not rated yet
Sorry to say but this game is BORING beyond my expectations.

Horse tycoon ROCKS! Not rated yet
I love horse tycoon i play it every day!

This is killer funn Not rated yet
I think it's amazing. I want to play again!

Horse  Not rated yet
Horse Tycoon is so awesome, but I could not log in.

ponygirl Not rated yet
Horse Tycoon will not work although I would like to play but the email never came through.

Horse Tycoon is Very Fun Not rated yet
I think it's pretty cool.

Not That Great.... Not rated yet
I actually tried it....not a very good game. BORING if you really must know.

Stefania Not rated yet
It is a cool game of horses.

YIKES! Not rated yet
I haven't tried it but just by looking at the screenshots scared the wits outa me! Not really. But it doesn't look all that fun...

Not at all Not rated yet
It to confusing to enter and do stuff.

Yes It Is Not rated yet
I think it is a good game and anyone will like it.

Love Ponies Not rated yet
It's fun.

It's fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not rated yet
It is amazing.

Horse Tycoon looks cool Not rated yet
I think its going to be really cool playing it and the best part is its free! Cause I love horses but I can't have one from Georgia in VIC Australia

tycoon Not rated yet
so BORING!!!!!

hi!  Not rated yet
well it is a good and bad game i can't log in and it is confusing . sorry it is fairly bad

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