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HorseCrazy Girls Favorite Baby Horse Names...

Here are favorite baby horse names shared by horsecrazy girls. Click on any name to comment - or to add your favorites!

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Need Name for Mustang Colt 
I need help naming my mustang orphan colt he is very calm. I have Remington for him but I just don't know. He is very light brown like a palomino with …

Because it is hardly rare and my horse is precious to me.

Horse names 
Okay guys, please tell me what you think is a better name for a horse. The horse is fast and a really dark black its a girl. She was just born she is with …

My horse is pregnant with my new show horse and i am totally unsure on names!! We aren't sure if its going to be a boy or girl yet but it will most likely …

I REALLY NEED A NAME FOR NY NEW PONY. She is a dun color and she very friendly but she is also a bit jumpy and green. I have her almost a week and I can't …

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star 
Great for gray and black with white stared ponies. Plus it has so many barn names with it: Star Twinkle Twinkie Little Star Twinkling Star Twinkles …

Please help with baby horse name :( 
I don't know what to name by new baby horse - she's a filly, appaloosa, light bay, and so lovable, and friendly.

Runnin In GoGo's Shadow 
My recent horse GoGo just had to be put down due to cancer. She was my all time number one barrel horse who taught me everything I know. I love this name …

Please help for a foal 
Hello! My mare just had her baby on 8-2-12 and I can't find any good names. If my horse crazy friends could help me I would be very thankful. I need …

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Okay, I know that I'm supposed to tell you why I'm horse crazy, but very soon (AND I MEAN SOON) my horse Whisper is going to have a foal. I'm having a …

Angel "Horsey" - Please Comment Below!! ♥ Not rated yet
I Started riding when I was 3, I'm 14 now. I've rode many horse's in my life me and my parents + my 3 sisters own nine horse's 3 off them are mine! …

Little Bit Not rated yet
That was the name of my pony as a child. When people would ask how she got that name I would say "because she's little and doesn't like a bit."

button Not rated yet
Because my new baby horse is cute as a button.

jasper Not rated yet
Well, that's the name of a baby horse at the barn where I ride. I love that name. It sounds so mysterious! I just love it!

ebony Not rated yet
She is my baby girl

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