More Horse Book Series

Horse book series are often better than stand alone books because you get to follow the characters through different adventures and see them grow. Luckily, many horse books are actually a part of a series or trilogy of books. Since there are so many horse book series out there we had to create a second page for them. Be sure to check out these horse book series from other girls who love horses! You many also like:

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bonnie and sam

A picture of the Bonnie and Sam book Saving Mr. Pinto.

Bonnie and Sam is a cute short horse book series that takes you on fun adventures. The books feature best friends Bonnie and Sam who love horses. As they work on helping horses they encounter they also learn important life lessons along the way. The writing is not very advanced and there are also fun illustrations in the books to help you follow along. 

chestnut hill

A picture of the Chestnut Hill book The New Class.

The book The New Class in the series Chestnut Hill is great. This horse book series, which is actually by the author who wrote the Heartland books. In the series five girls from different backgrounds come together at a prestigious boarding school to break traditions and of course share their love of all things horses. The New Class book is the first one in the Chestnut Hill series.

dream horse adventures

A picture of the Dream Horse Adventures book Mary's Song.

Mary's Song is the first heartwarming book in the Dream Horse Adventures book series. In the book a young girl who has mobility problems comes across a foal who also faces difficulties. As she falls in love with the horse she decides she needs to find a way to save him. Will she be able to save the foal even with all the odds stacked against her? 

hollywell stables

A picture of the Hollywell Stables book Flying Start.

If you like horse books filled with excitement and adventure then the Hollywell Stables series will be a great one for you to read. The first book in the series is Flying Start and it really does kick off the series with a quick pace. The stables which are meant to be a safe place for animals and people are under attack from all sides. Politics, money, and thieves threaten to put the stables under. Maybe someone can save them though?

mustang mountain 

A picture of the Mustang Mountain book Sky Horse.

The Mustang Mountain horse book series is an incredible one. The first book in the series is Sky Horse, which follows Meg, Alison, and Becky on their adventure to Mustang Mountain. It all starts when their trip to the ranch is delayed causing them to head up into the mountains too late, which results in them being trapped in the dangerous Rocky Mountains. As they struggle to find their way to the ranch they must rely on each other and unexpected allies. 

pony camp diaries

A picture of the Pony Camp Diaries book Megan and Mischief.

If you are looking for a simple yet sweet horse book series then the Pony Camp Diaries may be right for you. The first book follows Megan who is excited for a new year of pony camp. This year though she decides that she wants a pony who is a challenge so she can prove to herself and others her riding skills are up for the task. So when she gets assigned Mischief she is super excited to have gotten just what she wanted.

saddle wise

A picture of the Saddle Wise book Rainy Day Rescue.

Saddle Wise is a great series for horse lovers. The first book in the series is Rainy Day Rescue where you are introduced to April, a young girl that wants nothing to do with horses after her horse crazy parents passed away. But when a horrible trailer accident occurs right in front of her she is forced to step in and help. She begins to form a bond with one of the injured horses which allows them both to start healing from their emotional wounds. 

sandy lane stables

A picture of the Sandy Lane Stables book The Midnight Horse.

Sandy Lane Stables is a series that is full of adventure. In this particular novel, which is the fourth book in the series, two young girls compete with one another for the chance to ride Midnight. The book tells the story from the perspective of both girls and follows their actions as they lie, compete, and try to out smart each other to get the horse.

the horses of half moon ranch

A picture of The Horses of Half Moon Ranch book Wild Horses.

If you want an exciting horse book series then The Horses of Half Moon Ranch books are for you. The first one in the series is Wild Horses. In Wild Horses a young woman is trail riding when a sudden landslide lands her, her horse, and a herd of wild horses in trouble. Kirstie has to figure out how to help the horses and get them and herself out of the canyon.

wild horse creek

A picture of the Wild Horse Creek book The Mystery Stallion.

The Wild Horse Creek series is all about friendship, adventure, and of course horses. The first book in the series is The Mystery Stallion. In this book twin sisters Sophie and Liv fall in love with the Spanish Barb horses that roam their grandparents ranch. But when tragedy strikes at the ranch the girls decide to try and get to the bottom of what exactly is happening. 

wildwood Stables

A picture of the Wildwood Stables book Daring to Dream.

The first book in the Wildwood Stables series calls upon every horse girls wildest dreams. In the book, Daring to Dream, Taylor wants a horse of her own but her mom can't afford one. So when she discovers an abandoned horse and pony she desperately wants to save them. But how will Taylor be able to save them when she doesn't even have a place to put them.

winnie the horse gentler 

A picture of Winnie The Horse Gentler book Wild Thing.

The horse book series Winnie the Horse Gentler is very uplifting. The first book in the series, Wild Thing, a young girl is struggling to come to terms with the death of her mom. As she helps a special horse she has trust people again she begins to work through the pain and grief that she has been holding onto for a long time.