Yes Chef

by Erin
(Los Angeles)

Yes Chef

Yes Chef

How did you come up with your costume idea?

My horse Bella is the inspiration of this costume, she’s always down to try new exercises and is super creative and has a dominant personality, she is the perfect chef!

How did you make it?

Red to compliment her flea bitten grey, a few trips to goodwill and viola!

How much does it cost?

Less than $20–our budget goes to horse shows!

Where did you wear it?

Farm Halloween party and work party🥰

How did people react?

The oven is hilarious so that definitely got my barnmates loling

How did your horse like it?

Loved it! I jumped her in it and she was fantastic! She definitely loved showing off her hat! She definitely enjoys being the center of attention and the pictures, she kept the hat on the entire lesson and didn’t shake one bit!

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Oct 31, 2021
by: Anonymous

This is so cute!!

Oct 26, 2021
by: Sydney

What a cute costume idea! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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