Famous Horse Names

by Sydney at HorseCrazyGirls.com
(Florida, USA)

Share your favorite famous horse names!

Share your favorite famous horse names!

Here you'll find famous horse names shared by other horsecrazygirls like you! Feel free to comment on any of these names or share your favorite famous horse names here.

Santana (Dee, USA)
I chose this name because it makes me think of a wild untamed stallion and On the TV show Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris rode a wild stallion by the name of Santana.

Apollo (RayRay, Canada)
I chose this name because it is really interesting. It comes from ancient Greece.

Odyssey (Zoe, USA)
My favorite horse name is Odyssey because it is very different and sounds so beautiful. It is the perfect name for a beautiful graceful horse. Not only does it sound beautiful but it reminds me of a strong horse. It would make my day to own or ride a horse named Odyssey. I think it is the perfect name for almost any horse.

Dreamer (Akoiya, America)
I think it's a very graceful name for a horse.

Spirit (Alyssa, Pennsylvania)
It is a name that can describe a horse or remind people that horses have spirit in them no matter what and it won't go away.

Flicka (Laura)
It's a classic name. I used to lease a horse named Flicka and she was the best thing ever.

Armani (Georgia, Wisconsin)
My horse is a French Thoroughbred and Armani is just a cool name that happens to be a French designer.

Bucephalus (Riley, FL)
It was a Greek king's favorite horse. Bucephalus was his fastest, strongest, and bravest horse. He named a city after him - the great, old city of Bucephalus.

Black Beauty (Morgan, Delaware)
I want a young black Arabian mare so I don't see her die and I also always wanted an Appaloosa. I love the color black that's why I like black beauty for a horse name.

Misty (Rhiannon, USA)
After reading the book "Misty of Chincoteague" a couple years ago, the name Misty has been one of my favorite horse names. I would love to get a Chincoteague pony and name her Misty. I highly recommend the name to anyone who has a flaxen chestnut, or any other light colored horse. And I also recommend the book! ;)

Seabiscuit (Christina, USA)
He was a little horse and he made a big name for himself!

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