Pippa Funnell: Take The Reins

by Bethany

This is a game I thoroughly enjoyed and got hooked to.

Description on the back of the CD box:

Congratulations! You have been selected to attend the prestigious Sycamores Riding School in Scotland! Discover life at school with students that are just as enthusiastic as you are. Learn how to know your horse better and together, become champions with Pippa Funnell. THE COMPETITION PROMISES TO BE THRILLING!

You get to take care of your horse and get closer to it. Each week you manage your daily timetable - are you starting your day off as horse grooming? competition training? gossiping with your classmates?

The story is thrilling! You experience lots of fun in this game !!

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Jan 09, 2015
by: Anonymous

I love this game. It's amazing. I can't sneak past the guards though. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

Dec 27, 2012
passing the guards
by: Anonymous

in what part of the game are you trying to pass the guards? after you get blamed for estabian horse getting sick or when?:)

Dec 16, 2012
by: Anonymous

i have this game but I can't get pass the part when you have to sneak pass the guards!

Aug 15, 2012
by: Anonymous

I have this game but for the playstation2 which I love because it's so close to the real life thing and it's technically easy to use and, the horse look almost real in it and the story in it is very good. only I have come to a part of the game where I am stuck where I must figure out a code to open a safe only. I have literally tried every code that I could come up with from the hints given but still can't get pass if anyone has past this part of the game would you mind telling me how you did it. as i love this game but this problem is only annoying me at this stage:( please comment here thank you:)

Jun 30, 2011
by: razza

my fave game full of action but fun and top tip don't talk in the rest room on your 1st week save pop for later trust me it helps!!

Jun 21, 2011
by: Anonymous

They charged me a fortune for this game!!!!!!! then it won't let me download it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't buy it you waste money!!!!!

Jun 13, 2011
This sounds great!!!
by: Anonymous

this sounds like a great game! is it like a real boarding school???

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