Is your equine-related product, service, book, or website perfect for horsecrazy girls?

Great - I'd love to tell my the girls on my site about it! I am always looking for partners for sponsorships and cross promotion. I also review horse games, books, and software for features on our site.

About This Site started in 2007 by horsecrazy girl Sydney Rose as a safe place for girls who love horses to share their love of all things equine. Traffic has consistently grown, and in February 2012 we had more than 43,000 unique visitors and nearly a quarter of a million page views. Our Alexa ranking puts us in the top 2% of sites worldwide.

Our visitors are mostly girls who love all things equine!


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Website Promotion

Do you have a website for horse lovers? We can feature your website in a blog post, and link to your site in that post. We can even include a picture. We will also tweet it and it may end up on our Facebook page too. (We are talking here about games, forums, blogs etc. If your site is primarily aimed at selling products, please see the category for gifts for horse lovers, below.)

If we feature your site, we ask that you do the same for us. We'll be happy to provide you with info to make that easy. Sound fair?

If you are interested, please fill out the form in the link below.  We'd love to hear from you!

Horse Lover Gifts

If you would like us to feature your equine product or service,  please use the form below to submit it. One non-returnable product sample is required so that we can provide an honest review. (You will receive instructions for submitting your product for review when you complete this form.)

How reviews work: Sydney will try out your product and give her honest opinion. She will write a review of it for our site. If she features your item, she will include a link to your site and include a photo.

Products we think are great fit for horsecrazy girls will like will be featured in our blog, and on Twitter and Facebook.

Use this form to tell us about your equine website or product!


We frequently run contests and treasure hunts featuring great gifts for horse lovers from our partners. Our girls love them! It gets lots of exposure for your equine-themed products. If you are interested in donating a prize for a give away, please let us know when you fill out the form below and we will get you more details.

Riding Lessons and Stables

We are happy to list your stables for free on our site. Just go to our riding stables page to submit your listing. Then ask your riders to share their comments!

Horse Rescue Organizations

We will create a free, complimentary page about your rescue. Just go to our horse rescue to submit your listing. Then ask your volunteers to share their comments!

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