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Lady J 
This is Lady J. We had to sell her 2 years ago because she got too expensive ): Even though she's not mine anymore she'll always have a special place in …

Here is a picture of Max, my favorite horse!

the new pic of little b 
i messed with the coloring and made it awesome!

Last of Chevron's Gate (maybe :D ) 
Well i've already said a lot in my other pictures. But when i do some shows I'll be sure to maybe put some more up. His body looks weird, as he was on …

My aunty's gorgeous horse, Geronimo. Got the picture while he was racing the other 3 horses that share his paddock. (PLEASE DO NOT STEAL)

Visiting the ponies! 
Me and Lillie ( my best bud) decided to go visit some of our horses at my families farm in washington. These are pics of my american pony pinto Bandanna …

My Dream Horse Tilly 
My dream horse is a white quarter horse mare named Tilly. Why did I pick the color white? I don't know I think it's pretty. I've always wanted …

My Neighbor's Horse.... 
This is my neighbor's horse, Rosie.

My Best Friend, Dreamer 
Dreamer is my horse and my best friend. I love him more than anything!

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