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It's my first horse's name. He is a beautiful leopard appaloosa. This name fits him so well and it means "spirit warrior."

Its the name of a horse I ride in real life. He's an appaloosa horse and I just love to jump him!! It's just a different name and I like it...

I like this name for a horse. It sounds very American Indian like. :)

That's my paint Tennessee walker's name. Love him!

I chose this name because I just got a new Indian blue roan mare and I think it fits perfectly since she has a feather in her mane!

I just love it because it's off of twilight and is an Indian Quiluete tribe name ;D That's my tribe!!!!! I have a gelding named Quil and a mare named Quinsy! …

I have a chocolate & white paint colt with one blue eye named that. He's the most beautiful horse ever and its an indian tribe. Don't all indians love …

I love the way it sounds, and it suits a brown or chocolate colored horse. The name is from an Indian tribe.

Western... Old Fashioned... Has Flair... Just a cute name for a horse.

Camanchi Not rated yet
It's because i know a horse named Camanchi. It's pronounced (Ca-Man-Chee). He is the horse I ride in riding lessons... Although I get to try different …

Comanche Not rated yet
Just thought it was a good name but then again, my children called our cat Brian.

Osceola Not rated yet
great name for any stallion but I think it goes better with a paint horse because Osceola was the Seminole Indian chief.I call may horse Ozzy for short! …

Cody Not rated yet
I think it's a really cute name for a male horse!!

Walela Not rated yet
It is an Indian women that sings and it's my moms favorite band well kinda like a band. I think it's a great name for a filly or mare that is an Indian …

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