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I love playing online horse games - don't you? Someday I would love to create the ultimate online horse game for for all of us to play! But until I do, here is my directory of free fun horse games for girls. I don't just list games, by the way. I have played all of these. I want to hear what you think of them, too. 

Please be sure to come back after you've played them to share your reviews and tips!

Star Stable

Wow! Great graphics and three free levels make this game a must try! Download required.

Ride! Equestrian Simulation

Popular! This game is addicting. Great graphics, pretty horses, and you count strides - I love that! Try it free for an hour. Download required. PC only.

Club Pony Pals

No download required! I am so glad our hcg-friend Debbie told me about this one. It's lots of fun! You get to choose a horse (lots of cute choices) then groom it, take care of it and go on rides. You can jump it too! It's a good free horse game to play online.

A Virtual Horse

Updated! This free game has been updated with better graphics and more to do. Be sure to check it out! No download required.

Planet Horse

For PC and Mac! I've been playing Planet Horse for a while and I really like it. You can have a bunch of horses (lots of choices of colors and breeds), and go to English shows to compete. Try it free for an hour. Download required. PC and Mac.

My Horse Game for Tablet

Fun interactive game for the tablet! In this game you can groom your horse, compete with it, train it, and feed it. Download required.

Nancy Drew: Secret of Shadow Ranch

Incredible storyline! In this super fun interactive game you (as Nancy Drew) have to figure out the mystery of Shadow Ranch. Try it free for an hour. Download required. PC only.

Pony Luv Game

Free Trial! This is also a great game. You can get your own horse, buy food and tack for it, race it, and take care of it like you would a real pony. You can take it to the park and have a ton of fun. I definitely recommend you try it. Download required.

Pony World 2

New! Free trial! In this sweet game for younger girls you don’t ride a pony - you are the pony! Create your own look then make friends and more. For PC. Download required.

My Horse Club

No download required! This game has the most amazing graphics I have seen yet in an online horse game. You actually get to ride your horse, and you really post!

My Stable

No download required! With MyStable you get your own stable, and you can buy a horse then you can train it, enter shows, breed it, and care for it. It's fun and very popular.

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Horse Isle

Horse Isle

No download required! This is a fun online horse game. It kind of reminds me of Animal Crossings for DS. It's tricky but also addicting... it's one of those where you can play for hours and not realize how long you've been on it!



No download required! Howrse has lots of fans. It lets you create a horse online and do all kinds of cool things. It's hard to believe you can play it for free. But it is a little hard to get started and you have to read a lot of stuff to figure it out.



No download required! What is a Capall? It's an Irish Gaelic word for horse! In this fun online horse SIM game you create a stable, get horses, train them, and go on adventures. Try it!

Bella Sara

Bella Sara

No download required! Bella Sara has really pretty fantasy horse and ponies. You buy trading cards that feature different horses, and they give you a code you can use to play online. It's a great horse sim game!



No download required! Horseland is very popular. It's a fun SIM horse game that lets you choose a horse, then ride and jump it.

Show Jumping

No download required! Show jumping is a fun free game that lets you train and jump your horses. It gets good reviews - but it is kind of hard to get to the higher levels.

Pony Island

Pony Island

No download required! Christina, one of our horsecrazygirl-friends, told me about this game. You create gorgeous fantasy ponies from parents you choose, raise them, compete and all that fun stuff.

Horse Eventing

Horse Eventing

No download required! You get to choose from at least 7 or more kinds of horses and you also get to dress your rider and put on the saddle, blanket, things like that. It's great.

Horse Tycoon

Horse Tycoon

No download required! Horse Tycoon is a newer online horse game that lets you buy horses, take care of them, then enter competitions. You can play the basic game online for free.

Riding Club Championships

Riding Club Championships

Facebook account required! Riding Club has awesome graphics for an online horse game..and you get an instructor who tells you what to do in your lessons!

Want more? You got it!

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Have I missed a fun online horse game? Please tell me about it so I can check it out. I always love to hear about great horse and pony games to play!

A note about horse racing games: You will see that I haven't included these kinds of games. The reason is that most of those games are really more about gambling than about horses. I want this site to be a fun place for horse games girls love -- like taking care of horses, and doing fun things like jumping and competition. Betting on horses isn't the kind of thing I want to include. Hope you understand!

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