"And this year's Prom Queen and King are....."

by Ayana
(Butte, MT)

In my hometown, every year in October there is a horse show that has a costume class. In the previous 2 years I have entered and won first both times. :) This year I'm going to be a Prom Queen with my Quarter Horse gelding, Poco's Promised King. (Well, Poco's PROM King ;)) Every prom queen needs her prom king of course, so I'm going to dress him up as my King. :)

I'm going to wear a elegant dress and a tiara with my hair all curled and makeup all perfect. Poco will wear a stunning golden crown and have his mane and tail french-braided. We might even be able to make him a bow-tie. He'll also have shirt cuffs, complete with cufflinks on his ankles and black hoof polish. :)

And, to pull it all together, we'll have our Queen and King sashes stating our titles. The nice thing about this outfit, is you can do it either mounted, or dismounted. If you're mounted, wear your helmet! You can put a tiara or crown on or around the helmet fairly easily. :)

(I have no picture because the show hasn't happened yet!)

(Oh! By the way, that's me and my Arabian mare Lacey as a unicorn and fairy in that pic on the costume page! :D)

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Jun 16, 2013
by: Becca

THANKS! I needed an idea for what me and my mustang gelding we're going to do, but this is perfect:) Oh my gosh we are going to have so much fun with this!!

Oct 26, 2011
by: Nonn

LOVE IT!!!!! if i had a horse and my town had a show i would so do this!!!?

Aug 30, 2011
Great idea!
by: Sydney

It sounds like a great idea Ayana! I love the other costume you did. Bet this one will look awesome too.

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