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I am looking for a cute horse name for a paint mare 
I am looking for a name for a mare that we might be getting. She is a registered sorrel paint. She is really sweet! Her name is Shawnee, but I don't …

need another name... 
We are getting another (gorgeous)horse, though I'm not happy with her name. Any ideas???

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Because it's sweet, I'm not sure about your horses attitude, but if it's a sweet horse the name might fit :)

I think it's a really beautiful name...

I just love the name...

Need a good new registered name 
I own a bay Missouri fox trotter mare. She is very very fast and swift on her feet. She is the smartest horse I have ever seen (we have over 65 registered …

I think it rocks!

I looooooveeeee that name!!!!! It's sooo beautiful and graceful sounding.

Just Something I Want an Opinion on XD 
Okay, so I'm writing a book about a girl who had a sick horse and has to gain her mare's trust back after being great friends for over five years, because …

I need a cute name for a female white horse. I was thinking of Puzzle Pieces but not I'm not sure. I want it to be perfect. I'll also need a show name …

Just got my horse and thought Danni was a good name for her.

HELP with Pony Name! 
HELP!!!! I need good ponies names for the pony I'm getting!!! She's 11.2 hands and her color is pinto!!! PLEASE HELP THANK YOU!!!

*******Bailey ******* 
Because my pony is a palomino, and she's the same color as baileys. It really suits her. :)

Barbie Royal 
I like this name so much because it's my horse's name. I named her Barbie Royal because she acts like a princess! And she is one to me. :)

Beautiful and unusual..

Her name is Sugar 
We bought Sugar back in 2004 when she was about 14 years old. She is now close to 20. A beautiful cream color (part Palomino) and about the gentlest horse …

I choose hazel because I think it is a nice and beautiful name for my (virtual) horse.

I like the name Shakira. I am going to name my mare that.. but i am still not sure of a show name .. can you please help? I was thinkin maybe Shining Shakira …

HELP! Bay Mare in desperate need of a name!  
I'm leasing a bay mare, around 15HH who is spunky and fun, and willing to jump. She has black mane and tail, and black legs, she has a small white star, …

Because it sounds like a really sweet name and it suites a flaxen chestnut's color. It also sounds really pretty.

That's my horses name.

Southern Belle 
I have a mare named Dixie and she had a little filly and we named her Southern Belle and I think it sounds sooooo cute together..... don't u think???? …

Dancing Beauty 
I love this name because it sounds graceful and beautiful. The horse I'm planning to get suits this name perfectly! (well if i can earn enough money for …

Because it's a pretty name and I think it's some sort of Shakespearean name.

I know this pony and she is as sweet as a button. She saved my life! I was trying to get her from her pasture and this bigger horse that is like 16hh (Dixie …

I love the name Lady because August 2007 a horse at my stables died. I had always wanted to ride her because she was a gentle and kind horse. She was defiantly …

It symbolizes beauty in some languages.

It's just a peaceful yet spirited name! It's beautiful and elegant, I love it!

Indigo Girl 
My horses name is Mexican Rose but her special name will always be Indigo Girl.

Because when I was little there was this horse named Ladybug but I did not own her. My dads business at the feed yard owned her. I would go and see her …

I've sold my pony and I'm getting a new one. She is a 13.2 4yo, her name now is Sacha but I really don't like that name. She's Dark bay with a white stripe …

Because it's really pretty.

Because it's a nice name 4 any horse or pony with lovely brown eyes.

I just think it is the cutest name!!

Because I don't have my own horse yet but Montana is my fave horse at the riding stable I go to. I help there all day and get to look after as if she were …

My horses' name is Gypsy and it has grown on me. It fits her plus she's a stinker. This is a picture that looks like her, but it's not exactly her!

Sparkle Not rated yet
I think this name would be good for a white or brown horse because it's sort of sparkly.

Kay-Lee Not rated yet
One of my horses is named this. She is a chestnut Australian Stock Horse with a white blaze and 2 white socks on her hind hooves.

Gretchen Not rated yet
I have a grey mare named this.

Pebbles Not rated yet
I chose this name because if you think about it the horses feet sound like pebbles. And also, if it is a flea bitten grey then it kind of look like pebbles. …

Kitty Not rated yet
MY horse is gentle but has a very powerful jump. She has done BHS show jumping and it suits her very well in temperament!!

Besty Ross Not rated yet
A great name for girl horses... my first standbred was named that!

Lulu Not rated yet
I always wanted a horse to be named that because I think it is a cute name...

Juliet Not rated yet
I choose Juliet because it is a beautiful name and is most likely to remind you of a loving horse.

Mocha Not rated yet
It's my horses name <3

Bailey Not rated yet
This is my fave horse name because it's my horse's name...

Stacey Not rated yet
Because the name Stacey just reminds me of a black Big Gentle Giant. A 17.2 hh Clydie X Tb that taught me to ride when I was a beginner. :) But now she …

Alice Not rated yet
I like Alice because it is my horse's name. She is a sweet palomino she's going to be broken on March of 2011. She's my baby!

Ruby Not rated yet
I think this name suits a horse with a chestnut color.

Abby (A Horse Name) Not rated yet
IDK... cuz I love that name <3 please comment... bye!

Brightstar Not rated yet
I chose this horse name because I think it gives light...

Wild Girl Not rated yet
I don't know why I like this name... I just always have.

Coral Belle Not rated yet
It's the name of the yearling Welsh Section A chestnut roan filly I fell in love with.

Blue Jeans Not rated yet
I chose the name Blue Jeans, because it is and sounds nice. And also because the name is good for girly-girls who have a horse or pony. Blue Jeans is a …

Foxy Not rated yet
This is my favorite because it is my old pony's name.

My Fave Horse Names Not rated yet
Liddy, Kris, Princess Lea, Dusty Shyann, Grace-Like-Rain... I Love These Names!

Bailey and Maisy Not rated yet
These are my fave horse names. My horse's name is Bailey because she is the Bailey's whiskey color. :)

Corazon Salvaje Not rated yet
Corazon Salvaje (aka Cora) Salvaje means Heart in Spanish. She was basically Crazy! But now she's the sweetest thing ever and absolutely beautiful and …

Delilah Not rated yet
I have an Arabian mare named Delilah. We didn't name her Delilah though because we got her from a horse farm in Terrell Texas. I wish I could ride her …

Cinderella Not rated yet
I like this as a horse name because Cinderella is a beautiful name and horses deserve a meaningful princess name.

Golden Pennies Not rated yet
My horses' name is golden pennies, or penny. She is a beautiful gold color, not palomino, but actually as gold as a coin!!! she is beautiful, amazing, …

Jazzla Not rated yet
I like the name Jazzla because it is the name of my first 16.2 hand horse ever! I loved her very much, and still do. But... sadly she had to be put …

lily Not rated yet
i think lily is a very pretty name.

Ebony Not rated yet
i chose the name Ebony because it is pretty. i had a horse named Ebony and she was the best. She was a paint black tabiano piebald. She passed away this …

CatrinaBlazing Not rated yet
I chose that name because it is my horses former racing name. My grandmother bought her and we now call her Kat.

Indianna Not rated yet
Because it is such a pretty name and it sounds so girly and lovely and it reminds me of Australia - my home. (right now i live in England.)

sweettart Not rated yet
because she is sweet and sour..

janessa Not rated yet
The reason i like Janessa is because I think it's the most beautiful name in the world. Someday i would really like to name my daughter that anyways thanks …

Cover girl Not rated yet
She is a paint and very classy.

Moonlight Serenade Not rated yet
It just sounds really pretty and graceful!!!

Layla Not rated yet
The reason why I chose this name is because I used to ride this horse all the time and then she got sold and she loved me and I loved her. She was sweet …

chapeloak emerald Not rated yet
My beautiful little filly, love her lots like jelly tots, bouncy trots and coco pops <3

chapeloak emerald Not rated yet
My beautiful little filly, love her lots like jelly tots, bouncy trots and coco pops <3

Beauty Not rated yet
I think that this is my favorite horse name because I think the name Beauty fits any beautiful horse. I would make that my horse's name if I had one and …

Chica Not rated yet
It means girl or little girl in Spanish, So it fits well on a mare. That is what my mares name.

Tessa Not rated yet
I love this name because it sounds gentle kind and sweet.

Tessa Not rated yet
I love this name because it sounds gentle kind and sweet.

Deliah Not rated yet
Because it's really cute and would suit any type of horse :) Love Jade and Megan:)

Alena Not rated yet
Because Alena just flows with the wind and it's a very pretty Horse name!

Savanna Not rated yet
Because I think it's a very pretty name.

dixie Not rated yet
Because it means the south and it's a cute name for a horse. It's kind of girly so it's good for a mare.

Keira Not rated yet
I like the name Keira because it means beautiful, soft, and kind. My horse is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen, she has the kindest heart …

Mia Sassy Star Not rated yet
Mia Flower was my filly's great, great grandmother so Mia and she's a sassy little girl so Sassy and she has a star (now it's sorta tornado shaped) so …

Juanita Not rated yet
My Grandad had a little mare named Juanita. She was the best cow horse around back in those days. Loved her very much.

Lady Max (Lady Maxine) Not rated yet
Big Racing black TB looks like a huge stallion 20hh with all the qualities of a lady.

Nina.  Not rated yet
Pronounced neen-yuh. It sounds wild and free. (:

Star Not rated yet
I choose Star because she has been with me for ever! I got her on Christmas morning! She was 3 and a half when i got her and i was 6. Now I'm 12 and Star …

Angel Not rated yet
Actually I have three fave Horse names Lola, Angel and Zara. I don't know why they are my Favorites the just are and they sound like cute horse names but …

Abby Not rated yet
Well my mom's friend had a horse named magic! She was so so so pretty and then she had a baby and my brother got to name it. He chose Abra - Cadabra just …

jolene  Not rated yet
She was my first horse and it sounds like country name

strawberry Not rated yet
Because she is a strawberry roan.

delilah Not rated yet
I love how it is so pretty and I think it would suit my American paint horse

Debutaunt Not rated yet
It's a great name for a girl because it is a young lady making her appearance in the world. It's the name of my miniature paint horse.

rebel lady Not rated yet
This name really brings out the fun side of your horse!! It's also the name of my pretty dun Tennessee walking horse. We won 1st place in the Washington …

Sarah Not rated yet
It is elegant and pretty

hot tamolly (tamolls) Not rated yet
That's my ponies name and she is so crazy when I ask her to trot if she see`s another pony she starts to canter

queen of lighning Not rated yet
The queen of horses!

Jasmine Not rated yet
Jasmine is my name and I really think it sounds like a wonderful name. I named my horse Jasmine she loves her name!

Daisy Not rated yet
At my grandma's we have a very nice horse named that.

sweet water Not rated yet
Because my horse is a great one and she is so sweet and really loves the water

Black Beauty Not rated yet
Because she is a good jumping horse seems kind and is beautiful

Sheena Not rated yet
It's a nice name!

Ruby Not rated yet
This is the name of my horse and she is great. Loves her dressage and show jumping but you can't beat a hack.

Sasha Not rated yet
It's my pony's name.

Bootsy Not rated yet
She is my 1st horse band. I love her a lot. She is a good jumper and she understands me. She is not stubborn.

Dolly Not rated yet
It's just so cute!

Fiona Not rated yet
That was my #1 horse's name. It's a lovely name! Under the sunset I named her.

Sirena Not rated yet
Sirena because that is my pony's name and it means Beauty. Real cute you think?

Lady  Not rated yet
I love Lady because she is careful.

Eight Belles Not rated yet
Hi! Eight Belles is one of my favorite horse names. It was the name of the rangy black filly who took second place in the 2008 Kentucky Derby. After the …

Scarlet Not rated yet
It's a cute name for a cute horse.

Jasmine Not rated yet
Because it sounds like a nice name

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