What Are Your Favorite Horse Breeds?

What are your favorite horse breeds? If you could choose only one, what would it be? I know...it is really hard to decide isn't it? This page is about favorite horse breeds. I'll keep adding more about different breeds, so be sure to tell me about yours!

Learn about Arabian Horses!

Learn about Chincoteague and Assateague Ponies!

Learn about Clydesdale Horses!

Learn about Mustang Horses!

Learn about Palomino Horses!

Learn about Shetland Ponies!

Learn about Thoroughbred Horses!

Learn about the Appaloosa Horse!

Learn about the American Quarter Horse!

Learn about the Morgan Horse!

Learn about Warmblood Horses!

Take my poll, tell me about your favorite horse breeds, then come back to see your review and learn more!

American Quarter Horse
Chincoteague and Assateague

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Different Horse Breeds

Arab: One of the oldest and most beautiful breeds

Ariegeios: A pack and farm horse

Akhal Teke: One of the oldest breeds

Andalusian: An ancient breed from Spain

Camargue: Featured in famous cave paintings

Clydesdale: Famous in the United States as the "Budweiser" horse. Very strong, large and sound.

Danish Warmblood: Can excel at dressage

French Trotter: Fast trotters often raced

Friesan: Known for its beautiful trot and good personality.

Hackney: Famous carriage horse

Hanoverian: A wonderful sport horse for jumping and dressage

Icelandic: Purest breed, tough, great swimmers and climbers.

Oldenburg: A larger, popular horse, champion in jumping and dressage

Percheron: A hardy work horse

Shagya: An Arabian horse, taller than most Arabians

Shire: A large and heavy horse, beautiful and strong

Thoroughbred: A wonderful riding and racehorse

Trakehner: An elegant horse, can be a great jumper

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