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Batteries Not Included 
I like this name because it is for an energetic horse. I love riding horses with a lot of energy!

Chocolate Kisses 
I love this name! I think it's cute <3

It;s cute and country. Perfect for a gelding!

I just got a horse and I am desperate for a name. this is not a picture of him, but is a similar one. please post a comment I am desperate. Thanks:]

Here are a few... 
Black Magic....Sundance....Ziggy....Sundae! I choose these names because they are all so cute!

Mr. Opportunity 
It's the show name for my chestnut gelding--very unique and he was a HUGE opportunity for me after my first horse had life-threatening surgery (he is doing …

I just came up with the name one day and it would be cool to say you were riding "Solo." :)

I think this is a great name if you have a pinto (or what ever you like to call them) because it looks like patches!!!

Cause it is the barn name of my Olympic jumper. His show name is the cloud in my hands. He is great at dressage also. He is a bay blanket appaloosa. He's …

My Fave Names 
Starlight, magpie, buster, blackie, bobby... Well i chose all these names cause they are so cute and if i ever get a horse i would probably call it …

I like the name Duke because it's the name of my first horse, who is a Leopard Appaloosa! -I thank y'all for lookin'.

Freedom Fire 
I like Freedom Fire as a name because it reveals that its free and it's somewhat temperate. I'm just the kinda person who likes high-spirited horses: I …

I think trouble is a good name. My donkey's name is trouble.. :)

Madison Square Garden 
My horse came to me with the name Madison, and I thought if that was our show name we could go do a show in Madison Square Garden that would be really …

I think the name Scarlett is a great choice because it sounds mysterious and cool.

Just because its such a cool name!

I have a horse called Herbie. He is on loan. I didn't name him. but he suits that name..

My horses name is "Close To The Stars" and his barn name is "Starsky" (Star-skee) I just think it's a really cute name! Lol!

Little Bonnet 
Because it reminds me of a brown foal with a white star on her head or a baby doll.

Barn: Romeo Show: That Millionaire Look 
I don't know, i just do like it. I think the names are for boys though but maybe the show name wouldn't!!

It's exotic and fun if you have a nice dark brown horse Like I do.

I love this horse name because shes of the saddle club and I love the saddle club . Belle is Stevie's horse on the saddle club and Stevie is my fave character …

i just like it please comment.

Her whinny was extremely quiet so Whisper fit her!!

Because Romeo was a prince so it is kinda like a prince.

Because my horse is a smooth riding like magic!

It's cool

lush horse names 
Gwilly harlaquin Fudge Misty Flash-Harry barnabie captain dreamer skyber flanagun florenteen buzzbie wizard thunder sprit alfrado tonto …

I really like the name Samoa, it's my horse name. He is a dun but for short we call him Sam Samoa, it is a island in the pacific ocean. it's a third world …

It sounds strong brave and protective! (also very cute!)

because when you say it, it makes me smile and think of happy things (:

Cowboy is my fave horse name because that's my horses name and I just think it's a cool name for a horse

I like the name because when I was 5 all my smarties fell when I was riding my horse and that's when I came up with the name

It's a sort of name that fits a horse you can depend on.:)

Because sugar makes me go mental and Sugar's been acting mental lately. She likes running into trees 0-0

The name of my old quarter horse, "Annie" for short.

She's a horse who was captured and tamed. She never stopped wanting to go home, and eventually learned to love. She is now happy, but will always want …

Because he's my favorite horse

It's so easy to say and simple.

Black Jack 
Because it's cool!

Takeign A Breath 
I just love this name

I just love it and I don't know why.

soldier boy 
Soldiers are tough, strong and intelligent. So that might describe your horse if you have one.

"Souther' Sunset" 
Why it's just pretty... It's also good for a Stallion, Gelding, or Mare...

Because he is a wonderful race horse that went through quite a bit during his short life time.

Well it sounds like your horse is so bubbly and nice

On the wings of hope 
It's for a racehorse! makes me think about courage! =)

Because my best friends middle name is jade and I think it is so beautiful for a chestnut cream or black horse.

Because my horse is called Jasper and I had a dog called Jasper when I was little.

*As A Memory* 
It is a line from a Country song and I think it goes good for a Stallion. Preferably Australian Brumby Black.

Starenella Banay 
I make up these crazy names but this one was really cool in my language(don't ask) it means "vanilla Day"

Because it was the name of the horse that I was going to buy but had laminates in his feet and he couldn't jump.

My sister Ashley named her pony Rocky because he's a Connemara and they are used to surviving in the rockiest conditions. Also when Ashley started training …

Sprint to the Finish 
Because it is a very good name for a fast black ( any color) stallion. It just sounds cool

Why? Because, well, I do not know why. I just like that name!

Means "star" in Hawaiian.

I just like it.

Horses are majestic animals.

Dancer of the Sunlight 
I had a pony that would do dressage and playful jumping during the day with no one riding him and he looked like he was dancing when he did do it. That …

I don't really know why I like it. It just sounds cute I guess?

Because it describes your relationship with your horse.

It is my horse

My horse's name

Because it was the very first horse I rode and he saved my life.

It sound pretty and noble!!!!

My first horse was named Sonador (Dreamer) then she died less than a year later on 4/10/08 at night.

Because it suits my small pony perfectly!

I think it is a graceful and beautiful name. And one of the cool things about this name it can go to any horse. It can be a name for the nicest and most …

I like the name prancer because that is my horses name and my horse that died

Because my horse's name is Jasper.

Ocean Charms 
I love the sea and horses

I like that name because it means brave heart and there was a colt at my boarding facility named Chikota

flicka, chicka, and windtalker 
The first 2 mean little girl and Windtalker is/was a race horse.

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I think Diablo is a name that sounds sweet and romantic..

Jessie James 
I Think It Is A Lovely Horses Name Because Its Cool, It Rhymes And It's Such A Beautiful Name

Desert Dancer 
I like this name because this name allows your horse to have 3 names: 1.Desert Dancer 2.DD 3.Double …

To me STARGAZER is a regal name for a king or queen. I think it would be great for a eventing horse. STARGAZER would sound elegant for a dressage horse. …

Well it sounds like your horse is so bubbly and nice

Because he was the first pony I ever rode or horse I ever rode.

I like the color and it is a good name for a blue roan horse.

Diamond or Brownie 
Because they are pretty and cute names for horses

Don't know! Just do.

It describes the character of the horse and it gives you a picture of wildness, yet somehow it can still tamed.

I love Hawaiian names.

They are cool names and I love my horses. Ebony is my favorite.

Priceless Ruby 
She's a bay roan who is priceless to me.

It sounds cool and it fits with any horse and it's cute.

Learners Permit 
For my daughters first short stirrup pony!

Well she is an appendix horse that my horse back riding teachers rides and I adore him. I sometimes call him Bubba but still most of the time I call him …

Because my new horse is a filly and I have no idea what to call her lol

Snow Flake 

Because I rode a great horse called that and all horses have moderately long legs.

I like this name because it just sounds like a cool name and when I get a horse I'm going to name him that, but if it's a mare then I'm going to name her …

golden eagle 
It's a proud name and he is my horse !!( do u like his picture )??????

Apache, rocky racer, luna 
They are all great names for great horses

It's big and strong and it sounds so real

Hi, Lady Reddy is my favorite horse name because that is the name I chose for the first filly I was close to. Her owner, who goes to our church and let …

Because I know a horse called that and he is a racehorse and he is beautiful

My Horse Dancer Not rated yet
I only started riding when i was 8-9 years of age and, my nana's partner asked me if i was really interested in horses, and i said yes i was very much! …

Ralphy Not rated yet
A name for male chestnut horses.

Tumbleweed Not rated yet
I think this is a cute name for ponies. It just sounds cute!!! :)

Flame Wind Not rated yet
I like this name because it just sounds fiery. I also think it's a good name for a horse with speed and a bit of an attitude. :)

Moonbeam Not rated yet
It's just a nice simple name that sounds really cool.

Dandy Not rated yet
I chose this name because it is the name of a horse I used to ride.

Cobweb Not rated yet
I like the name Cobweb because if you have a Grey pony then when you clip it, you can have a cobweb on it's bottom.

Electra,Thunderbolt and Storm Not rated yet
I like these names because they are cool names! My horse's name is going to be Electra!

Turbo Not rated yet
I chose this name because I love this word and everyone calls me turbo. I think it would be a nice name for a horse.

Midnight Romeo Not rated yet
I love that name! It sounds soooooooooooo romantic.

My Fave Horse Name is... Not rated yet
Snowball... I really like it!!!

Acorn Not rated yet
Because it is my pony's name and he's the best and cutest ever!!!!

Dreamz Not rated yet
This is my fave horse name because my dream come true is owning a horse...

Wildfire Not rated yet
Because when I think of wildfire I think of a strong fiery chestnut colored horse.

Peyton Not rated yet
I chose this name for my very first horse. My favorite horse names are also: -Dressage Diva -Bridle of Frankenstein -One to remember -Drop Dead …

Cruiser Not rated yet
This is my fave horse name because when I ride my horse, Cruiser, I feel like I am cruising the open meadows of Tennessee.

Tanner Not rated yet
I think it's a pretty name for a horse..

SkyKing Not rated yet
I think SkyKing is a pretty name for a blue roan horse.

Shablis Not rated yet
I think it is very chic and sounds elegant, like a big black mare should be called. It works as a show name or a barn name.

Arcao Not rated yet
I like this name for a horse because it sounds cool and different!

MoonShadow Not rated yet
...Because he is an Appaloosa and he looks like a shadow of the moon and its a cool name.

Wiley or Chopper Not rated yet
I love these names! *Because Wiley sounds cool. *Chopper because my favorite horse is named chopper and it fits her personality. He also has a little …

River Not rated yet
I named my horse River because I bought her from Tongue River Ranch. Her Registered name is TRR Lottie Dottie but I didn't like Lottie or Dottie.

Walker Not rated yet
I think it's a cool horse name because it absolutely suits a horse! And I love cowboy-like names!

StarSong Not rated yet
I just love it! yes, it is the name of a my little pony, but i just think it is a really cool name.

Casper Not rated yet
My fave horse name is Casper because that's my pony's name. And i love him to bits and i think its a cute name x

Running Deer Not rated yet
I have a horse named Running Deer. He's a buckskin and his colors are close to a deer's. That's why.. Our other horses are named Memphis pride and river …

Charlie Not rated yet
I like this name for a horse because it seems so sweet!

Fynn Not rated yet
I have a bay quarter horse named Fynn and I just love his name.

Sundance Not rated yet
I think the name Sundance fits chestnuts and palominos and even other colored horses. Just a good all around name. :)

I just got a horse of my own and i was thinking of naming her Willow. Not rated yet
I thought it would be a suitable name because the willow trees have strong trunks and it takes a lot for them to give up and break. So that kind of name …

Skittles Not rated yet
i chose skittles as a name for my horse because its mum's name is candy.. :)

Cotton Socks Not rated yet
I think the name Cotton socks sounds awesome!

Mazzy Not rated yet
A horse that's really fun to be with desires a name like Mazzy.

Jessie Not rated yet
I have a brown blanketed appaloosa named Jessie. I just kinda like that name for a horse.

Ambassador, or Ambi for short Not rated yet
My instructors black horse has this name :]

Stormy, Lightning, Jacks, Sam, ect.  Not rated yet
I just started going to new riding school and Jacks and Sam were 2 of the horses there that I rode but the other 2 i thought of myself.

High On A Hurricane Not rated yet
It is really cool...

Diesel Not rated yet
cute name for a stout bay or appaloosa.

polo Not rated yet
because for a white pony it sounds really cute.

Shorty Not rated yet
I named my horse Shorty because at birth he was really small and now he is one of my largest horses.

Mr. Ed Not rated yet
I chose that name because its good and also because i have a horse called Mr. ed. He is gorgeous and he is bay. It's good at jumping, you can totally trust …

Mr. Jiggles Not rated yet
I chose this name because I think it's cute. Do you think so too?

mercury AND PRANSER OR DIABLO Not rated yet
because it's a mystical name...

sk8erboi Not rated yet
its like its sorta crazy and exotic!

Casa Not rated yet
It's my horses' name.

Zippododa Not rated yet
I don't really know why, but i know that horses out of Zippo Pine Bar and Zips Chocolate Chip, could be named like my horse.

Bugsy Not rated yet
It's my own pony's name, and the name is awesome :D

Giddy Not rated yet
Because he is my fave pony...

Sommer's Gold Not rated yet
It's so pretty!

Sommer's Gold Not rated yet
It's so pretty!

Gypsy  Not rated yet
It was the name of my first horse!

Gone in a flash AKA flash Not rated yet
Good name for a horse with a blaze. Also a good name for a really fast horse.

Rain Not rated yet
Beacause I just like it.

Star Gazer Not rated yet
it's my chestnut oh's name..

star Not rated yet
Because it is a nice name and the star is a star.

alice Not rated yet
I like it so much...

Chromatic Not rated yet
It just sounds cool...

tiquila Not rated yet
It's the name of a beautiful shire horse up at my riding school fort widely in England!

lucky horse Not rated yet
It's lucky enough to win a horse races and she is a pretty thing..

teddy Not rated yet
He already had that name when I got him but it really suits him because he is so gentle and hes so cute like a huge teddy bear.

Frost Sun Dreamer Not rated yet
It is really cool..

Hmmmm...... Not rated yet
I like El Chico. It's a name of a racehorse I know of. I also like Enchanted Lilly, Dark Angel, Shataca(means dark cloud at sundown. SHA-TAR-KA), Sugar, …

Penny Not rated yet
It is a cute name and would suite a pony, or a sweet matured horse. It would be a great Palomino's name.

zipper Not rated yet
Tt was the name of my favorite horse.

Random, Randy for short Not rated yet
I got a new horse and his name was Festus, So when me and my friend were trying to think of a name we couldn't think of one so we decided on random.

shadow Not rated yet
Because i have a horse named that and she is black and gorgeous..

Sugar Not rated yet
The horse is so sweet..

blue jeans Not rated yet
Because it means free and strong and it's just a beautiful name.

Kentucky Not rated yet
just love it <3

Cookie Guys Rock Of My Hearts dog and Cat Not rated yet

flash  Not rated yet
Because it's a good name for a horse that's fast and my horse name was flash and he also past away a few years a go.

Romance Storm Not rated yet
It sounds really good. I like it.

Lozen Not rated yet
I just love the name and thought i would share it with you all.

frosty Not rated yet
it sounds cute and i love snow.

doughnut Not rated yet
My friends horse name is called that:)

Jackrabbit Not rated yet
It is a cool name for a fast horse.

Boo Boo Not rated yet
It is an adorable name!!!!!!! :)

William Not rated yet
Because my favorite pony is called that!

Now That's Nifty Not rated yet
Because Nifty is such a pretty name for a mare and the whole show same suggests that the horse is cool and fun :)

Zip Not rated yet
Because it was my first horses name.

Ripple Not rated yet
Because it sounds so cute.

caramello, whisper , fudge. Not rated yet
Because I am going to get a horse for my birthday and these are some names I have looked at. I think these are some pretty cool names !!!

pearl Not rated yet
my horses name.

sharandy  Not rated yet
Sharandy is my bays name and it totally suits. She's so calm and gentle.

Bonfire Not rated yet
Because everyone knows bonfires are really pretty and exciting and fun just like your horse.

Magic or Cassanova Not rated yet
MY HORSES!!!!! :)

sharandy  Not rated yet
It was my first horse name and its sounds awesome too.

dominic  Not rated yet
Dominic is my favorite horse name. black and white horses looks cool with that name..

minxs is my fave horse name Not rated yet
it sounds sly and quick..

Twilight Not rated yet
Because it's AWESOME!

McIntosh Not rated yet
McIntosh is a kind of apple and my(fake)horse loves apples! It is also a name for a sweet horse, because apples are sweet!

Starlight Not rated yet
Because I have always liked that name. I love Pinto horses! The brown and white ones.

Mystery Not rated yet
Because my nan and grandad like it.

Mac Not rated yet
I have always liked this name for a gelding. It just seems so bold and brave...I would name my gelding this any day. :)

BOZ Not rated yet
Because i love Boz Scaggs.

tuppy Not rated yet
He got such personality for a small pony and I have had him from when i was 4 years old and right now I'm 11.

Black Spirit Not rated yet
I named my pony that! It is a beautiful name.

midnight star Not rated yet
Because I had a horse named midnight star when I was younger she died of colic.

Ebidyan (ebb- i-die-un) and Gulliver Not rated yet
My Ebidyan is a warrior and he's fast! and Gully is sweet.

baxtar Not rated yet
That is my pony's name and I only had him for one year.

abby lee rose Not rated yet
I like those names so I put them in to one name.

Heather Not rated yet
It would suit a horse which had red fur coat.

STAR Not rated yet

Jango Not rated yet
Because I have a horse named Jango and I named him that because he and I love it. It's very special because he almost broke his leg and he would go to …

Hazy Not rated yet
Because I love this horse.

Diatonic, Commander Not rated yet
Reminds me of powerful horses.

Boots Not rated yet
It's so cute.

Milly,Cassy,diamond,pearl,Lassie,Bracken,Floss Not rated yet
Because they are all really cute names :) x

Benji Not rated yet
It is so cute everybody has cool names. I want a cute sweet name.

emily, delilah, abbey, tahlia, charlotte Not rated yet
Well I think there a good names for a Shetland.

Kadilac Not rated yet
Classy and majestic - different spelling is neat.

ButterScotch Not rated yet
It reminds me of food.

sugar Not rated yet
Because if you have a fat pony it fits it perfectly!

Voltage Not rated yet
think power.

Midnight dream dancer and midnight dreamer Not rated yet
It sounds so cool and I think of a black mare!

munchkin Not rated yet
If you have a mini pony it is a cute name.

taytoman  Not rated yet
My little bro luvs De crisps

Halo Not rated yet
Just like an angel but a bit more oomph..

fancy Not rated yet
I am going to name her Callie.

stool Not rated yet
Because we're sitting on 1!!!!

Mummy's not Minted Not rated yet
Its just so cute !! LOL

On the Spot Not rated yet
Because my horse will trot when I say trot!

Melody Not rated yet
Because it got a nice ring to it and it sounds nice and calm.

POLOMINO Not rated yet

aussie Not rated yet
Because It just sounds so nice

olimpic legend Not rated yet
Olimpic legend.chestnut,white blaze,16.2hh,dressage,xcountry,showjumping,a real legend!.

Radish Not rated yet
Because it's cute :p

Jack Horner Not rated yet
It's a nice name, it just gives me the "feel" of horses. It makes me think of a clip pity-clop sound.

Mercedes Not rated yet
Mercedes reminds me of a fast car. So a fast horse would make science with Mercedes. My best friend has a horse named Mercedes.

Lilly Not rated yet
It is just a cool name and that is my ponies name

Buddy Not rated yet
I think that buddy would be a sweet and cuddle name

Khan of Kings Not rated yet
It has a strong appearance to it and that's my horse's name lol!

Jake Not rated yet
It's a great name because it's short and a strong word

Gilgolgo Not rated yet
Suites a Frisian stallion, if I may say. Sounds scary...

Ghirarelli(G for short) Not rated yet
Because that is my horse's name.

Had more than 50 names.. Not rated yet
But my new horse's name is Mir A Bella, my new DraftxTB hunter mare. Made it up myself ;)

Josie, Show name - Strawberry Shortcake Not rated yet
I think this name would be great for an appaloosa or POA! I just sold my little Josie......I'M SO SAD!!!!!!!!!

Casper Not rated yet
Casper is a 7 year old Cremello gelding that is an angel! We named him Casper because he is solid white just like the ghost! Casper the friendly horse! …

Menphas Not rated yet
Because my horse is called that and its a cute name.

Spider Not rated yet
Because my horse is called that and it's a cute name.

wildfire Not rated yet
Because my horse is called wildfire

For my Donna Not rated yet
I like this name !!!

Scout Not rated yet
Because my new colored colt born this morning fits this name aptly and it's short and to the point.

sasha Not rated yet
Because it makes the horse sound like it's a cool, loving horse.

Dream Not rated yet
I think it is a really pretty name for a white horse!!!

kissis Not rated yet
It was the name of my horse that died. She loved people and kissis!

Angel Not rated yet
Because it is a nice name and I like it

Henry Not rated yet
He is my new horse

Lady Blue Not rated yet
It's elagant but it also means they can be wild.

sereph (male) Not rated yet
Because that is what my horse is called.

pépé Not rated yet
Because it tells you the pony's/horses character.

cyreno Not rated yet
Because I just think it's a nice name for a horse.

Jakers, Diablo and Noicke. Not rated yet
They are cool.

Diablo Not rated yet
Because it means "Little Devil" and that is cool.

Toga Not rated yet
Because it's simple, cute and easy to say. I like this name because it is cool and horse like.

Alfie Not rated yet
Because it's kind of cute and I think it suits cheeky pony's. It's short, simple but cute!

Belle, Rose Not rated yet
Any names contaning Belle, Bella, or Rose:D:D I made up Rosabelle!!!

Sonora Not rated yet
Becuase I never heard of a horse named that until I got my mare, who's golden palomino and I think it's kind of cool for a pretty mare.

TOFFIE TOMMY CHEEKY JONJO and loads of others. There all great

Arthur Not rated yet
He's my fave pony and his name is the same as a king

Leap of Faith, Gods Little Treasure, Moon, Sunrises Ocean Not rated yet
I may be getting a foal and I love these names!

Jazzy Not rated yet
Jazzy is my fave name because Jazzy is my baby =O)

SPIRIT Not rated yet

casses refridgerator Not rated yet
I have a horse named Cass and I just dreamed up refrigerator

Butters Not rated yet
Because I love the color. It reminds me of when I go riding on the farm my with my loan horse

niarobi Not rated yet
Because it sounds so mysterious, beautiful=]and it's not like other names!=)

bravo Not rated yet
I think it is the coolest name ever because it says so much about him, he is a western English horse and he is a jumper and dressage horse!!!!

Harley Not rated yet
Harley is a great horse name because it could be for both male or female.

Forever and a Little Longer Not rated yet
It sounds really cool and says that you love your horse forever!

Echo Not rated yet
It's like your horse will just come bouncing back no matter where you are

sunshine Not rated yet
I like to be in the sun.

black magic Not rated yet
Because I thinks it's a great name for a black shiny horse. My horse is named that!

Golden Sun Not rated yet
Golden Sun because if he has golden coat and sun on his eyes

Annabelle, Razzle Dazzle, Jump For The Moon, Shooting Stars, And Fantasy Not rated yet
I like those names because they are my horses names on White Oak Stables. But they each have Apple Grove in front of them.

tigger Not rated yet

Black July Not rated yet
I like this name because this horse that I was going to buy had the name Black June and I thought it was cool. my new horse is named Black July!

Dominic,Ziggles!! Not rated yet
Dominic because he is just so cute and fast. And Ziggles because it just sounds cheeky and he`s wild and bucks a lot!

tilly Not rated yet
My horses name and I think it is really cute!

majestic Not rated yet
Because my ponies called majestic but Mj for short :)

Menorah Not rated yet
Because I really like the a sound and it is December.

Tickle Me Gold Not rated yet
It's like tickle me pink, right? Good for a palomino. It just sounds nice I guess.

silver fish Not rated yet
Because I like it and I think it sounds like the horse is very fast

Binky Not rated yet
Because it is a good horse name for a dappled pony.

scribbles  Not rated yet
Because she the one I could ride the most

star Not rated yet
I like it because it's my horses name

t.j Not rated yet
He is an amazing jumper and he doesn't have a show name!!!

starlit Not rated yet
I like the name starlit because it reminds me of the stars.

Marquis Not rated yet
Because it is the cutest name ever- for a gelding or stallion. It means the ranking above a duke. Anyways I love this name!

Emmet Not rated yet
Because it's freaking cute!!

Star dust Not rated yet
Because that is what I called my horse when he was born!!

Coco Not rated yet
I love it.

charry Not rated yet
I like the name and when we play at school that is my name

oreo, hericane, and tango Not rated yet
BECAUSE THEY ARE COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sky Not rated yet
One of my horses names was that.

Honey Not rated yet
It reminds me of tea which is my favorite drink.

Gem Not rated yet
Because it's short and easy to call to

Si Patron aka Big Red Not rated yet
It is my Quarter Horse's name and it just sounds so powerful and bold and I think it is a handsome name for my Red Roan.

pyramid Not rated yet
I think when I get a horse it will be strong like a pyramid!!!

Penny Not rated yet
I took horse lessons but then we couldn't afford it any more so I had to drop out and say good-bye to Penny:(

Meastro Not rated yet
I just love it...

Peanut Not rated yet
Because I like that name!

Music and Magic Not rated yet
I lease a horse and his name is Music. But I like Magic for any horse. It would fit Music a lot because he really is Magic.

Mystery Not rated yet
Because I think it sound majestic and beautiful!

Original Renegade Not rated yet
Because it's my horses name.

Twinkle Not rated yet
It's so cute!

Ebony Not rated yet
Because it would suit a pure black horse like mine who is in face called Ebony. I love her so much and it really suits her.

misty Not rated yet
Because it sounds like a mythical name of a unicorn even though they aren't true.

FF Thayne Not rated yet
I like the name.

Cuervo Not rated yet
He's a stallion who's feisty and got a lot of kick. He's named after Cuevro Gold Especial tequila.

prancer Not rated yet
It suits a horse well & it's cute

snuggles Not rated yet
I rode a horse and had a dog named was snuggles

Hailey Madison Meyer Not rated yet
Because it reminds me of crystals and I like crystals.

Commanche Not rated yet
I heard the name on the TV and just liked it so much so I named my Frisian Commanche.

molly Not rated yet
Because it is nice and it suits my horse.

apache; zip Not rated yet
Apache: because it was the first horse I ever wanted to buy(picture) Zip: The first horse I ever rode

High Brow Hickory Not rated yet
Because High Brow Hickory is the father of my stallion Ultimate Hickory and it's a World NCHA Champion.

Southern' Sunset Not rated yet
I don't really know why I like it, I guess it just sounds pretty to me and it's good for a Stallion, Gelding, or Mare. :) (:

Magestic Pride Not rated yet
It would be a great name for a proud strong stallion.

licorice Not rated yet
I don't know why

domino Not rated yet
Because he was the first pony I ever rode or horse I ever rode.

King Not rated yet
Because my horse name is King

Renagade  Not rated yet
I don't know i just love it.

Lexus Not rated yet
Because it reminds me of my best friend.

Lexus Not rated yet
Because it reminds me of my best friend.

Star Not rated yet
Because I like it and and my new horse will be a star.

Cloud Jumper Not rated yet
Because I like white horses and because their coats shine in the sun!!!!!!

Patrick Not rated yet
It means beauty and love. My fave horse Patrick applies to being handsome and lovely.

Swiper no Swiping Not rated yet
Because it just sounds like such a cool name especially if your a Dora the explorer fan. I'm not, I just saw the race horse Benny the Bull and I thought …

Whidgit Not rated yet
Because he's the first horse I jumped on.

Hoku (HO COO) Not rated yet
It's the Hawaiian (did I spell that right?) name for star P.S. I like Poopoolay (Poo poo lay) It's the Hawaiian (?) name for crazy!

Star Not rated yet
That is my pony's name and I love him so much!

Bolt Not rated yet
Bolt is a good name for my horse. When he walks he does it fast. Same thing with the trot, cantor and gallop. I Love You, Bolt!!!!

1.Diablo 2.Cobalt Not rated yet
I have dreamed of a black mustang and he is a perfect horse. His name is also Diablo, so it's my fave. I just think Cobalt sounds liker a good black horse's …

Hope  Not rated yet
Hope is the horse I ride at lessons.

It's all about the fillies Not rated yet
Because I've always wanted to name a horse that and I love fillies. I was at a concert and my favorite guy said, "Men, it's all about the fillies."

Big Brown Not rated yet
Big Brown won the Kentucky Derby.

PEPSI Not rated yet
I like the name Pepsi cause it is my fave drink and it's my horse's name.

Splash Not rated yet
Because I love that name! It is so pretty!

Jethro Not rated yet
Because my horse Annie had a foal last year and it's called Matilda. This year she had another called Jethro and he is utterly gorgeous!

Gypsy Not rated yet
It is quite nice especially for an Irish cob or just a cob.

Seven Not rated yet
Because someone could say, "What is your horse's name?" and I would say "7." They would say, "Not age, name," and it would confuse them.

Stree Not rated yet
Because I play on horse and it's my colts name, and I just love that name!

Big Johnny Ritz  Not rated yet
Because he's mine.

Chaos Not rated yet
Because it just has this wild feeling and I like that.

Conner Not rated yet
That is my horse's name and I love him to bits!!

Tinkerbell Not rated yet
I always have this thing with Tinkerbell for a name of a horse because sometimes they are tinkers when you ride them. Hearts&kisses

Apple Not rated yet
Because on how it sounds.

Bob Not rated yet
I think it rocks! It is so cool.

Copper Not rated yet
Because it's my pony's name and I love it lots.

Freckles in Motion Not rated yet

Blackstrap Molasses Not rated yet
I love this name!!! It is so perfect for a rocky mountain horse!

Joker Not rated yet
Because it is cheeky little name that sounds like it will get into mischief!

Abbleby Not rated yet
If your horse is small it will look and sound very cute !!!!!!

Miracle, Diva, Revolver, Cherish...and Not rated yet
Legend, Starlight, and Bay Starlight These are really cool names!

Odie Not rated yet
That is my horse's name!

Twilight Misty Not rated yet
Because i like it.

Fandango Not rated yet
Fandango is the name of my horse at my horse riding lessons. I'm not sure what breed she is though.

Troxel Not rated yet
I just think it is a cool word.

Littlestar Not rated yet
I've never had a horse before but if I ever get a horse this is what I would name it and I really think it's an interesting name.

Olena Nose It "Smokey" Not rated yet
Smokey is my horse and she has a famous bloodline.

William Not rated yet
Because it is so cool.

Jazper Lee Jet Not rated yet
Because my horse's name is Jazper Lee Jet!

Mimi, Magic, Cruiser, Penny, Mcgee Not rated yet
Because these horses are adorable and these are such cute names.

Crystle Not rated yet
Because I love white shiny horses

Star Dust Not rated yet
I like it because it is a cool name and it is also very pretty too.

Bob Not rated yet
The Lesson Horse I ride is a very loving horse and I absolutely adore him. His name is Bob!

Blaze, Bruiser, Rocky, Charlie , Maverick, Sparky Not rated yet
These were these horses I know.

Midnight Not rated yet
Because it sounds so beautiful.

frutie tootie Not rated yet
I would rather recommend this name for a pony (it sounds cute)

Faith, Zippy Not rated yet
I love those names!

sassy. mr.g. ape, juoghead Not rated yet
They're my horses names

Jarrow Jazz Not rated yet
Because it is the name of my fave pony ever who died of colic. (jazz is his nickname)

stardust and snapcraklepop Not rated yet
Stardust for a sandy colored horse or pony. And Snapcracklepop for a spunky horse or pony.

Kipper,oddy,roxei,stormy,sky,Zoro,Jazmine, Not rated yet
They are cool

Hero Not rated yet
Well my grandfather owns like 9 or 10 racing horses. My favorite horse Connie had her little colt on a Wednesday. He is so cute and he loves to run around …

starlight and golden stallion Not rated yet
I like the sound of those two names and I read a book about starlight. I played a game with the name golden stallion and I love those names. angel girl_6 …

Zara, Zanzibarr, Justamere .J. Dramatic , Nero, Kara,and Ollie. Not rated yet
Because they're all cute names.

Geoffrey Not rated yet
Because my scruffy, Chestnut, New Forest pony and I love him to pieces :]

Mystic Vision Not rated yet
Hi, Mystic Vision reminds me of a horse running through thick mist that is greyish-white and has tail that at the top is black, then turns red and then …

Lucky Not rated yet
I like it and it was the only foal that me and my grandpa ever kept out of the 4 foals we had so I named him Lucky

Nickers Not rated yet
I absolutely love the Winnie The Horse Gentler books.

TIGGER!!!! Not rated yet
I have a horse named Tigger and well what can I say he is so cute. He is a silver dapple bay which is kinda color of milk chocolate or a dark colored teddy …

Bam Bino Not rated yet
It's a name for a macho horse

r2  Not rated yet
I like the name r2 because it was the name of my old school pony

lacy Not rated yet
Because I have a horse. She's black and white and has black eyes

Shammy Not rated yet
Because it's a cute name for a boy horse and it shows off an Irish spirit to those Irish riders. And the name has a lot of spirit in it also!!

brown horse-Chocolate,white horse-Snowy black horse-Blacko or Licorice  Not rated yet
I don't know. I just really like horses and those names

Snowfire Not rated yet
Snowfire is one of my favorite horse names. When I think of "Snowfire", I picture a beautiful horse that is as pure white as flashing snow.

Rookie Not rated yet
Rookie my 8 year old Quarter Horses name!

Dipper, Danny, and... Not rated yet
Dancer,Midnight,Jessie,Spice, and Chetec because they're Sue's horses!!

Peanut, Anna and Jasmine Not rated yet
They are sweet, willing ponies

roxy  Not rated yet
The name is catchy and cute

sparkle castle Not rated yet
Now I don't have a real horse but if I did I would call it sparkle!!!

Oscar The Good Not rated yet
I own him. He is such a sweet heart that I think all horses (and pony's) names should be "OSCAR THE GOOD".

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