Punk Rockin' Horse

by Christy
(Lafayette, CO, USA)

Punk Rockin' Horse

Punk Rockin' Horse

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How did you come up with your costume idea?

Our OTTB Xander has quite the "Punk" attitude already! He does things HIS way and isn't afraid to disagree with you! The teenager inhabits the Punk attire quite easily as well! We had researched the Punk look last year so we had a "leg up" on the design concept. It was also something that hadn't been "done to death" and it looked like so much fun to do! (which it was) And it had to be something you could actually RIDE in. The riders had to do a Hunter under saddle and Equitation class while wearing the costume.

How did you make it?

Lots of visits to thrift stores! And liberal use of Duct Tape! All the punk spike belts, chains (dog leash and collar) and the awesome leopard print pants came from thrift stores, as did the red mohawk wig. The jacket was plain black from a thrift store and we got spikes and studs from craft stores and applied them to the jacket, as well as to bridle/rein covers (sleeves made of black duct tape so the bridle stayed intact), leg boots, bell boots, and leg bands, all made from various patterns of duct tape and peel n' stick velcro, with the studs. The UK flag was cheap on the internet.

For Xander's mane we used pony tail holders to mohawk it and painted it with red spray hair paint (which he tolerated well enough). The tail colors were done with Dollar store hair extensions attached with barettes.

How much did it cost?

It would be a bit of a guess since I have some leftover supplies but let me just say, Yay Thrift Stores! The wig was $2, belts about $2 each, flag about $5, jacket $5, and bags of studs and spikes are just a few dollars each. Duct tape $4/roll but I have lots left! I'm guessing altogether < $45.

Where did you wear it?

Halloween schooling horse show at a local barn, Blue Cloud Farms.

How did people react?

"Wow!! Awesome Costume!!"
"Sid Vicious Lives!!!"
"Best costume EVER!!"
Jaedyn and Xander won First place hands down - the judge declaring, "No contest! Best costume we've ever seen!"

How did your horse like it?

He was remarkably tolerant (esp. for a green OTTB who hasn't shown much). We did a few dry runs to test out the belts and boots and punky mane and tail. I think his look matched his personality to a tee, and he was pretty pleased with himself!!

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Nov 11, 2014
by: Jasper+Dais


Nov 03, 2014
totally amazing
by: Anonymous

this is amazing! I love how it looks so real and ment to be! You did a grate job putting it together and i so hope you win! Your horse semms to be amazingly calm both in the pictures and when you described him!

Oct 30, 2014
So cool!
by: Sydney from HorseCrazyGirls.com

What a great costume - and great horse! (That's pretty calm for a 5 year old!) Be sure to send people to this page to comment and good luck!

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