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Facebook horse games can be fun to play if you like to spend time on FB. I'm not on there a lot - too much other stuff to do - but it can be fun sometimes. The good thing about these games is that they are usually free (at least for the basic levels) and they usually let you interact with other players.

I'll add Facebook horse games here and if I've missed any that you play, be sure to add them in the comments section so I can check them out!

Happy Horses Horse Academy Horse Haven Horse Star Horse World Riding Club Championships

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Horse Academy 
In this Facebook horse game you can buy, sell, train, and breed your horse or horses. You can have as many horses as you want. When you start off you …

Horse Star on Facebook 
I loved the Horse Star game when it first came out. It had fantastic graphics - and it was free. You could choose a horse from several breeds, choose …

Riding Club Championships on Facebook 
Riding Club Championships, a super fun interactive horse game, is now on Facebook. If you played this game before it moved to Facebook I do not believe …

Horse World on Facebook 
Horse World is a game you can play on Facebook. In this interactive game you first get to select, design, and name your very own horse. You can then train …

Horse Haven on Facebook 
This fun interactive Facebook horse game takes place at your uncle's old rundown farm where you will get your first horse that you design to start you …

Happy Horses on Facebook Not rated yet
In Happy Horses on Facebook game you get to pick your very own horse to start off with. You can choose your horse‚Äôs name, gender, and breed then you then …

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