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Texas Rose  
Because I have a white and light brown paint and were both from Texas. And, roses are pretty just like my baby girl. She's the best horse ever !!!!!

I need a name/ PLEASE COMMENT 
I am getting a new horse. I don't know the breed of the horse but I do know I am getting a new horse because my family is in the horse business and we …

I think it's a great, spontaneous and original horse name.

Solitaire Flemenco (Solly) 
I am a pro rider and my first show horse was called Solitaire Flemenco (Solly.) He was a chestnut/roan gelding and he was 16.3hh. I loved him everyday …

My fave horse name is Dancing-in-the-Rain, because the first time I ever saw a horse it was doing dressage in the rain and it looked as if it was dancing! …

Well that name means Sweetheart in Arabic. And my horse was just that. She is a wild horse from the wild horse herd where I live. She let me sit on her …

Liberty and Radiance 
I've always wanted a horse. I may get one soon, but I'm not certain. I love the name Liberty (Libby) because it sounds free, pretty, sweet and graceful. …

I'm a member of 'Horse Phenomena'(R.oseblaze) and need a name for my grey(white) Connemara stally that i have on there! =D I like names that are unique …

Sailor's Light 
I heard it in a dream when I was 12. It stuck with me so I named my pinto mare Sailor's Light. She's funny and a little obnoxious but sweet.

There really is no real reason but because its all a part of his sires sires and dam's dam and stuff like that, his barn name is scalliag (he lives up …

I love this name for MY horse because he is fast. No horse can beat him. It says "Hey, I'll put up a good race..." "Eat my dust..." "Let the best …

That name is simple. It could be for a boy or girl. I think it is a pretty name.

I like this name because a willow tree is really strong but elegant, and willow is quite a cheeky name so I think it would suit as Shetland that doesn't …

Paddy's Pint aka Guinness 
A horse at the yard I'm at goes by this name. When he was born he was the same color as a pint of Guinness...now he's grey. Still a good name! I'm also …

Horse name - Azarath 
I think it's very unique, (Yes, I got it from Teen Titans) but I've never heard a horse name like that.

Someone took a Chance when they bought him at an auction! and he's an awesome horse!

Settin' Wildfires 
Because I just think it is an awesome name for a chestnut horse or pony.

i have a lot  
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz now i know my abc's next time wont you sing with me

Interrobang Mister 
An interrobang is when you put an exclamation point with a question mark, I just thought is was pretty clever!

I like this horse name because my horse has been with me through it all!!!

So many... 
Names: Cascade Zeus Apollo …

My pony is called that, and when we got him we left him out the field and he was super fast !!!!!!!!

back street bay  
Because first, its unique and second it's not really common

I like the name buttercup because it is my favorite type of flower cause I like the look of them and I like finding out who likes butter

Coppers Chesnut Coin 
That is my horses name telling everyone he is a Chestnut, and we call him Money.

Because if he turns crazy and weird u need to call him Bronco and Bronco means crazy

This name could describe the beauty and movement of your horse. (and it is cute!) :)

I randomly started typing and this is what came of it. UNIQUE!!

I especially like this for a palomino or an appaloosa, because it just suits them so much!! I don't really have a reason I just love that name for a horse …

LIl Miss Bossy 
Because she tries to get away with anything and everything. At times she's an angel and at others a brat.

It is the name of a beautiful bay mare with a white blaze down her face in the story my friend and I are writing.

Angels Fire 
One of my favorite Beyer Horse's name is Angels Fire because her body is a golden color and she has a white mane & tail.

Angel's Fire 
Because one of my favorite Greyer Horse's name is Angel's Fire because her body is a golden color and she has a white mane & tail.

Because he is the director for the movie I am acting in.

Fair Knightess 
Fair Knightess is the name of a workmate of Sea biscuit. She was one of, if not the only horse that could keep up with him and not be discouraged by his …

Fly to Oz 
I like the name because it is the name of a beautiful horse that my Grandma owns.

(1)Beauty (2)Warrior (3)Rain and more.... 
(4)Spirit (5)Espranza (6)Dalilah (7)Hero (8)Angel (9)Pepper (10)Stormy (11)Indiana (12)TinkerBelle (13)Bella (14)Turbo (15)Champion (16)Campanion (17)Sundae …

Hi! I just read a book that had the word "wind worker" in it, and I think that it would be the perfect name for a fast horse!

Because the name Ocean represents the sea, and how calm and placid it can be. But then again, it can also represent the awful swells and danger that lurks …

Flaming Shadow 
My favorite horse name is Flaming Shadow because flames and shadows can be fast, powerful, and also can be mysterious. I would only name a bright bay horse …

I think it's a nice calm unique name. My name is Cheyenne and if you want to know about me and horses that I have at the barn then go on to www.freewebs.com\chey1353 …

Attitude is a perfect name for a horse. Especially with a horse who has a attitude, and it is a sporty name to. And it's not a name that is found every …

River Dance, Empress of Asia'h, Tsunami, and Morgana. 
Well the first two are very elegant and the last two are horses at the stable where I ride.

Serenity Nightmare 
I like Serenity Nightmare because I play ms(my stable) and I bred Serenity horses and I got this beautiful I think bay horse. I don't know how but Serenity …

Swift Serene 
Swift Serene is one of my favorite horse names. When I think of "Swift", I picture a horse running with it's mane and tail blowing in the wind. When I …

Primo Extremo 
I think it's a cool and unique name for a horse!

Cause I have a horse named that I LOVE CINNAMON!!!! :)

Olympic Zest 
Hi! I think Olympic Zest would be a great name for a race horse. I made it up on the way to Springfield yesterday! I just watched the movie "Moon …

Lady Braveheart 
Becuase, I had an AMAZING pony jumper. She did everything for me and loved it. We had an AMAZING bond. Then I quit riding and she got laminitis. Then she …

My Better Half 
She's special to me, and a dear friend...

Ramalambadingdong Bessie boo rough ryan spike boxer lizzy poppy rocky rockstar clueless cream fly friy fly sign sue zara sally red bella …

My horse was named after an Indian. I didn't know until recently that she was named that because of her star.

Bliss and Dakota  
Bliss because my horse is always happy and bubbly and that's what bliss means. Dakota because it sounds powerful. I need good boy horse names!! help please!! …

The Last Smile Finale, Mirrana, The Lost Pink Chopstick 
I made it up, I just like the negativity of it. Another name I made up. Just a crazy name that is totally amazing.

Zippo Pine Bar 
I like this name because it is a unique name and only a horse with a great and unique personality would be chosen for this name.

Late Night with Dave Not rated yet
It is a unique name that I named my award winning saddle-bred gelding.

Blues Man Not rated yet
I named my horse that and it would be great for a dark gray or a blue roan!

Red Wings Not rated yet
I like this for a horse name because it's my favorite hockey team - Detroit Red Wings.

Sameea (Brynoffa Samsara) Not rated yet
It's the name of my gorgeous grey welsh mare!!!! My ever pony who I love to pieces!!!!!!!!! XOXOXOXOX

Adira Not rated yet
I like this name because it means strong, and horses are strong animals :)

Mystery Not rated yet
Because every horse has a mystery behind them.

Drummer Not rated yet
I love the name drummer because when a horse walks on pavement or blacktop, taps, like music. The name sounds sweet. My horse is bay and is big. That's …

Red Queen Not rated yet
I got this breyer horse and my mum said I should call it red because she's a red roan horse. But I preferred queen. Then I didn't think it suited her on …

When Starlight Falls Not rated yet
I really like this name because it means a lot to me. It's from one of my favorite westlife songs as well!!!

Just for Kicks and Almost Famous Not rated yet
I think these are super names!!!!

Picture Perfect Not rated yet
It would be a great show name! Think about the announcer saying... "Now entering the ring is Picture Perfect!"

Feng Not rated yet
I know it's weird, but I like it for a horse name because it means 'Galloping horse' or 'wind'.

Graceful Danger Not rated yet
Because it sounds cool and is the name of the horse in my story.

Winston Not rated yet
I love the name Winston because it is so unique and it is the name of my lovely buckskin gelding.

Destiny Awaits Not rated yet
I chose this name because if my mare ever had a foal I would call it destiny and its real name would be Destiny Awaits. I have chosen this name ever since …

Montana Blue Not rated yet
Because that is the name of my Spanish mustang. I also like Diablo, Whisper's Echo, Black Dynamite, Rayne, and Sweet Revenge.

Staines Not rated yet
I love that name! It's originally for a dog but I love that name for a horse like a pinto, paint or curlies horse!!!!!!!!

Allegiance Not rated yet
It's the perfect name for a horse that prances well!

Alysia Not rated yet
It's beautiful and it is a really unique name for a horse..

Brownie Not rated yet
I think it's original and unique for a horse name.

Black Horse Names Not rated yet
For a stallion, it could be Black Friar (aka Blackie. For a mare it could be Star Bright (aka Midnight).

Picture Perfect Not rated yet
I think Picture Perfect is a beautiful name for a horse.. :)

Names Not rated yet
Sunburst Sunbeam Storm Rainbow Oreo Honey Night Star

Harlequin Toss Up Not rated yet
I have a paint mare that loves to jump.

Rafiki Not rated yet
Means "friend" in Swahili.

Rising Moon Not rated yet
Her pasture name is Moonrise. It's as if Moonrise will rise to fame, and it's very mysterious-sounding.

corona:))) Not rated yet
Its just kinda unique. Once I thought of the name, It couldn't get out of my head. i don't think anyone one else would have thought of it that's what makes …

sweet lemon Not rated yet
I choose this name because it really symbolizes the horses personality. She is sweet on the outside and a little sour and wild at heart.

Daystarr Not rated yet
I think its very Majestic, and yet unique at the same time. I have a silver horse named Daystarr, and people always compliment on her name!

Little √ćnion Not rated yet
I really like the name because ínoin means lady or miss. It would make a really good name for a mare that did dressage.

night Not rated yet
It is mysterious but trustworthy too... It is a great name for a strong but gentle horse. :)

sparten Not rated yet
Because my horse is black and he is fast and I really like that name..

Ezra Not rated yet
It`s a short beautiful name from the bible`s old testament and I have never heard it used as a name for a horse so it`s very unique.

Jupiter Not rated yet
I think it's a really unique name and when i get a horse i want to name him Jupiter if he is a black arabian with three white socks and a white star in …

Strawberry Shortcake Not rated yet
This isn't my favorite horse/pony name but shes my favorite pony at the barn where I ride, her name is strawberry and she is small and her color is like …

Mustang Not rated yet
It is a unique animal. It is the pettiest animal ever..

Winter Hawk Not rated yet
He was born in winter and his blaze looks like wings of a bird flying like a hawk.

Etch a Sketch (Sketch) Not rated yet
My horse has a really "sketchy" attitude which is really amusing. Also, she is a black and white over paint so her markings look like an etch-a-sketch …

Perinporth Not rated yet
It's an original, unique and unusual name. I believe the horse was named after a place called Perinporth in Cornwall, England.

Tuxedo Not rated yet
A very unique, clever name. Especially for a black & white paint like the horse I ride.

night Not rated yet
I think night is a good boy horse name. It sounds brave and strong plus horses used to be nights horses back in the old days!

Cider Not rated yet
It's a good name because if the horse is black it's like she made of ashes.

trumby Not rated yet
Because it is a nice name for an original horse color, also my horse is called trumby because he used to be a brumby and most brumby's are brown so that's …

felicity Not rated yet
Because this is a really great name for a mare. Its super bad and its very different but i love this name.

Mcgillicuddy's Liquid Dream Not rated yet
That's what I named my Horse. Mac for short.

Mcgillicuddy's Liquid Dream Not rated yet
That's what I named my Horse. Mac for short.

Willow Not rated yet
Because it is very formal but not very common. I like it because of that.

Midnight minuet aka minnie Not rated yet
Midnight minuet aka Minnie because it was in a book! : )

pumpkin Not rated yet
It's great for this time off year near Halloween and I also think it's very cute and unique.

So many... Not rated yet
Names: Cascade Zeus Apollo …

wildfire Not rated yet
Because if given to the right horses the name stands forever and able to tame the spirit so that is how all horses should be tamed but there spirit is …

Rodeo(Ro-day-oh) Not rated yet
Rodeo Blvd. Would be a super cute name!!

Jai Ho Not rated yet
It means destiny and my horse is my destiny.

Moment Of Madness Not rated yet
Because it suits any horse that has a mad streak about them like my old 12hh flea bitten grey welsh section a x new forest mare. That decides to rear and …

Cupid Not rated yet
I love the name cupid because it just reminds me of Romance and any horse, any color or breed, fits that name perfectly.. XD

Sassafrass Not rated yet
Sassy or Saffy for short. My horse is stubborn and sassy but she is also extremely sweet. I just think it is a cute name and it fits my horse well.

Chaciss Not rated yet
Because it's cute and unique!!!

whiskey Not rated yet
It can be a male or female horse name.

Casper Not rated yet
That is my favorite greyer ever I just renamed him, his real name Big Chex to Cash.

Ghost Pony Not rated yet
I had a Shetland pony and he had a tail that was a sand white ans if you looked at him from behind when he walked it moved from side to side and reminded …

Traveler Not rated yet
He is such a good horse for me. I ran for Rodeo princess with him is a ten years old gray and black Missouri fox trotter.

MUZZY Not rated yet
"ni'muze" is the Navajo word for "round" but is shortened to "MUZZY". This name really suits a horse of any color or breed. Navajo people usually name …

Master Chief Not rated yet
I love Halo, and MC is the good guy and it sounds cool and it's unique. (Chief for short)

maripossa Not rated yet
It is a really unique and pretty name, it is really unique because not many people know what maripossa means because it is Spanish for butterfly.

Malachie Not rated yet
It is a very unique name and has a good meaning. It means Beauty.

Don't have a favorite name but here are some horses that i love Not rated yet
... here are some horses that I love Kavik - he has so much personality I can't explain it. Dusty - he is lazy but he's one of my best buds Skippy …

Angel Baby, Suds, Brew, Bubbles, Mmmmm good, PeeWee Not rated yet
PeeWee was my horse, and the others I just like the names!

Sparkle Not rated yet
Because it tells a lot about the horse, and when I was little my first word was Sparkle!

Twighlight Star Not rated yet
Because my old horses name was Twighlight Star. But she died a long time ago so yeah I am really sorry there is no picture but I couldn't find a very good …

Chance Not rated yet
The Reason I like the name Chance is because that the name of my horse of which I bought 4 years ago. Chance is a 9 year old solid grullo(technically …

Wind Blown  Not rated yet
It's so majestic yet sweet. Its strong, but gentle. It's short, yet has so much meaning. I could go on and on...

santana Not rated yet
Santana is one of my fave horse names because it's a cool name and it makes me and my horse feel strong.

penny Not rated yet
I like the name penny for a horse because it's unusual.

Luz de la luna {Moonlight for short} Not rated yet
It is a fantastic name, meaning Moonlight in Spanish, I think that it is the perfect name for a Spanish breed of horse, like the wonderful Lipizzaner horses …

Baby Phat Not rated yet
Because this is my horses name and it is unique.

Skyfire Not rated yet
Because Skyfire is a name that any horse boy or girl could have and it is unique!

Elusive Enchantment Not rated yet
It seems so elegant and professional, something draws me to this name!

Stormy Nightningale Not rated yet
It's mysterious and interesting. Like a warrior!!

Milk's Favorite Cookie (oreo) Not rated yet
I was eating Oreo's and watching tv, When a commercial came on about Oreo's and it said "OREO< MILK's FAVORITE COOKIE. So I thought that the name was perfect. …

Millie Not rated yet
It sounds kinda cute and at the same time it sounds bold and brave.

PrinceEmerald Not rated yet
I love this name because it reminds me of royalty as well as a gorgeous gem.

Brians Lil Buckaroo Not rated yet
One of my best friends passed a way and he absolutely loved my paint baby and called him his lil bucharoo so I named him after Brian look for this name …

Twist Not rated yet
This Pinto has awesome twisty colors!

Promise's Thunder Not rated yet
I think that this is a good name for a race horse; It is a good name for a graceful horse that gallops like the wind, and shows promise in a race.

Frisbee Not rated yet
Because it makes you think of something flying wildly and randomly around, which is what the ex moor pony that is named Frisbee does!

Minty  Not rated yet
Because I think the name Minty suits a cream colored horse like a Palomino or maybe Buckskin! :)

Sky Not rated yet
Sky is my favorite name because ever since I was a little girl I believed in magic, goddess, gods, horse spirits or anything that has to do with magic …

Macy Not rated yet
Because it is a unique name for a horse or Pony.

Midnight Star Not rated yet
I like this name because it suits any horse - whether it's a dark color (midnight) or light (star) it has a wide range of availability.

Blazer Not rated yet
Well I thought of the name Blazer when I was trail blazing one time so trail blazer would be a good name for a trail ride horse.

Saragon Not rated yet
I like it, sounds like a mythical name. Kind of name for a dragon or wizard, or even a phoenix. reminds me of being wild and free and mystical

Answered Prayers Not rated yet
Because horses really do answer our prayers and Scripture (Answered Prayers' barn name) is a great little horse

Lightning  Not rated yet
It sounds really powerful, and fast, very noticeable frightening yet beautiful to look at all at the same time and it goes both ways for the horse and …

emrald Not rated yet
If that is how you spell it I think emerald just proves how special horses really are and emeralds are really precious and that's exactly what a horse …

My Titled Day Dream Not rated yet
Because it's the name of my beautiful appaloosa x quarter horse mare. She has the perfect blanket with the equal sized spots on her rump.

Whimzy Not rated yet
I have always wanted my own horse but my parents are the kind that say a repetitive NO! So I have to daydream about it and my "daydream" horse is always …

Graceful Cloud Not rated yet
Well, it is a nice name and makes the horse sound beautiful, graceful, and fast. Makes it like the horse is like soaring in the sky or something like …

Top Gunn Rocket Man Not rated yet
He was the most perfect gelding. When you lost your stirrup, he'd stop. Sadly, like real sadly, he got sold. I ride sale horses. He was the most wonderful …

Sun Dance Not rated yet
I like the name Sun Dance because it's the name of a beautiful new foal of a mare Appaloosa at my horse ridding lessons! She's so adorable!

Lound n Proud Not rated yet
That is my pony's name and I love her. We always ride and jump. We jump 2 foot and love country music.

Shazam Not rated yet
It is fun to say and very unique.

Waffles Not rated yet
Hey! I like the name because nobody else I have ever met has a horse named Waffles. And it is really cute!!! =D

Shakarone Not rated yet
Shakarone is a song. It's really good so its a brilliant name!

Rocky Top Summitt Not rated yet
Rocky Top Summitt. to me, represents a horse who takes everything as it comes. They endure and accomplish incredible things. Another reason that this is …

Misty Prance Not rated yet
Even though I don't have a horse yet, I'm going to Chincoteague and Misty of Chincoteague is a name I like. But I also like seeing horse's prance around …

Freckles Not rated yet
I just love that name for any type of horse. I also think this name would be a perfect name for a pinto horse (white with brown spots) because the brown …

Proud Spell Not rated yet
Hi! I like the name Proud Spell because it is the name a really pretty, fast race horse. She could have been in the Kentucky Derby, but will be better …

Gesso Who? Not rated yet
Because he's my amazing pony and I love him to bits. You would too if you knew him!

Garnet Not rated yet
Because Garnet is not such a common name and has a beautiful meaning to it - jewel.

Shadow Not rated yet
Because a black stallion with a white blaze and white knee length legs are my favorite. I think that shadow would be a good name for a black horse …

Billy and Magic Not rated yet
Because they are the two most awesome horse and pony you will ever meet. They try their best to succeed and give 100% to please and they do it 24/7 for …

Button Rain Not rated yet
It combines two of my fave horses on TV.

Tellstar  Not rated yet
Because I think it's very unique and special name

Dannsair Not rated yet
Dannsair is one of my favorite horse names. I read a book about a girl and the filly whose named Dannsair. The filly was greyish-white, with a black mane, …

Cinnamon  Not rated yet
My favorite horse name is Cinnamon because Cinnamon is sweet and also flavorful, like horses. Horses are very sweet and their flavors or attitudes are …

Top Hat Not rated yet
My totally awesome pure black pony is named Top Hat and I think that it is such an awesome name!

Aladdin's Treasure Not rated yet
If I ever owned a horse I would name them this. Aladdin for short if he was a boy and Treasure for short if she was a girl. I love Aladdin from Disney …

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