Horse Book Series

Horse book series are great. They allow you to have nonstop adventures, follow your favorite characters, and have stories you can grow up reading. The great thing about horse books out there is that alot of them tend to be part of a series. But I know it can be hard to go through all the horse books on this website so here are 5 Best Horse Book Series that have been shared by horse crazy girls like you! Did your favorite make the list? Have you heard about all the books on the list? 

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horse diaries

A picture of the Horse Diaries book Golden Sun.

This horse book series dives deep into all the different horse breeds. Each book takes you through a different horse's story where you learn about the different horse breeds in a fun way. There are also beautiful illustrations in all the books which adds an extra layer to the books. The Golden Sun book is the fourth in the Horse Diaries series.

phantom stallion

A picture of The Phantom Stallion book The Wild One.

I loved the Phantom Stallion horse book series. The books are filled with fun, adventure, and excitement. The first book in the series is The Wild One. In the book The Wild One a young girl returns to her family's ranch after spending some time away recovering from a bad riding accident. Her return is anything but easy and she must face hard decisions.

pony club secrets

A picture of the Pony Club Secrets book Blaze and the Dark Rider.

The Pony Club Secrets books are super popular series from Stacy Gregg. In the books you get to follow Issie as she goes on one horse crazy adventure after another. From competing at important horse shows, solving mysteries, training horses for movies, and rescuing wild horses Issie does it all in this book series. Plus there are over ten books in the series so you won't be running out of books to read anytime soon. 


A picture of the Thoroughbred book A Horse Called Wonder.

The Thoroughbred horse book series is a classic. I still remember picking these books off the shelf when I was kid. The first book in this horse book series is A Horse Called Wonder. In the first book you Ashleigh and her family who lose their horse breeding farm to a terrible disease. But a new foal may just be what the family needs.

treasured horses collection

A picture of the Treasured Horses Collection book Colorado Summer.

The books in the Treasured Horses Collection are wonderful. They are a part of an older series, but the stories still resonate. Each book follows a different horse crazy girl through a new adventure. Whether it is helping with the American Revolution or gaining entrance to a boys only horse competition these horse girls know their value and are out to prove it.

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