Horse Videos

Do you love watching horse videos like me? There are so many good ones...funny, great riding, cute horses...! I was trying to post them here but I found so many good ones I started a channel on YouTube.

Click here to watch my horse videos and see favorites on my YouTube Channel

Videos from our Horsecrazy girlfriends

One of our hcg-friends sent us this video. I LOOVVEEE paints - and foals - don't you?

Maddy - one of the horsecrazy girls who comes to our site - asked me to post these videos she made. Enjoy!

These are just a couple of the ones that you will find on Youtube. If you find ones you like be sure to let me know so I can check them out and favorite them!

Click here for some funny horse videos

Fun horse games and more for horsecrazy girls!

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Fun horse games and lots more!
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