The Frozen Trio!

by Ashley
(Pennsylvania )

Elsa, Sven & Olaf!

Elsa, Sven & Olaf!

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How did you come up with your costume idea?
I cosplay for a living and I am a HUGE fan of Frozen. For my 21st birthday this year I had a Frozen themed party, and got my Elsa dress, I also use it to cosplay. But I had a brain blast and was like Wait! Why don't I use this for my Halloween costume with Max this year?? And so from then on I was working on it. There's about 3 and a half months of planning in this costume.

How did you make it?
I did not make my dress or my Olaf, but I made the breast collar for Max, and added the ruffles on to the reins. I hand sewed everything, and let me tell you NEVER hand sew ruffles! Its a lot of time and patience!

How much did it cost?
Well the dress itself cost a pretty penny, it was a birthday gift from my Grandparents. But my friend had given me a lot of fabric at the beginning of the year for free my Grandparents bought me Olaf,and I found the antlers in the attic, so all I had to do was buy was the hooks and the ribbon. so not even $15... hahaha

Where did you wear it?
I wore it to two shows. We didn't place at the 1st show, there were a lot of really good costumes there. But at the second show we took the blue! So Happy!

How did people react?
People loved it! They said we looked so pretty! And all the kids were like "Oh My God! It's Elsa!" or "It's Sven!"

How did your horse like it?
He didn't mind it actually. Last year I dressed him up as the Tardis from Doctor Who and the year before that he was the Mad Hatter, there was nothing near or on his face and head other then the antlers for once, and he didn't really mind those.... (I'm positive he thinks he's pretty handsome when he's all dressed up! :) )

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Nov 18, 2014
by: Anonymous

Awesome!!! I love Frozen and I love your costume. You did an amazing job!!

Nov 06, 2014
by: Anonymous

loved it and I love ur idea!

Nov 03, 2014
by: Christina

I love this costume! This is my favorite one! I love Frozen, and your dress is so beautiful! And I love your Olaf too! I also think it's a good costume because it's relatively simple for the horse. If I had to pick one to win the costume contest, I would pick this one!

Nov 02, 2014
by: horselover14

I really think its great, I'm impressed with the hand-sewn ruffles. I would not have the patience to do that. one thing I don’t like is the place you took your picture. I didn’t get the whole Sven thing because I couldn’t see the antlers!! one last thing I don't like, and this is really being picky, is your Elsa costume. It... I'm not sure exactly what it is its just, too...
green. yes, I know it is blue but Elsa's dress is a little lighter of blue than yours. But, no two Frozen fan's Elsa costumes look alike as I always say. But I also say that some are good and some are like, "... no, stop trying to look like her." but yours is one of the good ones, in my opinion. So keep loving Frozen, and keep loving horses.

Oct 30, 2014
by: Sydney from

That really is a beautiful costume and I am impressed with the hand-sewn ruffles. Bet a lot of Frozen fans are going to love it! Thanks for entering!

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