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Here are favorite Arabian horse names shared by horsecrazy girls. Click on any name to comment - or to add your favorites!

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Name for Purebred Arabian Horse 
I am thinking about a name for a purebred Arabian horse - no white markings, pure black sleek coat. I am thinking of an Arabic name. I forget what the …

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I need help choosing a show name for a white/gray Arabian cross gelding. He is around 7 I think, and loves spooking. His barn name is Stuart, he is amazingly …

Help with Name!  
I bought a new Arabian buckskin named Rimmi. Should I change it or leave it as it is? Plzzz help!

It's cute, suits a petite arabian mare as mine is!! The name is common too.

Ladie Kate 
My 5 year old Arabian is named Ladie Kate but we Call her Katy

~Midnights pride~ 
It sounds so cool, I imagine a jet black Frisian or Arabian when I say it!

Because I have a horse called Azzy. He is a grey, pure breed Arabian and I love him.

My Arabians and Thoroughbreds! 
These are all my horses' names. Lol! Sunrise: A beautiful palomino mare Arabian with a blaze with a pure white mane and tale that glows ing the moonlight! …

It means superb in speed. It is Arabic and I want to get an Arabian.

She is my precious Arabian mare and I love her to pieces. She is my life and the only love of my life.

Eclipse Not rated yet
It is a beautiful name for a jet black Arabian colt and also very meaningful. Note from Sydney: Which reminds me.. There's going to be a lunar eclipse …

Hope Not rated yet
I chose that name because i liked it and it fits my horse because she's pregnant and I the baby foal lives to be a barrel racing horse. She is also …

Cowgirl Kelsey Not rated yet
Because I had an Arabian mare named Kelsey and we called her cowgirl Kelsey!

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