What Are Your Favorite Horse Names?

Are you trying to decide on a name for your horse? Or are you looking for the perfect horse name for your dream horse?

I don't know about you, but I used to spend hours writing long lists of names. It is so much fun dreaming up ideas! When I got my horse Sinatra I decided to keep his barn name. (It fit him perfectly - he has gorgeous blue eyes and the singer Frank Sinatra was known for his blue eyes.) But I had to think long and hard about a show name since I didn't like the one he had at all. But that's the fun part right? 

Here you will find ideas for horses and ponies shared by horsecrazy girls from all over the world! Just choose any category to find names, to comment, or to add your own. It's easy - and fun!

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Horse Names Shared By Other Girls

Here are some shared by other girls. Comments on the ones you like! Read this first before you share or comment!

Girl Horse Names 
Do you have a mare? Here you'll find girl horse names shared by other horsecrazygirls like you. I’d love to hear your suggestions too! Feel free to comment …

American Indian Horse Names 
Here you'll find American Indian horse names shared by other horsecrazygirls like you! Feel free to comment on any of these names or share your own ideas …

Cool Horse Names 
Coming up with cool horse names is so much fun. But there are so many to choose from! And sometimes it is hard to find the right one. I've asked other …

unique horse names 
Your horse is one of a kind, so you want to find a unique horse name as special as he or she is. Here you'll find horse names from girls all over the …

I Can Help with Horse Names... 
Tell me your favorite color of horse and the name you would give it. I will help you decide which name is the best!!!! I'm totally horse crazy, I love …

So many girls have shared their fave names that we've had to make extra pages! To see more names, visit these pages:

Fave horse names A-K

Fave horse names L-Q

Fave horse names R-Z

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