Baby Horse Names

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Here are favorite baby horse names shared by horsecrazy girls. Feel free to comment on any of these names or to add your favorites!


(Clea, Benton Harbor, MI)
Because it is hardly rare and my horse is precious to me.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

(John, United States)
Great for gray and black with white stared ponies. Plus it has so many barn names with it:

Little Star
Twinkling Star

Runnin' in GoGo's Shadow

(Sterling, Montana)
My recent horse GoGo just had to be put down due to cancer. She was my all time number one barrel horse who taught me everything I know. I love this name because I have named her baby this.
My Horses

I started riding when I was 3.. I've rode many horses in my life. Me and my parents plus my 3 sisters own nine horses - 3 of them are mine!

TANGO♥ The first horse I ever rode was a Shetland pony. He was named Tango. A chestnut stubborn horse, he was 13.1hh and a pain in the backside. He hated to be fussed over always bit people including me! Never liked being groomed or having his girth tightened when we tacked him up! But he was perfect in the ring, a handsome little chap! Sadly he died of old age.

COCO♥ After Tango I rode a mare called Coco, a dark brown Dartmoor pony. She was lovely, real friendly although she never liked being pattered. She would start freaking out we never found out why? After me and my sisters got too big for her we sold her to a young little girl. We've seen her around she's made great progress!

CANDY♥ Yes, finally getting my own horse! My uncle found a thoroughbred for sale after the Grand National. When she came to me, she had cuts and scars from the whip her jockey had used on her but she was stunning. A black beauty with her thick mane and flowing tail. A perfect stunner. She is 15.3hh and is fantastic in dressage.

HAZEL♥ Hazel was my second horse! She's a chestnut thoroughbred mare, has a long blaze running down her forelock with four white socks and a thin mane and tail. She’s fantastic in jumping and loves having attention.

TANGLE♥ Well, Tangle was a wild horse for the first few years. She roamed the aces of my grand dad’s ranch farm. My grand dad caught her along with some other mares. When I went to stay with my grand dad in the US, I met her and she didn't have a name. Her mane was tangled up so that's why I named her Tangle! She was trained for a few years and was promised to be my horse and that she'd come to England with me - and she did Easter 2011!

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May 18, 2015
by: Katie

Well, that's the name of a baby horse at the barn where I ride. I love that name. It sounds so mysterious! I just love it!

May 18, 2015
by: Katrine

How about Ebony?

May 14, 2015
by: Anonymous

Because my new baby horse is cute as a button.

May 13, 2015
Little Bit
by: Diane

That was the name of my pony as a child. When people would ask how she got that name I would say "because she's little and doesn't like a bit."

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